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Who makes the tallest toilet on the market? (Top models)

The toilet is a prominent part of every home. No one can imagine a day without a washroom. Nowadays, many types of bathrooms are available on the market. People love various styles or colors of toilets now. A new kind of toilet adds a different look to your restroom. But many companies also design new types of toilets for particular people. A regular toilet is sometimes uncomfortable for some disabled people who are taller than others. A tall toilet is rare in the market. I also searched for it on Google, but it didn’t help me enough. I will list some brands that make this tall toilet for particular people.

Why do you need a tall toilet?

All people are not the same. Many people have mobility problems, and some are taller than others. And when people are elderly, they need a particular type of toilet. A higher bowl toilet is mandatory for those types of people because a more elevated bowl is good for the knees and back, significantly benefiting this type of person. That’s why the doctor also recommended installing a tall toilet so that you can easily sit down and stand up comfortably. A standard-size toilet is about 15 inches high. But many companies now manufacture 18 to 25-inch toilets for this type of person.

Tallest toilet: who makes them?

It’s tough to find a perfect toilet for all people. It’s not standard. That’s why Google doesn’t provide us with some expected solutions. So I suggest you some famous brand model that will give you some tall toilet for your new washroom:

Kohler Brand ReviewThis company is globally at the top of all bathroom accessories. They are famous for making different types while maintaining their outstanding quality. You can find all kinds of washroom accessories from this company. As a result, they do not deprive a specific type of person, such as being a tall or disabled person. You can find a tall toilet there. I would suggest some of their models with their seat height:

  • Memories one-piece toilet, K-6428: 17-19 inches,
  • Kohler K-25224 Highline Tall toilet- 20 inch

Kohler K-25224 tall toiletThese are the most commonly known Highline toilets you find on their website. And don’t think about their quality. The price is also very budget-friendly, and it’s also available for a dual flush system. This system saves water from waste.

  • Signature Hardware

I know you heard about this brand when you intended to buy a toilet for your new bathroom. The signature is very famous for its unique design and comfort for the user. The outlook of every bathroom is very different and creates a new look in the restroom. You’ll also find some Highline toilets in there. Let us see some of the seat heights of the signature hardware:Bradenton Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

  • Signature Bradenton elongated two-piece toilet- 21 inches
  • Signature Stalnaker siphonic two-piece toilet- 20 inches
  • Bradenton two-piece skirted elongated toilet- 21 inches

The signature main tallest toilet is this model. You can go to the market and find the exact design you want. 

These toilet brands are the most famous tall toilets on the market. This toilet came with the best quality product with confirmed durability. You also find Highline toilets in other brands, like American standard, Swiss Madison, etc. They also provide excellent service.


Finding a comfortable toilet is sometimes tricky. If you are taller than the other person or disabled by any accident, you need a bathroom that matches your height. A tall bathroom is comfortable to use and great for your back. You can find their websites and choose the perfect one for you. You can also go to the market and see it for yourself.

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