Toto Drake Review- Should You Pick This Toilet in 2024?

If you’re looking for a durable toilet with one of the best and most powerful flushing systems, then the Toto Drake toilet is a great choice. Toto Drake’s elongated toilet has a G-max flushing system, which clears waste without any difficulty. The large trap way and 3-inch valve ensure that the toilet has no clogs and runs efficiently. The Toto Drake is cheaper than the Toto Drake 2 toilet. Read this Toto Drake review to know more about this elongated toilet.

The Toto Drake toilet is made of vitreous China material, which is sturdy and good-looking. It also uses only 1.6 gallons of water per flush, allowing the user to save on their water bill. Whether it is installing a toilet in your home, office, or restroom, the Toto Drake will be a good option.

Pros of the Toto Drake Toilet

  • The toilet is eco-friendly as it uses only 1.6 gallons of water per flush
  • It is very powerful with the G-max flushing system
  • It is comfortable with its elongated bowl design
  • The wide valve flushes well, but at the same time, it is silent
  • It is very easy to install
  • It has a glossy and elegant design that compliments most the modern bathrooms
  • The unit is very easy to clean, unlike many two-piece toilets

Negative Review From Users:

  • It doesn’t come with a toilet seat. So, you will have to purchase it separately
  • The bowl features a ridge which makes the bowl look like it has a bad stain

Toto Drake Toilet Review With Feature Details in 2024

Besides being highly efficient, the Toto Drake toilet is one of the most popular Toto brand toilets on the market today. It has lived the test of time, and many previous users highly recommend it. The toilet comes with most features that you can desire in a modern toilet and at a very favorable price.

All The Features

Toto Drake Eco-Friendly Toilet

Water Consumption:1.6 gallons per flush
Size:12 Inch
Material:Vitreous China
Flush Type:G-Max Power Flush Toilets
Power Source:corded-electric
Included Components:Toilet Bowl, Toilet Tank
Price:Toto Drake ReviewCheck Today’s Price

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Is Drake Toilet Durable?

Toto toilets are some of the most durable. That’s why Toto is regarded as the no.1 toilet brand in the world. Most of their toilets last for more than 10 years, and they have a wide variety to choose from. The Toto Drake toilet is made of vitreous China material, which is durable and long-lasting. If well taken care of, this toilet will last for many years to come.

Performance of Toto Drake Comfort Height Toilet

The Toto Drake toilet is a high-efficiency toilet. It uses very little water (1.6 GPF) but clears both liquid and solid waste very efficiently. Despite being very efficient in performance, the G-max flushing system doesn’t make the loud noise that is common in other toilet brands. Also, it has a 3-inch fast flush valve that is 125% larger than the conventional 2-inch flush valve. The trap way is also wide. These attributes help the toilet prevent clogging and stay efficient throughout.

Compact and Attractive Design

Besides having a powerful flushing system, the Toto Drake toilet features a high-profile design. Both the tank and bowl are computer-designed. In addition, it has a large trap way, around 2.125 inches wider than most toilet models on the market. The large trap way, together with the 3-inch valve, not only increases the flow of water into the bowl but as well gives it a greater force with the help of natural gravity as it swirls down the toilet bowl.

Apart from having a sleek design, this toilet is very comfortable. Thanks to its height of 14.5-inches. In addition, it has an elongated bowl shape with a large sitting area. So, it can offer comfort to different users without straining a lot of sitting down or standing up.


Most homeowners want toilet designs that will perfectly match their bathroom décor. That’s what you get from Toto Drake. Toto Drake comes in a variety of colors to choose from. It has cotton white, colonial white, Sedona beige, bone, and ebony to choose from. Also, the trip lever is made of chrome which is very appealing. Apart from the lever and colors, you can as well select toilet seats that you’re comfortable with.

Cleaning and maintenance

If you’re tired of dealing with toilet leaks and clogs, get the Toto Drake toilet today, and you will never have to worry about such issues again. Even though this toilet is a two-piece toilet, it is very durable and easy to maintain. With its large trap way, you won’t have any clogs or odors that other toilets experience. Also, its large flush valve is sturdy, and you will experience few or no leaks at all. In addition, cleaning the toilet is easy due to its ergonomic design.


The Toto Drake toilet is very efficient in performance, and it will help you save on your water bill. Actually, the toilet uses only 1.6 gallons per flush. With the powerful G-Max flushing system, you don’t have to flush the toilet twice in order to clear the solid waste in the bowl. In some states, you may even get rebates when you replace this toilet with an old model.


Toto Drake toilets come with a 12-inch rough-in which is the standard for toilets. Unless you want to install it in an old house, then there is nothing to worry about. Most modern toilets have a 12-inch rough-in. All you need is to follow the instructions carefully and install the toilet without the help of a plumber.
toto drake toilet reviewsCheck Today’s Price

How to install the Toto Drake toilet?

The complete installation process of the Toto drake toilets is discussed here step by step, 

  • Step-1 

First, you need to unpack the Toilet parts from the box. Then Attach the mounting bolts to the toilet. Incorporate the frontier side of the bolt inside the flange. 

  • Step-2 

In this step, the toilet bowl needs to be set up perfectly. Attach the wax ring with the lowest part of the toilet bowl and then align the mounting bolts so that they can tightly hold the toilet bowl. Tight the nuts with the help of a wrench. 

  • Step-3

Install the toilet tank into the dish gaskets and attach the bolts tightly again.

  • Step-4 

Connect the water supply line with the tank and turn on the supply tap and fill the tank to its brim.

  • Step-5 

Then fit the toilet seat to the bowl with the help of bolts. Tight all the hinges, and that’s it. You have successfully installed the Toto Drake toilet. 

How to unclog a Toto Drake toilet? 

There are so many ways to unclog the Toto Drake toilet. Some of the effective ways to clear your toilets are discussed below, 

Use a Plunger

There are so many types of plungers; among them, you can use the beehive plunger to unclog the toilet. Incorporate the plunger into the toilet and keep plunging with force. The air pressure may unclog the toilet. 

Applying dishwashing detergent

Take a particular amount of liquid detergent, mix it with boiled water, and pour it into the toilet. After a few minutes, flush the toilet. This has proved to be an effective process of unclogging the toilet. 

Apply the mixture of Vinegar and baking soda

The Vinegar and baking soda mixture works like an instant medicine to unclog the toilet. Apply the mixture and then initiate a strong flush. This will do the rest for you.

Compare Drake Toilet With Other Models

Differences between Toto Drake and Toto Drake II Toilets

Both toilets come with a two-piece design without a toilet seat. So there is no major difference between these two toilets except for the flushing systems. The Toto Drake II toilet comes with a Tornado Flushing system which uses less water compared to Toto Drake. The Drake II only uses 1.28 GPF, while the water consumption of the Toto Drake toilet is 1.6 GPF. Also, cleaning the Drake II bowl surface is slightly easier because it comes with a Cefiontect glaze finish. But the price of Drake is far lower than Drake II.

Toto Drake vs. Champion 4 

Toto drake brings a revolution to the toilet arena. Its powerful flushing system is mounted with a tornado flushing that cleans even the unreached parts of the bowl. Its trendy sleek design makes it more acceptable to customers. Toto drake brings an eco-friendly flushing system that consumes only 1.6 gallons of water.

The main difference is that the Drake is a two-piece toilet, while the Champion 4 is a one-piece toilet.

The tremendous one-piece Champion 4 also comes with a strong flushing system and a wide flushing valve that smoothly evacuates the waste. This toilet follows unique water-saving technology.

Eco Drake vs. Toto Drake

The Toto Drake is incorporated with a tornado flushing system, whereas the Eco Drake uses a G-max flushing system with a gigantic siphon jet. There is a notable difference in their rim heights; drake has a slightly taller rim than eco drake.

Toto Drake vs. Toto Entrada

Toto entrada is more eco-friendly than drake as it consumes 1.28 gallons of water per flush; on the other hand, drake uses 1.6 gallons of water. Drake comes with a robust tornado flushing system, and entrada has an E-max flushing which is quite a considerable dissimilarity.

Toto UltraMax vs. Toto Drake

The main differences lie in their design. Drake is a two-piece model; on the other hand, UltraMax is a one-piece model. Ultramax uses gravity flush, and drake uses the tornado flushing system.


Toto Drake toilets are one of the most reliable on the market, and they do what they say they do. Most of them have higher ratings on different online sites, and you can be guaranteed that they will last for a very long period. Additionally, Toto Drake toilets have a powerful flushing mechanism, are durable, allow you to save water, and are as well very comfortable.

If you’re looking for the best toilet for your home, restroom, or office, you can never go wrong with the Toto Drake toilet model. Choose from the different range of toilets that they offer and you will be glad you did. I hope this Toto Drake toilet review will be helpful to you.


Apart from Toto Drake, is there any other toilet I can get from Toto?

Of course, yes. Toto is one of the leading toilet brands and has lots of toilets to offer. Toto Drake is one of the most famous models, but there are several others. These include Ultramax, Aquia, Neorest, Supreme, Eco Soiree, Vespin, and Washlet. In addition, there are various toilet colors to select from, which are white, cotton white, colonial white, Sedona beige, ebony, and bone.

How do I adjust my Toto toilet water level?

First and foremost, you have to shut off the water supply and flush the drain of the stored water. Identify the flush valve and turn the top valve part for around a half turn in a counterclockwise direction. Then, adjust the valve tube by raising the watermark upward at the outer surface. When you’re done adjusting, you can go ahead and refill the tank with water at the right level.

What is the Toto Drake toilet most famous for?

The Toto Drake toilet is one of the most famous Toto toilet models on the market. This toilet features lots of amazing features, such as an elongated bowl, a maximum of 1.28 gallons of water per flush, a double cyclone flushing power, a stylish design, and a fully glazed trap way. Of all these features, the double cyclone flushing technology is what it’s famous for. This system clears all the waste in the bowl very efficiently and effectively. The double cyclone flush technology reduces airflow in the trap way, which leads to more pulling power to push down the solids in the bowl.

I have explained everything in this Toto Drake dual flush review article that you should know. Still have a question after reading this article? Just comment below.

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