What is the Base of a Toilet? -Attached Parts and Functions

What is a toilet base?

The toilet base is nothing but the exact portion of the toilet where the entire toilet stands and carries the overall weight of the toilet. There are too many components of the base of the toilet, such as the toilet flange, the wax ring, the S-trap, and the smooth base, including the bolts and nuts. It is mostly the part with a larger chance of being infected with germs and bacteria. The toilet’s base must be placed over a plane surface so that the toilet won’t vibrate or shake. The floor over where the toilet is going to be placed should be checked with a scale or calculated rough-in measurement so that there will be no inconvenience in placing it. The toilet’s base is one of the most significant parts, so it needs a vigilant watch.What is a toilet base

What is the base of a toilet made of?

Normally, the base of the toilet is made of the same material the toilet bowl is made of. The most common and universal form of making the toilet base is a durable ceramic material called porcelain. The porcelain material is the best material for making not only the nose but also the entire portion of the toilet. Another tremendous material for the making of the base is clay. The clay formed from this mixture is a thick slurry, perfect for mold shaping. The base can be made from vitreous china, which is another durable material for making different sanitary hardware items.

Apart from commonly apprehended porcelain toilets, There is also a plastic toilet base, which is often used in portable toilets. But it is a case of great sorrow that plastic is not a durable option to choose for the residential toilet. The plastic base of the toilet degrades under constant wear, and it is not hygienic when you compare it with the porcelain toilet. The stainless steel base of the toilet is also seen in some cases, but the instant heat transfer is very much prominent here, and it becomes uncomfortable to sit in different seasons. Whatever the type is, the base of the toilet must be durable enough to carry the load of the entire toilet. 

What parts are attached to the toilet base?

The toilet base consists of many common parts that combinedly work as a unit to evacuate all the waste from the toilet. These are the parts that are attached to the toilet base of the toilet, 

The Tank Seal 

This junction point of the toilet and the drainage pipe is the location where the toilet’s bowl connects to the tank that sits according to the requirement of the toilet. When flushing the toilet, the dirty water inside the tank flows out, and the water in the toilet tank replaces it. This tiny portion of the hardware maintains the connection between the tank and the bowl. 

The Toilet Flange

This flange, or joint, is the actual amount on the floor sticking the toilet to the base of the bathroom. It is mainly the crucial plumbing connection for the toilet drain. A flange is generally hidden or disguised in the toilet’s base, and the flange is attached to the floor with a few nuts and screws. Some flanges also need a sticky sealant to connect the fixtures tightly. So you need to note down the key points from the manufacturer’s instructions for the appropriate application.the Toilet Flange

The Wax Ring

The wax ring is generally made of wax. It is another disguised part of the toilet that is held under the base of the toilet. It is a standard replacement part underneath the base, and it never can be reused, so it is necessary that you must change it in every toilet installation. Most of the leakages of the toilet happen exactly at this juncture. The toilet mounts every time to the flange. The wax seal is responsible for adjusting the water and air-tight seal located between the flange and the toilet bowl. The tight binding of a wax seal can be damaged as time advances, so if you see water seeping or leaking from the base of the toilet after applying the flushing mechanism, it may be time to replace the wax ring. 

Toilet Attachment Bolts and Caps

The Toilet Bolts are one of the most crucial elements that securely join the toilet with the floor and resist the shakings and tumbles. It also sticks the toilet’s base to the floor flange beneath. 

It is not about the functionality but also the aesthetic; if the bolts remain open, they might look like basic elements, so to match the color of your toilet and hide the bolt heads from the visual effect.

S-trap and P-trap

The P-trap is the most usable form of trap nowadays, while the S-traps have become worn out with the advancement of time. The P-trap is widely used in bathrooms, sinks, toilets, tubs, and other plumbing solutions. It can store some amount of water in the bending position that prevents it from drying out and works as a barrier against unpleasant odors. On the other hand, there is no trapping system in the s-trap. As a result, it becomes dry and soggy smells come out of the toilet. As a result, we recommend that you always buy a P-trap over S-trap for your home toilet.

Drain pipe

The drainpipe is the external part of the toilet consisting of a large pipe used to carry off the water, sewage, and any disposable elements. There is a valve, usually installed at or near the lowest part of a storage vessel, through which a controlled flow of liquid, usually water. This drainpipe acts as the conductor between the toilet bowl and the septic system of the tank. 

Wax ring

The wax ring is the element located between the toilet and the closet flange on the floor. The main purpose of a wax ring is to protect the bathroom ambiance from unwanted smells and foul odors. If the wax ring gets damaged, then the foul odor of the feces and urine may choke the fresh air inside the bathroom, and the wax ring must be replaced if it is broken or has been corroded.toilet Wax ring

What to do if your toilet base cracks?

The cracking of the toilet base is considered the most common incident, and here is the foolproof solution of how to fix the toilet base cracks.toilet base crack

  • First, turn off the main supply line of water and then carefully remove all the bits and nuts from the toilet’s base. Then you must carefully clean the whole toilet.
  • Then check the flange and wax ring of the toilet. If something is damaged in this portion, replace them with new ones. 
  • After fixing the base elements of the toilet then, you must inject a new toilet if possible. Tighten the nuts and bolts with the help of a rigorous wrench, and make sure that you are using new bolts if the old ones are rusted. Don’t overdo it when tightening the bolts.
  • Then caulk around the territory of the toilet and block all the gaps. Then the most crucial thing you need to do is tighten the bolts underneath the tank. After performing all these repairing works, you will be able to fix a cracked toilet base.

How to clean your toilet base?

Most of us are aware of cleaning the tank and bowl of the toilet, but an important thing that we forget is to clean the base of the toilet. Here I will try to give a short description of how to clean the base of the toilet, Cleaning toilet base

  • First, take a robust enzyme cleaner and spray it around the base of the toilet. Then, take a scrubber or a brush and rinse it a few times.
  • After applying the cleaner, let it be soaked for some time and scrub that portion of the toilet again. Then take a toothbrush and clean the small portion of the base like the toilet bolt caps. 
  • After doing all the steps, apply lots of fresh water on the base, and if you still find stubborn stains, use the mixture of borax and vinegar and apply those around the bottom of the toilet. And in the same way, rinse and apply water to eradicate all the waste marks.

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