How much should a toilet install cost?- Detailed calculation

When people want to install or remodel their toilet, they want to know the installation cost. It is essential as you need the information to prepare a budget for installing the toilet. The average toilet installation cost depends on several conditions. The regular flushing toilets need $350 to $550 to be installed (new toilet+installation charge). The price is only for installing the commode, not the whole bathroom. Generally, you need to spend $10,000 to $30,000 to install a new bathroom. The toilet installation cost is included in the bathroom installation. Low-quality toilets do not cost a lot after the toilet installation. As far as we can tell, only the toilet installation charge should be between $100 and $150.

Factors Costs
New toilet Price:$250-$2500
Removing old toilet:$50-$150
Pipe installation:$5-$10/per linear foot
Floor tiles:$6-$10/per square feet
Toilet installation charge:$100-$200
Other items:$100-$150
Total New Toilet Installation Cost:$2200-$7000

Major Factors Determining A Toilet Installation Cost

Suppose you installed your toilet many years ago. But you did not care about the installation cost of your toilet set. You face a significant problem: you can not hire a plumber because you have no idea about the toilet installation. So, you must know the installation cost. Now we will discuss the factors that will determine how much the toilet installation cost can be.

  • New Toilet Cost

toilet installation cost

The leading equipment of a bathroom is a commode. When you have to know about the toilet installation cost, you must have a clear idea about the actual cost of a toilet. A new toilet’s cost range is from $200 to $5000. You can ask me why there is diversity in the charge. The cost depends on the toilet’s quality and brand. The types of toilets are also reliable of the various prices of the toilet cost. Can you imagine how wide varieties of commodes there are? Upflush toilets, low-flow toilets, wall-mounted toilets, dual flush toilets, and many other toilets are unique for their specialties. The price of the toilets depends on the characters and the varieties.

Toilet TypesPrice Ranges
Regular toilet:$250-$400
Bidet toilet:$450-$800
Modern toilet:$1000-$2000
Luxurious smart toilet:$2200-$4500
Regular one-Piece toilet:$300-$700
Regular two-piece toilet:$200-$500
Wall-hung toilet:$300-$700
Macerating toilet:$550-$1150
Composting Toilets:$650-$900
Upflush Toilet:$950-$1000
  • Plumbing Cost

Plumbers are the most necessary factor for fixing the cost. When you install a new toilet, you have to hire one or more than one plumber. So, you must have a clear concept of their cost. Thus, you can determine the total toilet installation cost, including the plumbers’ cost. Do you know how much toilet plumbing can cost? Generally, the toilet installation cost of plumbing varies from $220 to $530 as the standard of toilet items.

  • Removing The Old Piece And Adding New One

If you wish to change your old toilet and alternate with a new one, you need to know the cost of replacing it. The price of the commode is not related to the cost. The charge says how much the plumber costs to remove the old toilet from your washroom and add the new one. Usually, the plumbers take $50 to $200 as the removal and disposal cost of the toilet set.

  • Cost of The Drain Pipe Installation

The old toilet is not only a removed thing to add the new one. You also have to move the drain lines, vent lines, and water pipe to connect the toilet to the drain. So, pipe installation takes an important place in toilet installation.

If your toilet’s drain line is problematic, you must pay about $650 to repair it. The drain pipe’s cost is $5 to $30 per linear foot. You must add the labor cost also.

  • Flooring Cost

If the toilet floor becomes damaged, you should pay the cost to repair it. The price depends on the size of the floor. Generally, the flooring replacement takes $6 to $10 per square foot. If homeowners do not know the harmful effects of a damaged foundation, they do not emphasize this. But, a healthy toilet must have an attractive flooring organization to maintain the hygiene of the toilet users.

  • Toilet Location Changing Cost

Sometimes your toilet can be okay, but somehow you have to change its location. Suppose your commode is just at the side of the door. But, now you want to change its position and keep it a bit far from the bathroom door. You do not have to change the commode. You must change the pipes and hire plumbers to change the location of the toilet. Generally, the total cost of moving a toilet becomes $3000.

Types of The Toilets According to Your Budget

There are several types of toilets. Every class provides you with exceptional features. But, you have to think both about the advantages and the budget. Thus you can collect the best one according to your buying ability.

The various types of toilet installation need different budget amounts. The popular toilet types are wall-mounted, low-flow, dual-flush, upflush, composting, etc. You will get a short discussion about the various types of toilets installed.

Upflush Toilet

 upflush toilet cost

Nowadays, upflush toilets have become so popular among the people. They are eligible to fit into tight spaces. This exceptional character made the upflush commode so famous. The installation cost of an upflush toilet is about $950 to $1000. Upflush is quite popular in European cities.

If your budget is $1000 to install a toilet set, you can collect the popular upflush toilet.

Dual Flush Toilets

Dual Flush Toilet

The toilets, including half flush and full flush, are dual flush toilets. The dual flush commodes have two flush buttons. One is for half flush, and the other works for full flush. Generally, the half flush is appropriate for liquid waste, and the full flush removes the solid waste. So, the water efficiency of every toilet flush is reliable in saving much water. This attractive system affects the toilet by increasing the cost. Generally, the material cost of the dual flush toilet is $280 to $650. The total labor and other materials cost $530 to $950.

Wall-Mounted Toilet

Wall Mounted ToiletsEverything in the world is getting newer. The toilets are also presenting modern features. The wall-mounted toilet is an attractive tankless toilet. It takes a tiny space to sit in the bathroom. The installation of the beautiful toilet is so reasonable. About $700 is enough to install the wall-mounted/wall-hung toilets in your bathroom.

When you desire to get a beautiful and simple toilet set, consuming less money and less space in your bathroom, you must collect a wall-mounted toilet set from the market without any hesitation.

Composting Toilets

Composting ToiletThe modern world gives you various opportunities and relaxation. The producers of every product try to provide both comfort and hygiene. The composting toilet is one example of hygiene. The commode can compost human waste by mixing them with sawdust, coconut coir, and peat moss. It also removes the odor of human waste through an anaerobic processing system. So, they are hygienic for human health and the environment. The plumbing cost of the composting toilet is about $900. It may seem like a lot to you, but the toilet seat can take the ability to keep your good health at this cost.

How to Install a Brand New Toilet?

After choosing the perfect toilet brand to use in your bathroom, you must prepare for installation. If you rent a plumber for the task, he will complete the work. But, if you are experienced, you may install the toilet yourself. To complete the job efficiently, you must learn the processes.

  • First, you will turn off the water supply to create a working environment.
  • Check if there is an electric connection. If you get it, you should remove it.
  • Now drain the old toilet and remove it.
  • Take the new toilet and install it in your bathroom. Place it carefully as it is in the right place.
  • Connect the wax seal/flange with the toilet set.
  • Now replace the toilet and connect the electrical connection.

Final Thoughts

As a necessary item, the toilet is a part of our daily life. So, it is an essential part of bathroom installation. It can be easy and an example for you that the homeowner can do. But, if you are not experienced, you can call a plumber and complete the efficient setting of your toilet. You can add more value to your home by replacing the toilet or other bathroom fittings. Significantly, the new toilet set can bring a new dimension to your toilet and add more hygiene efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Consider to Prepare a Toilet Installation Budget?

When your target is to install an attractive toilet set, you should consider some crucial elements. First, you will think about the product cost. Then you will fix the plumbing cost. When the desired products are high quality, you must pay more.

How much does a plumber charge to replace a toilet?

You can get an idea about the plumbing cost to avoid bargaining with the plumbers. It will also help you to find plumbers immediately. Generally, the plumbers’ cost is $220 to $530, and their average price is $3500. You can also rent a plumber paying their labor cost measuring per hour. Generally, you can get the plumbers by contacting them; their cost is about $65 to $250 for an hour.

How Often Should I Replace My Toilet?

Generally, a toilet goes for 25 years with sufficient care after it. So, you do not have to be worried about the toilet set for decades. If some specific problem occurs, you must take the initiative to replace your existing toilet soon. But, naturally, the toilets last for a long time.

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