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Why does the toilet water tank not fill appropriately?-Quick DIY fix

The toilet is the best in every house. You always love a well-decorated washroom in the morning. A net and clean bathroom make you happy and ensure the hygiene of your whole family. Water is a must to clean the waste from the toilet bowl to the septic tank. And the pressure of water in a fixed amount makes this happen. If the flush didn’t meet the quantity, then the bowl isn’t espied totally. And most of the time, this occurs because of less water in the water tank. This article will tell you why this issue occurs and how you can solve this problem.

What is a water tank in a toilet?

A water tank is the central part of every toilet to clean the bowl. The waste is used to create a power that forces all the waste to the drainage pipe from the toilet bowl. The power of this force helps to remove all the dirt from the bowl to the septic tank. Creating this force needs a fixed amount of water—the toilet needs around 1.6 gallons of water for each flush from the beginning. But now people are very aware of their financial condition and earth. Modern science invented a water-saving flushing system that uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This water is enough to clean the bowl. If the meter doesn’t meet the amount, you face this issue.

What is the reason behind the water not filling the toilet tank?

There are many reasons behind this problem. The most common cause and solution behind this issue I try to talk about this here:

  • Water supply stop:

First, check the main water tank, which mainly supplies the water in the flushing system. If the main water supply is cut off, your toilet tank is not filled. This time, you face this problem.

Solution: Check the main water supply. Try to turn on the system. If there is no water there, then the problem is further upstream. Check the main water supply of the building, and make sure you get the municipal water. The problem is not here when the water starts entering the home, but there is still no water in the tank. It would help if you went another way.

  • Low water level:

This is another reason behind the water disturbance. Sometimes, after installing a new water tank, the water level is not set correctly. You can notice the mark on the tank. Water needs to cross the levels for every successful flush system. 

Solution: To solve this issue, you can ask for help from the plumber. But many people do it manually.

  • Low water pressure:

Water pressure is one of the most important things to fill up the tank. So when the power is prolonged, this is like having no water in the tank. So this is a water supply issue at all. That means it’s a water supply issue. And if you live in a tall building and there are a lot of tenants there, then you face this problem most often.

Solution: there is the only solution to this problem. That installs a booster pump to fix this issue.

  • Damaged lever:

A lever is an internal part of the toilet. And this is connected with the handles. Sometimes the trip of the lever assembly fails if it is corroded and disconnected. You can easily find out if you open up the toilet and examine the inner part. replace toilet handle

Solution: this problem is easy to solve, and you can solve this by yourself with the help of the internet. This problem can easily be fixed with homeware or sanitary supply store trips. If you are new to this situation, call a plumber to eliminate this issue.

  • Float ball issue:

The float ball is used to control the quantity of water. The toilet often faces the problem with this float bulb and the size of its arm system that guides the fill valve. If there is any component installed incorrectly, the water tank stops filling. The ball becomes worn after many years, and it leaks and creates problems in floating correctly. Just like that arm also defected as the time passed.

Solution: If the problem is related to arms size, you need to adjust it. If the ball and arm are used for a long time, and it’s getting old, I suggest replacing the old one and installing a new one. That can quickly solve this issue.

  • Flapper issue:

The toilet flapper is a rubber valve that attaches to the bottom of the toilet tank. It seals the water in the tank before flushing. This is held with a small chain if this chain is stuck under the valve, and that’s why it failed to seal the water in the tank. And if you use this for many years, it is just worn and damaged.american standard toilet flapper replacement

Solution: if the chain issues, open up the water tank and then adjust the length of the chain. And if the valve somehow got worn and damaged, you need to replace it as soon as possible. If it fails to seal the water in the tank, you will waste a lot of water. You can fix it, or if you want, you can have a plumber fix this for you. But after fixing the issue, ensure no water leakage or runny water from the tank.

  • Damaged toilet bowl:

A broken toilet bowl is also a water filling issue. The crack of the bowl was proven to fill up the tank. Sometimes the crack is small and in the back of the toilet, so it is tough not to notice and fix it.

Solution: there is no other solution. You can only change the bowl as soon as possible. And when you find the problem, stop using the washroom; otherwise, you’ll end up with a flooded one.


This reason is the most people face for not filling the water tank. But If this does not match yours, then my suggestion is to consult with a professional. The problem relates to the pipeline or other inner elements. And if you use the toilet for years, it’s a prevalent issue. Try to find the reason behind the problem and solve it as soon as possible. Because it’s impossible to live one day without using a washroom, and no bathroom is as comfortable as your own home’s one.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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