Toto Drake Eco Review 2024: Two Piece Toilet

Toto Drake Eco, Toto Drake, and Toto Drake II are not the same toilet. Each toilet has different features and prices. But Toto Drake Eco has Sanagloss finishing, which makes it easy to clean the toilet. Why buy this toilet? Drake Eco is a low-price toilet. It is a great value for the money if we compare features and prices. Why? Because of the Modern design, powerful flush(E-Max), Super smooth with SanaGloss coating, Fast Flushing, and more. Read this Toto Drake Eco review to know more about these toilets.

The Toto toilets are one of the best-selling toilet brands on the market. The Toto Drake eco series comes with two toilet designs which are an elongated bowl and a round bowl model. It comes with a well-known powerful E-Max Flushing System. Also, the Flushing toilets are environmentally friendly as it uses up less water, and that’s why it is WaterSense certified.
The Toto Drake eco-toilet offers some of the best features, and it is very easy to install. In this Toto eco drake review, we’re going to look at the two Toto Eco Drake toilets.

Our Recommend Top 2 Toto Eco Drake Toilet Comparison Table:

ImageDrake Eco ToiletsFeatures_&_Price_Deatils
(MY First Recommendation)
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TOTO Eco Drake Cotton White Toilet with Sanagloss and Elongated Bowl
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  • 125% wider flush valve prevents clogs and clear large waste in a single flush
  • Flush System: ‎E-MAX Gravity Flush
  • Toilet Shape: Elongated
  • Toilet Dimensions: 28 x 19.5 x 30.5 inches
  • Low price
  • (Compact Round Toilet)
    Check Price
    Toto Eco Drake Two-Piece 12" Rough-in Toilet
    Read Review
  • Commercial- grade round bowl design is ideal for small bathrooms
  • Flush Technology: Dual Flush
  • Toilet Shape: Round
  • Toilet Dimensions: ‎26.38 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches
  • Medium price

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    Top 2 Toto Drake Eco Review in 2024

    The Eco series comes with a highly efficient flushing mechanism and has a 3-inch valve to help to clear the contents in the bowl in just one flush. Read on to learn more about these two toilet designs.

    Toto CST744EG#01 Eco Drake Elongated bowl toilet

    For those with little space in their bathroom or if comfort is what you’re looking for, then I highly recommend this Toto eco two-piece elongated toilet design. The toilet is made of vitreous Chinese material and has a Sanagloss finish, which makes cleaning seamless.

    Technical Features:


    CST744EG#01 Drake Eco Toilet

    Piece:2 Piece Unit
    MAP Testing Score:>=1000 (Highly Recommended)
    Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
    Material:Vitreous China
    SanaGloss Finish:Yes
    Color:Cotton White
    Special Features:Eco Friendly
    Flush Type:Gravity Flush Toto Toilets
    Product Dimensions:28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches
    Price:Toto Drake Eco ReviewCheck Today’s Price On Amazon


    • The eco-friendly design conserves water, using only 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF).
    • An elongated bowl offers added comfort and more room.
    • High-profile design can be more accessible and easier to use for many individuals.
    • ADA-compliant when installed with the seat at the proper height.
    • Equipped with a powerful E-Max flushing system for effective waste removal.
    • The SanaGloss ceramic glaze minimizes the need for chemical cleaners and reduces bacteria buildup.


    • More expensive upfront than standard toilets due to eco-friendly design features.
    • Some users may prefer a round bowl to save space, as elongated bowls take up more room.
    • Without proper maintenance, the SanaGloss coating can wear off over time.
    • May require a special seat to be fully ADA compliant, which is an additional purchase.
    • The low water volume flush may sometimes require more than one flush for solid waste.

    Furthermore, the toilet has a powerful E-max flushing capacity and a large glazed trap way that ensures all the solid waste is cleared in the first flush. You will only use 1.28 gallons of water per flush and, as a result, save a lot on the water bill. With a universal height and elongated bowl shape, this toilet will give you and your family the comfort that you dearly need while in the bathroom.

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    Features and Benefits of the Toto CST744EG#01 toilet design

    • E-max flushing systemE-max is a water-saving powerful system that clears the bowl’s contents in a single flush.
    • Vitreous China material – it makes the toilet strong and will last for many years to come.
    • Elongated bowl design – this provides comfort and allows people with tiny bathrooms to have some space after setting it up.
    • Sanagloss finish – your toilet will not have anything sticking to it, and it will be clean after every flush.
    • Wide 3-inch flush valve – this boosts the flushing mechanism as it is larger than the standard 2-inch valve. So you can buy this for both public and residential installation. Also, it reduces the usage of toilet paper.
    • WaterSense certification – less water is used up per every flush, and you may receive some discount on the water bill depending on your location.
    • Fully glazed trap way – no waste will be left behind as this big trap way ensures that everything is cleared.
    • Cotton white finish – adds elegance to your small bathroom

    Toto CST743E#01 Eco Drake Two-piece Toilet

    Toto Drake eco is another great toilet from this brand. The Drake eco-round bowl toilet is sturdily made to last longer. It is easy to set up with a 12-inch rough-in and simple bolts.

    Technical Features


    CST743E#01 Drake Eco From Toto

    Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
    Material:Vitreous China
    Color:Cotton White
    Size:12 inches
    Special Features:Eco Friendly
    Elongated Flush Type:Dual Flush Toilets
    Product Dimensions:26.4 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches
    MAP Testing Score:>=1000 (Highly Recommended)
    Flushing Power:E-Max
    Price:Toto Eco Drake ReviewsCheck Today’s Price On Amazon


    • Eco-friendly design with a high-efficiency 1.28 GPF (gallons per flush), conserving water and reducing bills.
    • Two-piece configuration allows for easier handling and installation compared to one-piece toilets.
    • The Toto brand is known for durability and quality craftsmanship.
    • Features a powerful E-Max flushing system for effective waste removal.
    • Comes in a universal height for comfortable use by a wide range of individuals.


    • Two-piece toilets can be harder to clean than one-piece models due to the seam between the tank and bowl.
    • May lack some advanced features like bidet or heated seat, which are available in more high-end models.
    • The design is basic and may not match modern or luxurious bathroom aesthetics.
    • Installation might require buying additional parts like seat, wax ring, and supply lines, as they may not be included.
    • Some users may prefer a lower flush volume for even greater water savings.

    Additionally, the toilet is very effective in performance as it comes with an excellent E-max flushing system and a Sanagloss finish. Therefore, clearing the waste and cleaning is made easy. Moreover, the toilet has a wonderful cotton-white finish that will add elegance to any modern-day bathroom. Using this toilet will reduce your water bill as it only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

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    Features and benefits of the Toto CST743E#01 Toilet design

    • Vitreous China construction – it is strong and durable for longevity
    • E-max flushing system – ensures that waste and other contents are cleared at once
    • Chrome trip lever – this makes flushing to be more effective, and it is ADA compliant
    • Round front bowl – it is large and suitable for bigger bathrooms
    • Two-piece design – the tank is placed in a way that it provides more space for comfort
    • WaterSense certified – little water is used, and hence a lot of water is saved in the end
    • Sanagloss finish – less manual cleaning is needed as the finish ensures that the toilet is kept clean for a long.
    • Cotton white finish – it makes your modern bathroom look more appealing

    Toto drake vs. Eco Drake Toilets Comparison

    What is the difference between Toto drake and Eco drake? Here is the comparison chart:


    Toto drake

    Eco drake

    Water Consumption:1.6 GPF1.28 GPF
    Flush Type:Power Flush ToiletsGravity Flush Toilets
    Product Type:Two-pieceTwo-piece
    Item Weight:69.5 pounds87 pounds
    Product Dimension:28 x 19.5 x 30.5 inches28 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches
    Price:Toto drake vs Eco drakeCheck Pricetoto eco drake two piece toiletCheck Price


    Depending on your bathroom needs, you can either install the Toto drake eco elongated toilet design or one with a round front bowl. They both have similar features, but the elongated design is more comfortable and fits in tight areas better than the round bowl toilet design. The choice is yours. We have tried to explain everything in this Toto Drake Eco review that you need to know.

    Note: you will have to buy a separate toilet seat as it is not included in the purchase.


    Q. How often do I have to clean the Toto Eco drake toilet?
    Ans. Cleaning the Toto Drake eco-toilet is made easy as it has an efficient E-max flushing system that uses less water but clears all the contents at once. In addition, it has a Sanagloss finish which helps in keeping the toilet clean or longer. So, less manual cleaning is needed unless there is some splashing in the bowl.

    Q. Can I install this toilet in the temp employee’s restroom?
    Ans. Of course, you can. This toilet has its chrome trip lever on the approachable side of the restroom, which makes it ADA-compliant and suitable for public or busy areas like restrooms.

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