Toilet tank gasket kit: What is it and how to fix it?

What is a toilet tank gasket kit?

The toilet tank gasket kit is an inevitable part of the toilet tank. This kit is deployed at the lower section of the tank, where the tank meets the toilet bowl. This is the portion from where water is then passed. A toilet tank gasket kit includes bolts and rubber washers. The package includes bolts, screws, and gaskets. It is a complete package that needs to be installed in a strategic way. The toilet tank gasket kit works as a unit; the last part of the tank contributes to the flushing mechanism.

Inner diameter: 2.125 inches
Outer diameter: 3.5 inches
Thickness: 1.25 inches

Where is the toilet tank gasket kit located?

The name speaks for itself, and it won’t be a big problem to find out the location of the toilet tank gasket kit. If you cannot find the location, you can seek help from the manual that comes with the box of the gasket kit or the toilets guide manual. The toilet tank gasket kit is located at the bottom part of the tank toilet. toilet gasket kit

When you press the handle of the yen toilet, it agitates the trip lever and the chain attached to it. After the chain is triggered, the plastic flapper opens, and the water enters the toilet bowl. The toilet tank gasket kit is located just under the plastic flapper. After the flapper, the seal has been incorporated that is connected with the tank to the bowl gasket. Its main responsibility is to prevent water leakage from the tank. 

Why does my toilet tank gasket kit leak?

The prime duty of the toilet tank gasket kit is to prevent acute leakage from the tank to the bowl. If the toilet tank gasket is out of order, it tends to create a leaky toilet base. There are several causes why the toilet tank gasket kit leak, like, 

  • A toilet that leaks from its tank bolts usually leaks because of damaged, misaligned, or cracked washers or bolts. You have to either tighten the bolts or replace them.
  • The supply locknut is the main nut that sticks to the bottom section of the toilet tank. It closely connects the tank of the toilet to the water supply line. You must replace the toilet fill valve if this is the leaking segment.
  • The tank-to-bowl gasket beneath or the lower portion of the tank can also become damaged. The gasket is located where the tank is connected to the bowl. If it looks worn or damaged, replace that.

How to fix the toilet tank gasket kit? 

The toilet tank gasket kit is almost similar to the toilet’s flange, so the fixing process is almost similar to both, 


Lift the tank lid and keep it in a secure place. After that, you need to shut off the water supply valve. Shut off the stop valve underneath the toilet by turning it clockwise until it becomes hand-tight. 


Then flush the toilet and remove all the water, soak the remaining water with the help of a sponge, and make sure that no water is left in the tank.Fix toilet tank gasket


In this step, dismantle the spring clasp from the tank lever. Then turn the nut on the supply tube clockwise and remove that supply tube. 


Then apply a wrench or a plier to unscrew the two tank bolts. After you have unscrewed the nuts that connect the tank to the bowl then, lift the tank up from the lower position of the toilet. Discontinue the tank to bowl gasket from the opening at the top of the toilet bowl. Replace the worn-out tank-to-bowl gasket kit with a new one that may last long.


Then reassemble the tank with the bowl and tighten the nuts and bolts to connect them both together. Turn on the supply line and fill the tank. Flush the toilet and examine if the tank is still leaking or if anything seems wrong in the tank. If it is not leaking, then you have successfully fixed the tank to the bowl gasket.

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