How much do different types of toilets weigh in kilograms and pounds?

Home is a sweet home, and I know you also believe this. So designing every portion is significant for you. A house is not complete without a restroom. Planning this handy part of your new home is also considerable work. Before choosing any toilet for your washroom, you also need to know how much a toilet weighs. Because it just helps you to understand how durable or strong the bathroom is, how many people you need to install it, etc. Let’s see how to differentiate this toilet weight and why.

Toilet TypesWeight in poundsWeight in KG
One-piece toilet:80 to 120 pounds36.2-54.4 KG
Two-piece toilet:
  • Bowl: 50 to 60 pounds
  • Tank: 25 to 40 pounds
  • Bowl: 22-27 KG
  • Tank: 11-18 KG
Smart toilet:100 to 120 pounds45-55 KG
Wall-hanging toilet:40 to 80 pounds18-36 KG
Portable toilet:70 pounds31 KG
Ceramic toilet:100-140 pounds45-63 KG
Vitreous China toilet:80-90 pounds36-40 KG
Porcelain toilet:90-110 pounds40-50 KG

How much does a toilet weigh?

Designing your new home or renovating your old house is a challenging and confusing job. Before installing a new toilet in your restroom, you get queries about how much a toilet weighs. The weight mainly depends on bowl size, tank size, materials, etc. Learning the toilet’s weight helps you make the best decision if you want to install the bathroom yourself. The weight of the bathroom depends on many factors. Like:

  • Materials,
  • Size,
  • Water requirement,
  • Type, etc.

These are the main weight differences depending on a different sides. But the main toilet weight depends on the type. So let’s see the load difference between the varying type of restrooms:

How much does a one-piece toilet weigh?

 There are two types of bathrooms you mainly find in the market. The first one is the most common, one-piece toilet. The bowl and water tank are attached and make it a single-piece bathroom. But when it came with two extra parts attached, its weight was heavier than different toilet types. So the one-piece toilet load is about 80 to 120 pounds (36.2-54.4 KG). This one-piece is a little bit more severe than other types of toilets. So try to install this with the help of a plumber because if you push yourself, you may fail. One piece Toilet Weigh

What is the average weight of a two-piece toilet?

From the name, I think you guess the features of this type of toilet. This type of toilet is a separate tank and bowl. That means the bowl is separated from the water tank. So moving and installing the bathroom is accessible from the one-piece toilet. The weight of this kind of toilet is divided into a bowl and a water tank. A standard-size bowl is around 50 to 60 pounds (22-27KG), and the water tank is about 25 to 40 pounds (11-18KG). But you can find some lightweight bowls on the market. But it’ll cost more than the regular two-piece toilet.

Weigh of a smart toilet

Nowadays, many intelligent toilets are famous in the market. This kind of toilet comes with some exciting features. No water tank is attached to this type of toilet. That’s why sometimes extra features add some extra load. A standard-size smart toilet is about 100 to 120 pounds (45-55 KG). And this type of toilet is sometimes tricky to install. The price is also high. That’s why I’ll suggest you install this with outside help.Weight of smart toilet

Wall-hanging toilet weight

 A new style toilet adds a different outlook to your washroom. Wall hanging is the best if you want to furnish your restroom with a new trendy type of toilet. The toilets are modern in design and easy to handle—the whole toilet hanging on the wall, not on the floor—the average weight of any wall-hanging toilet is around 40 to 80 pounds (18-36KG). But sometimes, using this type of toilet is hard. The installation process and space are also different from the regular toilet.Wall-hanging toilet weight

How heavy is a portable toilet?

 Nowadays, people love traveling, and many projects are held in the wild. And there, everyone faces the washroom problem. That’s why the portable toilet came with a great solution. A portable is also one kind of washroom. This type of toilet is designed very cleverly so that anyone can easily carry this on the trip. A standard-size portable toilet weighs about 70 lbs.Weight of portable toilet

These are the primary types of toilets primarily found in the market. Let’s see how a bathroom differs in weight from its making materials. Like:

The weight of a toilet varies depending on the materials it uses

  • A ceramic toilet is quite heavy: The ceramic bathroom is the most common. Porcelain is a mixed type of ceramic used to make the toilet. These materials are waterproof and also easy to clean. The sanitization process is also not so hard in every home to hotel, and everywhere you can find this porcelain. These toilets are affordable with a great durable rate. And the weight differs from 40 to 120 pounds.
  • Steel toilet weight: stainless steel toilets are found in prisons mainly. It’s tough to break and more lightweight than the ceramic toilet. That’s why it is also found in the airplane restroom. The weight is significantly lighter than a ceramic toilet, and it’s not more than 40 pounds. But this type of toilet is a little more expensive than a regular toilet because it is a metal made and very easy to install.
  • The average weight of a plastic toilet: if you usually love tracking or going for a jungle trip, I know you know about this plastic toilet. Many people don’t feel comfortable in the jungle; for this reason, a plastic bathroom is an excellent solution for them. And it’s notable for being lightweight, only 10 to 15 lbs. You can easily carry this on the trip.

These are the primary materials used in the toilet. The weight of the bathroom also depends on the size of the bathroom. 

Toilet weight varies according to size.

Toilet size also differs from the weight because any bathroom has two central parts: a bowl and a tank. The bigger these two parts, the more weight is also heavier with them, like rough in depth. This kind of toilet needs 12 inches from a 12 inches wall. And a 10-inch depth toilet is also attachable with a 16-inch depth wall. But this adds some extra weight to the bathroom. The amount is around six pounds.

On the other hand, a 16-inch depth is added, a maximum of 20 pounds extra. Many people love high toilet seats. This is for comfort purposes, but this also adds extra weight. So yes, toilet size also matters for weight.

Toilet Tank’s Water Capacity

This point shows how much water holds in the tank and attaches to the bowl. This tank also adds some extra pounds when you want a large amount in the tank. One gallon of water weighs 8.33 pounds. But by using it for a long time, its capacity is low. A new tank can flush more than eight gallons of water, and an older one can’t more than seven gallons of water. But now, many tanks don’t come with tanks; yes, those are lighter than the tank one. If you want a lightweight one, try to install the smart, without-tank version toilet.Toilet Flush Tank Capacity


The toilet weight can vary from 50 to 120 pounds (22-55 KG). It depends on the house owner or the pace you want to install. Like you need to install a stainless steel toilet in a prison or airplane. You can’t attach another type of toilet there. And I suggest that if you choose the heavier toilet, don’t try to install it yourself. Just go with a plumber; otherwise, you end up with a broken one. I covered up the weight area and which one was used for a different place.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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