Toto Legato Toilet: Troubleshooting Guide, Review & Alternatives

The high-profile Toto Legato elongated one-piece toilet with a CeFiONtect finish only uses 1.28 GPF. The Legato toilet has a sleek skirted design, just like the Toto Carlyle II toilet has. That makes cleaning outside the toilet to be seamless. It is uniquely designed and has a chrome trip lever on the toilet’s approachable side, making it ADA-compliant. Moreover, the Legato Toto toilet has a universal height and comes with a toilet seat. Read our Toto Legato toilet reviews to know more about this toilet.

An elongated bowl, Sanagloss ceramic coating (easy clean), SoftClose seat, powerful flush, and water-saving features make this Flushing toilet worth buying.

Why choose a Toto Legato toilet? It is a one-time investment that can keep away from headaches because a low-quality toilet increases the overall cost (leakage, flush doesn’t work, and maintenance cost arises).

Technical Specifications


Toto Legato-ms624124cefg Toilet

Piece :One
Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
Size:12 inches
Flush Type:Gravity Flush Toilets
Product Dimensions:28.5 x 17.2 x 28 inches
Compliant:ADA and CalGreen
SanaGloss Ceramic Coating:Yes
Price:Toto Legato Toilet ReviewsCheck Today’s Price On Amazon

High-Efficiency Toilet Reviews- Toto Legato

A huge advantage of this toilet is that there are no leaks from the bolts or gaskets, and the one-piece design enables it to be free of mold, bacteria, and other substances. Additionally, the dual cyclone flushing system is very effective and clears the waste in one flush.

On the other hand, the CeFiONtect ceramic glaze keeps the toilet bowl cleaner for longer. As a result, it reduces waste buildup and manual cleaning. The Legato toilet design is also EPA WaterSense certified and Calgreen compliant.

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Features and benefits of the Toto Legato one-piece toilet

  • Vitreous China construction – this is a toilet that is sturdily made and will last for several years to come. This material is strong and durable.
  • One-piece toilet design – the one-piece design does cleaning and maintaining the toilet to be easy. Also, there is no place the mold or bacteria will hide as everything is cleared by the powerful tornado flushing system.
  • CeFiONtect Ceramic glaze – also known as “Sanagloss finish,” this finish keeps the toilet cleaner for longer as nothing can stick to it that easily.
  • Chrome-plated trip lever – the trip lever is located on the recommended side of the toilet, making it suitable for restrooms, public places, and home use as well.
  • Elongated front bowl – this makes it possible for the toilet to be installed in slim bathrooms and offers comfort to different users.
  • Double Cyclone flush technology – this cyclonic rinsing action is highly effective as it clears all the contents in the bowl with a forceful centrifugal rinse by just using 1.28 GPF.
  • Skirted design toilet – the design makes the toilet look even more beautiful and easy to clean on the outside.
  • SoftClose toilet seat – not many toilets come with a quick-release seat, but this one has one. The seat is comfortable, making the toilet ADA-compliant, as it matches the standard height.
  • Universal height – the toilet is of universal size with the inclusion of a seat, hence suitable for all people of different ages.
  • ADA and Cal Green compliant – the chrome trip lever and universal height make this toilet to be ADA compliant.
  • EPA WaterSense certified – using this toilet allows you to save more than 20% water as it only consumes 1.28 gallons of water per flush and clears the waste in the toilet at once.
  • One-year warranty – the manufacturer offers buyers a one-year warranty, but their customer care is one of the best. Also, the product is reliable, and thus no need to worry.

Toto Legato toiletCheck Price

Recap: Why Buy Toto Legato Toilet?

  • This perfect toilet has a high-efficient dual flushing system.
  • A white cotton finish with CeFiONtect glaze gives it a modern look
  • Universal height gives different users an easy time using the toilet
  • A lot of water is saved as it is EPA WaterSense certified
  • The chrome-plated trip lever makes it versatile as it is located on the approach side of the toilet.
  • Toto toilet has a quiet flushing system.
  • An elongated bowl design with a seat included offers comfort to the user
  • The CeFiONtect finish and Tornado flush keep the toilet clean for longer. Thus less cleaning is needed.
  • Being a one-piece toilet, cleaning is made easy


  • Installation of the toilet is a bit troublesome as you need to change the water supply line due to the skirted design.

Toto Legato Toilet-Turbosooting Guide

Why is my Toto Legato toilet constantly running?

Reason: The toilet fill valve might get damaged. If it happens, your toilet is either not flushing or overflowing over the tank.

Fill Valve Replacement: The fill valve lets the tank refill with water. So here are the steps to replace the Toto Legato fill valve.

  • First, turn off the water supply and empty the tank properly. Use a sponge to make it dry.
  • Then detach the fill valve connection and remove the old fill valve.
  • Now clean the tank hole with a damp sponge, install a new fill valve inside the hole, and tighten the nuts.

Why is my Toto Legato toilet not flushing properly?

Reason: The toilet flush valve that lets water gush into the bowl might get damaged.

Replace Toto Legato Toilet Flush Valve: Is your Legato toilet flushing poorly? Here is the complete flush valve replacement procedure.

  • Shut off and drain the water from the tank. Now open the tank lid and remove the remaining water with a sponge.
  • Now pull the gearbox away from the trip lever. Then rotate it to remove the flush tower.
  • Remove the gasket seal, clean it, and place it again on the flush tower. Then reinstall the flush tower into the housing and lock it by pressing.
  • Finally, replace the trip lever gearbox and lock it properly.
  • Close the tank lid and check if it is OK.

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Compare Other Alternatives

Toto Legato vs. Aimes

The Toto Legato and Toto Aimes feature almost identically. Both toilets have these kinds of features: Tornado Flushing, Elongated Bowl, SoftClose Seat, Skirted Design, ADA Compliant, CeFiONtect Ceramic Glaze, 12″ Rough-In, and water consumption of 1.28 GPF. Even their price is the same. So, you will not find any difference between them. Aimes and Legato, both Toto toilets, have identical toilets, and only their names are different.

The only difference between them is their weight. Toto Ameis weighs 119 pounds, while Toto Legato weighs only 85 pounds.

Check Legato Review on AmazonCheck Aimes Review on Amazon

Toto Toilets Comparison: Legato vs. Aquia vs. Nexus

FeaturesLegato Aquia Nexus
Color:WhiteCotton WhiteCotton White
Dimension:28.5×17.25×28 inches27.5×14.75×15.5 inches10x10x10 inches
Flush System:Tornado flushingDynamax TornadoTornado Flush
Weight:85 Pounds119 Pounds110 Pounds


The Toto Legato one-piece toilet is exceptionally designed, and it will beautify your bathroom. In addition, the toilet is water-efficient in performance as it uses the tornado flush and has a CeFiONtect ceramic glaze that keeps away mold, bacteria, and other substances. This helps to keep the toilet clean for a longer time. It also has a suitable height and can be used by people of different ages and heights.

If you have been searching for an elegant, sturdy, powerful, and lovely toilet design, then you should try out the Toto Legato elongated bowl toilet.


Question: How much space is needed to install the Toto legato toilet?
Answer: Being a one-piece toilet with an elongated bowl design, the legato toilet doesn’t require much space to install. Actually, it can fit into a thin bathroom, and it is more convenient than round bowl toilets.

Question: What size toilet is good for my kids?
Answer: It is a good idea to buy a big toilet instead of a small one because your kid will grow up quickly, and the small toilet will quickly become useless. So, purchase a big toilet but get the ideal toilet seats that kids are comfortable with. A standard toilet height such as the one Toto Legato is good for your home and even for washrooms in school.

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    • Toto Legato one piece toilet default rough-in 12″ but If you have 14″ rough-in, then you need to buy 14″ adapter separately.

  1. I saw some comments that both the Legato and Aimes have small plastic covers and that they fall off easily. Can you comment if this is an actual issue? I was able to see the Carlyle model in person and it had a nice ceramic cover that matched the rest of the shape

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