Luxury Class Toilet Seat: Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Review

BioBidet has continued to grow over the years. It boasts several high-quality, feature-packed, and affordable smart bidet toilet seats. From round-style seats to elongated bidets and slow-closing seats, it has all the toilet seats a person can desire. Apart from that, the toilet seats are sturdy and comfortable as most of them are made of quality plastic parts. Read this Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Review to know more about this product.

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Today, we are going to review one of the best round bidet toilet seats from the flagship BioBidet toilet model. The BioBidet USPA 6800 is one of the great Bio Bidet toilet seats in this line. It features a sleek and stylish design that will complement most modern toilets. Additionally, it boasts a variety of features such as a nozzle, air deodorizer, eco-friendly mode, adjustable heated seat, slow-closing seat, wireless remote control, and much more.

Luxury Class Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Review With All the Features

If you’ve been looking for the best mid-range BioBidet round toilet seat on the market, then you will love this unit. Read this full review to find out more.

Technical Specifications:


BioBidet USPA 6800

Amperage Capacity:5 A
Temperature Range:75-104 °F
Certification:Certified frustration-free
Batteries:3 AAA batteries are required.
Dual Nozzles:Yes
Smart Seat: Yes
Adjustable heated seat:Yes
Warranty:3-year limited warranty
Energy Save Mode:Yes
Slow closing lid:Yes
Weight:14 pounds
Dimensions:19.2 x 15.43 x 5.62 inches
Price:Bio Bidet USPA 6800Check Today’s Price

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Pros and Cons


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Heated adjustable seat with water heating system
  • A slow-closing seat prevents slamming
  • It has an LCD window remote control for convenient use
  • The air deodorizer keeps the toilet smelling fresh
  • It delivers instant warm water with the heated tank. You just need to link the electric cord to the power outlet.
  • It has a dual nozzle
  • Stimulate bowel movement naturally and provides intensive impulse pulsation wash
  • Eco-friendly energy-saving mode saves power and tissue paper
  • 3-year warranty


  • It doesn’t come with a control panel
  • The water pressure is not very strong
  • Bio Bidet makes different bidet models with different price ranges. But this model has no nightlight for illumination in the dark.

Sleek and stylish construction

The first appeal that attracts you to this bidet seat is the sleek and stylish design. It comes with a piano-like stripe with classic beveled edges. Also, it has a compact remote for easy holding with soft-to-touch buttons. The finish on the remote is scratch-proof, which means that the labeled signs won’t be going away any time. Furthermore, the seat features a built-in deodorizer and two nozzles for proper cleaning.

Round bidet seat style

The toilet seat is of round style, which means that it can only be installed on round bowl toilets and not elongated bowls. This also means that the seat is not very comfortable when compared to the elongated bidet seat, as it is slightly smaller. However, it still has all the vital features that most elongated bidet seats come with.

Wireless Remote control

On top of the excellent and sturdy construction, the bidet also features a beautifully designed remote control that allows you to select different settings easily and fast. As stated earlier, it has soft-to-touch buttons with a scratch-proof finish. The remote has an LCD screen that shows your current settings and selections. Furthermore, the remote control holder helps you hang it on the wall. So the remote slides comfortably and prevent the remote from falling from your hand.

Tank reservoir for heated water

The USPA 6800 is uniquely designed with a tank reservoir. This is a reliable and performance-driven reservoir that provides a steady hot water stream and consistent temperature. As a result, you will never experience cold water or have fluctuations in the flow of water. What’s more, this tank reservoir for heating uses low energy consumption, but it is excellent in performance.

Dual nozzle

The dual nozzle feature on this toilet makes it unique, as all people in your home can use it. The two nozzles are for posterior or rear wash and feminine wash. Both of these nozzles are replaceable and help in cleansing your nether area.

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The feminine nozzle is fitted with seven nozzle holes for a more dispersed water flow, which results in a gentle wash. On the other hand, the posterior nozzle also doubles as the intensive impulse pulsation (IIP). The IIP wash helps with relieving conditions such as constipation by the use of bursts of water to induce bowel movement naturally.

So, you have to always select the right nozzle depending on the comfort that you desire.

Slow-closing seat

One of the advantages of most bidet seats over traditional seats is that they close slowly. That’s the case with the USPA BioBidet 6800 round toilet seat. As a result, you won’t hear the toilet slamming when you leave the toilet. Also, the slow-closing function is vital when kids use the toilet as it doesn’t hurt their fingers when they leave the toilet.

Bio Bidet USPA 6800 SeatCheck Today’s Price

Adjustable heated toilet seat

Visiting the toilet in cold weather or very early in the morning can be extremely challenging. That’s no longer the case with this unit, as it comes with an adjustable hot seat. Select a temperature that is convenient for you and enjoy visiting the toilet even in winter.

Warm air dryer

If you want to maintain high levels of hygiene, the USPA 6800 bidet seat will make that possible. It comes with a warm air dryer that eliminates the use of toilet paper. It dries you quicker than most bidet seats.

Air deodorizer

Keeping the toilet smelling fresh after a long call can be somehow challenging. But not anymore. This bidet seat comes with an air deodorizer that will trap most of the odors and release a pleasant smell.

Eco-friendly energy saver mode

If you intend to save electricity and toilet paper in your home, turn on the eco-friendly energy saver mode. This is good for the environment and your pocket as well. Also, it is cheaper than the Bio Bidet BB2000 Bliss smart toilet seat.


BioBidet is a reliable Japanese brand with lots of experience. Besides, they have an excellent customer support team that will help you if you have a problem. When you buy the USPA 6800, you get a 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Comparison Between Bio Bidet BB 2000 vs Bio Bidet USPA 6800 smart toilet seat

FeaturesBio Bidet BB 2000Bio Bidet USPA 6800
Heater Type:HybridTank
Nozzle Type:Dual Plastic NozzlesSingle 3 in 1
Water Flow:0.26 gallons per minute0.32 gallons per minute
Wide Spray:YesNo
Enema Wash:NoYes
One Button Wash & Dry:YesNo
Child Mode:YesNo
Aerated Wash:YesNo
Remote Controls:Standard-size Remote with ScreenLarge Panel Style Remote

Alternatives Of Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Smart Toilet Seat: Toto C200 Washlet Bidet SeatToto C200 Washlet Bidet Seat

  • Item Weight: ‎16 pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎19.25 x 15.38 x 7.38 inches
  • Batteries: ‎2 AA batteries required
  • Battery Type: ‎Alkaline
  • Size: ‎Round
  • Color: ‎Cotton White
  • Material: ‎Plastic
  • Voltage: ‎120 Volts
  • Temperature Range: ‎86 – 104ºF
  • Coverage: ‎15 Amperage
  • Warranty: One Year Limited


The BioBidet USPA 6800 smart toilet seat is one of the best round bidet seats on the market. As seen from the review, this seat offers comfort and has some of the best features that you will find in a high-end bidet seat. But because of its round style, it can only be installed on round bowl toilets and not elongated or square toilets.

Overall, the USPA 6800 luxury classic bidet seat will change the way you view the toilet. You will be able to maintain high standards of hygiene as you will not be required to use tissue paper. Also, it will serve all members of your family without any problem with the help of the dual nozzle system. With a 3-year warranty, this is a worthy investment to add to your compact bathroom and get the comfort that you deserve.


Question: Which bidet toilet seat is better – round or elongated?
Answer: Both of these toilet seats are excellent, and it depends on your needs and preferences. But first of all, you cannot pick around the bidet seat if your toilet has an elongated bowl and vice-versa. When it comes to comfort, an elongated set is better as it provides additional sitting space. But for those with limited space and a small bathroom, a round bidet seat is the best option, such as the BioBidet UPSA 6800 seat.

Question: What features should I look for in a quality Bio Bidet brand?
Answer: Different brands like Brondell Swash CS1000 or Toto C200 offer different features. If you want to land the best BioBidet seat for your toilet, there are several features that you should look at. These include the feminine and posterior wash nozzle, oscillating wash & pulsating wash, slow-closing seat, hybrid heating system, self-cleaning nozzle, power saving mode, comfort, adjustable water temperature, adjustable water pressure, a nightlight, and wide cleaning wash spray.

The good news is that the BioBidet USPA 6800 toilet seat comes with most of these features.  So, you will have a great experience when you decide to install this product in your bathroom.

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