Toto C100 Review 2024: Washlet Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly bidet toilet seat, then you can’t go wrong with the Toto C100 electronic bidet seat. This toilet seat may be cheap, but it doesn’t mean it lacks features. The bidet seat comes with all the features that you can desire in a quality washlet. These include a heated seat, adjustable water pressure and temperature, soft-closing seat, self-cleaning nozzle, warm air dryer, air deodorizer, and a control panel for ease of use. Read this Toto C100 review to know more about this electronic bidet toilet seat.

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In this review, we’ve highlighted all the essential features you need to know before buying the C100 electronic bidet seat. Furthermore, we’ve included the pros and cons to help you understand what to expect from the toilet seat.

Pros & Cons: Why Buy Toto C100 Electronic Bidet Toilet?

  • Sleek and sturdy construction
  • A self-cleaning wand cleans your nether area instead of tissue paper
  • The toilet stays cleaner for longer with the Premist function
  • The soft-closing seat doesn’t slam
  • Easy to use with the convenient remote control panel
  • The elongated bidet seat design offers added comfort
  • A warm air dryer keeps you cleaner when compared to toilet paper
  • Simple to install as all the required hardware is included in the purchase
  • Toto washlet c100 energy-saving toilet offers a One-year warranty
  • C100 comes with a Seat and Water temperature control mechanism that saves energy during the off period.
  • It doesn’t come with a night light, and the Reservoir tank is quite large.
  • It lacks pulsating massage function.
  • The seat may not fit on all elongated bowl toilets


Toto C100 bidet seat

Temperature Range:95 – 104 °F
Coverage:15 Amperage
Dual-action spray:Yes
Batteries:2 AA batteries are required. (included)
Do-it-yourself installation:Yes
Warranty:One Year Limited
Air dryer:Yes
Slow closing lid:Yes
Weight:16 pounds
Dimensions:23.5 x 20.5 x 9 inches
Price:Toto C100 ReviewCheck Today’s Price

The Toto C100 bidet toilet seat is built for elongated bowl toilets. Read this full review to find out more.

Toto C100 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat Review

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Sleek and elegant construction

The Toto washlet C100 bidet seat brings luxury and comfort to your bathroom. This smart toilet features a sleek and elegant design that complements any modern bathroom. It comes with two color options, easily matching your bathroom décor.

When installing, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and install them easily and quickly. You don’t need a plumber to help you out.

Convenient control panel

It has a convenient control panel on the right-hand side of the toilet. This allows the user to access different settings quickly and efficiently while seated. Get to choose different settings with a button, such as water, power, seat, rear wash, energy saver, water pressure, front wash, and much more.

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Self-cleaning nozzle

The Toto C100 bidet seat offers the user three different cleansing functions. These include a front, soft rear, and rear. The front spray is for a feminine wash, while the soft rear uses mild water pressure to clean you. Last but not least, the rear wash cleanses with a full spray. All of these spray settings feature an oscillating function that provides massage.

Soft-closing seat

In our TOTO Washlet C100 Review, you might find that this is one of the most amazing features. One of the advantages that most bidet toilet seats over ordinary toilets is the slow-closing seat they come with. It is the same with the Toto C100. The slow-closing seat and cover ensure that the toilet closes slowly and soundly.
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Adjustable warm water and pressure settings

The C100 may be cheap, but it is worth every coin. You can set different water temperatures and pressure settings during different times of the day or season. This electronic bidet seat lets you choose from five water pressure levels and varying temperatures. Pick a temperature that you feel comfortable with during different times of the day.


The Premist functions make this seat easy to clean as little to no scrubbing is required. When you sit on the toilet, it will mist it and prevent solid waste from sticking to the bowl. As a result, you won’t be required to scrub the toilet hard during cleaning.

Heated seat

Another outstanding feature of this toilet is the heated seat. The seat always remains warm unless the energy saver or smart function is turned on after a long period of idling. However, you will love that you can adjust the seat’s temperature to suit your needs during normal use.

Warm air dryer

To save the environment and maintain high hygiene levels, the Toto C100 bidet seat offers you a warm air dryer. The dryer dries you after being cleaned with a cleaning wand. So, no more wastage of toilet paper.

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Air deodorizer

It is not easy to find an air deodorizer in entry-level bidet toilets. But that’s the case with the Toto C100 bidet seat. This unit features a built-in bidet that absorbs odors in the air, leaving the toilet smelling fresh and pleasant. Thanks to the clean filter that is included.

Energy saver

The energy saver function is a unique Toto C100 electronic bidet seat feature. The energy saver mode turns on when the toilet seat stays idle for a long, such as during bedtime and daytime hours when people are not at home.
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It is also a smart feature that detects when people use the toilet and when they are not. The bidet seat takes about ten days to learn this habit and turn on the mode. You will notice a green LED light when the toilet seat is in energy saver mode. Water and seat temperature will be turned down to save on electricity.

With two user settings, you won’t have trouble using the toilet as you can select a setting you prefer.

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Price & Warranty

You can relax knowing that this bidet seat is covered just in case it comes with damage or any form of defect. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

Toto C100 is a mid-ranged bidet toilet seat that costs around 350$-450$, which is typically cheaper than the Toto C200 model. So if you are a budget shopper, this affordable toilet seat would be an excellent option. You will get all the advanced core features in this budget range.

Comparison between Toto C100 and Toto C200

The C100 and C200 models of Toto toilets are almost the same. Still, there are some small differences; every toilet user must know them.

FeaturesToto C 100Toto C 200
ControlIt includes a control panel. The control panel is attached to the washlet.The C 200 has a separate wireless remote control.
Cleaning processThe cleansing process of Toto C 100 is oscillating.Toto C 200 toilet’s cleansing process oscillates and pulsates
Dimensions (LxWxH)19.3 x 18.9 x 7.4 inches19.3 x 15.4 x 7.4
Water temperatureThe Toto C100 has three different settings of water temperature.It has five different settings of water temperature.
Drier with temperature controlThree settingsFive settings

Troubleshooting the TOTO C100 Electronic Bidet Toilet

Low Water Pressure 
  • Clean the Strainer
  • Turn the Water Pressure Clockwise to a Higher Setting
The Cleansing Feature does not Work 
  • Remove the dust, clothing, or water
The Seat is Cold 
  • Turn the Seat Temp Clockwise to a Higher Setting
Cold Water 
  • Turn the Water Temp Clockwise to a Higher Setting
  • Remain Seated and Wait Until the Water Warms Up
Function Not Working 
  • Power is Restored
  • Plug in the Power Cord
  • Turn on the Power Button


The Toto C100, an electronic bidet seat, is an affordable toilet with outstanding features. It is a perfect unit for an individual on a budget. Made by one of the best toilet brands, the Toto C100 bidet seat boasts a broader range of functions. These include a luxurious design—a Control panel, air deodorizer, warm air dryer, heated seat, self-cleaning nozzle, and much more. Apart from the usual bidet toilet seat features, the unit also has some special functions, such as the Premist and smart technology.

With such fantastic features, the Toto C100 is one of the best budget-friendly Washlets on the market. Besides, the buyer gets a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. After reading this Toto C100 review, we hope you can make a well-informed decision before acquiring this bidet seat.


Question: Can I install this Toto C100 bidet toilet seat on any elongated bowl toilet?
Answer: No, you can’t. This is because some toilet designs will not allow you to install this seat. Thus, ensuring that your toilet has a minimum distance of 2 inches between the center of the installation holes and the tank’s frontmost face is crucial. Besides, you should also ensure the toilet bowl is elongated, as this particular unit has an elongated bidet seat. Toto offers another C100 round bowl design for people with round bowl toilets.

Question: Are the plumbing fixtures on this toilet seat metric or standard?
Answer: Many people think installing this washlet is challenging, but it is not. This is because it has an adapter connecting directly to the toilet tank on the fill valve stem. Afterward, connect it to the fill valve; you have to reconnect your water supply hose. Many people are confused because they think the adapter should be connected directly to the wall’s water supply valve.

Always check the instructions clearly as they explain two different installation methods depending on the country you’re located in.

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