Toto G500 Review 2020 [Washlet with Integrated Toilet]

Toto is one of the best flushing toilets brand that comes up with advanced technology in the Toto Washlet toilet series. The Toto washlet toilets are convenient to use as they use little water but also prevent you from contaminating germs by cleaning you. Your job is to sit down on the bowl, do your things, get cleaned, and stand up and go, and the rest will be cleared and cleaned by the Toto G500 toilet.
In this Toto G500 Review, we’re going to look at the Toto washlet G500, which is a lovely, powerful, comfortable, and efficient toilet. This smart toilet has lots of feature similarity with Toto washlet G400 Toilet. I have also explained Toto G400 and G500 features difference here. Continue reading this Toto Washlet G500 review to find out why we rate it so high.

Technical Specifications of the Toto G500 Toilet


Toto G500 Toilet

Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF or 0.9 GPF
Pieces: One-Piece Toilet
Color: White
Shape: Elongated
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Certification: WaterSense
Flushing Type: Dual-Max flushing system
Weight: 24.6 pounds
Dimensions: 28.5 x 11.8 x 25.2 inches
Warranty: One year limited warranty
Price: Toto G500 ReviewCheck Today’s Price

Washlet with Integrated Toilet Toto G500 Review

Today, many companies are going green so are the toilet companies. Toilet companies are creating toilets that not only use little water but also don’t need toilet paper as they do the job for you down there.

Sleek and compact look

This is a beautiful toilet that will change the look of your bathroom. First and foremost, it is lovely and compact in design. The white finish can complement any modern bathroom and the skirted design makes it look even more beautiful as there is no trapway to show.

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Easy to use

With the remote control, operating this unit isn’t a problem at all. Just change the temperature of the toilet seat or any other function of choice. Also, you can set one of the two user settings so that you don’t have to be setting the toilet whenever you visit.

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Saves water

Using just 1.28 GPF for a full flush and 0.9 GPF for a partial flush, you will be able to save a lot of water. In some states, this might allow you to get a rebate. That’s why this toilet is EPA WaterSense certified and you will end up saving at least 16900 gallons of water per year.

Cleaner bowl for longer

After flushing the toilet using the dual-max cyclone system, the cycle bowl cleanse together with the SanaGloss glaze ensure that nothing remains on the toilet surface. The cycle bowl cleanse helps in ease of cleaning, while the SanaGloss glaze prevents particles, dirt, grime, and germs from sticking on the surface of the toilet thus keeping it cleaner for longer.

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Comfortable elongated bowl design

The elongated bowl design provides more sitting space, thus you will enjoy using this toilet. In addition, it has a comfortable height or universal height or ADA compliant height. This means that it is okay for use by different people whether old, young or even sick.

Auto close/open lid

If you’re irritated by toilets with slamming seats, then you have landed on the right toilet. The Toto Washlet G500 toilet comes with a toilet lid/seat that doesn’t slam but closes automatically and slowly.

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In case there is a blackout or the light is dim, you will still be able to recognize where the toilet bowl is as it has illumination. Other features to note are the automatic air deodorizer, and warm air dryer. All of these make using this toilet to be fun and comfortable. No more bad smells before and after using the toilet.
Toto Washlet G500Check Today’s Price

Summary: Why buy Toto G500 Washlet with Integrated Toilet?

  • Lovely and sturdy toilet
  • Dual flush mechanism saves water
  • Comfortable as it features the elongated bowl design and comfortable height
  • SanaGloss finish keeps the toilet clean for longer by preventing dirt and grime from sticking on the surface
  • Powerful gravity flushing system ensures all the bulk waste in the toilet is cleared
  • Convenient toilet with heated seat and automatic deodorizer
  • Easy to use with remote control settings
  • Automatic open or close lid for a touch-less operation


  • It is expensive
  • Some users have complained that the toilet is not as comfortable as it appears to be
  • Installation is quite cumbersome and requires professional help

The Toto Washlet G500 is a high-performing toilet with easy to use features. It makes a life for the old, sick, as well as disabled people to be easy as they don’t need to touch the toilet in order to operate it. The toilet washes, dries, flushes, and cleans on its own. Simply use the remote control to save your preferred settings and enjoy the experience. With this toilet, you will save both time and energy spent cleaning as it stays clean most of the time.


Question: Is this toilet of a comfortable height?
Answer: Yes, it is. The toilet has its seat at 16-1/8 inches, which makes it be of a comfortable height. The term comfortable height is also used to mean ADA compliant. It is at least 2-inches higher than the standard or traditional toilet.

Question: Can I install the Toto Washlet G500 toilet?
Answer: This is quite challenging and not easy. I would say a big “NO”. Installing this toilet on your own can be somehow challenging as it involves a long process. So, it is better to get the services of a professional plumber for proper installation.

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