10 Best Tankless Toilet Reviews in 2024

Best Tankless Toilet ReviewsTankless toilets are growing in popularity every day because the latest models offer more than just compactness. They are excellently designed, perform outstandingly well, and offer comfort just like standard toilets. In our best tankless toilet reviews article, I have listed the selling tankless toilets.

Unlike standard toilets, tankless toilets do not feature a tank; instead, they are connected directly to a water supply line that offers a measured high-pressure flow of water for every flush. Besides, most manufacturers are creating tankless toilets with technology that makes them easy and fun to use.

Advantages of tankless toilets

  • They are easy to install than tank toilets
  • Stylish and elegant designs
  • Toilets connect directly to the main water pipe, which reduces tank malfunctioning problems.
  • Occupy very little floor space


  • In case of a water outage, there is no tank to back up for the extra flush
  • Models with advanced functions like a bidet seat toilet are more expensive
  • In case of a power outage, technology-based features won’t function
  • Installing a tankless toilet or its plumbing system is quite expensive.

3 most popular toilets without a tank

Residential Use: Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Toilet

Features: dual-flush (1.28/1 GPF), push button, compact size, discharge elbow, 1.25″ hose, fast macerator blades, and more…

Wall-Hung Unit: KOHLER K-6299-7 Veil Toilet

Features: one-piece design, Grip Tight Reveal Q3 seat, in-wall tank, dual-flush (0.8/1.6 GPF), steel frame support, flexible installation, and more…

Expensive but Luxurious: Toto Neorest 700H Toilet

Features: cyclone siphon jet flushing, air dryer, remote control, automatic flush, heated seat, temperature control, EWATER+, CEFIONTECT, air deodorizer, nightlight, and more…

Which one is better – floor mount or wall-hung tankless toilet?

The type of tankless toilet that you install in your bathroom depends on two factors, which are weight and aesthetics. If you have a heavy person at home, then you’re better off with a floor-mount tankless toilet. You can set up a wall-hung toilet if you want to have more space or want an elegant toilet in your bathroom.

ComparisonWall-Mounted ToiletsFloor-Mounted Toilets
Space required:LessMore
Price:Slightly highLow
Repair:Not easyStraightforward
DIY Installation:NoYes
Height: Adjustable15-19 inches

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Tankless Toilets- Complete Buyer’s Guide

Space – pick a toilet model that fits perfectly in your bathroom. Ensure that the toilet is compact and does not take up much space, but at the same time, it should perform exceptionally well.

Water consumption – the water your toilet uses is a great deal as it can allow you to save water and reduce your water bill. Dual flush toilets are becoming popular and are the best when it comes to the toilet for saving water.

Flushing system – always choose a powerful and silent flushing toilet. You don’t want to flush several times or make noise to draw attention.

Quality – a good toilet should not only be durably made, but also it should perform at a high level. Vitreous china is the best material, followed by ceramic.

Comfort – a comfortable toilet shouldn’t just have a comfortable elongated bowl but as well as the right height for people at home.

Top 10 best tankless toilet reviews in 2024

In our Tankless toilet reviews and guide, we’ve selected some of the best tankless toilets on the market so that you don’t have to waste time and energy perusing through different brands and models.

Here are our best 10 tankless toilets:

Toto MS99CUMFG#01 Neorest 700H Dual Flush Toilet

The Neorest 700H is placed first in our 10 best tankless toilets. Toto is a market leader when it comes to producing the best high-end and most durable toilets. The Toto Neorest 700H is one of the most advanced toilets you will encounter. This tankless toilet has a very powerful and efficient flushing system in the double cyclone flushing system.

Read Full reviews of the Toto Neorest 700h dual flush toilet and washlet here.

What’s more, the toilet is eco-friendly, like the Ove Decors Tuva toilet, and has ultra-high efficiency as it uses 1.0 GPF for a full flush and 0.8 gallons per flush for a partial flush. The elongated bowl and comfort height give the user comfort, and the heated seat temperature with settings allows the user to utilize the toilet even in the most unbearable conditions. So you can set water temperature based on weather conditions. Its automatic intelligent body sensor is activated in every single body movement.

If comfort and luxury are what you want in your bathroom without being afraid to spend, then you will like the Toto Neorest 700H one-piece toilet.

Technical specifications:

FeaturesToto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 700H
Water Consumption:1.0 and 0.8 gallons per flush
Pieces:One-Piece Toilet
Material:Ceramic with SanaGloss
Color/Finish:Cotton White
Flush Type:Siphon Jet
Power Source:Corded-electric
Handle/Lever Placement:Center
Warranty:3-year limited (residential) and One-year limited (Commercial)
Price:Toto Neorest 700H tanklessCheck Today’s Price


  • Comfortable elongated bowl
  • Low water consumption
  • Sleek modern design
  • temperature and pressure settings
  • The double Cyclone flushing system
  • Hands-free automatic flush
  • Easy to use with convenient remote control


  • Very expensive

Kohler K-5401-0 Veil One-Piece Toilet

Undoubtedly, Kohler Veil is one of the most impressive models you will lay your hands on. It competes favorably with the Toto Neorest toilet series. The Kohler Veil intelligent toilet features nice curves that give it a modern and luxurious look. So, it easily blends and matches with most modern bathrooms.

Read full reviews of the Kohler k-5401-0 veil intelligent skirted toilet

With its high technology, you will easily utilize this toilet as almost everything is automatic. This is a true example of future toilets, from the automatic open/close lid to the flushing mechanism and cleansing wand.

The Kohler Veil toilet also features a dual flush mechanism that allows the user to save water, as they can choose between 0.8 GPF or 1.28 GPF, depending on the type of waste. Moreover, this toilet is very easy to clean as it has a skirted design.

Technical specifications:

FeaturesKohler K-5401-0 Veil
Water Consumption:0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush
Pieces:One-Piece Toilet
Color, Finish:White
Handle/Lever Placement:Wall
Rough-In:12 inches
Touchscreen LCD remote in English:Yes
Flush Type:Dual Flush Toilets
Warranty:One-year limited
Price:Kohler K-5401-0 VeilCheck Today’s Price


  • Dual flush for water efficiency
  • Soft-close seat prevents slamming
  • Elegant and luxurious design
  • Heated toilet seat for comfort
  • The elongated bowl provides more sitting area


  • Tricky to install

Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained tankless toilet reviews

The Saniflo 023 Sanicompact toilet is not only a great choice of a tankless toilet but also one of the best macerating toilets on the market. This toilet features an electronic timer mechanism that regulates water usage. Additionally, the macerating pump can flush waste and wastewater from the sink up to 9 feet above and 100 feet horizontally.

Read Full Reviews of the Saniflo 023 Sanicompact 48 one-piece toilet here

Surprisingly, the toilet uses less than 1.0 GPF, but it is very efficient and effective. It also has a skirted design that is easy to clean, and the elongated bowl offers more comfort to different users. This toilet can be used by tall people or even by those with disabilities as it is of a Comfort height.

With its sleek and sturdy design, this compact toilet is great for installing in your garage, under the staircase, attic, basement, or even in a place without a defined sewer water line.  However, installation is not as easy as it has to be connected to an electrical outlet because the tankless toilets work by using an electric pump.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesSaniflo 023
Material:Porcelain Toilets
Water Consumption:1.6 gallons per flush
Certification:Not Applicable
Flush Type:Gravity Flush Toilets
Warranty:2-year warranty
Price:Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained tankless toiletCheck Today’s Price


  • Great for tight places
  • Comfortable elongated bowl design
  • Low water consumption
  • Durable construction
  • Ability to pump up to 9ft vertically and 100ft horizontally
  • Compact design


  • It needs a professional plumber to install

Toto MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H Toilet

The Toto Neorest 550H one-piece toilet is another high-quality toilet model from Toto. It has a tankless design and is very compact to fit in tight bathrooms easily. Being a one-piece toilet, this toilet is easy to maintain and clean. The SanaGloss ceramic glaze also helps keep the toilet cleaner for a long time as it prevents particles from adhering to the surface.

On top of that, the cyclone siphon jet flushing system works together with the elongated bowl design to provide a powerful flush that clears waste very effectively. Amazingly, the toilet only uses 0.8 GPF or 1.0 gallons per flush, depending on the waste being cleared. So, this is not only an eco-friendly toilet but also helps you reduce your water bill.

Additional features like the premist, eWater+, and heated seat make this toilet to be even more comfortable.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesToto Neorest 550H
Pieces:One-piece Toilet
Water Consumption:0.8 and 1.0 gallons of water
Flush Type:Dual Flush
Warranty:3-years limited
Price:Toto Neorest 550H ToiletCheck Today’s Price


  • Ultra-high efficiency toilet
  • Comfortable elongated bowl
  • SanaGloss glaze keeps the toilet clean
  • Easy to use with the remote control
  • Powerful cyclone siphon jet flushing system
  • Easy to clean skirted design


  • It is very costly

WoodBridge B0950S Compact One-Piece Toilet

The WoodBridge brand has been on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down. This WoodBridge tankless toilet is one of the best in the industry and has some exceptional features. The toilet is integrated with a bidet toilet seat for a luxurious experience. You can use the remote to access luxurious features such as heated seats, automatic flush, water pressure, and much more.

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This one-piece toilet is also very hygienic as you don’t need tissue paper after visiting the toilet. Just use the posterior, pulsating, or feminine wash to clean yourself. Furthermore, the toilet flushes automatically as you leave this. You don’t have to press a flush button. Pick either partial flush or full flush to conserve water with the dual flush system.

The deodorizer ensures that the toilet smells fresh after use, and the skirted design is simple to clean. Due to its compact design, this is a wonderful toilet for small bathrooms. Read the technical specification of the WoodBridge B0950S tankless toilet reviews below.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesWoodBridge B0950S
Pieces:One-piece Toilet
Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
Flush Type:Dual Flush Toilet
Warranty:2-year limited manufacture warranty
Price:"WoodBridgeCheck Today’s Price


  • Smart technology toilet
  • Dual flush mechanism
  • Automatic flushing mechanism
  • Comfort height
  • Easy to clean
  • Deodorizer keeps the toilet smelling fresh


  • It comes with a higher price tag

BioBidet IB835 Eco-Friendly Tankless Toilets

The BioBidet is a unique and modern toilet that can be fitted in both small and large bathrooms. It has a state-of-the-art wireless remote control that is easy to navigate. You can use it to access the adjustable heated seat, pulsating, oscillating, and many other features. The toilet has a 2-in-1 spray nozzle system that makes cleaning yourself after using the toilet easy and hygienic.

Comparison between the tank and tankless toilets

Even though this toilet looks very luxurious, it is not difficult to install. It also comes with a slow-closing seat that prevents slamming. Thus, it doesn’t create attention. What I love most about this toilet is that it is environmentally friendly, and the deodorizer keeps it smelling after every use. Also, cleaning won’t be a problem as it has no nooks and crannies that hide dirt and mold. So if you don’t want to use a tank toilet, then this toilet would be a great option.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesBioBidet IB835 Eco-Friendly
Pieces:One-piece Toilet
Water Consumption:1.6 gallons of water
Material:Vitreous China Bidets
Flow Rate:0.7 liters_per_minute
Rough-In:12 inches
Warranty:3-years limited
Price:BioBidet IB835 Eco-Friendly tankless ToiletsCheck Today’s Price


  • User-friendly remote control
  • Easy to install
  • Water conservation auto flush
  • Modern low-profile design
  • Heated seat and warm air drying system
  • Deodorizer keeps the toilet smelling fresh
  • Easy to clean this smart toilet
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Some users complain that water pressure is lacking

Toto MS920CEMFG#12 Washlet G400 Dual Flush best tankless toilet

Toto offers many high-quality tankless toilets, and the Toto Washlet G400 is one of them. As you approach this toilet, the toilet seat lid opens automatically, and the premist sprays the Cefiontect glaze to prevent particles from sticking to the surface. The seat is also heated, and it flushes automatically as you leave the toilet. The air deodorizer takes center stage by unleashing its scent in the air to get rid of odors.

Read Full Reviews of the Toto G400 toilet here https://bestflushingtoilet.org/toto-toilets/g400-review/.

Before you leave the toilet, you don’t need to use toilet paper as it has a cleaning wand that cleans and cleanses you under. With two user memory settings, you can save your preferences and press a button for a hands-free operation from start to finish. The Dual lush system gives you the choice of either using a partial 0.9 GPF or 1.28 gallons per flush.

This toilet is also comfortable and can be used by people of different ages and disabilities, as it has an elongated bowl and comfort height.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesToto G400 Toilet
Water Consumption:1.28 GPF or 0.9 GPF
Pieces:One-Piece Toilet
Dual flush:Yes
Flushing System:3D Tornado Flush
Remote control operation:Yes(Front and rear warm water washing + Temperature control and adjustable pressure control)
Auto open/close toilet lid:Yes
Air Deodorizer:Yes
Air Dryer function:Yes
User memory:Yes(2 User)
Certification:ADA compliant, WaterSense certified, CAL Green compliant
Wand cleaning mode:Yes(self-cleaning)
Seat sensor:Yes
Power Supply:corded-electric
Warranty:Limited Lifetime
Price:Toto G400 tankless toiletCheck Today’s Price


  • Dual flush system with an aerated water spray
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Cefiontect glaze does cleaning to be simple
  • The 3D tornado flushing system
  • ADA compliant
  • EPA WaterSense Certified
  • Universal height


  • Installation is quite complex
  • It needs regular cleaning as most users have complained that stains are left behind.

Kohler K-6299-7 Veil Wall-Hung Tankless Toilet

The Kohler Veil toilet models are almost similar to the previous Kohler Veil toilet models, but they differ in the way that they are mounted, and the Later is slightly more sophisticated. This one is mounted on the wall, while the previous model is mounted on the floor. The Kohler Veil Wall-mounted toilets are compact and leave space below the toilet for the storage of items. If you want a modern, luxury toilet, then buy this best tankless toilet!

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The toilet has the tank and carrier system completely hidden in the wall for a seamless appearance. However, accessing this section can be difficult if the toilet develops a problem. Apart from that, this compact tankless toilet will save space in your bathroom, and cleaning it won’t be an issue at all. Additionally, it is very comfortable, and the dual flush system will help you conserve water.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesKohler K-6299-7 Veil
Pieces:One-Piece Wall mounted toilet
Flushing System:Dual Flush
Color, Finish:Black/Black
Price:Kohler K-6299-7 Veil Wall-Hung Toilet tanklessCheck Today’s Price


  • Compact and sleek design
  • Elongated bowl
  • Luxurious mounted tankless toilet design
  • Dual flush system
  • Easy to clean


  • Difficult to install

Duravit 2225090092 Starck 3 Wall-Mount Toilet

Duravit is another underdog when it comes to the most popular toilets, but it has some innovative and luxurious toilets on offer, such as the Duravit Starck 3 wall-hung toilet. This toilet model is not only uniquely designed, but it also performs exceptionally well. Its sleek design and white finish can easily blend with any bathroom type.

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Being a wall-mount design, you will have more space below the toilet which will also make cleaning the toilet to be a breeze. This eco-friendly toilet has a round bowl design, ideal for small bathrooms where space is essential. However, the toilet needs a toilet seat bought separately for full installation.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesDuravit 2225090092
Pieces:Space-saving one-Piece toilet
Flushing System:Dual Flush
Color, Finish:White Alpin
Special Feature:Eco FriendlyEco Friendly
Price:Duravit Starck 3 Wall-Mount ToiletCheck Today’s Price


  • Unique and sleek design
  • The round bowl takes up little space
  • Eco-friendly smart toilet
  • Excellent white finish complements most bathrooms.
  • Easy to clean


  • Some users say that it doesn’t flush well

Toto CT418FGNo.01 Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet

Toto is one of the most reliable brands on the market. Over the years, they’ve maintained on providing high-quality, efficient, and comfortable toilets that meet the needs of people. The Toto Aquia wall-hung toilet is specifically made to fit in small bathrooms as it features a sleek and innovative design that won’t occupy a lot of space.

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The Aquia wall-hung toilet also features an elongated bowl design and universal height to offer comfort to all kinds of users. The dual flushing system is very effective as it strongly pushes waste using either 1.6 GPF or 0.9 GPF. Like most Toto toilets, it has a SanaGloss glaze that prevents substances from sticking on the surface for a cleaner toilet.

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However, the toilet has some challenges, such as the installation process being hectic and costly. Additionally, you will need to buy a soft-close toilet seat and in-wall tank separately. These are additional costs, and some may find them unfavorable.

Technical Specifications:

FeaturesToto CT418FG Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet
Water Consumption:1.6 and 0.9 GPF
Pieces:One-Piece Toilet
Flushing System:Gravity Dual Flush Toilet
Color, Finish:Cotton
Certification:Not Applicable Applicable
Material:Vitreous China
Special Feature:Eco FriendlyEco Friendly
Price:Toto Aquia Wall-Hung tankless ToiletCheck Today’s Price


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable construction for longevity
  • Outstanding performance
  • Universal height
  • Dual flush system
  • SanaGloss glaze keeps toilet cleaner for longer


  • Quite challenging to set up


The tankless toilets that we’ve listed are some of the best and should meet your needs. Just take a good look and identify one with the required features and functions. They vary in price, design, and functionality but are all amazing in performance. After reading this article, hopefully, you’ve found the best tankless toilet that complements your bathroom design and perfectly fits in your modern bathroom.


Question: How does a tankless toilet function?
Answer: Tankless toilets utilize a regulated flushing mechanism that is directly linked to the main water pipe. So it uses less water than tank toilets.

Question: Is it easy to install a tankless toilet?
Answer: Yes, it is. Most tankless toilets are just single pieces of items that need a standard connection to the main water pipe and another to a waste outlet. In some cases, some dispose of even the wastewater from the sink.

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