Best Low Flow Toilets 2024 [Popular Water-Saving Toilets List]

Best Low Flow ToiletsUsually, toilets that utilize no more than 1.6 gallons per flush are considered low-flow toilets. But now we recommend no more than 1.28 GPF.

Are you an Eco-conscious homeowner looking for a low-flow toilet for your bathroom? Or do you want to save a lot of water each month(huge water bill saving) and look for the best water-saving toilet? You’ve landed in the right place as we have highlighted some of the best low-flow toilets that will not only help you to conserve the environment but as well as reduce your water bill.

Compare Water Consumption:Low-Flow Toilet Old Toilet
Gallon per flush: 1.28-1.63.5-4
Daily water use (PP):6.5+ gallons17.5+ gallons
Monthly water use (PP):195+ gallons525+ gallons
Yearly water use (PP):2340+ gallons6300+ gallons
Yearly water bills: $42+$113+

With so many low-flow toilets on the market, choosing the best flushing toilet can be a daunting task. This is because you have to choose from different models, sizes, and brands. The low-flow toilets that we’ve selected provide a very powerful flush, easy to clean, and consume very little water.

What factors should I consider when picking the right low-flow toilet?

Even if you want to save water, you also need to choose the right toilet, as you don’t want to be uncomfortable. As a result, you should consider things like the type of toilet (one-piece or two-piece toilet), rough-in, flushing options (single flush, dual flush, or pressure-assisted toilet), is around a bowl or elongated bowl, and its maximum performance rating. All these factors will help you select a toilet that performs at a high level and is comfortable to use.

Flushing system

When purchasing a toilet, the flushing mechanism is crucial to take into account because it affects how effectively and effectively the toilet removes waste. The dual-flush, pressure-assisted, and tornado flush systems are three popular flushing systems covered in this buying guideline. 

You may choose the best Flush based on the type of waste, allowing for water conservation. Dual-flush toilets are ultimately more cost- and environmentally efficient due to partial flushes because they normally utilize less water. In contrast to conventional single-flush toilets, dual-flush toilets could have a little higher upfront cost.

Toilets with pressure assistance employ air pressure to produce a strong flush that successfully removes waste from the bowl. These toilets are renowned for their powerful flushing and are perfect for commercial and high-traffic settings. The pressured Flush can help keep clogs from forming and guarantee effective waste disposal. However, pressure-assisted toilets can be noisier while in use, and replacement parts may cost more.

Centrifugal force is used in a tornado flush, often called a double cyclone flush, to create a swirling motion that cleans the bowl more thoroughly with less water. This flushing system normally employs two water jets for a strong and effective flush.

Wide Flush valve for a powerful flush

The size and type of the flush valve must be considered because they affect the toilet’s flush’s effectiveness and force. A broad flush valve has an opening that is bigger than average, usually 3 inches or more, allowing for a more potent and effective flush.

More water may enter the bowl more quickly with a bigger valve opening, which aids in more efficient waste removal. In the long run, this can save water by reducing the need for repeated flushes and helping to prevent clogs. Furthermore, by lowering the likelihood of clogs and other plumbing problems, a broad flush valve can aid in lowering maintenance and repair expenses.

A large trapway clears large waste

A large trapway is a broader, roomier conduit that is better equipped to manage bulkier garbage and avoid jams. A broader channel allows waste to flow more freely, clearing the bowl more quickly and decreasing the chance of obstructions. This could lessen the need for repeated flushes and ultimately conserve water. A big trapway can also lower maintenance and repair expenses by lowering the likelihood of clogs and other plumbing problems.

Larger trapways can aid in preventing bad odors from escaping the toilet bowl, allowing for more effective waste collection. A larger trapway toilet may use less water each Flush than a smaller trapway toilet because it can clear waste more effectively.

Toilet type: One or two pieces?

One-piece toilets are typically more expensive than two-piece toilets. The advantages of a one-piece toilet may outweigh the short-term costs. Compared to two-piece toilets, two-piece toilets are typically simpler to install. They often include a separate tank and bowl that can be fitted individually.

Compared to two-piece toilets, one-piece toilets are typically simpler to clean and maintain. They frequently consist of smoother, more seamless materials, fewer joints and crevices where dirt and bacteria might gather, and fewer surfaces where they can congregate. Two-piece toilets typically look bulkier and outdated compared to one-piece toilets. They also come in a larger range of shapes and styles, which may make them a better option if you’re trying to achieve a certain aesthetic in your bathroom. Two-piece toilets are frequently less durable than one-piece toilets.

This is because they are constructed from a single piece of material, which reduces the likelihood of leaks and cracks. Ultimately, one-piece and two-piece toilets each have benefits and drawbacks. Your choices and priorities will ultimately determine which option you choose. A two-piece toilet might be your best bet if you’re seeking a more convenient, less expensive solution. If ease of cleaning, toughness, and style is more important, a one-piece toilet might be the best choice.

Bowl design: Elongated or round?

A round toilet can be a better option if you have a small bathroom because it uses less area. On the other hand, those with larger or taller bodies can find an elongated toilet to be more comfortable. Elongated toilets are typically more comfortable for most users since they provide more seated area and thigh support. But other people might prefer a circular toilet’s smaller, more compact size. Since they feature a bigger surface area that is simpler to access, elongated toilets are usually easier to clean than round ones. Round toilets can be more challenging to clean, particularly in the hard-to-reach spots near the back of the bowl.

Compared to round toilets, elongated toilets typically look more contemporary and streamlined. An elongated toilet can be the greatest option if you’re trying to create modern bathroom decor, an elongated toilet can be the greatest option. Elongated toilets typically cost more than toilets that are spherical. However, the long-term advantages of a more comfortable and easy-to-clean toilet can make it worth the expenditure despite the somewhat negligible price difference.

If comfort and convenience of cleaning are important factors to you, an extended toilet can be the ideal option. A round toilet, however, can be a better choice if your bathroom is small or you like a more conventional style.

Rough-in measurement

The distance between the center of the drainpipe or the floor flanges and the wall behind the toilet is referred to as the rough-in measurement. It is crucial to know this measurement since it decides whether a toilet will fit comfortably in your bathroom. Although the rough-in size is typically 12 inches, certain older homes and structures may have rough-in heights of 10 or 14 inches. Before buying a toilet, measuring the rough-in space in your bathroom is crucial to ensure it will fit.

You might need to look for a specifically made toilet if your bathroom rough-in measurement is 10 or 14 inches. The product specs should always be checked before making a purchase because numerous manufacturers produce toilets in various rough-in sizes. If you need clarification about the rough-in measurement in your bathroom, you can take your own measurements by finding the drainpipe or flange’s center on the floor and measuring from there to the wall behind the toilet. For the toilet to fit and work properly, it is crucial to take precise measurements.


The warranty is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a toilet product. A warranty might shield you from unforeseen replacement or repair expenditures. Even greater protection may be offered by manufacturers providing up to ten-year warranties. To learn what is covered, check the warranty. Some warranties that only cover the porcelain and tank may cover the flushing system, seat, and other pieces.

Make sure you read the warranty’s fine print to find out what is not covered. For instance, certain warranties could not cover harm brought on by bad installation. When assessing the warranty, take into account the manufacturer’s standing. A business with a solid reputation for quality and customer service is likely to stand behind its goods and provide a trustworthy guarantee. To determine how effectively the manufacturer stands behind their goods, read customer reviews of the item and the guarantee. Thus, before purchasing a new toilet, always be extremely attentive to understand the warranty policy.


When investing in a brand-new toilet, you must have an extensive and in-depth understanding of its height. The majority of adults can use a standard toilet, which is around 15 inches high. Comfort height toilets, also known as ADA-compliant toilets, are roughly 17 to 19 inches high and made more comfortable for taller or older persons, individuals with impairments, or those with knee or joint issues. Also, these toilets are simpler to sit on and get out of for those with mobility challenges.

Low-profile toilets, referred to as kid’s or short toilets, are made for youngsters or shorter adults. Since they are usually 13 to 14 inches high, children can utilize them more easily and have their feet on the ground. The users’ needs should be considered when choosing a toilet height. A low-profile toilet can be ideal if little ones live in the home. A comfortable height toilet might be ideal if you have elderly or disabled family members.


Thinking about your finances and spending limits before buying a toilet is crucial. A more expensive toilet might have better materials and advanced functionality, but it might not always be necessary for your needs.

Toilet prices differ widely, from inexpensive, basic models that cost under $300 to luxurious ones that can cost several thousand dollars. Depending on the functions it offers, a toilet’s price can change. For instance, an advanced toilet with features like dual flushing, pressure-assisted flushing, or other features will often cost more than a basic model. The cost may vary depending on the toilet’s brand.

Actually, the cost of the toilet may vary depending on the building materials used. Porcelain toilets are typically higher than plastic or other materials. While assessing a toilet’s pricing, the installation cost should also be considered. The price will increase if you need to employ a plumber to install the toilet.

Recommended MaP Score

A toilet’s flush performance is gauged using the MaP score rating system. A higher MaP score for the toilet indicates better flushing performance. A score is assigned based on how much waste can be flushed down the toilet in a single flush. A MaP score of 1000 grams or higher is typically regarded as outstanding, and toilets in this range are advised for households with high consumption or where waste removal is a top priority.

A toilet is considered to be good if it has a score between 600 and 999 grams, and most houses are suitable for toilets in this range. Bathrooms with scores in this range can be appropriate for households with lower usage since 350 to 600 grams is considered a fair range. Choosing a toilet with a high MaP score is smart when purchasing. As a result, you may prevent blockages and use less water by ensuring the toilet is effective and efficient in removing waste. While choosing a toilet, it’s crucial to keep other aspects in mind as well, including water usage, comfort, and cost.

Our Recommended Best Low Flush Toilets Comparison Chart

ImageTop 3 Low Flow ToiletsProsCons
(Our Top Pick)

Check Price
Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet, White
Read Review
  • Ultra water efficient toilet uses a minimum amount of water (only 1.0 GPF)
  • Stylish chrome hinges toilet seat included
  • Easy to Install and require small space
  • The toilet comes with quiet and powerful Gravity flushing system
  • Doesn't have a Bidet seat
  • (WASHLET+ Toilet)

    Check Price
    TOTO WASHLET+ Aquia IV Two-Piece Dual Flush Toilet
    Read Review
  • The toilet comes with advanced S500E electric bidet seat
  • The toilet supplies front and rear warm water for better comfort
  • Water Usage: 1.1 or 1.6 GPF
  • High Price
  • Slightly Expensive
  • (Affordable Choice)

    Check Price
    KOHLER Wellworth Round Toilet with Class Five Flush System
    Read Review
  • Round-front bowl saves bathroom space
  • Features DryLock easy installation process
  • Water Usage: 1.1 or 1.6 GPF
  • Low price
  • Don't have advanced features

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    To know more about these toilets, read each toilet’s technical specifications (below).

    Top 10 Best Water-Saving Toilets in 2024

    Without wasting any more time, let’s get down to the best water-efficient toilets of 2024.

    Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II 1G 2-Piece Elongated Toilet

    The Toto Drake II 1G is the ultimate low-flow toilet, as it has some exceptional features that many homeowners will love. First and foremost, the Drake II toilet features a two-piece design for easy installation. It has an elongated bowl that adds more space making the toilet comfortable. Its universal height means that kids, adults, and even disabled people can easily use the toilet.

    Note: This is a Toto Drake II  1.0GPF toilet, not Toto Drake II 1.28GPF Toilet.

    If that is not enough, the toilet features a powerful tornado flushing mechanism that leaves the toilet clean and clears all the waste in a single flush. The toilet uses just 1 GPF making it one of the best low-flush toilets on the market.

    Technical Specifications:

    FeaturesToto Drake II
    Type:Two-Piece Elongated
    Water Consumption:1.0 GPF
    Water Saving:Saves more than 40% water over 1.6GPF toilets
    Flush Type:Tornado Power Flush system
    Technology:Double Cyclone
    Material:Vitreous China
    Color:Cotton White
    Meet Standard Requirements:EPA WaterSense, California’s CEC and CALGreen
    ADA seat height(Universal Height):Yes
     Trapway Diameter:2.125 inches
    Map Testing Rating:>= 800 (Highly Recommended)
    Maintenance Cost:Less
    Toilet Dimensions:28.5 x 15 x 30 inches
    Price:TOTO CST454CUFG#01 Drake IICheck Price


    • It has an elongated bowl design for added comfort
    • Toto Drake II is easy to sit on or stand up as it features a universal height
    • It is easy to install as it is a two-piece toilet
    • The toilet has CeFiONtect glaze that prevents particles from sticking on the toilet
    • It has a powerful tornado-flushing system that clears waste in a single flush
    • It is water efficient toilet as it uses just 1.0 GPF


    • Many users have reported clogging issues
    • The soft close seat is sold separately

    Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

    If you want a low-flow toilet installed in tight places like the attic, basement, or upper floor, the Saniflo 023 self-contained toilet will be a good option. This one-piece macerating upflush toilet is very water efficient as you will only use 1 GPF. It has an electronically timed flushing system and is very efficient in performance. It is the smallest low-flow toilet that you can buy.

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    The Saniflo 023 Sanicompact self-contained toilet is very easy to install, but it needs electricity to run. When installed, this tankless toilet will change the look of your bathroom as it is stylish and good-looking. With the non-return valve, you won’t experience any backflow or clogs with this toilet.

    Technical Specifications:

    FeaturesSaniflo 023 Sanicompact
    Water Consumption:1.0 GPF
    Material:Porcelain Toilets
    Certification:Not Applicable
    Flush Technology:Gravity Flush Toilets
    Special Features:Easy to Install, Quiet, Adjustable
    Warranty:2-Year warranty
    Price:Check Price


    • It is stylish and elegant
    • Saniflo toilet consumes just 1 GPF
    • It easily fits in tight places due to its compact design
    • This low-flow toilet can discharge wastewater from a sink
    • It is easy to install
    • It allows vertical pumping up to 9 ft and 110 ft horizontally
    • 2-years warranty period


    • It requires an electrical outlet to work
    • The quality assurance of the toilet may fluctuate

    WoodBridge T-001 One-Piece Low-Flow Toilet With an Elongated Bowl

    The WoodBridge toilet not only helps you save water and reduces your water bill but also brings elegance into your bathroom. This one-piece toilet features a luxurious design with a rectangular button on top. It also has a skirted trapway that creates a lovely look and makes cleaning the toilet to be easy.

    Read More: Woodbridge Toilet Reviews

    With the dual flushing system, this toilet allows the owner to save water as there is a button for a partial flush and full flush. The toilet is also very silent in operation and won’t create attention when you visit it at night. The powerful siphon flushing prevents the toilet from clogging, and you won’t also experience any leaks. The soft closing seat prevents slamming, and the elongated bowl adds comfort when you sit on the toilet.

    Technical Specifications:

    FeaturesWoodbridge T 0001
    Pieces:One Piece
    Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
    Flush Type:Siphon Jet, Dual Flush
    Shape:Elongated, Comfortable Height, Easy to clean shape
    Finish and Color:Pure White
    Included Components:Soft closing seat, Wax rings, and bolts
    Warranty:5-year limited warranty
    Price:WoodBridge T-001Check Price


    • It has a luxurious modern design that will change the look of your bathroom.
    • It has a high-end soft closing seat that won’t slam
    • WoodBridge toilet is very easy to clean as it is a one-piece design
    • It has a siphon flushing system that is super quiet
    • It is WaterSense certified
    • Dual flush system for water efficiency


    • It is quite difficult to install

    Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth Elongated Bowl Toilet

    The Niagara Stealth toilet is one of the most affordable low-flow toilets on this list. Apart from that, this elongated toilet uses the least amount of water at 0.8 GPF. So, it is an ultra-efficient toilet and will help you reduce your water bill and save water. Despite using very little water, this toilet is still very efficient in performance as it uses a pressure-assisted flush to clear waste in the bowl.

    Read More: Niagara Toilet Reviews

    The toilet is very quiet in operation and ADA-compliant. The elongated bowl design gives the user enough sitting space for comfortable use. Being a dual flush toilet, you can press the partial or full flush according to use. This is the most water-efficient low-flow toilet on the market.

    Technical Specifications:

    FeaturesNiagara 77001WHCO1
    Material:Vitreous China, Metal
    Water Consumption:0.8 GPF
    Flush Type:Quiet Flush Toilets
    Package Dimensions:28.9 x 18.8 x 31 inches
    Price:Check Price


    • It is very water efficient as it uses just 0.8 GPF
    • Niagara Stealth is very quiet in operation
    • It is ADA compliant
    • It has a pressure-assisted flush, which clears waste easily
    • The elongated bowl offers comfort to the user
    • It is very affordable


    • Many users have reported that this toilet has clogging issues
    • It doesn’t come with a toilet seat and wax ring

    Toto Washlet+ Aquia IV Two-Piece Best Low-Flow Toilet

    Toto offers all kinds of toilets, and that’s why it is considered to be the best toilet brand on the market. The Toto washlet+ Aquia IV toilet is one of the most advanced toilets that you will come across today. It is a high-efficiency toilet. Besides saving water, this elongated bowl toilet brings a new experience to the bathrooms and adds elegance to wherever it is set up.

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    The Toilet has amazing features like CeFiONtect glaze that avoids particle build up on the toilet, Ewater+ technology that keeps the toilet clean after every use, the Premist function, which sprays the bowl before every use, and Air deodorizer that keeps the toilet smelling fresh after every use. Without forgetting, the toilet also has a powerful tornado flushing system, which is quite an operation. The toilet has a self-cleaning wand.

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    With such features and a soft closing seat and lid, this is a toilet that every homeowner would love to have in their bathroom.

    Technical Specifications:

    FeaturesAquia IV Toilet
    Piece:Two Piece Unit
    Water Consumption:0.8 GPF & 1.0 GPF
    Color:Cotton White
    Flush Type:Dual Flush
    Installing Size:12″
    MaP Flush Score: >= 600 (Recommended)
    Bowl Height:Standard
    Flushing System:DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH system
    Finish:Cotton White
    Product Dimensions:27.5 x 15.2 x 30.2 inches
    Warranty:Manufacturer One Year Limited
    Price:Toto Washlet+ Aquia IVCheck Price


    • It is a very water-efficient toilet as it uses either 0.8 GPF or 1.0 GPF
    • It is easy to clean as the toilet remains clean most of the toilet due to its advanced technology
    • Aquia IV has CeFiONtect glaze, which prevents substances from sticking to the toilet surface
    • It has a quieter flush
    • No need for a tissue as it has a self-cleaning wand
    • The skirted design makes cleaning out the toilet to be easy
    • The Ewater+ technology helps to clean the toilet lean after every use
    • It has an elongated bowl design for added comfort


    • The toilet is quite expensive

    American Standard 2887.216.020 H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

    The American Standard is one of the best toilet brands on the market. They offer high-quality and affordable toilets. The American Standard H2Option two-piece toilet is very easy to install and features an elegant design that will change the look of your bathroom. The dual-flush toilet gives you the option of using either a partial flush (1.0 GPF) or a full flush (1.6 GPF). This is by pressing the actuator button on top of the toilet tank. If you need the best low-flow toilets with dual flush, then buy this model.

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    Additionally, the toilet has an elongated toilet bowl for added comfort, and the toilet seat closes slowly without slamming. With the power wash rims, the toilet will remain clean most of the time. Thus, it will defy things like bacteria, mildew, and mold.

    Technical specifications:

    FeaturesAmerican Standard 2887.216.020 Toilet
    Water Consumption:1.0 or 1.6 GPF
    Flush Type:Dual Flush Toilets
    Dimensions:29.8 x 15 x 29.5 inches
    Weight:91 pounds
    Warranty:2-Year limited warranty
    Price:American Standard Dual Flush ToiletCheck Price


    • It has an elongated bowl design for more comfort
    • American Standard H2Option is easy to install
    • It is a low-consumption toilet
    • Easy to use push button actuator
    • It features an elegant design


    • The toilet does not come with a seat
    • Poor customer support

    Kohler K-3987-47 Wellworth 2-Piece Round Bowl Toilet

    The Kohler K-3987 Wellworth toilet is another good low-flow toilet that will help you to save water and reduce your water bill. The dual flush toilet features a round bowl that makes this toilet fit in tight places. The toilet is also easy to clean as it has a class five flushing system that clears all the contents in a single flush. For a partial flush, you will use only 1.1 GPF; for a full flush, you will use 1.6 GPF. The canister flush valve offers a smooth flushing action with low water usage, so there is no more wasting of water in clearing the bulk in the bowl.

    Technical specifications:

    FeaturesKohler Wellworth toilet
    Water Consumption:1.1 or 1.6 GPF
    Flush Technology:Dual Flush
    Dimensions:29.2 x 27.8 x 18 inches
    Weight:86.3 pounds
    Warranty:One-year limited warranty
    Price:Kohler K-3987-47 ToiletCheck Price


    • It has an excellent design that will fit in most modern bathrooms
    • It has a durable canister design
    • The round bowl is great for tiny places
    • The vitreous china construction makes it glitter
    • It is easy to install


    • The toilet might be slightly shorter for taller individuals

    Toto CST412MF.01 Aquia Dual Flush Water-Flush Toilet

    As simple and sleek as the Toto Aquia 2-piece toilet looks to be, it still performs at a high level and saves a lot of water. The toilet uses 0.9 GPF for a partial flush and 1.6 GPF for a full flush. The toilet is also easy to install as it is a two-piece toilet with the tank and toilet bowl being installed one at a time.

    Read the Full Review HereToto Aquia Review

    It is also comfortable as it features an elongated design. This toilet can be used by kids, adults, and even disabled people as it is of a universal height. If you are looking for the most powerful low-flow toilet, then buy this.

    Technical Specifications:

    FeaturesTOTO CST412MF.01
    Water Consumption:0.9 and 1.6 GPF
    Included Components:CST412MF.10#01
    Flush Type:Dual Flush Toilets
    Price:Toto CST412MF.01 AquiaCheck Price


    • It has a powerful dual-flushing mechanism
    • Elongated bowl design for more comfort
    • It is WaterSense certified
    • Toto Aquia Dual Flush has a universal height
    • It is easy to install


    • It doesn’t come with a toilet seat
    • A good number of users have complained that the refill system has some issues.

    Convenient Height 20” Extra Tall Toilet With Water-Saving Flush

    Installing the Convenient height 20-inch toilet qualifies you to get rebates in some states. This is because the toilet utilizes 1.28 GPF for a full flush and 0.9 GPF for a partial flush. When the toilet seat is added to the toilet, it elevates to 21 inches which is a good height and very safe.

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    In addition, the toilet has an elongated bowl design for added comfort, and it is very easy to install. This addition to any modern bathroom has an upgraded handle and a slow-close toilet seat.

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    Convenient Height toilet is also considered one of the best water-saving toilets for disabled people.

    Technical Specifications:

    FeaturesConvenient Height
    Pattern:Convenient Height Company
    Water Consumption:1.28 GPF & 0.9 GPF
    Certification:Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters
    Flush Type:Dual. Lift up for full flush, push down for light
    Handle/Lever Placement:Front left for convenient and easy access
    Included Components:Toilet Bowl, Toilet Tank, Toilet Seat, Flushing, and Mounting Mechanisms
    Rough-In:12 inches
    Capacity Description:High
    Warranty:3-year warranty
    Price:Convenient Height 20” width=Check Price


    • It is very water efficient as it uses less than 1.28 GPF
    • It adds bathroom safety as it is easy to sit on or stand up
    • Easy to install
    • Elegant design that will change the look of your bathroom
    • It is very comfortable with the elongated bowl design
    • It has a soft close seat, so no more toilet banging


    • It is not a good toilet for shorter people

    Toto MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet G400 Water-Saving Toilet

    If you’re ready to spend in order to get the best toilets, then the Toto Washlet toilet is one of the best low-flow toilets that you will lay your hands on. This toilet features a washlet bidet seat with integrated dual flush with 3D tornado flush technology. The washlet is easy to install, and the elongated bowl offers the users comfort.

    Read Details here – Toto G400 Reviews[Washlet with Integrated Toilet]

    Moreover, the toilet has a CeFiONtect glaze, preventing debris and other particles from sticking to the surface. Other luxurious features of this toilet include a cleansing function, air deodorizer, warm air dryer, and heated seat. On top of that, it is ADA-compliant and WaterSense certified.

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    Specifications of the Toto MS920CEMFG#01 G400 Toilet:

    FeaturesToto G400 Toilet
    Water Consumption:1.28 GPF and 0.9 GPF
    Certification:ADA compliant
    Flush Type:3D Tornado Flush system
    Warranty:One-year limited warranty
    Price:Toto MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet G400Check Price


    • It has a soft close seat
    • The elongated bowl design provides more comfort
    • Excellent design makes your bathroom look elegant
    • It is water efficient as it uses 1.28 GPF/0.9 GPF
    • This Toto toilet has a universal height for easy use by different people
    • It opens and closes automatically
    • It is easy to clean with its skirted design


    • It is very expensive


    After reviewing the best water-efficient toilets on the market, I hope we’ve made your task a little bit easier. A good low-flow toilet should help you save water and reduce your water bill. When picking a low-flow toilet, you should also consider other factors such as ease of installation, performance, ease of cleaning, comfort, and rough-in size.

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    Ensure that the low-flow toilet you pick meets your demands, as you will be using it for a very long time. So, don’t settle for less; you will regret it later. Hope we’ve helped you to make an informed decision on your next low-flow toilet.


    Why should I use the low-flow toilet?

    Low-flow toilets have a powerful flush with minimum water usage. As a result, they help to conserve the environment and, at the same time, reduce your water bill. Also, most of the low-flow toilets are modern, giving your bathroom an elegant appeal.

    Why does my toilet clog more often?

    A toilet can clog because of many things, including solid waste and tissue paper, balls, toys, cellphones, caps of the toothbrush, and much more. Always check your toilet and ensure that unwanted materials don’t go through it. If you’ve kids at home, you should constantly check your toilet for toys and other items that they may throw into it.

    Should I pick a dual-flush or single-flush toilet?

    Both of these flushing systems are very effective and clear waste very easily. But if your main aim is to save water, then you will be better off with the dual flush toilet. The dual flush toilet allows you to use either the partial or full flush, which helps you save water in the end. This is not the same case with the single flush.

    Does low flow mean weak Flush?

    Low flow does not always imply a weak flush. In reality, many low-flow toilets are made to use less water per Flush while yet being just as effective as standard-flow toilets. The secret is to find a toilet with a high MaP score, which evaluates how well the toilet flushes. No matter how much water is flushed, a toilet with a high MaP score effectively removes waste.

    It’s crucial to remember that certain earlier low-flow toilets may have had a reputation for poor flushing since early models were only sometimes efficient at getting rid of the trash. As a result, many people believe that all low-flow toilets have ineffective flushes. But as technology has advanced, so too has the efficacy of low-flow toilets.

    Is a water-saving toilet clogged frequently?

    Water-saving toilets may clog more frequently when used improperly or with improper design. On the other hand, most contemporary water-saving toilets are created to use less water without reducing flushing strength. In actuality, a lot of these toilets were made to consume less water and flush more effectively.

    Following the use and maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer is extremely important. It is so crucial to remember that other elements, like defective plumbing, faulty installation, or a buildup of silt or debris inside the pipes, can also bring on blockages. The best way to avoid blockages is to have your plumbing system frequently inspected.

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    1. Is Jacuzzi Primo White WaterSense Dual Flush Elongated Chair co side red a low flow toilet? I’m replacing a toilet and low flow is a requirement in the building so it is very important that I know this.

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