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Elongated VS Round Toilet: [Features Comparison + Recommendation]

One of the most challenging things that homeowners face when picking a flushing toilet; and need to decide between round and elongated toilet. Before choosing any type, you need to know some finer details about every type. Things to consider include comfort(Comfort Height or Standard), size, water saving(1.6 or 1.28 GPF), ease of cleaning, ease of installation, single flush or dual flush, two piece or one piece, and ease of maintenance.
In this Elongated VS Round Toilet post, we’ve compared the elongated bowl toilet and round bowl toilet designs. The information will help you to decide on which toilet to choose for your small or big bathroom or according to your needs.

Features Comparison Chart: Elongated VS Round Toilet


Elongated Toilet

Round Toilet

Bowl Length(Generally): 18.5 inches 16.5 inches
Good For: Standard/Big bathroom Small Bathroom
Space Saving: No Yes
More Comfortable: Standard or Fat Men/Women or handicapped Thin women/men or Children
Flush: Some may have more forceful flush Has less forceful flush
Pricing: More expensive Less expensive
Design: Modern design Traditional Design
Water Surface: Larger Small
Popularity: Increasing Fading
Cleaning: Marginally More Easy Easy


Elongated VS Round Toilet

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. As a result, you need to ensure that the right bathroom fixtures are installed and don’t take up much space. From bathroom faucets to showers, and toilets, you need to ensure that they blend well to create an aesthetically pleasing surrounding.

Elongated bowl toilet

When it comes to size, elongated bowl toilets are bigger than round toilets. A typical elongated toilet measures around 18.5 inches long from the post holes to the edge.

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However, the real size of the bowl is different from one toilet model to another and the bowl will always be somehow bigger when compared to the round bowl toilet designs.


  • It is very comfortable
  • Some models may have forceful flush
  • It is a little bit easier to use and clean
  • It is more of a modern design


  • It doesn’t fit in small bathrooms
  • It is quite expensive when compared to round bowl toilets

Round bowl toilet

Unlike elongated bowl toilets, round bowl toilets have about 16.5 inches and are a little bit smaller than elongated bowl toilets. Round toilets have a round shape, which gives it a great look compared to an elongated model.

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As a result, the round bowl design is ideal for small place places such as in the garage or attic, where you don’t need a very powerful toilet.


  • It fits perfectly in small spaces
  • It is suitable for people with special needs such as disabled or older people
  • It is of a traditional style
  • It is less costly when compared to elongated bowl toilets


  • It has a less forceful flush
  • It is somehow difficult to use and keep clean
  • It is not very comfortable due to the small sitting area

Details Comparison Between Elongated and Round Toilet


Before you pick either a round or elongated toilet, you should consider whether it will fit well in your bathroom or take up a lot of space. Elongated bowl designs are usually 2-inches longer in the front than round bowl toilet designs. Sometimes, manufacturers make a toilet that is in-between these two toilet designs.


Even though both round and elongated toilet designs are used in the same way, the level of comfort differs from one another. The longer elongated bowl shape offers more comfort than the shorter round bowl. This is because they provide more sitting space. Elongated bowls are also great for kids as they have a wider area.

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The shape of the toilet bowl doesn’t impact how the toilet looks. Most toilet manufacturers sell popular toilet models in both round and elongated designs. Elongated toilet bowls are oval in shape while round toilet bowls are circular in shape. The elongated bowls are usually associated with large modern bathrooms, while the round design is associated with small, older bathrooms.

Power of flush

There are many types of flushing mechanisms on the market. Some of the popular ones include pressure-assisted, gravity, dual flush, double cyclone, and much more. If the toilet uses a flush that circulates the water in the bowl using force, then an elongated toilet design will provide a slightly powerful flush.

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Elongated toilets are slightly easier to clean when compared to round bowl toilets. This is because the elongated bowl in some brands has less of a crevice around the underside of the bowl, which makes it easier to get a brush to clean inside it.

Who is the Winner? Elongated or Round Toilet?

The toilet design that you choose depends on a number of things such as available space of the installation, comfort that you need, ease of cleaning, appearance, and cost. Elongated bowl toilet designs are the latest additions in the market and many people have started embracing them. They are comfortable and very easy to maintain than round toilets. On the contrary, round toilet bowl designs have been in this industry for long and they are suitable for installing in small bathrooms. They are also cheaper and easier to install.

So, if comfort is what you’re looking for, then we will suggest that you go for the elongated bowl design. But if you’ve got a tiny bathroom, then the round bowl toilet will be the most ideal toilet for you.


Question: Does the type of flushing system matter in a toilet?

Answer: Yes, it does. Different flushing system offers different performances. Some are very effective than others. Gravity flush is the most powerful flushing system but also the loudest. There are some silent flushing systems and others help you save water like the dual flush mechanism. So, it depends on your choice and how you want your toilet to perform.

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  1. I find the elongated bowl is worse for kids, as they sit at the front and their poop ends up sticking to the porcelain instead of going in the water.

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