How to Fix a Toilet? Common Toilet Problems that You can Solve!

How to Fix a ToiletToilets are essential when it comes to the safe disposal of human urine and feces. They also help homeowners to maintain high levels of hygiene. However, toilets have their share of problems that you may have to deal with from time to time. Some of these toilet problems you can fix yourself.

When you hear your toilet hissing, thumping, ghosting, or even rumbling when you flush, know that it has a problem. It may be due to the flapper, fill valve or flush valve. If you have a lousy handle, you have to adjust the handle mounting nut inside the tank. No matter the situation, you should be able to fix your toilet without hiring a professional plumber.

Toilet ProblemsPossible Causes Time to Fix (Max)
Leaky toilet baseWorn-out wax ring & gasket20 minutes
Running toiletFix Flapper & float level15 minutes
Toilet not fillingCheck the flapper20 minutes
Flush handle issueHandle/lever/button10 minutes
Slow filing toiletClog/bad water supply valve25 minutes
Clogged toiletDirt/objects30-50 minutes
Ghost flushingLeak in the tank/clog/bad refill valve30 minutes

How to Fix a Toilet Common Problems?

A toilet has two parts: a tank and a bowl. Since the tank has many components, it usually experiences more problems than the bowl. Our toilet repair guide will help you solve these common toilet problems by yourself. Here are some of the usual toilet challenges and how to fix them:

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Fixing leaks at the base of the toilet

As stated earlier, most toilet problems are associated with the toilet tank. However, one of the common toilet problems is leakage at the base of the toilet. If you see water seeping on the floor from the bottom of the toilet, you should not panic. Sometimes, it happens because of condensation in the summer months.

How to Fix a Toilet?

But if you see a puddle of water every time you flush the toilet to drain down the remaining water from the tank, then you have a bad or worn-out wax ring. Buy the ideal wax ring seal for your toilet and replace it. This should take you a few hours to change, and you should do it with caution. Start by disconnecting the valve, tank, and bowl. Change the wax ring and re-install the toilet.

If the issue perseveres, you will have to inspect the toilet bowl and see if it has a crack. If that’s the scenario, you may be required to purchase a new toilet bowl and install the new one to get rid of this problem.

Fixing a running toilet

You have probably encountered a running toilet before. This problem is widespread, and it’s one of the easiest to fix. If your toilet runs automatically, it is normally caused by a high water level or a flapper that isn’t sitting correctly in the flush valve’s opening.

How to Fix a Toilet?

Regardless of what’s causing your toilet to run, you can fix it with a few simple steps. Make sure you adjust the float level, as the float arm may not be working properly, and set the flush valve to the recommended level. And if one of them is worn out or damaged, you need to replace it with a new one.

Repair the fill valve

The toilet fills valve works to allow water to enter the tank when you flush and stop it from filling when the tank is full. A toilet fill valve works closely with the toilet float. The toilet float is what signals the fill valve when the tank is full. Hence, if you notice one of the following things, your toilet fill valve may be having issues: toilet hissing when filling and toilet continues running even after changing the flapper.

How to Fix a Toilet?

Before you jump to conclusions, you should try adjusting the water level in the bowl and tank. You need to turn off the water supply line before fixing it. Additionally, open the tank lid and check the fill tube. You should ensure that the fill tube is sitting around an inch on top of the overflow tube. If you make these amendments and still experience the same challenges, it’s time to change the fill valve. Furthermore, if the fill valve is damaged or worn out, it will not work effectively. Turn on the water supply after you solve the problem.

Fixing a loose flush handle

One of the most straightforward toilet problems to fix is a loose flush handle. The toilet handle is typically made of chrome finishes. If your flush handle is loose or disconnected, you should Fix the toilet handle with one of these quick fixes: try reconnecting the lift wire or lift chain that links the lift arm from the flapper. Secondly, try adjusting the handle mounting nit in the tank. If none of these two fixes work, maybe the handle is broken and needs replacing with a new one.

How to Fix a Toilet?

Fixing a slow-filing toilet

This is among the most annoying things about a toilet. If you’ve flushed your toilet and the waste didn’t clear in one flush, you can wait for ages if the toilet takes time to refill the tank. If you’re experiencing such a challenge, you don’t have to panic. Begin by inspecting your water supply valve. It should be wide open. Next, check the fill valve and get rid of any debris while following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Your toilet should be able to fill at its average rate. If the problem persists, maybe the problem is with the water supply line. Call a plumber to have it fixed. Your tank should be able to fill within 3 minutes, depending on your area’s water flow rate.  

Unclogging a toilet

Did you think that we could forget to mention toilet clogs? Of course, not. Toilet clogs are among the most common toilet problems that homeowners often face, and such types of toilet repairs may need some patience. On the same note, it’s one of the most straightforward toilet fixes. If you have a toilet plunger, you can unclog your toilet quickly and fast. But if you don’t have it, you can use

How to Fix a Toilet?

Make sure to follow instructions and use protective wear such as gloves and goggles when unblocking your toilet. It will help if you avoid corrosive cleaning agents, as they will change your toilet finish.

Fixing ghost flushing

Has a ghosting toilet awoken you? This is one of the most embarrassing toilet problems you can come across. If you love watching horror movies, you may think that a ghost has visited you in real life. Ghosting is usually caused by water leaking out of the tank over a specific time.

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However, repairing a ghosting toilet is super easy:

  1. Start by inspecting the refill tube from the refill valve. Make sure that the tube is not put into the overflow tube. If that’s the case, remove it and secure it outside.
  2. Next, ensure the flapper seals the flush valve opening properly.
  3. If any debris or particles prevent the flapper from locking, wipe it off and replace the old flapper with a new flapper.
  4. And if the problem remains, you may have to change the whole flush valve assembly.

Final thoughts

Most common toilet problems can be easily fixed. You only need a few tools and materials to fix toilet issues. But it is quite complicated to fix dual flushing toilet problems. When fixing most toilet problems, ensure to follow the instructions in the letter. Also, ensure that you replace the toilet with similar parts to avoid doing zero work.

If your toilet has one of the problems discussed above, follow our instructions and fix it without hiring a professional plumber.

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