How to use muriatic acid to unclog the toilet?

Your morning starts from the toilet, and you can’t think of a day without using it. So maintaining this regular basis is also a responsibility. And for every householder, clogging the bathroom is like a nightmare. But as you know, you can easily keep a toilet clog-free if you follow some simple rules. But it happens you need some solution. And many said that without a plunger, muriatic acid is the best solution to unclog any blocked drainage system.

Possible reasons for the toilet clog:

When you use the toilet every day, I don’t think clogging is a new term for you. There are many reasons for this issue. At first, you must know the toilet is mainly used to throw away human waste and no other thing. If you use the toilet as a garbage can, like throwing tissue, diapers, makeup kit, etc., it’s impossible to flush down. Then you end up with a blocked toilet.

Another thing if you got a toddler at home, this is a regular drama for you. Because kids are very playful and curious, the man sometimes throws many toys in the toilet, which is not a water dissolve thing. It is stuck in the trap of the bathroom. And again, you end up with a clogged toilet. toilet clogged

If you want a solution to the clogging issue, you must know the toilet is only for collecting human waste, not a dustbin. So at first, stop using it as a garbage can. And if you had kids in the home, educate them on how to use the toilet and maintain this. 

But sometimes, the toilet is also blocked for using excessive tissue paper or throwing it into it. For unclogging the bathroom, the best thing is the plunger. It pushes all the derbies from the drainage pipe to the septic system. But when you live in an old home and the drainage system is aged, you often face this kind of issue. Many people suggest using muriatic acid to clean the drainage system property or remove further problems.

What is muriatic acid, and how does it work?

From the name you just got that this is one type of acid. And this colorless acid is a diluted hydrogen chloride acid in water. It’s a top-rated ultra-pungent solution with solid minerals and highly corrosive characteristics. That’s why this acid is prevalent in many industrial purposes. Muriatic acid is mainly produced from salt and vitriol from the beginning. This is also as popular as hydrochloric acid.

This muriatic acid is also famous as a heavy-duty cleaner among the plumber. They sometimes use this acid to unclog the toilet’s drainage system. Almost every toilet cleaning product contains a different amount of acid. But when you dilute, this becomes highly hazardous. When you pour the acid into the bowl, it starts a reaction by blocking the toilet element and starts to heat up. This heat mainly breaks the blockage of the pipeline. So it just dissolves the clogging agent in the pipe and unclogs the toilet. It takes only 10 minutes to clear the line completely.

How to use muriatic acid for clogged drains or toilets?

You must be curious about how you use this acid to clear your whole toilet drainage system. This is a straightforward way but always keep in mind that this is one kind of acid. And acid is very harmful to health. Let’s see how to use this acid in the toilet, how to clean the washroom after using it and what steps you need to follow before using this:Can muriatic acid be used for clogged drains


As I told you before, you must follow strict rules before using this acid in the toilet. Like:

  1. Open all the doors and windows of the toilet, even though it’s winter. The fume of this acid is hazardous to health. That is why you need to ensure the place is well vented with water.
  2. Put safety equipment like gloves, glass, etc., before opening the acid bottle for safety from any accident. Try to wear long gloves instead of short ones. Because if accidentally any drop of acid comes to your skin, it will burn this place. So be careful while you use it.

Using procedure:

after taking all the safety steps, let’s time to use the acid in the toilet. At first, dilute the acid into the water, don’t use the acid directly without diluting it. Otherwise, it quickly burns down your pipeline and damages your drainage system. The ratio of the solution is one part of acid and 10 parts of water. Please don’t mix it in any plastic bowl or container to avoid any dangerous reaction. 

After diluting the aid into the water, pour the solution into the toilet directly and leave it for around 1 minute. Yes, this time is enough to unclog the pipe. The acid reacts with the clogging agent, heating up and breaking it during this period.

After cleaning measures:

Muriatic acid is a powerful cleaning agent. So after using it in the toilet, you need to clean the whole washroom very carefully. Flush the toilet a minimum of three times so that acid can properly wash away from the drainage system. For extra safety, you can use a splash of baking soda to neutralize the acid in the pipe. 

Is Muriatic acid safe for toilets?

The muriatic acid contains sulfuric acid, a very dissolvable organic matter that is chloride acid. If you make any mistake while mixing water into the acid or if it splashes down and comes across your skin or eyes, you get burned or blinded. There is also another issue you face working with this acid. The fume of this acid is also very toxic, and if you inhale it, it can burn your lungs and nose lining. When you use this in the toilet, always ask if the place is well vented or not.

The muriatic acid also kills all the bacteria in the drainage system. But all bacteria are not harmful, and some also help to compost the waste. So it’s also detrimental to the environment.

What are the alternative ways to unclog the toilet?

There are many other ways to unclog your toilet, like using the plunger. I think every household has one of these things in the corner of the bathroom. If you notice any clogging in the toilet, try to unclog it using a plunger. Another option many people like to use is vinegar, a baking soda solution in the bathroom. This is also an outstanding cleaning agent. And there is no health issue using it in the washroom. plungers for toilets

This method is not expensive, and you can get every item in your kitchen cabinet. This natural method is also a very eco-friendly option. So you don’t end up harming the environment as well as yourself.


Muriatic acid is a very powerful cleaning agent. If you are new to this, then don’t try it yourself. Plumbers are experts in using this. So get help from them to avoid any accident. And try not to use this, because this is not a good option for your health and the environment. If you use this acid, clean the toilet with water many times after using it.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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