My air vent smells like poop—what to do now?

A foul smell from anywhere in your home is intolerable, especially when it is similar to the poop smell. You have to check the reason for the odor because you can solve it in the best way. The foul smell of the air vent can come for many reasons. Gas leaks, fluid leaks, and the dead body of small creatures like rats or lizards are reliable for causing the poop-like smell. Some mechanical and plumbing problems are also highly related to the problem. Everyone wants to get a neat and clean bathroom. Nowadays, modern people use scent sprays or space fragrance blocks worldwide. So, getting a bathroom with a beautiful scent is a must for having pleasure while using it.

The Common Smell Coming from the Air Vent

An air vent is a functional element of a bathroom. It flows the inner air of your bathroom to the outside and keeps the bathroom’s smell perfect. When you use the bathroom for evacuation, it becomes full of gasses and intolerable vapor. So, the bathroom system needs to remove the gassy nature of the bathroom. An air vent does it efficiently and makes the bathroom refreshed.

It is a lamentable matter that sometimes the air vent removes some fragrances which are so weird. Smoky smells, exhaust fume smell, rotten egg-like smell, urine-like smell, poop smell, etc., are the familiar smells coming from the air vent. It is necessary to identify the reason for having the weird smell of an air vent.

Air Vent is Smelling Like Poop!

Setting up an air vent is to continue the airflow between the inner and outer space of the bathroom. When the inner part of the bathroom becomes gassy, the air vent blows air to the outside of the toilet. Unfortunately, some problems may happen with your bathroom’s air vent. The vent may seem to have a bad smell, like poops. Having the poop smell from the air vent is not a good sign at all. It is a symptom of the harm of the bathroom. Maybe there are some leaks on your extraction pipe of the toilet. So, the poop’s smell is coming to you. Even in the future, the poop smell can spread away throughout your building.Horrible smell coming from vents

When it occurs, naturally, your curious mind spends the busy time investigating the reason after the scent. Having this type of smell is not good at all. It hampers the comfort of using the bathroom.

Why does my air vent smell like poop?

Several reasons cause the air vent’s terrible smell. The needful work identifies the reasons for the air vent smelling bad. It will make the cleaning of the air vent favorable to you. When you have an idea about the dirt, you will automatically get the way of cleaning. We are mentioning below why your air vent becomes dirty and smells bad? The poop-like smell is a significant point of view because it is one of the most terrible smells. Several smells are abnormal, and they refer to the unusual position of your bathroom’s air vent. When you have some ideas about the various scents, you can easily identify the poop smell and remove the problem quickly.

Reason for rotten egg smell

Sometimes the birds or lizards may lay their eggs in the air vent pipe. The eggs get rotten and spread an intolerable fragrance if they cannot boil the babies. As a result, the air vent smells terrible. Sometimes the awful smell seems like poops, and you have to try to identify where the scent comes from.

Cigarette Smoke

Some people’s bad habit is smoking cigarettes in the bathroom. It is not admirable at all. Firstly, smoking cigarettes in the bathroom can be a big reason for catching fire in the bathroom. Moreover, the smoke needs to find a way to flow out of the bathroom. It causes the air vent to smell bad.

Air Vent Smells Like Burning 

Suppose you are in your toilet. Suddenly you feel that something is burning inside your toilet. What would you do? Would you panic? Do not do this at all; the burning smell from something can be caused by something, including the wearings, loose or open connection of electricity, or firing of electricity. So, if you need to remove the smell from the air vent, you have to call an expert electrician. burning smell from air vent

How do you remove the unpleasant poop smell from the air vent?

When you are astonished after the events in your bathroom, you feel a poop smell coming from the toilet. You are flushing the poops into the commode, but the poop smell comes from the air vent. The situation is unpleasant because it hampers your happiness while using the bathroom.

Take steps to Stop Poop Smell from Air Vent:

You can not tolerate it at all. You have to remove the smell anyway that disturbs you and destroys the comfort in the toilet. Now, we will present the tips for removing the smell of poop from your bathroom air vent.

Step 01: Open The Vent Carefully

If you think that your toilet’s air vent is spreading the poop smell, you must first open it. Be careful about the security of the pipe; otherwise, it can go off.Open the air vent

Step 02: Check The Vent

Check where the vent has any leaks or blockage. Try to find out the leak carefully and check the vent entirely. The leak can cause an evil smell like poop. So, be careful about searching for the reason.

Step 03: Repair The Vent

If you get any leak from the vent, you have to repair or replace it. Hire an efficient and experienced plumber to complete the task.

Step 04: Clean The Air Vent

If you can not find any leak in your toilet air vent, you have to clean it carefully. Try to notice where the origin of the poop smell is. This process is the most effortless process of identifying the reason for the vent’s bad smell. Now, clean the air vent and set it again.How To Clean Air Vents


The modern world is raising its voice against pollution. Bad smell is a significant kind of pollution that hampers air. So, whenever you get any abnormal flavor from the bathroom, you must check it. Otherwise, you can call a plumber to solve the problem. Consciousness against the pollution in the toilet can keep you free from unwanted situations. Healthy things are appreciated every time. When the bathroom becomes unhealthy, it causes many problems for us. So, we must make all toilets healthy by using hygienic instruments. Thus we can make an effort to have a good toilet.


Why should I use a flawless air vent for my toilet?

There are no people without the crazy ones who do not want to get cleanliness in their bathrooms. Significantly the clean and tidy bathrooms are enjoyable for passing the time effortlessly. Using a toilet is one of the essential works in our daily life. The air vents keep our bathrooms free from bad smells and hot temperatures. The proper ventilation keeps the bathroom safe from both of these problems. So, we have to set a perfect and durable air vent in our toilets.

How does the bad smell from the air vent create problems?

The foul smell like poop or other things from the air vent is not easy to tolerate. No person can stay in the place where the smells spread. They do not let anyone continue any work peacefully. Moreover, foul odors are not suitable for human health also. The unseen germs floating in the air can come from the bad smell and hamper human health. So, everyone has to be careful about the foul odor and try to remove it soon.

We are really lucky to have a hard-working, multi-skilled plumber on our team. Collin D. Gallegos, a professional plumber who has worked with us since 2012, is an expert in vent, septic, and drainage systems. He is a Certified Master Plumber and has worked on various commercial plumbing projects. He usually helps our readers resolve plumbing and pipe-related issues with a proper DIY troubleshooting and repair guide.

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