Child-sized toilets: How to buy a toilet for children?

We are so much concerned with the design and comfort of the adult toilet. But we almost forget the precious toddlers. The cute little toddlers need great attention in their toilet system.

Children’s height toilets are designed especially for toddlers in your home. The toilet must be of the right size and shape so that the toddlers feel safe and comfortable in using the washroom. Keep in mind that the Children’s height toilets are very much different from the standard toilets. Here is the recommended toilet height for kids.

  • For kids under 5 years old: 11 to 12 inches. 
  • Ages five to eight: 12 to 15 inches. 
  • Ages nine to twelve: 15 to 18 inches. 
  • Kids over 12 years old: Regular toilet.

These types of toilets are made for the easement of the children to use the toilet without the help of anyone. It is not possible for them to climb onto the toilet, so parents buy children’s height toilets for their adorable ones. The kids find a new place on the horizon and an immense level of independence if they have something made for them.

Children try to grapple with the large toilets, and that results in something unpleasant. So it is a must that every home should have separate toilets for the Children. Child-friendly toilets have some immense benefits, but they do need to make nonsense to try to have the reach of adult toilets. They can use the toilet on their own. 

In this article, We will illustrate the ins and outs of children’s height toilets, their cost and design, and so many varied options. Stay tuned with the article to get to know more about the children’s height toilets and their superior amenities. 

Where do babies feel comfortable sitting? 

Toddler toilets are so crucial for babies. The right size toilet is a crying need for every infant. The child feels much more comfortable using the normal infant toilets, making them feel secure and safe. 

A potty chair is another item that is very much a favorite of the kids. It is mainly a small toilet and sits on the bathroom floor. You can also carry that anywhere. The waste has been collected in the potty bowl, and after use, you can clean the pan or bowl. Some of the potty seats come with hand grips or armrests that provide extra comfort to the baby.

If your child feels comfortable using the potty seat, arrange it for them. It is like the traditional toilet bowl of an adult’s toilet. The potty seat should be so adorable that the baby feels for it. 

Children’s Height Toilets: How Tall Are Kid’s Toilets?

Child-sized toiletsThere are so many diversified dimensions for every kind of toilet, especially for the kid’s toilets. Their age and configurations have categorized the kid’s toilet. Mainly two types of toilets are most suitable for kids. The full toilets and small-form toilets.

The full toilets are just the moderated and small versions of the regular toilets. Their height is fully dependent on the age of the toddler. Usually, the height is measured from the floor up to the rim of the toilet. These toilets are mostly 10-15 inches. You must first measure your baby’s height and then go for the buying option. 

On the other hand, Small-form toilets are toilets without a standing facility. These are usually suspended from a wall and the outer arena of the rug. The main difference with the full toilets is that height intervals are different; one has a standing facility band, and the other doesn’t. So make sure your kid feels comfortable using the toilet and buy them according to the height of the kid.

What are the Core Differences Between Standard and Children’s Height Toilets?

It is very simple. The main difference is between their heights. Generally, this difference is not more than 0-8 inches. All the design, interior and exterior, and the mechanism are all the same in both toilets. The only difference is in their heights. 

Standard toilets are around 14-15 inches, and the HET toilets follow special conditions and can be 2 to 3 inches taller than the standard toilets. On the contrary, The Children’s height toilets are not more than 10 to 11 inches. Toilets for adults have some additional facilities like rimless, HET, or large trap ways. 

But the kid’s toilets are more than some basics. They come from the primary form of the toilet. The installation process of the Children’s Height Toilets is far more straightforward and simple, and you can even install them without the help of any professionals. Children’s height toilets significantly have some short-based platforms. Though the appearance is quite simple, there are so many variations in the size of these kids’ toilet heights.

What are the Pros and Cons of Infant Height Toilets? 

You may have been in a stance on what are the custom benefits and disadvantages of the Children’s Height Toilets. Let us have a clear picturesque of the Pros and Cons of Children’s Height Toilets.Children's Height Toilets


  • The greatest benefit of Children’s Height Toilets is that your kid will feel the utmost ease using this toilet. In fact, it is very child friendly. 
  • Children’s Height Toilets make toilet training easier. This will give him a feeling that he is totally independent in performing the toilet chores because he does not need any help from outsiders in using this. There is a humongous difference between these toilets as Children’s size toilets come less than 70 centimeters in height. Do not mull between the dimensions because there are also smaller toilet sizes, but you need to buy the one that suits your kid’s height. 
  • It would help if you told them the height and weight of the children and the sellers so that they can get an idea of what they should provide you. Just speak to them about the body measurement of the baby. They will handle the rest. 

Minor Disadvantages:

  • The biggest drawback of these toilets is that adults cannot use them in case of sheer emergency because they will not fit them. These toilets have lower heights and tiny spaces for sitting. Adults feel uncomfortable using this. 
  • You need a bigger bathroom to accommodate adults’ and children’s toilets at the same time. A bigger horizontal space is a must for this type of toilet. 

Child Size Toilet Dimensions

We have suggested you take the proper calculation of the actual dimension of the children’s toilet. But the question is, where will you find the correct dimension? Do not worry, and we have brought you the full guideline. There are so many key factors that need to be considered before buying a children’s toilet. Child Size Toilet Dimensions

Some parents need clarification about the actual size of the toilet their kid needs. The child’s height, weight, and body shape do not match the toilet that is in the bathroom. If you want to purchase the suitable one for your child, then follow our guidelines. The choice of style and shape should match the ideology of the baby. The opinions of children are always ignored, but they are the ones who will use that. So give preference to the child’s opinion. The toilet must be so child friendly and always reserved for children.

How to choose the best size for children’s toilets? 

Choosing the toilet for a toddler is very much confusing, and at the same time, it takes a heavy toll on the indecent choice of a children’s toilet. 

Most parents blindly choose their kid’s toilets. But a great sphere of adjustments is needed to keep the child in the utmost comfort. The drainage band dumping system should include the normalized preference of mechanism, and the sheer back row, front row, trap ways, and rims should be in favor of the baby. 

Also, give much attention to the drop type of the children’s toilet, the sewage outfall, and the minimum wall distance from the toilet. The size of the trap ways and the formation of the bowl of the toilet has a great impact on the defecating system of the child. The kid’s toilet should not be too lengthy or too small. It should be of the perfect size and shape. 

So you need to plan appropriately and look at the user manual. There you will get all the dimensions related to the baby toilet. Now you should be searching for the most convenient aspects for the baby. The American standard Baby Devoro could be one of the best options for your baby, as it has the perfect size, shape, and height that will suit your baby. If you intend a bathroom remodeling or renovation, then the American standard Baby Devoro can be the best one that might fit in all the aspects. 

What are the advantages of toddler potty seats? 

The toddler potty seats are like a blessing for a kid. Toilet time is one of a kid’s most vulnerable and sensible times. If he feels something unusual, he will be in a stance and scared of sitting on the toilet. advantages of toddler potty seats

The Potty seats are lightweight and have a simple structure that goes pretty well with a toddler. That thing can be folded and twisted, which takes up very little space in the bathroom. When you are traveling, you can carry the toddler potty seats along with the kid toilet, and it can fit pretty well in the bus space. Another very cheerful thing is that it is a lot easier to store than a stupendous potty chair, as it is a very bulky item.  

Toddler potty seats are very easy to clean, as emptying and cleaning are straightforward processes. The location of the potty seat coincides with the bathroom in the home. On top of the child toilet, you may have found a flushing agent that makes it so simple to clean the toddler potty seats. 

A potty seat will make the most of the use for the child. A potty chair can be so heavy that you can not carry it with you whenever you need it. Another thing is that a toddler’s potty seat is so lightweight that it fits anywhere. The height of the composure is almost the same as the standard toilets. 

Some children prefer using the child toilet more than a loo pot. In that case, the toddler potty seats come to the rescue. Choose the right size toddler potty seats for the sheer competence of the child. Some babies feel comfortable using the adult-size toilet. In that case, you do not need to buy this extra item. But if it is not the case, then have a keen look into the potty purchase.

Is a child’s height related to the toilet’s height?

Some only prefer the child’s height before purchasing a toilet. But another thing that is very important in this aspect is the child’s age. The age of children drastically impacts the comfort of the child while using the toilet. If the toddler is too small, you need to be much more attentive. Different ages demand different children’s toilets because a child’s mentality and visuals differ as their age. If the baby is so unstable, you need to choose the essential item: the toilet. But in most cases, the average baby can grow the ability to use the toilet after one year of age.

Train your kid on basic toilet etiquette and use the most preliminary item to serve the purpose. When the child is familiar with the use of the toilet, then shift him to the regular adult toilet.  

The Necessity of the exact size of children’s toilets is inevitable. The right height is the precondition of a kid’s toilet. If the toilet is too long or too down, then the child will be treated to use the toilet. He will also become very tired and lonesome after using the toilet, which will create an aversion to using the toilet. 

A non-conducive can cause harm to the bowel movement and the anus of the baby. If the toilet bowl is not a decent share, the child might get stuck in that. This may result in something very inconvenient. It can cause dreadful harm to the child. The thing should be so eye-catching that the system is well-cohabited with the baby. 

Our Recommended Children’s Height Toilets 

After so much discussion, now it is time to make a clear impact on where to find the best and the most useful Children’s Height Toilets. If the brand and quality of the toilet are too bad, then your child will feel so disheartened to use the toilet. 

The most crucial features are the safety and security of the kid. The choice of comfort and the addition of colorful design features can make your kid more interested in using the toilet. Not all brands produce these in their manufacturing items. So you need to research the market before buying just anything for the kid. 

Safeguarding your kid from the ill predicament of low-grade toilets is very crucial. It does not matter that much whether it is a chair or a toilet seat; it must be of decent quality. At the same time, it must be fun and exciting for the kid. 

It will be best if you pick up your kid with y while buying the toilet. He will choose his product on his own. Picking out their special potty should be made on their own. If he gets the toilet to his taste, then he will feel safe and cheerful in using that later. So give attention to the kid’s opinion. 

But keep in mind that the toilet that you are picking must be compatible with the bathroom setup, the interior, and, of course, the kid’s preferences. Here we have some prudent suggestions for you for picking up the best kid toilet,

1. American standard baby Devoro toilet

The American standard baby Devoro toilet is a signature kids’ toilet that has a large market and credibility among customers as per its colossal features and ease of use. This item is the perfect suit for the kid. Let us have some of its tremendous aspects, American standard baby Devoro toilet

Features of the toddler toilets:

  • It is mainly a 2-piece toilet from the Baby Devoro collection. The design is specifically done for children from 2 to 5 years. It is a splendid kid toilet that has a Gravity-fed flushing system. This tremendous flushing system adds another milestone to this item. The Perfectly Round shaped bowl eats less space. It can also be used as a half-bath or smaller bath for the kid.
  • This American standard baby Devoro infant height toilet has a sturdy classic look. It has proven durability, and the material they used to manufacture this item is of superior quality. It is very much easy to clean and maintain. 
  • The surface is so smooth and glazy that no skid marks will upset the toilet bowl. It is made of durable white vitreous china metal that is suggested to use in children’s toilets. 
  • All categories of kids can use this toilet. The infant and junior nurseries feel total comfort in using this.
  • This is a floor-mounted infant-height toilet, so it is very much easy to install. Just apply simple fixing screws and a plier to tighten the nuts and bolts. 
  • It comes with water-saving technology. It uses only 4-liter water per flush, which is too less. That means it can graciously save your water bill, and at the same time, it is environmentally friendly. 
  • The infant-height toilet has a well-decorated seat and lid that is manufactured with special child-safe materials. No toxic or harmful elements are used in manufacturing these parts. 
  • The American standard baby Devoro infant height toilet comes with wide, vibrant colors to appeal to the kids. The height and the seat arrangement properly subsidies the comfort of the baby. 
  • There is a pre-drilled seat fixing hole that keeps the toilet steady. The lever-operated plastic cistern never gets wrong if used with great care. All the fittings and fixtures laud the system. Thus it is a great pick for your precious angel. 

2. Renovator’s Supply Manufacturing baby training toilet

Some of the astounding features of this baby toilet:Renovator's Supply Manufacturing baby training toilet

  • This toilet is built with a high-quality and Grade A vitreous China material, considered toddler-friendly. 
  • The durability and price of the toilet are also worth mentioning. The Reno-Gloss finish adds a layer of glossiness to the surface. It is super effective against skid and stain marks. 
  • It is a WaterSense-compliant model and is also super efficient in dumping waste through trap ways. They also maintain the EPA water conservation guidelines.
  • The seat is of rounded shape, and the super-grade plastic seat and lid are a tremendous addition to the baby’s comfort.

How can you clean the toddler toilet seat? 

Cleaning the toddler toilet seat is so sensitive as you cannot use just any chemical because the baby might feel the effect of the chemical. Here are some tips for Cleaning the infant-height toilet. 

The diaper-changing chores must be done with great care as these are the most generous sensory things that can affect the baby. You need to avoid Dumping just any waste into the infant toilet, as it cannot handle these foreign objects.

Then choose a cleaning agent that is suitable for the baby’s skin. Apply the baby toilet cleaner and rinse the potty bowl’s inner side with a soft scrubber. Then you use some paste of baking soda and vinegar. Let them settle in. Then, after half an hour, apply hot water to the bowl. You can dump this in the main bathroom or sink as well. 

In the Next phase, use a baby disinfectant spray to remove all the germs and kill all the bacteria. 

Again Rinse the seat and make it dry. Apply some toilet bowl freshener tablets also to make them more soothing. 

At what age should a child be potty trained?

Potty training is a must, but many avoid it. It is the best tonic for the physical and behavioral development of the kid, and potty training must be initiated from the 18th month of the baby. Some child automatically learns toilet etiquette from the 15th month. If your baby is not interested in learning the process, then start them teaching the basics of potty training.  


Choosing the exact size toilet for the infant is a highly complex responsibility. The Parents can feel the heat while choosing this. Potty training can be so crucial for the baby as it makes them properly dedicated later. 

Suppose you have a stubborn kid who is not interested in reaching landmarks. In that case, you must give some extra effort to mentally prepare them for the potty training process and culture.

When you feel your child is ready, buy them an infant-height toilet so they can have the best potty training practice. The kid’s physical assessment and mental stability about toilet chores must be trained decently; a suitable infant-height toilet is a precondition. 

You can choose between the toilets that we have suggested in this article. These are some of the best in the market. Child-size toilets are so crucial to pick as they need a lot of calculations, and the dimensions are also so sensible. 

Toilet training for the kid is crucial, and it should start at home with the family members. We feel the urgency to depict all the ins and outs of child toilets, and you can follow this article to make a successful toilet training for your kid.

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