How to fix the toilet push button that is creating flushing problems?

How will you use a problematic flushing toilet? Busy people can’t pour water from a bucket every day. Generally, the flushing toilets use a handle to flush. But, several modern toilet sets use push buttons. When you press it, the toilet flushes automatically. So, the switch is necessary for flushing the toilet automatically.

Toilet use is necessary every day. Suppose your toilet tank’s push-button has been broken somehow. Now you can not push the button to flush the toilet. So, what should you do? Should you depend only on the bucket to pour water inside the toilet tank? No way; you must utilize the process of fixing your toilet’s flush quickly.  

Possible Causes:

  • Cable Problems
  • Button Misalignment
  • Overextended or Short Float
  • Cistern Lid Interference
  • Button Spring Issues
  • Dual Flush Mechanism Issues
  • Damaged or Worn-Out Buttons
  • Blocked or Damaged Air Tube
  • Broken or Misaligned Linkage
  • Damaged or Worn-Out Valve
  • Build-Up of Mineral Deposits
  • Insufficient Water in the Cistern

How does the Toilet Push Button work?

The push-button toilets are the modern innovations for the new generation. They provide you with two different buttons on the toilet tank. This worthy feature has a remarkable convenience. How is it worth it?

Press the single button on the right side of the tank if you need to remove a short amount of garbage. It will flow less water, which will be sufficient to remove a few amounts of waste. When you feel your toilet garbage exceeds the limit of the single flushing ability, you can press two buttons at a time. 

Using the single button will give you the ability to save water. Suppose you do not need to use a massive amount of water when you pee on the commode and want to flush the urine. So, press the single flush button. 

Easy ways to fix toilet push button problems:

The flush button works for flushing the toilet automatically after use. It is better than flush handles as it allows you to single flush and use less water in flushing. But, when the push button of the toilet becomes problematic, the user can feel how terrible it is. He has to use buckets of water to clean the appalling toilet bowl. Moreover, pouring water from the bucket is not the correct system.

Now I present some essential steps for recovering from the flush button toilet problems. 

Step 01: Uncover The Toilet Tank & Open The Cistern Lid

The toilet cistern inside the tank should be removed. The flush button is on the toilet cover. So, when you check the problem with it, you will open the lid. Disconnect the refill tube of the toilet tank. There is a rim on the whole of the cistern. Before installing the new button, clean it carefully to get perfect flushing. 

Step 02: Check The Flush Button

If you know the function of working the flush button, you can repair it. The flush button is essential for its working. It is the first necessary thing to clean your toilet efficiently.Checking Flush Button

The flush button is connected to the flush valve through the cables. When you push the button, the wires of the toilet tank pull the valve. When the valve opens, it makes way for water to flow and flushes the toilet. The problematic button can not work to rinse the toilet bowl entirely. 

Step 03: Flush The Toilet

Flush to remove the remaining water inside the toilet tank. When you start working on repairing the flush button of the tank, you should not keep it filled with water. Flush The Toilet

Now, the toilet is ready to change the flush button. Getting the toilet tank clear after flushing, you can easily check, remove, and replace the problematic types of equipment of the tank. 

Step 04: Repair or Replace The Flush Button and Recheck It

When your toilet can not flush properly, you must find out why. Calling an expert plumber is the best process for completing the task. Replacing the button is the best way to make your toilet more active. Generally, the flush button is a kind of small item. It is not so costly, and it has nothing to repair. 

You can also replace it. Unscrew the nut and open the flush button from the toilet. Now position a new push-button and stick with the toilet tank tightly using the screws. Repair The Flush Button

Now, your new toilet flush button is ready. Flush the toilet again to check whether the installation is perfect or not. The correctly fitting process will also show you the toilet and flush button condition. 

Why Is My Flush Button Not Working Properly?

It is essential to find out the toilet’s push-button flush issues. The identification process shows you the specific part of the toilet, which is problematic. The not working signs of the flushing assure you that there is a functional problem inside the toilet. As a result, it can not work fluently.   

The toilet is jammed, and the blocked sewage system can not provide good flushing and high performance. It becomes a terrible situation for toilet users when using toilet flushing. Clogging decreases the toilet’s good performance ability. When it happens, and you flush the toilet, it takes much water pressure but can not ensure efficient flushing. 

Another significant problem with the push-button toilet is its half flush. It is directly related to clogging. The full flush can create the water pressure with sufficient force, but the half flushing feature can not. When you press the single flushing button, the less water force fails to remove the massive amount of poops in a bit of strength. As a result, the garbage remains in the pipe and causes the toilet to clog.  Clogged Toilets

You must measure the poop’s amount after evacuating to eliminate the problem. If you think that less water can remove the waste, you can press the single switch for a single flush. For the massive amount of garbage, you must press the two buttons on the toilet for the double flushing with an extra force of water. 

Check the toilet carefully to select and repair the problem. Then unclog it however it is possible. You can also call a plumber to get a better service. 

If you have a little idea about toilet clogging, you can easily understand that a clean air vent is necessary to remove toilet clogging. Both logically and functionally, you can find out the reason for the occurrence. 

The blocked air vent becomes a failure to remove the dirty inner air and other gassy objects. So, they are accumulated in the bathroom. Their presence makes the toilet flushing weak and ineffective. Finally, the button becomes weak to flush if it is a push-button toilet. blocked air vent

Every toilet user must be careful about a blocked air vent with an all-out effort. Check the toilet’s air vent when you can find any abnormality in toilet clogging. Birds’ nests, birds’ poops, outside dirt, and many others are related to the inconsistency of your toilet flushing and air vent. So, immediately check them now. 

  • Pressing Push Button with Much Pressure – Children’s Fault

Maybe there are some naughty children in your house. They have no idea about the toilet flush button’s problem. Some played in the toilet and pushed the toilet flush button forcefully. Finally, your toilet flushing system got damaged. 

As a toilet user, you have to be careful about this situation. Do not allow the children to flush the toilet, which is not mature. You can help them after their toilet use. 


So, a problematic toilet is so disturbing for every person. It will be horrible for you, especially when the toilet pan is full of poops but can not flush. The problematic flush button is not giving you a way of flushing. So, check the push button and replace it when the problem occurs. Taking action to prevent the flush button problem is also a must. The overall consciousness about using the toilet will keep you free from push-button issues.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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