Where Are TOTO Toilets Made? The Origins and History of the Brand

Have you ever heard of a fully automated toilet? Before the twenty-first century, it was a dream to have a fully automated system that allowed you to do all the necessary chores without using your hands. Let me introduce you to the company that has revolutionized the automated toilet section, and I bet you know about whom I am talking. It is a legendary brand called TOTO. It has gained expertise in the sanitary ware genre, and many people have a misconception about where the Toto toilets are manufactured. Some say that these are solely made in the USA; some say that they are made in Japan. Others believe that multiple countries are involved in the manufacturing process. So today, I will elaborate on where the Toto toilets are produced and some of the company’s ultimate strengths.

9 countries manufacture Toto toilets: Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Europe, Thailand, Japan, America, and Mexico.

USA manufacturing plant location: Morrow, Georgia
Japan manufacturing plant location: Kitakyushu

The Glorious Background of the TOTO Toilet Brand

TOTO, the name, talks about itself. It is one of the most classical companies globally, founded far behind 1917 in Japan as a sanitary ware company. Since time immemorial, this company has been producing one of the best sanitary ware like toilets, urinals, toilet seats, washroom modules, and many more. Over time, this company expanded its business overseas, and now it is one of the world’s most demandable multinational sanitary companies. TOTO is now operating in many countries. The sub-sectors of the company are divided into many phases. Grossly the company has started its toilet supply in China, Germany, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, South Korea, and of course, the USA.

Some people have a misconception about the production and authentication of the items that this company’s products are domestically made in the USA. But not really, different countries produce different parts, and the assembling process is successfully done in some other countries. This can also happen if all the processes are being followed in a single country. It mainly depends on company policy, availability of materials, and cheap labor. This ultimate global giant has successfully operated the sanitary ware business for a long time.

What is the meaning of TOTO?

TOTO, isn’t it a weird name from your perspective? Unquestionably this thought has come to your mind, but wait, Toto is not what you understand. Toto is the elaborate form of the two Japanese words Toyo and Toki, combinedly Toyo Toki, which means Oriental ceramics. 

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Toto has invented some of the most incredible toilet features and accessories that have brought an evolution in the sanitary world. For example, The tremendously built Washlet has a built-in water spray feature that automatically cleans after the toilet.    

What Products Does the TOTO Brand Manufacture?

At first, Toto started with different manufacturing types of sanitary ware like system toilets, plumbing accessories, toilet seats, bathtubs, commodes, and many more. But as time advanced, the company started to build kitchenware, like kitchen modules, drying and heating systems, and professional plumbing for domestic and outside commercial chores. It also enters its feet into the building materials, ceramics business, and optical products, yet to invest in many genres. Toto is a global brand that has entered the multidimensional business sector. It has been successfully operating all the business dimensions.What Products does the TOTO Brand Manufacture

Where are Toto Toilets Made?

Toto is a multi-regional company that makes the parts of a product from different regions and countries; in most cases, all the parts are assembled in other rich countries like Europe or the American region. Its distribution facilities are dispersed in many developed and developing countries like India, Brazil, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, China, and Africa. The general hierarchy is like this: No country makes all the parts and assembles them rather, and all the parts are made in different areas, then they are brought to the same place for the resemblance.

So the general concept that we see with the bare eye is that it is made in the USA or Japan, but the reality is not like that. Each of the Parts is made in a different region and finally accumulated in that one country like the USA, China, or Japan. We think that the entire manufacturing process is done in that particular country. This multimodal and variegated business is essential to thriving the business. 

Advantages of TOTO Automated Washlet Toilets 

When we are on track to analyze a company’s worth, there are most probably two aspects from which we can evaluate the absolute consistency of that brand. Toto is the kind that is ingeniously famous for producing premium quality toilet and washroom accessories. In the next phase, we will discuss the Toto company’s ultimate positives and some minor demerits. toto auto flush kit

Automated Lid opening and closing 

Let us enter into the new world of the excellent and intelligent toilet Toto offers you. Toto has driven you to a new world of fairy tales, the automated toilet structure. This automation fully works based on the sensor. And the most considerable magic is that you do not need to use your hands to open and close the toilet lids. The Toto toilet bowl has a sensor system that almost sneaks out when you are about to use the toilet; it automatically lifts the cover-up for you. After you are done with toileting, the sensor automatically closes the cover for you. automatic sensor toilet seat

Convenient Cleaning

Have you ever heard that your toilet is cleaning you impetuously? Toto is here to make your dream come true. Adjustable sprays allow you to wash your waste side according to your wish. It offers five different water pressures to choose from. 

Trendy design

It’s the twenty-first century, and everything here is evaluated based on how trendy it looks. The Toto toilet has some fascinating features, which are pretty rare in the world. The washlet Is a modern invention that looks super trendy and increases your bathroom’s aesthetic amenity. 

Amazing Operation Panel 

I bet that no toilet brands can add unique operating panels to the toilet like Toto. The Toto washlets have a splendid operation panel that includes the automated water spray’s water temperature, pressure, and direction controls. You will be astounded to notice that the washlet gives the dryer function that eliminates frustrating toilet paper. Overall, Toto provides you with an automated toilet system that is astonishing.

Warm and Comfortable Toilet Seat

Sitting on a toilet during the winter season is annoying because it feels icy cold when you sit on it. But there is a proverb that modern problems require modern solutions. Toto has given its attention to these aspects also. The toilet seat comes with a contoured and ergonomically fit technology which is monitored by the sensor. The sensor maintains the ideal temperature between 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s how you can enjoy a warm and pleasing toilet seat.  Warm Toilet Seat

Splendid Cleaning Variety

Generally, we see only one cleaning system in the toilet. But Toto has revolutionized this part also; they are providing not only one or two but five different types of cleaning techniques for your convenience like the rear, Soft, Front, Oscillation, and Pulsate cleaning systems. All types are diversified regarding their spraying direction, pressure, and angle. You can choose among any of the systems based on your requirement.  

Is TOTO the Best Toilet Company?

Toto is all about luxury; we can say that this brand is far ahead of its contemporary rival competitors; some of the technologies they have used so far were just a dream before, but they have turned the dream into reality. So now the question stands: is Toto the best toilet company in the world? In this aspect, I believe that Toto has a minimal target customer as the technology they bring to the market isn’t suitable for all people’s standards. Only a few enthusiastic and rich people can afford the bathroom technology of this brand. It is mainly not for ordinary people who see the toilet as a necessary daily chore, not as a luxury.

So if you ask me, is this the best? I would probably say that this is not the best as it has been manufactured for a particular category of people, not for the common mass. But in case you are looking for splendid technology and ultimate luxury, this brand is unparalleled in the market.

Top-selling Toto Toilet Models:

Final Overview

Washlet is a  modern toilet concept in this sector, and this revolution has been made possible for the companies like Toto. Technological advancement has entered every industry’s everyday life, and the toilet is no exception. The manufacturing process of the Toto brand is something different. Most of the parts of the toilet are made in different Asian and African countries and finally sent to affluent countries like the USA for assembling. The innovation and upheaval that the company brings are something different. Though the toilet parts are made in different countries, the toilet products are made in the USA or Japan.

In some cases, manufacturing and assembly are also done in China as the labor cost is minimum in this region. So the summary is that Toto Toilet is a multi-regional and multidimensional toilet brand with a diversified business worldwide, including Asia, Africa, Europe, and American regions. Toto brings you sheer quality product assessment, and no other toilet brand is as gigantic as this in the world. And the main reason behind this humongous rendition is their diversified business worldwide.  

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