Standard measurement: How tall is a comfort height toilet?

Have you ever thought about the most significant part of your home? Is it your bedroom or dining room? Or is it your kitchen? Not all of these are not the things that I am talking about. Wait, don’t be rude; of course, these are the essential parts of your home, but you forget about your toilet’s most important one. The research found that we spend nearly two hours on the toilet each week. You should spend a significant amount of time on the toilet, and this amount of time may become tiresome for you if you choose the wrong-sized toilet. The height of the bathroom should be comfortable so that anybody with a disability or back pain can easily use the toilet without any hassle.

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Modern brands have addressed that problem and introduced one of the most legendary inventions: the Comfort Height Toilet. The ideal height of toilets makes them more popular among customers. But what is its height, and what are the advantages of this toilet? Buckle your seat belt, as I am going to give you a brief description and the dimensions of the comfort height toilet.

What is a Comfort Height Toilet?toilet comfort height

Some people firmly believe that the comfort height toilet is nothing but a marketing gimmick. I want to say something to those people. It is not a marketing gimmick. Rather, revolutionary thinking has made any person’s life a lot easier. The main concept differs slightly from the conventional toilet system. The main point of the comfort height toilet is that its height is slightly a few inches bigger than the standard height toilets. The actual height of the comfort height toilet ranges between 17 to 19 inches or nearly one and a half feet. The companies manufacture this product keeping in mind that the elder and disabled people can use this without any difficulties.

How tall is a Comfort height toilet?

Comfort-height toilets are best used for tall people, disabled people, and handicapped people. There is an ideal height set by the research team of the brand that is around 17 to 19 inches, and this dimension really suits the taller people, but the people with short length may find it really hard to sit in the toilet seat, sometimes their feet may dangle over from the commode swinging above the floor. These can cause serious leg injury and waist pain. But this can be really salubrious for the disabled and the taller people.

A quick comparison of the heights: 

Normal standard toilet: Almost an average of 15 inches

Comfort height toilet: Ranges between 17 to 19 inches

Why Should You Use a Comfort Height Toilet?

As I always say that everything in this world has two sides; if one side is good, then the other side must have been bad. The comfort height toilet is no exception. It may be proven to be useful for some people, and for some people, this might be a curse. It is common in many countries to use the comfort height toilet in their house. They are also beneficial to one’s health, So let us talk about the pros and cons of the comfort height toilet.

Sheer comfort

The comfort height toilet is all about comfort; the company produces the product to comfort its users. But keep in mind that this product is designed mostly for taller people and the disabled old elders are the perfect target audience for the product. The height of the commode from the floor is ideal for most people. This height is perfect for the body’s bowel movement, and the high sitting facility makes it easy to excrete. Some refreshes also opined that the comfort height toilet works like magic in preventing constipation.

Phenomenal Water Savings

Are you stunned to hear the word savings? Don’t you believe that the comfort height toilet may increase your savings? Don’t be too shocked because it is true that a comfortable height toilet can save water more than ever. Traditional toilets made 10 to 20 years ago consumed nearly 3.6 gallons of water to flush; on the contrary, the comfort height toilet only consumes 1.5 gallons of water which is nearly half of the previous quantity. If accumulated, this much water per flush is saved, maybe a huge sum of water saved each year.

Easy to use and clean

The comfort height toilet is exclusively designed for the disabled and taller people. Using this toilet may also relieve you from back pain, waste, and leg cramping. As the toilet is too user-friendly, it allows your knees to stay at the right 90-degree angle, which is the original posture of excretion. The handicapped people feel more comfortable using the comfort height toilet as they do not need anyone’s help to transfer their position from the wheelchair to the comfort height toilet. So marginally, it is a tremendous toilet system that is a blessing for some special people.toilet clean hacks

Simple to install

The comfort height toilet is easy to install and well-structured toilet that just needs a quick assembly. There is no need to do special treatment. If you cannot install it yourself, just assign the plumber, and your comfort height toilet will be ready to go.

What are the setbacks of Comfort-height toilets?

As we have seen so many advantages of the comfort height toilet, let’s see some of the minor negativities of this toilet,

  • The prime negativity of this toilet is that it is pretty much uncomfortable for the shorter and dwarf people to use. The feet may dangle from the sitting cover, cause severe leg issues, and affect normal circulation.
  • It hampers the natural squatting process that may be the cause of acute constipation. Another negative aspect of this commode is that it is pretty much costlier than the other toilet types.

Size Comparison: Standard Height vs. Comfort Height Toilets

Now let’s explore the real comparison between the standard and the comfort height toilet. The first and foremost difference is in their height; as mentioned above, the height of the regular toilet is less than 17 inches, whereas the height of the comfort height toilet is between 17 to 19 inches. The comfort height toilet is specially made for taller and disabled people. On the other hand, a standard height toilet is a conventional toilet compatible with all ages, sizes, races, and people worldwide. This can also be called the Universal toilet. Both toilets are almost the same, but the main similarities are in their heights.Comfort Height vs Standard Height Toilet


Toilets are the most significant part of your home. And what happens if you install the wrong size toilet in your home? It may be disastrous if you fail to select the right sized toilet for you and your family. The height of the toilet totally depends on your family members and the requirements and conditions of the members. Setting up the comfort height toilet is wise if someone in your house uses a wheelchair or suffers from severe back and knee pain. This will give your family members sheer comfort and will relieve them from acute body pain. Also, this type of toilet is pretty much trendy and fits your bathroom nicely. I hope you will find this article significant enough to solve your issues and questions regarding the comfort height toilet.

Most Popular Comfort Height Toilets are-

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