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How to retrieve an AirPod that has been flushed down the toilet?

Naturally, you have remorse over the incident. The whimsical habit is very destructive. Airpods are our necessary equipment. But you accidentally dropped it into your toilet. Lack of consciousness is responsible for this mischance. But, it is time you found a way of rescuing the flushed AirPods. Is it possible to get the AirPods back again?

There are many people whose habit is listening to music or enjoying a movie inside the bathroom. They like to pass the boring time by enjoying any program like these. So, the people have to take headphones or AirDrops with them to the toilet. But, wired headphones are not connected to iPhones. Instead, the brand introduced wireless AirPods that are costly to buy. What will happen if you drop the AirPod into the toilet? Falling the AirPods into the commode is a big problem as they are so valuable. If you do not rescue it immediately, you will lose a helpful thing in your toilet. 

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Why AirPods accidentally fall down the toilet:

Flushing down AirPods is a mistake that happens daily. No one willingly flushes his necessary things, including phones, AirPods, or other electronic items. Be sure that no one flushed down the AirPods because of having a distracted mind. Most of the flushing down of valuable things like phones or AirPods results from having less concentration on the devices. You could not imagine it a few seconds ago, but after losing the AirPod, you must pat your head for the mistake.

Why is flushing anything down the toilet dangerous?

We all have a clear concept of a toilet mechanism. The place is used worldwide for removing human waste. The inside of a toilet pan is so slippery that anything you throw here, you will lose it immediately. So, everyone must be careful about using anything in the bathroom. Try to keep every necessary item safe in the bathroom as something might fall inside the commode.

Every flushing item goes to the sewer system through the drainpipe. A sewer system is a place for extracting human waste. But, when you flush other things, they also go there and stay with the garbage. 

I flushed my Airpods down the toilet. How to get it back?

No one can stay happy after losing something valuable. So, everyone tries to rescue lost items. Sometimes the rescuing process can be more accessible when the AirPods do not go deeper. But, when you are so late, the task becomes more challenging. Now, you will get the rescuing process of the AirPods from the various positions of the toilet. 

  • Use your hand

You can take them with your hands when you see the AirPods floating on the water. If the water becomes dirty, you can also use your hand gloves. But, you should quickly pick the AirPods up and then wash your hands with soap. It will be better to save the device from entering much water.Find your lost AirPods

A toilet auger’s crank mechanism and flexible head effectively use it as a rescuing plumbing item. You can utilize the toilet auger if you want to clean your toilet clogging. You can also use it to rescue your necessary things from the inside of the commode. Use-A-Toilet-Auger

  • Use A Vacuum

The hose of a wet or dry vacuum can be perfect for rescuing the flushed AirPod. A vacuum tube is cleaning equipment by absorbing the rubbish into the tank. Start running the vacuum. You will do this until you get the extracting sound of the AirPods. It will not get into the vacuum tank. You will get the AirPod inside the vacuum hose.  Use-A-Vacuum

This process is the hardest one to rescue the AirPods. When you do not find any way of getting the AirPods, you should follow it as the final process. You will remove the whole set of the commode and plunge it. You may open the drainpipe of the toilet to rescue the AirPods. They are so hard to find out if they go through the pipe.  toilet removal tool

Final Thoughts

Maintaining the highest caution is appreciated while using an iPhone. The parts and accessories are valuable for the iPhone, and they are also hard to alternate. You can not use an ordinary charger or headphones with your iPhone. The phone is pricier, and the AirPods and iPhone charger are also pricy. So, the people searched on google to find a way to rescue the AirPods, which they flushed down the toilet. But, the most impressive form of using the AirPod is keeping it in a safe place as it can not fall down the toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should I Rescue The AirPod?

Nowadays, a large number of people use iPhones globally. An iPhone is a device that differs from a general phone in many options and features. An AirPod is a piece of essential equipment for a hearing device for the iPhone. Moreover, it is costly equipment in the market. So, everyone has to use it carefully and rescue it when it falls into the toilet. You can not use any other headphones with an iPhone. So, you have to recover the AirPod as soon as possible. 

  • Can I Use The Wet AirPod Again?

When your AirPod falls into a toilet, it becomes wet. If it floats on the toilet bowl and does not flush, you may use it after picking it up. Then wipe it with dry clothes and check if it is well. But, when it goes deeper and reaches the sewer pipe, it will be hard to use the device. You can still try to rescue and check the AirPods if they are OK and usable. 

  • What Happens When The AirPods Go Through The Sewer Pipe?

Our poops go to the sewer pipe after we evacuate. So, The place is made for extracting the toilet garbage. But, when something goes to the sewer pipe, it becomes hard for us to rescue it. You can call a plumber to clean the line and search the AirPods if possible. If the AirPod is not waterproof, there is no chance of getting it perfect. So, it is better to take another AirPod and use it with your iPhone. 

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