Not flushing the toilet at night: Reduce the flushing noise

Have you ever heard someone going to jail for flushing the toilet at night? Strange!!! Right? Is your brain out of your mind to hear such an abnormal fact? So if you do not want to go to jail, then avoid flushing late at night. Just joking! Nobody is taking you to jail. But this is true that flushing the toilet late at night is not a pleasant job. It is truly an annoying thing to flush at night. So what is your opinion about flushing the toilet at night? Is it right or illegal? This article will explain some of the peculiar facts about flushing the toilet at night.

What are the etiquettes of using the toilet correctly?

Some authentic flushing antiques may invigorate the culture of the toilet. Using the toilet is one kind of art, and it requires some particular techniques and attributes. Here I am adding some key points about how to use and flush the toilet without any adversities, 

  • Never ever urinate on toilet floors

Nowadays, most toilets have their own merits and demerits. Unlike the conventional toilet system, using the urinals needs much more awareness as there is a possible chance of splitting the drops of urine or the water. If two urinals are situated beside each other, you might have given some drops of peas to yourself or to the person next to you using the urinals. So it is obvious that some amount of pees must be drooped on the floor. Which is totally unhygienic, and it can create lots of germs and foul smells in the washroom. Some children prefer urinating on the floor rather than using the main toilet. So it is wise to teach your kid the norms and attitudes of using toilets.

  • Standing on the toilet seat cover is restricted

Some public intentionally or unintentionally sits on the toilet seat cover, which is strictly prohibited and even illegal in some countries. So always keep in mind that do not sit on the toilet cover mistakenly or intentionally.

The tremendous idea behind this awesome move seems to be that you may have to refrain from harmful diseases lingering on the toilet seat, even though you’ll be all over it. Extremely dangerous pathogen pickup zones consist of the toilet and faucet handles, the doorknobs, and the soap dispenser, but there is nothing to worry about. The real number of bacteria forms in any one of these places that are open to danger. This is nowhere near the amount needed for most bathroom bacteria to cause infection. You might be alright unless you seem to have licked the toilet seat. Sometimes it may cause mild injury if the toilet covers break or get tilted.   

  • Washing hands after using the toilet 

One of the most vital toilet etiquettes is washing the hands after using the toilet. Some people have a bad reputation for not washing their hands after using the toilet; not washing hands may remain germs in their hands, and if you eat something with those bare hands, then there is the possible probability of making you sick.Wash Your Hands After Using the Bathroom

Apparently, it is not a common subject for people who refrain from these absolutely mandatory bathroom techniques. If you don’t trust this issue, then take this real evidence for a cross-check, according to the center for disease and germs Control. Germs that are extracted from unwashed hands can infiltrate into foods and drinks, making others sick. They can also be transferred to other objects, such as handrails, only to be transferred to someone else. The overall payoff? Washing your hands helps prevent respiratory infections, skin infections, eye infections, and diarrhea.

  • Using toilet paper in a decent manner 

uses of toilet paperAs communication regarding toilet paper is that culpable, it’s great to look out for yourself and warn others. If you don’t have toilet paper, arrange some before performing the toilet chores. Always use the toilet paper after using the toilet, and wipe out the bottom after finishing with the toilet. There is also a significant consideration; you should use disposable toilet paper so that the septic tank can dissolve this waste without any difficulty. Otherwise, it will cause annoying clogs and blockage.

  • Restriction on using digital gazettes

 using phone in toiletAt present, in the modern world, the trend is pretty much common to use digital gadgets like laptops, mobile phones, pads, and any kind of other digital devices. This is a bad practice to use smart devices in the toilet. The bad invisible rays out of these devices cause mild internal injury to the body. According to research by Oxford University, people who use smartphones in the bathroom are 70% more in danger of catching acute cancer in different body parts. The invisible rays create irreparable harm to the body, so avoid the habit of using smartphones on the toilet.

  • Aware of flushing commodities 

If you flush anything that is not disposable, wiping down the toilet can clog sewers, acutely destroy the sewage pumping equipment, and cause raw sewage to overflow into the environment. This bad habit has also resulted in other negative consequences; backed-up pipes result in flooded basements and also cause severe sewage spills into our beautiful Vancouver environment. Even if the toilet paper is flushable, the only things that should go down your toilet are pee, poo, and toilet paper. Do not dispose of feminine products like sanitary napkins, contraceptives, polythene, baby wipes, trash, paper towels, and diapers in the toilet; these products may cause unwanted clogs in the drainage system and will take a lot of effort and money to repair all those cloggings.

  • Avoid smoking on the toilet 

No smoking in toiletOne of the most common practices is smoking in the washroom, which is the worst thing you can ever do. If you are at your home, it is somehow considered smoking, but if you are using the public washroom, it is totally unethical to smoke as it will affect other people. Some people are allergic to smoking; they can tolerate the bad fumes from smoking. So try to avoid smoking in public toilets.

  • Don’t eat on the toilet Is it bad to eat in the bathroom

The washroom is not a place for eating or chewing something. It is regarded as a bad practice. When you eat something in the bathroom, there is a possible chance of poisoning your food materials. Also, the bad smells in the washroom are really unhygienic, so never have your meal inside the washroom. 

  • Most important: perform consecutive flushing 

Flush toiletThe most acute practice is not flushing the toilet effectively after using it. Seeing horrible waste after entering the washroom is the grimmest problem one can ever face. There are particular compensations for not flushing the toilet after using it in some regions. Bathroom space can be used in different unique ways. You can use the particular gap for a variety of different decorations. But if you’ve transformed the public bathroom counter into a green room, then avoid doing that. Make way for anyone who wants to wash their hands or perform a disinfection hand wash.

Why should you not flush the toilet at night?

Flushing the toilet regularly remains the toilet germ-free and fresh for a long, long time. Regular flushing is, of course, a good habit. But there are some restricted times when you should not flush the toilet. Flushing late at night is not a convenient incident. Here are some particular causes why you should not flush at night, 

Sleeping disrupted 

Causes of Interrupted SleepNighttime is sleep time, the world sleeps calmly during this time, and if you are flushing the toilet that has severe flushing noise, then there is a quiet chance of waking up your babies or other family members. In some houses, some sick old grandparents have severe heart problems; the sudden grim sound of flushing may disrupt their sleeping. So this is the prime reason why you should avoid flushing if your flush is too loud.

It saves a tremendous amount of water

Many of you don’t know that avoiding flushing at night may save a lot of water. We are living on an earth where the shortage of water is a common issue. To save a considerable amount of water, you can avoid flushing at night. The water and flood management institute research shows that avoiding flushing at night may save more than 60% of water per year in the USA. You can also use the dual flush toilet because there is a two-way flushing mechanism for solid and liquid waste and always buy water-saving toilets which use approximately 1.28 to 1.6 GPF of water

Creates ghostly sounds

Imagine a cold night of winter; the whole world is in a deep sleep, and suddenly you wake up hearing grim flushing sounds of the toilet. Some toilets exert ghastly sound because they have some issues with the hose pipe. Or the filling valve may have been obstructed due to extreme debris and dust. If you have this kind of noisy toilet, then avoid flushing at night because it will disrupt the sound of sleep. 

Different types of the flushing sound

Many things can happen with the toilet, from a simple running toilet to a toilet overflow or relatively more complex issues like water leaks. When the toilet keeps making ghostly noises, the very first symptom is that something is wrong. If your toilet is creating ghostly noise when it’s being flushed or when someone is not using it, there are many possible causes. There may be many causes of ghastly toilet sounds; some of them are malfunctioning fill valve, calcium buildup inside the pipes, leaking toilet valve, debris in the water supply hose pipe, etc. let us explore some types of toilet sounds, 

Ghost flushing

This unbearable toilet noise almost always happens at night, and Your toilet suddenly starts to flush on its own. Do not fear because What is probably happening is that the water in your toilet tank is slowly infiltrating through a faulty flapper. The water switches on once the float gets under a certain compromising level. The toilet seems to flush on its own magically. If you want to detect whether or not the flapper really is the criminal, apply some food soda to the toilet tank. And wait for about a few minutes, and then look to see if any of the food colorings have changed into the bowl. 

Creates toilet hissing sound 

Hissing is another most crucial toilet noise issue that can often be shredded up to a deteriorating flapper. It can also be caused by severe water draining into the overflow tube. When the toilet tank opens to its appropriate level, the fill valve or toilet ballcock prevents it from running. If the fill valve or toilet ballcock is not adjusted to the appropriate level, water then initiates filling into the overflow valve. This severe issue can be easily eradicated by ensuring the fill valve or toilet ballcock is adjusted to a level under the overflow valve.

Acute gurgling sound 

A toilet making a gurgling noise is one of the most annoying toilets because its source is not so easily traced. A blocked sewer drain causes a gurgling toilet or there may be an acute blockage in a vent pipe or a blockage in the toilet itself. If you find a gurgling noise in the toilet, it is one problem that can not be eliminated on your own, unless you are a professional. If possible, avoid using that toilet and call a professional as soon as possible to ensure that annoying toilet noise does not turn into a severe headache.

Water hammering sound 

Water is incessantly flawless when the flow inside a pipe is suddenly slammed to a stop while it is running rapidly. Like when a cloth machine valve kicks off or a faucet is closed quickly. This causes the hammering sound. Additionally, it can cause the pipes to chatter and vibrate. If you find that there is a loud hammering toilet noise after flushing, it is the sudden stopping of the water flow. Try reducing the water flow to the toilet by making loud and unconventional noise by adjusting the shut-off valve. If it fails to work, install a regulated fill valve. This will minimize the pressure of the water filling the toilet tank.

Some techniques you can follow for quiet night flushing:

toilet alternatives flushingQuiet flushing is like a blessing, especially at night time. If you encounter an acute flushing problem, then I am giving exclusive tips on how to perform a quiet flush,

  • Take a standard size bucket. Turn on the water tap and let it be filled. 
  • After it has been filled, please take it to the toilet. Open the toilet cover.
  • Then pour the bucket of water at once. This forceful splash of water may sweep away all the waste and prevent acute flushing sounds.
  • You can also use the water hose as an alternative to the flushing system. Also, clean the bowl rims and trapways for a fresh toilet. 

Acute problems of less flushing 

Toilet only leaks at night is a true fact in some cases. Generally, at night, people use the toilet as well as flush. As a result, water is less used. The municipal water pressure increases by more or less 30 psi, so it returns to the toilet water supply line, and the toilet keeps on flowing. There are some acute demerits of less flushing, 

  • Less flushing will grow mold, mildews, and germs in the toilet bowl, and the bacteria may be contagious to other people, especially in the public toilets. 
  • Not flushing the toilet creates bad exposure to smells that is quite annoying for asthma patients. 
  • Less flushing sometimes causes acute clogging problems. Less force of water cannot remove the clogs and stains, and skid marks remaining in the toilet bowl.  

Interesting facts about flushing the toilet at night 

I want to discuss with you some interesting facts about the flushing of the toilet, 

Fact-1: A loud toilet flush is a violation of human rights

Some countries in Europe consider a loud toilet to be a violation of basic human rights. It is similar to noise pollution, and if you do not maintain the flushing rules and attributes, then you will be charged with compensation.

Fact-2: Swiss toilet flushing dilemma (After 10 pm)

Are you traveling to Switzerland? Then know something that might shock you. In some neighborhood areas flushing after 10 pm is a horrendous crime. Usually, this rule is imposed on residential areas where maintaining serenity is a prime condition.

Fact-3: Flushing toilet paper is a crime 

If you are going for a vacation in Turkey, Greece, Beijing, Macedonia, or Egypt, then be aware of flushing the tissue paper in the toilet. There are always separate bins to throw them away. Flushing tissue paper is strictly prohibited in these countries.

Fact-3: Get ready for exercise before using the toilet

sIn Thailand and Taiwan, you might be performing exercises before using the toilet; this is their traditional norm. In some cases, they use in-ground toilets that allow squatting positions and help to poop easily.

Final verdict 

So the question is can you flush the toilet at night? Broadly, the answer is no, and in some cases, it is a big yes, depending on the society and family you are living in. It is not wise to flush at night as it creates several unwanted nuisances; instead, follow the quiet fishing technique depicted in this article. I hope you understand all the possible causes of not flushing the toilet at night, but if you are a big thinker of cleanliness, then perform quiet flushing late at night. 

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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