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American Standard Optum Vormax Reviews 2021

The American Standard Optum VorMax 2-piece toilet features a powerful VorMax flushing technology that cleans the bowl 2 times better than conventional toilets. It is also outstandingly designed to blend perfectly in modern bathrooms. Even, The American Standard Optum is cheaper than the American Standard Vormax and American Standard Vormax Plus toilet.
The toilet has an elongated bowl design for added comfort, and it is ADA compliant. Thanks to its left-hand chrome trip lever. It is also sturdy, and the CleanCurve rim together with the Everclean surface helps to keep the toilet cleaner for many years.
Read our detailed American Standard Optum Vormax reviews to know more about this elongated bowl American Standard toilet.

Technical Specifications of the American Standard Optum Vormax Toilet


American Standard Optum Vormax Toilet

Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
Pieces: Two-Piece
Bowl Height: Chair Height
Color/Finish: White
Certification: ADA Compliant,EPA Approved,IAPMO Certified
Material: Vitreous China
Bowl Shape: Elongated
Flushing Technology: Gravity Fed
Flushing Type: Single Flush
Included: Bolts,Seat
Gallons Per Flush: 1.28
Commercial / Residential: Residential
MaP Performance Rating: 1000
Flushing Type: Single Flush
Included: Complete Kit,Handle,Seat
Warranty: Limited 10-Year Warranty
Price: American Standard Optum VormaxCheck Today’s Price

American Standard Optum Vormax Reviews

Vitreous china construction

This is a toilet that you can depend on to serve you for more than 20 years. It is made from strong vitreous china material that is easy to maintain and extremely durable. The Optum Vormax toilet has a left-hand chrome trip lever for easy flushing. It also comes with a toilet seat and a complete kit.

Two-piece toilet design

The Optum VorMax toilet is a two-piece toilet, thus very easy to install and transport. In addition, it comes with a complete kit and seat, which makes installing it to be easy. With a 12-inch rough-in, you will have an easy time setting up the toilet.

VorMax flushing technology

This is one of the most powerful flushing mechanisms that you will ever come across. The VorMax flush technology provides a very powerful jet of water that scrubs the toilet bowl cleaner from top to bottom, getting rid of everything in its way. The flushing system is 2 times better than traditional toilets.

CleanCurve rim design

The CleanCurve rim design helps to keep the toilet clean as it eliminates the hidden and hard-to-reach areas of the bowl where dirt, grime, and debris hide.

EverClean surface

Besides having the CleanCurve rim design, the toilet also has the EverClean surface, which is very smooth and easy to keep clean. This antimicrobial surface prevents the growth of odor and stain-causing bacteria on the surface of the toilet. Cleaning is as well minimized as the surface is kept clean most of the time.

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Elongated bowl design and comfortable height

The Optum VorMax two-piece toilet is very comfortable to use as it has an elongated bowl design with a lot of seating space. Apart from that, the toilet is of a comfortable height which is suitable to use by different people such as handicapped, kids, and even adults.

Slow close seat

No more slamming of the toilet seat when you set up the American Standard VorMax toilet in your bathroom. This is because the purchase includes a slow closing toilet seat. You just need to fix it and enjoy using the toilet.
American Standard Optum VormaxCheck Today’s Price

MaP rating of 1000 and 2-1/6” fully glazed trapway

This is a powerful toilet with the ability to clear bulk waste. Thanks to its MaP rating of 1000 and a fully glazed 2-1/6-inch trapway.

Limited 10-year warranty

This is one of the best warranties on the market. American Standard offers a lifetime limited warranty on the vitreous chinaware, a 10-years warranty on mechanical parts, and only a one-year warranty on the seat.

Summary: Why buy American Standard Optum Vormax toilet?

  • Sturdy construction
  • Comfortable height
  • Excellent design and a lovely finish
  • Powerful flushing technology cleans 2 times better than traditional toilets
  • Elongated bowl design offers comfort
  • EPA WaterSense certified
  • Superior waste removal with a MaP rating of 1000 and large trapway
  • CleanCurve rim design eliminates hard to reach surface where dirt and debris hides
  • Easy to install as it comes complete with a seat and wax ring
  • Slow close seat eliminates slamming
  • Limited 10-year warranty


  • The flapper is not well made as it gets stuck and makes water to start running. The manufacturer should work on this.
  • Not suitable for a small bathroom as it takes up much space

With its powerful flushing mechanism, cleaning is greatly minimized, and less water is wasted as there is no need for flushing twice. The American Standard is a great toilet for residential bathrooms and will last for a very long while. It has excellent features, and its VorMax flushing system is very powerful.


Question: Does this toilet clear contents in a single flush, or will I have to flush twice?
Answer: Definitely, yes. This toilet features a powerful VorMax flushing system that ensures nothing is left behind after every flush. At the same time, the toilet is left sparkling clean with no dirt or debris left behind. So, I highly recommend this toilet, and the EverClean surface will keep the toilet cleaner for longer. Hence, you won’t need a second flush if you properly install the toilet as instructed by the manufacturer.

Question: Is the 16.5” or comfortable seat better than the standard height seat?
Answer: Personally, I have come to like the comfortable seat as it can be used by almost anyone in the house. Formally, it was referred to as a “handicap seat,” but it will soon become the standard height as it is very comfortable and easy to sit on or stand up.

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  1. I Have been doing a lot of reading on low flushing and new toilets – 3 in particular the Corbelle the Optum Vormax and the Drake 2 (one gallon). they are relatively new and are relatively tough to find in Canada. Regina Saskatchewan ( S4V -2T2 )( Population 1/4 of million people plus). The Optum Vormax is only one that is accessible at Home Depot and is on sale for $328(cdn) and from looking at box contains wax ring and seats in comparison to the Drake 2 – I am thinking an argument can be made based on cost that the Optum Vormax could be a buy? – I think the Drake 2 (1) gallon is still the nicest toilet from the bunch though. I guess my question is the saving worth it?

    BTW – all Toto toilets are a special order for the My city and we have 2 Home Depot locations. Even the USA/Home Depot location does not carry the One gallon drake 2 on there website.


    Ge Wong

    • Go ahead and buy Optum Vormax. It is one of the best-selling products of the American Standard brand. Also remember, 1 GPF toilet isn’t the right choice for seniors, or if you need to deal with larger waste.

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