How tall should a standard handicap toilet be in inches?

Nowadays, people are very thoughtful about special people around us. Using the toilet for those people is also very tough. Modern science came up with a great idea: a handicap toilet. People know it as an accessible toilet for those who can not use a standard toilet. The design of these washrooms is also different and specially designed for them. But some toilets are multifunctional. This means that it is adjustable, and those pans are usable for both the disabled and ordinary people. So let’s take a look at the quality of this Handicap toilet.

What is a Handicap Toilet?

A handicapped toilet is famous as an accessible toilet. This bathroom is mainly designed with a multifunctional feature. Like it provides extra space and handbags for disabled people. This toilet is a novel design from the American Disabilities act. But there are some differences between this accessible toilet and the age difference. Here are the dimensions:

  • Standard Handicap toilet height: 14 inches to 16 inches
  • Height For Adult disabled person: 17-19 inches
  • Handicap Toilet Measurement For Kids: 12-15 inches

What Is the Standard Height of a Handicap Toilet for People of Different Ages?

A comfortable and high control toilet seat is very accessible for many disabled people. Let’s have a look at the different types and heights of this Handicap toilet then:

  • Regular Handicap Toilet: This toilet is commonly seen in the washroom. This toilet is referred to at heights of 14 inches to 16 inches. The measuring starts from the bottom to the toilet top. This length is perfect for any regular bathroom. But there are some extra features added to this type of toilet, which make it easy to use for a disabled person.

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  • The Standard Height of Handicap Toilets For Adults: An accessible toilet is designed first for Americans with Disabilities ADA. The chosen 19 inches is the perfect size for an adult age disabled person. This Height is measured from the ground to the top of the toilet seat. The lowest Height would be better at 17 inches. This bathroom is not a comfortable or regular toilet size. I know these 2 to 3 inches do not seem a significant change between the standard and accessible toilet, but it’s truly a blessing for special people.

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  • The Height of Accessible Toilets for Children: Using regular adult toilets is challenging for children. So it isn’t easy to use that washroom when you think about disabled children. That’s why the adult one is different from the kid’s accessible toilet. To ADA, a toddler toilet’s perfect Height is a maximum of 12 inches. A preschooler or school-going age toilet’s perfect Height is 15 inches. After that age, kids can use the ordinary one easily.

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  • Handicap toilet rough in dimensions: Around 12 Incheshandicap toilet seat with handles

Is a Handicap toilet adjustable for regular use?

Science has made our lives more accessible than we think. Just like that, adjustable toilets are a blessing. You can install an adjustable height control toilet if you don’t have any disabled people in your home. It’ll become convenient when a particular person visits your home and uses the washroom. You also use this for your daily life. So those toilets are great for children as well as disabled people.

Some extra features of this Handicap toilet

handicapped toilet standardMany features come with this accessible toilet. Because Height only gives comfort and other features make the bathroom user-friendly for any disabled person. Like an easily accessible door, grabbable rails, raised toilet seat, etc., toilet flash is also a very accessible distance, so anyone can easily clean it after using the toilet. They are also added to this toilet day by day. Adjustable size is the excellent primary feature of this toilet. And I think you can add this to your washroom easily.

Final Overview

Accidents happen in everyone’s life. You can’t control it. So if you thought about the bright side of any adjustable accessible toilet installed in your apartment, it’d help in the future. And those are very useful for your children. And you can easily attach it with or without extra features if you don’t feel comfortable with this.

After reading this discussion, I might make a point about how tall an accessible toilet needs to be and which one you need for your washroom. Many standard-sized adjustable toilets are common in the market. These are used as standards as well as handicaps. So, before putting in a bathroom in your apartment, you can research this and easily select the best toilet for your children or any disabled visitors in the future.

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