Carrying capacity and weight limit of wall-mounted toilets

It is crucial to select the perfect toilet to use for a long time. Especially if the commode is wall-mounted, you have to think about the carrying ability deeply. Nowadays, wall-mounted toilets are pretty famous. They are simple to use in a small space and have a fashionable outlook. Have you ever thought of using your commode with an excess load? If the weight is more than the toilet’s capacity, it may break down.

The wall-mounting toilet is suitable for people of any height. You can install the wall-mounted toilet anywhere in your bathroom, depending on the size of the users. So, it is clear that the height limit is not a fact of a wall-mounted toilet. But, you have to think deeply about the toilet weight capacity, as it is a hanging toilet without any support under it.

Wall-mounted toilet dimensions

Wall-hung toilets make your bathroom more beautiful. Additionally, it makes your bathroom surface easier to clean. Wall-hung commodes should not be hung at an accurate height. One of the most significant advantages of the commode is that you can set it at any height you need. The best way of getting proper comfort is to set it at the height of your family members.

Measuring from the center of the toilet, a wall-hung toilet should leave 15 inches of space on the wall. Most of the codes follow the dimension rule by measuring from the center of the toilet. For any other fixture, it should not be less than 30 inches. Generally, the comfort height of a wall-hung toilet will be 17 to 19 inches, but the general height of the toilet is 15 inches from the floor.

Some of the best wall-mounted toilets are-

How Much Weight Can A Wall Mounted Toilet Carry?

It is essential to know the carrying ability for using your commode set safely. Especially if the commode is wall-mounted, it is indescribable. Every wall-mounted toilet set is a hanging item on the wall. It is risky to carry overweight on the commode as there is no support under it. Thus we can feel the necessity of measuring the taking ability of these types of toilets. Generally, a wall-mounted set can carry about five hundred pounds (226.8 kg). It is the efficiency of the average wall-mounted toilet. But, some exceptionals can carry more weight, like the Toto Aqua Wall-Hung Dual-Flush toilet. Even the toilet can hold weight up to 880 pounds. 

Do you know about the US ASME National Consensus Standard? They set a standard limit of five hundred pounds for wall-mounting toilets. It is the minimum weight limit for the wall-mounted toilets of the US ASME standard. Every toilet company has to keep up with the requirements of the weight limit to sell their toilet sets in the country.How do you support a wall mounted toilet?

Generally, the wall-hung flush toilets include the capacity of five hundred pounds of weight. But, Toto Aqua wall-hung flush toilet is exceptional, including the capacity of carrying 880 pounds. 

Now, you may ask if it is enough to carry people of different weights. The statistics say that an American man is 196 pounds on average. An American woman is 166 pounds. The wall-mounted toilets are able to carry both men and women as the carrying capacity is more than their weight.

Pros: Why Should You Buy Wall Mounted Toilets?

Wall-mounted toilets are becoming so popular day by day. Now people are eager to use it almost in every house. There are many advantages of wall mounting toilets. Can you find them out? No need to be worried; I am presenting the unbelievable features of the type of toilet that you can not imagine. 

Attractive Looking

Is there any person who does not want to look at his room as attractive? Both drawing rooms, bedrooms, and toilets are necessary for looking fabulous. What will happen if the guests come to your house and do not like the bathroom? The other room’s decorations are mindblowing, but the toilet is the opposite. toilet mounted to wall

The wall-mounted toilet provides you with a beautiful outlook that your guests will be pleased with when they look at it. Moreover, the fantastic look blows your mind when you go to the toilet and inspires you to enjoy the time.

Easy to Clean

The wall mounting toilets do not let the specks of dirt pile up under the set. As the floor is free from the touching of the commode, it is also easy to clean and prevent unwanted bits of dirt. The commode does not touch the ground, so you will not find any cracks in the floor. 


As you compare the wall-mounted toilets with the usual, you will find them lightweight. The weight ratio of wall mounting is appropriate to attach them to the wall surface easily. wall mounted toilet installation

Installing in the different heights

The standard commodes have a problem with their heights. You can not get them perfect as your necessity. If your height is too tall or too short, you can face a problem. Even it is scientifically proven that sitting in the wrong position for a long time is a  cause of rheumatism.  

Using the toilet is significant work in our daily life. So, if you want to keep a healthy fitness, you have to keep the sitting position appropriate to your height. Wall-mounted toilets are easy to set in the perfect place. So,  you can fit the commode when you want and keep your bathroom system healthy. 

Smallest Models

Is your bathroom so smaller? Are you worried about the size of the commode? Don’t worry; the wall-mounted toilets provide you with different commodes in different sizes. The most miniature model assures you to fit them in your toilet quickly, even your bathroom is too small. The feature of being the most miniature model helps save massive space in your bathroom. 

Cons of the Wall-Mounted Toilet

Everything may have some disadvantages. Wall mounting toilet sets are so necessary for their many positive outputs. But, they have some opposing sides too. The mounting toilet is becoming popular day by day. The set is increasing its demand among the general public. So, it is expected that the manufacturers will bring down the problems. 

Higher Cost

The manufacturers should think about miniate the price of the wall mounting commodes. Sometimes it goes out of reach of the general public. The consumers want it for using a qualities material, but the buyers suffer while buying. Reducing the price and taking it down to the ability of the general public will be a good solution for every customer. toilet mounted to wall

How does a Wall Hung Toilet Work?

A supporting frame is present behind the wall mounting toilet. The structure helps to keep the commode seating firmly on the wall. The design and foundation prepare the hanging commode nicely so that there will not be any problem carrying a person on it. 

Types of Wall Mounting Toilets

There are two different types of wall-hung toilets. The first one is with an In-Tank system, and another is with a built-in cistern. In-tank system contains an integrated tank, simple combination, aesthetics, and ease of installation. On the other hand, a built-in cistern helps you hide the unpleasant-looking cisterns, increasing the beauty and giving your toilet an attractive look. 

The Necessity of Heavyweight Wall Mounting Toilets in Western Countries 

A deeply discussed thing is the increasing weight of the population in Western countries. As the obesity problem of many people is increasing day by day, they should invest in heavyweight toilet pans. Especially if the pans are wall-mounted, they should be heavy enough to support the weight of the people.

The present weight level of the wall-mounted toilets is inappropriate. In the future, the company should make toilets with a carrying capacity of more than five hundred pounds. The increasing weight-carrying capacity will be good news for obese people, as they can now sit on the toilet without worrying.

Final Thoughts

The wall-mounted toilet is an excellent toilet with an attractive look. The overall view of the toilet set is fantastic. Anyone will like the toilet, especially those who are fond of beauty. But the two problems are a slight source of dissatisfaction. First, the weight capacity should be increased to account for the obesity problem worldwide.

Another problem is the high price. Someone thinks of using the perfect wall-mounted toilet to attach your bathroom in an ideal position, but he cannot afford it for the price. So, if the company thinks it can bring down the cost and increase the weight capacity, it would be better to purchase the toilet set without any hesitation.

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