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Best Dual Flush Toilet Reviews 2024 [Most Popular 10 Toilets]

Best Dual Flush Toilet ReviewsEven though dual flush toilets have not been on the market for so long, they have started gaining popularity because of their water efficiency. Dual flush toilets are unique because they offer flushing options for both liquid and solid wastes. As a result, little water is wasted, and the user also gets to save on their water bill. Depending on your choice, you can select a one-piece or two-piece dual flush toilet. These are smart toilets. But how to find the best dual flush toilet that works great?

For dual flush toilets to serve their purpose, you need to get the right dual flush toilet so that you don’t end up wasting even more water. This is because there are some lower-quality flushing toilet models that might force you to flush more than 2 or 3 times—besides it being annoying, flushing more than once negates the purpose of dual flush toilets, which is mainly to save water.

Top 3 Recommendations

Self-Cleaning System: WoodBridge T-0020 Toilet
“This is an affordable unit that requires less effort to clean and maintain.”

Certification: WaterSense, ADA, US UPC, and Canada CSA
Flush: Siphon Flushing (1.0/1.6 GPF)
Finish: Fully glazed

Washlet Option: Toto MS446124CEMG#01 Aquia IV Toilet
“Mid-ranged dual flush bidet toilets feature a modern skirted design.”

Certification: WaterSense, ADA, ALGreen, and CEC
Flush: DYNAMAX TORNADO (1.28 or 0.8 GPF)
Finish: CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze

Most Expensive: Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Toilet
“A fully automated toilet with lots of advanced bidet features.”

Certification: WaterSense, ADA, US UPC, Canada CSA, ALGreen, and CEC
Finish: CEFIONTECT glaze with Ewater+

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What is a dual flush toilet?

A dual flush toilet is a variation of the flush toilet that utilizes two buttons or a handle system in order to flush two different amounts of water. This is the best toilet type for you if you want to reduce the amount of water your toilet uses. This toilet is convenient in that it has a partial flush for liquids and a solid flush for solids. So, if you’re a person who frequents the toilet for short calls, you will save half of the water you could have used in a conventional flushing toilet.

What are the advantages of a dual-flush toilet?

The dual flushing system is none other than the biggest water-saving technology in the particular toilet sector. Why should you avoid a single-flush toilet?

-Traditional, outdated design and mechanism
-Less powerful flushing system
-Not water-efficient like dual-flush toilets.
-Might clog frequently
-Not an eco-friendly unit.
-Utilize the same amount of water to flush urine.

But a dual-flushing toilet has several eye-grabbing advantages that are discussed below,

Tremendously water saving

The dual flushing system is mainly discovered to save water. They are mainly called high-efficiency toilets (HET) toilets because they save a lot of water. The traditional toilets use almost 5 gallons of water per flush, whereas the dual flushing toilets consume, on average, 1.6 gallons of water per flush. That means it saves a gigantic amount of water in everyday use. 


Though dual flushing toilets are not that cheap in price but can be cost-effective in some other ways, and you might wonder how that is possible. It is possible, as this toilet model saves more than 4,000 gallons of water every year. Now calculate by yourself how much money that would be. Saving water means indirectly saving some water bills. Nowadays, the government has increased the water bill to impose a hard rule on saving water. That’s why this toilet model can effectively save some on your electricity bill.

Easy and lower maintenance 

It is proven that dual flushing toilets need less maintenance than a single flushing system. Why? The single flushing system uses siphoning pressure to evacuate the waste; on the other hand, the dual flushing system uses a gravity-fed mechanism to flush away the waste; also, there is a supporting system like the broad trapways that helps to evacuate the waste more easily. The bottom line is that fewer skid marks are found in dual flushing toilets, and you don’t need to clean the toilet regularly.

Sleek design 

One of the most significant alluring factors about the dual flushing toilet is that they are super trendy with an astonishing design. This toilet’s sleek and modern architecture amazes anyone, and this kind of toilet increases the glamor of the washroom and adds a tremendous sense of aesthetics to the bathroom interior; that’s why the trend followers use this toilet in their bathroom more sleekly.

Best Dual Flush Toilet Reviews in 2024

But with these dual flush toilet reviews, you don’t have to search for a quality, durable, reliable, and efficient dual flush toilet. We conducted thorough research and read hundreds of reviews before coming up with this list. Therefore, read one by one and choose a dual flush toilet that meets your needs and budget. Just consider several things, including-

  • Flush Buttons
  • Toilet Height
  • Elongated or Round bowl?
  • Bowl size
  • Water usage
  • Price

Toto MS446124CEMG#01 Aquia IV Washlet Dual Flush Toilet

Toto is among the best-rated toilet brands, and many people love their products. The TOTO Aquia IV washlet dual flush toilet is beautifully designed to match any modern bathroom. Toto Aquia has a skirted design that not only makes the toilet look sleek but also makes cleaning easy. The elongated bowl design offers comfort, unlike the round bowls, which are somehow smaller.

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With the Dynamax tornado flushing system, the toilet cleans the bowl perfectly by using 360 degrees of cleaning power to reach every toilet bowl section. With the dual buttons, you can utilize 0.8 GPF for a partial flush and 1.28 GPF for a full flush. Apart from that, the toilet has a CEFIONTECT glaze which keeps it cleaner for longer by preventing a buildup of debris and other particles.

So, if you’re looking for a sleek and high-performing dual flush toilet, this unit will be a great choice.

Technical Specifications of the Toto Aquia IV Toilet:

FeaturesToto Aquia IV
Pieces:Two-Piece Toilet
Flush Type:Dual Flush
Water Consumption:1.28 and 0.8 GPF toilet
Handle/Lever Placement:Center
Installation Method:Floor Mounted
Dimensions:27.6 x 15.6 x 29.6 inches
Weight:119 pounds
Warranty:Manufacturer One Year Limited
Price:Toto Washlet dual flush toiletsCheck Price

Features we like:

  • It has an elongated bowl design that provides comfort
  • It has two flush buttons that control the amount of water used for every flush to save water
  • Toto Aquia IV performs exceptionally well as it features a Dynamax tornado flushing system
  • It is quiet in operation as it has a bowl design that reduces water flow resistance and turbulence
  • The CEFIONTECT glaze prevents debris and other particles from sticking to the toilet surface
  • The skirted design of the toilet makes cleaning and maintaining to be easy
  • It is easier to maintain with no leaks as it is a one-piece toilet design
  • The soft-close seat eliminates slamming
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty

Things we don’t like:

  • This toilet is quite expensive when compared to similar models
  • Many users have complained that installing this unit is challenging
  • The flushing buttons are somehow not very effective as they need to be held down for some seconds to flush.
  • The toilet height is below standard height as it measures 15.6 inches, which is quite challenging for disabled people and taller people.

WoodBridge T-0020 One-piece Elongated Toilet

For those looking for a luxurious and elegant toilet to add to their bathroom, the WoodBridge one-piece toilet is a great option. This toilet is robustly constructed from vitreous china material for durability. It has a square design, which is unique, with an elongated bowl. This means that it is comfortable as it has extra sitting space.  In addition, it comes with a soft closing seat that eliminates the toilet seat’s slamming. If you want a cheap but best dual flush toilet, then buy this.

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WoodBridge T-0020 elongated bowl toilet has a siphon flushing design that provides a super quiet flush yet is very powerful. As a result, you won’t see any sticky substances on the toilet bowl or experience clogs. Since it has a dual flush system, you will end up saving water by using 1.0 GPF for liquid wastes and 1.6 GPF for solid wastes. The comfortable height makes sitting or standing up easier for most adults or even disabled people. This is a nice toilet for homeowners searching for a luxurious and affordable dual-flush toilet.

Technical specifications of the WoodBridge T-0020 Toilet:

FeaturesWoodBridge T-0020
Water Consumption:1.0 /1.6 GPF, average at 1.28-gallon flush
Material:Vitreous china
Shape:Square, Elongated
Flush Technology:Dual Flush System
Handle/Lever Placement:Right
Dimensions:29 x 15 x 28 inches
Weight:138 pounds
Warranty:Five years limited warranty
Price:One-piece Elongated Dual Flush ToiletsCheck Price


  • It features a modern and luxurious appearance that is great for modern bathrooms.
  • It has an elongated bowl design that provides more comfort
  • The WoodBridge is compact and suitable for small or tight areas
  • It is easy to clean as it has a skirted design with no corners or crannies
  • No more slamming of the seat as it has a high-quality soft closing seat with quick release
  • It is sturdily constructed for longevity
  • The toilet flushes very powerfully and quietly
  • It has friendly customer care support
  • The toilet is of a comfortable height, thus very good for people with disabilities or of different ages.
  • The toilet saves water as it uses 1.0 GPF/1.6 GPF.


  • It is very challenging to install, and you will need a helping hand as it is quite heavy.

Kohler K-3987-RA-0 WellWorth Round-Front Toilet Unit

Kohler is a notable brand known for its comfortable and stylish toilets. Therefore, the Kohler K-3987 Wellworth two-piece toilet shouldn’t come as a surprise on our list. This toilet is part of the Kohler Wellworth collection, and its elegant design can match any bathroom where it is installed. With a round bowl design, this toilet is better suited for powder rooms or small bathrooms. It is easy to install as it is a two-piece design.

The Kohler Wellworth with a round toilet bowl design has dual flush buttons on the right-hand side and not on the top like most dual flush toilets. In addition, it features the class five flushing technology, which clears the contents of the bowl exceptionally and in just a single flush. When flushing, the toilet offers you a choice of either using the 1.1 GPF or 1.6 GPF. This allows you to save more than 30% of water per flush, thus lowering your water bill. If you need the most powerful best dual flush toilet, then buy this Kohler Wellworth.

If you’re tight on the budget but still want a high-quality and high-performing dual flush toilet, the Kohler Wellworth toilet is a great option for you. On top of that, it comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Technical specifications of the Kohler K-3987-RA-0 Toilet:

FeaturesKohler Wellworth toilet
Water Consumption:1.1 or 1.6 GPF
Flush Technology:Dual Flush
Dimensions:29.2 x 27.8 x 18 inches
Weight:86.3 pounds
Warranty:One-year limited warranty
Price:Kohler Dual Flush ToiletCheck Price

Positive reviews:

  • It is easy to install
  • The toilet saves water with its dual flush mechanism
  • It is compact with a round bowl design that is great for tiny toilets
  • Class five flush technology ensures that no waste is left behind
  • Kohler Wellworth has a lovely and sleek design that will complement any modern bathroom
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty

Negative Reviews:

  • It is a bit taller for shorter people and kids. So if you have kids, you should go with the Eago compact toilet.
  • Unclogging this toilet is quite challenging, as you may need a plumber to help out.

American Standard 2887.216.020 H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

American Standard is another sought-after toilet brand on the market. They produce high-quality and water-efficient toilets, but unlike their rivals, their toilets are quite cheaper. The American Standard H2Option dual flush toilet is a durably constructed toilet as it is made of vitreous china material. It also features a sleek design, and the elongated bowl provides more comfort to users. The toilet has a chrome trip lever on top of the tank for easy access to a partial or flush.

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The American Standard H2Option siphonic dual flush toilet is a water-efficient toilet as it uses 1.0GPF or 1.6GPF for liquids and solids, respectively.  The H2Option has a powerful siphonic action system that clears the waste in the bowl easily and in one flush. It has a MaP rating of 1 000 grams of solid waste in a single heavy flush.

In addition, it has an EverClean surface that prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria—as a result, keeping the toilet cleaner for longer.  With a 5-year warranty, this is a nice toilet for your contemporary washroom, and you have three colors to choose from.

Technical specifications of the American Standard H2Option Toilet:

FeaturesAmerican Standard 2887.216.020 Toilet
Water Consumption:1.1 or 1.6 GPF
Flush Type:Dual Flush Toilets
Dimensions:29.8 x 15 x 29.5 inches
Weight:91 pounds
Warranty:2-Year limited warranty
Price:American Standard Dual Flush ToiletCheck Price


  • It is compact in design, making it suitable for small bathrooms
  • It is quiet in operation
  • This H2Option toilet is very simple to install, with a 12-inch rough-in
  • It is durably constructed to last long
  • The toilet is very comfortable with the added sitting area due to its elongated bowl design
  • It is a high-efficiency toilet that will allow you to save water
  • 5-year warranty


  • Many users have reported that the waste sometimes sticks to the toilet, forcing the user to flush more than once.
  • The toilet seat is not included. Thus you will have to purchase it separately.
  • This toilet is not as comfortable as other top models

Kohler 3989-RA-0 Highline Two-piece Toilets

The Kohler Highline classic toilet is another high-performing unit from Kohler. It features a two-piece design perfectly constructed to last long. This two-piece dual flush toilet looks elegant and can easily match any modern bathroom. It comes with a class five flush technology, which clears waste and liquids easily without leaving behind any dirty spots on the bowl. You can choose either the 1.1 GPF for liquids or the 1.6 GPF for solids. This allows you to save water and get a lower water bill. It is the best dual flush toilet for the money.

Whether you’re tall or short, using this toilet will be fun as it has a comfortable bowl height of 17 inches. This means sitting down or standing up isn’t a problem at all for a good number of adults. The Kohler Highline is also easy to install as it comes with two separate pieces, which are the tank and bowl, with a 12-inch rough-in. So, you won’t need the services of a plumber unless you don’t want to install it by yourself.

Moreover, when you purchase this product, the manufacturer provides you with a one-year limited warranty. Add this toilet to your bathroom, and it will change the way your bathroom looks.

Technical specifications of the Kohler 3989-RA-0 Toilet:

FeaturesKohler Highline toilet
Water Consumption:1.1 or 1.6 GPF
Flush Type:Dual-Flush Toilets
Dimensions:29.8 x 18 x 31.2 inches
Weight:90.8 pounds
Warranty:One-year limited warranty
Price:powerful dual flushCheck Price


  • Lovely and comfortable design
  • Sturdy construction
  • The elongated bowl design provides an extra sitting area for comfort
  • Comfortable chair height makes sitting or standing up to be easier for many people
  • Saves water with the 1.1 GPF partial and 1.6 GPF full flush system
  • Class five flush technology clears all the contents in one flush
  • One-year limited warranty


  • It is quite heavy, which might pose a challenge during the installation

Swiss Madison SM-1T106 Concorde Square Flush Toilet

Swiss Madison Concorde square dual flush toilet offers luxury and exceptional performance. Its square design is unique and will add vigor to any bathroom in that it is installed.  The toilet also comes with a concealed Trapway with a beautiful skirted design, making cleaning outside the toilet easy. So, no more thorough scrubbing of the toilet in order to remove hidden dirt in the crannies and nooks. Using this toilet also saves a lot of water, allowing for a partial or full flush. A partial flush for clearing liquids uses 0.8 GPF, while a full flush for clearing solids uses 1.28 GPF.

This Swiss Madison toilet is also very comfortable to sit on or stand up as it features a square, elongated bowl design that offers more sitting area. If that is not enough, it also comes with a soft closing seat that eliminates the toilet seat slamming after use. If you want luxury and elegance in your bathroom, then this is the toilet for you.

Technical specifications of the Swiss Madison Concorde Toilet:

FeaturesSwiss Madison SM-1T106
Water Consumption:0.8/1.28 gallon per flush (GPF)
Pieces:One-Piece Toilets
Flush Type:Dual-Flush
Handle/Lever Placement:Center
Dimensions:29.8 x 18 x 31.2 inches
Weight:90.8 pounds
Price:Swiss Madison Concorde Square Dual Flush ToiletsCheck Price

Features we like:

  • It has a comfortable elongated bowl design with more sitting space
  • It is beautifully designed to match any contemporary bathroom
  • The soft closing seat closes gently without slamming
  • The dual flush mechanism helps the user to save a lot of water
  • It is very easy to use with its skirted design, as it doesn’t need a thorough scrubbing
  • Swiss Madison SM-1T106 has a glazed Trapway that makes clearing the waste to be easy
  • It comes with a 12-inch rough-in for easier installation


  • Installing this toilet is somehow tricky, and it also doesn’t come with the installation bolts.

American Standard 2886218.020 Right Height Toilets

The American Standard right height toilet is well-built to fit in any modern bathroom easily. It is made of vitreous china material and has a chrome-plated top-mounted button actuator for a partial or full flush. For a partial flush, the toilet uses only 0.92 GPF, while for a full flush, the toilet uses 1.28 GPF.

This is a low-consumption toilet, and that’s why it is WaterSense certified. In some states, you may get rebates when you install or replace this toilet with an old model. It is also comfortable as it has an elongated bowl design and the right height for easy sitting or standing by different people. You can also replace the toilet seat with the Brondell Swash CS1000 to make it more elegant. With its siphon jet bowl technology with PowerWash rim and the Everclean surface, this toilet clears waste easily and keeps the bowl cleaner for longer.

Specifications of the American Standard 2886218.020 Toilet:

FeaturesAmerican Standard 2886218.020
Water Consumption:0.8/1.28 gallon per flush (GPF)
Pieces:One-Piece Toilets
Material:Vitreous China
Flush Type:Dual-Flush
Handle/Lever Placement:Center
Dimensions:15 x 29.8 x 31.5 inches
Weight:72.3 pounds
Warranty:Limited 5-year warranty
Price:Right Height Dual Flush ToiletsCheck Price

Positive aspects:

  • It is low water consumption and a high-efficiency toilet
  • It has a dual flush option of 0.92 GPF for a quick flush and 1.28 GPF for a full flush
  • The siphon jet bowl technology with PowerWash rim clears all the contents in the bowl
  • The EverClean surface keeps the toilet clean for a long as it inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria on the toilet’s surface
  • It is easy to install with the tank and bowl separated
  • It is very comfortable to use as it is of an ideal height and has an elongated bowl design

Negative aspects:

  • Many users have complained that some waste sticks on the toilet bowl
  • This toilet doesn’t come with a seat, so it will be an added expense during installation.

Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Best Dual Flush Toilets

A few toilets on the market can be compared to this highly advanced and eco-friendly toilet. The Toto Neorest is one of the most comfortable and advanced toilets that you will find on the market. It is sturdily built with an elongated bowl design for added comfort. It has no tank as it is connected directly. The toilet comes with a dual flush system of 0.8 GPF and 1.0 GPF. With the cyclone flushing mechanism, this toilet can clear waste in just a single flush. It also has a SanaGloss finish, keeping the toilet cleaner longer.

The Toto Neorest dual flush toilet is a one-piece toilet that can be controlled with a remote. The remote allows the user to change the heat settings or the temperature of the toilet seat. It as well as comes with the ewater+ technology that keeps the bowl cleaner for longer. The elongated bowl design offers more comfort during use and has a slow-close seat. If you’re ready to spend and want a luxurious toilet to add to your bathroom, this is it.

Technical specifications of the Toto Neorest Toilet:

FeaturesToto Neorest dual flush
Water Consumption:1.0GPF/3.8LPF and 0.8GPF/3.0LPF
Pieces:One-Piece Toilets
Color/Finish:Cotton White
Material:Ceramic with SanaGloss
Flush Type:Siphon Jet
Special Features:60 Hz, eWater technology, Night light, 12” rough-in, Remote control included
Power Source:Corded-electric
Handle/Lever Placement:Center
Dimensions:32.5 x 15.5 x 21.5 inches
Weight:124 pounds
Warranty:Three-year limited (residential). One-year limited (commercial)
Price:Dual flush toto toiletsCheck Price

Pros we found:

  • Robust construction for longevity
  • SanaGloss finish prevents debris from sticking to the bowl
  • It is EPA WaterSense certified
  • It has ewater+ that keeps the bowl clean and very hygienic
  • The remote control makes using the toilet to be simple
  • The slow close seat prevents the toilet from slamming
  • Easy to clean as it has a skirted design
  • An elongated bowl offers comfort to users
  • It is an ultra-efficient toilet as it uses 1.0 GPF and 0.8 GPF
  • Three years limited warranty

Negative sides:

  • This toilet is the most expensive on this list
  • It is quite complicated for first-timers to use

Horow HWMT-8733 One-piece Elongated Toilet

Horow HWMT-8733 one-piece elongated dual flush toilet is a compact and luxurious toilet design suitable for small bathrooms. Despite being compact in design, this toilet can still be installed in a modern bathroom, and it will instantly change the look of that bathroom. It is easy to install as it is floor-mounted and comes with bolt covers. The skirted design makes cleaning the toilet easy, and the dual flush mechanism ensures that a lot of water is saved instead of being wasted.

The powerful siphon flushing system is very efficient but quiet in operation. A toilet seat is also included, which doesn’t slam as it closes softly when you are done. Additionally, it has a glazed surface that is self-cleaning and makes maintenance simple. This toilet is also a comfort to sit on or stand up. It has a bowl height of 16.5 inches. Installing this toilet will offer comfort and save water.

Technical specifications of the Horow Toilet:

FeaturesHorow HWMT-8733
Water Consumption:6lpf/4.8lpf (1.6gpf/1.28gpf)
Pieces:One-Piece Toilets
Flush Type:Dual Flush
Special Features:Super Compact Toilet for Small Bathroom
Power Source:Corded-electric
Installation Method:Floor-Mounted
Rough-In:12 inches
Dimensions:25 x 13.4 x 28.4 inches
Weight:96 pounds
Warranty:5-Year Limited Warranty
Price:Horow Elongated Dual Flush ToiletCheck Price


  • It has a powerful flushing system, and it is extremely quiet
  • The soft closing seat eliminates slamming
  • It has a skirted design that is easy to clean
  • The siphon flushing system clears all contents in the bowl without clogs
  • It is easy to install as it comes with a 12-inch rough-in
  • Attractive and elegant toilet with a skirted design
  • The soft-closing seat doesn’t slam
  • Saves water with the dual flush mechanism
  • The toilet operates quietly
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • It is somehow difficult to install
  • The toilet seat looks very plastic and not of the best quality

Kohler K-5401-0 Veil Skirted One-piece Dual Flush Toilet

Kohler Veil intelligent toilet is one of the most advanced Kohler toilets on the market. This toilet is tankless but still clears waste very outstandingly. The Veil toilet is sturdily made of vitreous china material with an elongated bowl design for extra comfort during use. The one-piece toilet has a dual flush system that uses 0.8 GPF for a partial flush and 1.28 GPF for a full flush. It ends up saving a lot of water.

Additionally, the Kohler Veil is sleekly constructed with a skirted design for easy cleaning, and it won’t occupy a lot of space in your bathroom. With the touchscreen LCD remote, you can operate hands-free and adjust temperature settings as you like. Also, it has LED night lighting, which illuminates and helps the user identify where the bowl is at night in the dark. If you want a budget dual-flush toilet, Kohler Veil is perfect.

The only thing that I don’t like about this toilet is its one-year warranty. Since it is quite expensive, the manufacturer should provide a better warranty. But overall, this is a wonderful toilet to install in your contemporary bathroom.

Technical specifications of the Kohler Veil Skirted Toilet:

FeaturesKohler K-5401-0 Veil Skirted
Water Consumption:1.28 GPF(4.8 LPF) or 0.8 GPF(3.0 LPF)
Pieces:One-Piece Toilets
Flush Type:Dual Flush Toilets
Handle/Lever Placement:Wall
Touchscreen LCD remote in English:Yes
Rough-In:12 inches
Dimensions:26.4 x 17.2 x 21.4 inches
Weight:110 pounds
Warranty:One year limited
Price:smart Dual Flush ToiletsCheck Price


  • It has a comfortable elongated bowl design
  • It is well-built for longevity
  • Kohler Veil has an integrated cleansing functionality that keeps the toilet clean
  • It can be operated with a remote without touching the toilet
  • It has a dual flush mechanism that minimizes water wastage
  • LED nightlight for easy identification of the toilet bowl
  • Heat and temperature settings for added comfort
  • One-year limited warranty


  • This toilet is very expensive
  • The toilet needs electricity to operate
  • The 1-year warranty for this toilet seems too small considering its initial price

Single flush vs. dual flush toilets comparison

It has been a protracted debate about which type of flushing system is more appropriate for a long time. We will discuss this scenario based on some astounding criteria; let’s begin with.

Compare water usage

Undoubtedly, the dual flushing system is far better in terms of water usage considerations. The single flush uses more than 3 gallons of water per flush. On the other hand, the dual flushing system uses not more than 1.28-1.6 gallons of water per flush for dumping solid waste and less than one gallon of water per flush for evacuating liquid waste. On average, the unit use 1.1-1.28 GPF.

Aesthetical design

This depends on the taste and choice of people. Some prefer the old classical one-button flush; for them, the single-flush toilet is more suitable. But some people like the contemporary design, like the dual button function, and the dual flush toilet is best for them.

Cost factor

It is a general fact that the single flush toilet is a lot cheaper than the dual flush toilet. And what is the reason behind it? It is more obvious that the dual flush toilet system uses a more complex toilet system. Here you will find two types of flushing methods. One is a full flush, and the other is a half flush. Maintaining two different toilets requires more complex and extra toilet parts, so it is pertinent that dual flush toilets will be more expensive than single flush toilets.

Maintenance procedure

It is pretty much easier to maintain a single flush toilet than a dual flush toilet because it is difficult to find the parts of the dual flush toilet. In case you have some problem in any of the segments of the dual flush toilet, then you won’t find it easily.


After looking at some of the best dual flushing toilets on the market, you can now go ahead and select a toilet that meets your needs and budget. Dual flush toilets are usually costlier than traditional flush toilets, but they help you save water and are easier to maintain. Choose a good dual flush toilet that fits perfectly in your bathroom, and it is possible. It should blend with your bathroom decor.

Apart from looking at aesthetics when selecting a dual flush toilet, you should also consider size, style, bowl design, flushing system, and any other added features. Note that the more advanced a toilet is, the more expensive it will be. For instance, in this review, you cannot compare the Toto Neorest and American Standard H2Option, as the former is more advanced with amazing features.

Overall, these are amazing toilets that will help you save water and lower your water bill at the same time. Just find the best dual flush toilet for your bathroom.


How is a dual flush toilet beneficial over other types of toilets?

Answer: The dual flush toilet is different from other types of toilets because it lowers the water bill, thus saving some cash, saving water, which is good for the environment, and also requires little maintenance.

How long should my toilet parts last?

Answer: It all depends on some factors and the quality of the parts. The replaceable parts, such as the flappers and seals, usually last for about 4 or 5 years. But if you utilize a chemical bowl cleaner, some flappers won’t last for a year. So, depending on the material that a flapper is made of, some will deteriorate, while others will tend to stiffen up and lose their real shape and flexibility.

Also, factors like the quality of water determine if the parts will last longer or not. In case your water source is heavily chlorinated, then most of the toilet parts that come into contact with water won’t last long. Additionally, if there is grit, sand, or a lower PH, most parts won’t last as long as desired.

Which toilet brands should I consider buying from?

Answer: Since there are so many dual flush toilet brands on the market, it is very important that you buy from a reliable and re-known toilet brand. Ensure that you go through reviews to weigh which toilet is best suited for your needs or if it has issues. Some of the best brands to consider buying from are Toto, Kohler, American Standard, WoodBridge, and Swiss Madison, to name but a few.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.


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