What is the reason for turning the toilet seat blue? 

One day you wake up in the morning and find that the seat of your toilet is turning blue. This is not common sense for you, and you get worried about this. But I told you there are many reasons behind this color-changing process. Mostly claimed for this problem is for turning the seat of the toilet into blue behind a woman. Yes, you heard right. Elevated amounts of estrogen and progesterone are mostly known as altering pH and bacterial flora in the human body. When it raises the condition of acidic pH with sweat and urine, your toilet seat turns blue from its previous shade. It’s the main reason people think, but there are some other explanations for this toilet problem. We will talk about the details further.

Why is my toilet seat turning blue?

As I told you before, there are many reasons behind this problem. Some are silly and easy to clean. But others are severe, and it is hard to get your previous toilet seat color. Let’s see those reasons:

  • Blue pants:

It sounds funny but true. When you wear a new pair of blue jeans, you sometimes notice some blue dye on your leg. And yes, when you sit on the toilet with this, it leaves a stain on the seat. Sometimes you won’t notice this. But don’t worry, you can easily clean the seat and get back to the old color. And find the culprit behind this issue. But if you face a hard time removing the stain from the seat, then this is no fault of your blue pants.  toilet seat turning blue male

  • Chromhidrosis:

This is a challenging term to speak. But this is a process that happens in the human body, and it is an excellent reason behind the blue color of the seat. This condition turns the oil and sweat from our body into blue or sometimes gray color. The lipofuscin known as the sweat gland causes this problem, a very natural cause. When people suffer from Chromhidrosis, they have a high concentration of lipofuscin, and this problem creates color with sweat and oil. And when you suffer from this problem you also find this color in your regular wear and body.

  • Bacterial issue:

This is not a very common case. Because when nonpathogenic bacteria come with human sweat, they dissolve together, and this process is called Pseudochromhidrosis. And this chemical mixture is the issue behind this discoloration. Like before, you also find blue color on your body and notice this stain in the bathtub. Antibiotics are the primary medicine for this problem. But my suggestion is to consult with your doctor and get proper treatment. Removing this stain from the toilet seat is impossible.

  • Hormonal issue:

Let us talk about the most claimed reason behind this problem. Generally, if a pregnant lady is at your home, you can find this issue in your washroom. What happens in the toilet seat turns blue when the seat materials mix up with the antimicrobial coating, and a reaction occurs. Discolor of the seat is the result of this reaction. And this problem is a pervasive case for any expecting lady to have excess estrogen and progesterone hormone. The different hormones alter the natural pH before interacting with ionized particles and discolor household things like clothes, toilet seats, etc. This is a permanent stain, so don’t go hard with it.

So if you are pregnant and face this type of spot on the toilet seat, don’t rush to change the seat. Because it happens until your body doesn’t minimize the hormone or till you are pregnant. If you don’t like the spot, try to use this for a little bit longer, and after your delivery, you can change the seat. Otherwise, you end up with the same result with your new seat. And this is a total waste of money. If you are not expecting and facing this problem, I think you need to consult with your doctor and check your hormone level.

How to remove the strain from the seat?

It would help if you thought now about how to minimize the color of the seat. If the blue color occurs for your new pair of jeans, you can easily wipe it with any rubbing alcohol and remove the stain from the seat. But if you face the other three issues, it’s unfortunate to inform you that you can’t clean this mess. Yes, this discolors for a chemical reaction. And it’s impossible to remove. So don’t use any chemicals or rub the seat, then you end up with an uglier seat. Just change the seat after your delivery if you are expecting.


The blue stain on the toilet seat is just a color. It’s not harmful to health or unhygienic. You don’t need to worry about this. Many people go through this stage, and it’s often when an expecting lady lives with you. You can change the toilet seat after delivery if it bothers you that much.

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