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Best Bio Bidet Reviews 2021 [Most Popular 7 Smart Bidet Toilet Seat]

Are you looking for the best BioBidet toilet seat on the market? Worry not, as you’ve come to the right page. BioBidet is one of the most re-known toilet seat brands on the market. They make high-quality, comfortable, and feature-packed bidet seats for different users. That’s why picking the right BioBidet seat for your toilet is quite challenging.
In our Bio Bidet reviews, we’ve simplified things for you by conducting thorough research and even testing some of the BioBidet seats to offer you firsthand information. The seats that we’ve listed come in different designs with varying features.

Best Bio Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison Chart

ImageBio Bidet Seat ModelsTechnical Details
(My Top Pick)
Bio Bidet Bliss BB600 ToiletCheck Price
Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat
Read Review
  • Features tank types water warmer system

  • Double nozzles allows both posterior and feminine wash

  • Medium price
  • (Budget Choice)
    BioBidet USPA 6800 ToiletCheck Price
    BioBidet USPA 6800 Elongated White Bidet Smart Toilet Seat
    Read Review
  • Hand-free dual-sided wireless remote control system

  • Ideal for both kids and elderly people

  • Medium price
  • (Luxury BioBidet Seat)
    Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 ToiletCheck Price
    BioBidet Bliss BB-2000 Elongated White Bidet Smart Toilet Seat
    Read Review
  • Different Nozzles allow different options including posterior, feminine, and vortex washes

  • Hybrid heating system provides continuous warm water

  • Slightly expensive compared to other bidet seats
  • Top 7 Best Bio Bidet Reviews 2021

    Some of the usual features of BioBidet toilets include posterior & feminine wash, self-cleaning nozzle, oscillating wash, pulsating wash, quick release seat, adjustable seat temperature, adjustable nozzle position, wide spray, adjustable water temperature, and much more. So, take your time and select a BioBidet toilet seat that is best for your needs.

    Here are the best BioBidet seat models in 2021:

    Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bio Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat

    The BioBidet Ultimate BB-600 advanced bidet toilet seat is an excellent addition to any modern toilet. This sleek and sophisticated toilet seat helps you to maintain high levels of hygiene with its exceptional range of features. The electric toilet seat comes in an elongated bowl design, which is comfortable to sit on and can accommodate many people.

    Technical Specifications of Bliss by Bio Bidet Ultimate

    Features Bio Bidet Bliss BB600
    Material: Plastic
    Water Consumption: 1 GPM
    Size: Elongated
    Color: White
    Maximum Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
    Coverage: 5 Amperage
    Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
    Deodorizer: Yes
    Temperature Range: 37.4-104 °F
    Voltage: 120V
    Heated Seat: comfort-adjustable water heater
    Wattage:  660 watts
    Dual Nozzle: Yes
    Air dryer: Yes
    Slow closing lid: Yes
    Weight: 14 pounds
    Dimensions: 20.47 x 18.4 x 5.6 inches
    Price: Bio Bidet Bliss BB600 ToiletCheck Today’s Price

    Furthermore, the Ultimate BB-600 toilet seat features a dual nozzle that serves all members of the house. It has a posterior wash for men and a feminine wash for females. Also, it is kid-friendly, which means that your kids will also be comfortable using the toilet. And with the slow-closing function, your kids won’t get hurt as it doesn’t slam.

    Besides, the unit is simple to use with a user-friendly control panel that allows you to access different settings such as adjust water temperature, select oscillating or pulsating wash cycles, and much more. With the eco-friendly mode, you will be able to save electricity and tissue paper.

    To sum up, the BB-600 Ultimate toilet seat is one of the best additions to any modern bathroom. It will bring comfort and luxury at such an exceptional cost. What’s more, the manufacturer offers a 2-year limited warranty. Thus in this Bio Bidet reviews article, BB-600 is our top picked bidet toilet seat.


    • It has an adjustable temperature
    • Easy to use with the side control panel
    • Comfortable elongated design
    • Dual nozzle serves all family members with its posterior and feminine wash
    • The slow closing lid prevents slamming of the seat
    • It is comfortable to use with the oscillating and pulsating sprays
    • The electric bidet toilet seat has an eco-friendly mode that saves electricity and tissue paper
    • 2-year limited warranty


    • It lacks a deodorizer
    • It doesn’t come with a nightlight for illumination in the dark

    BioBidet USPA 6800 Adjustable Bidet Round Toilet Seat with Wireless Remote

    If you have a compact toilet in your bathroom and want to add a reliable and sturdy bidet seat, then the BioBidet USPA 6800 adjustable toilet seat will be an ideal addition. Fitted with tank-style warm water and tank heating, you will not have to wait longer for the water to heat during use. Aside from that, it is a low energy consumption tank.

    Technical Specifications of Bio Bidet USPA 6800 – bidet toilet:

    Features BioBidet USPA 6800
    Material: Plastic
    Amperage Capacity: 5 A
    Size: Round
    Color: White
    Temperature Range: 75-104 °F
    Certification: Certified frustration-free
    Batteries: 3 AAA batteries are required.
    Voltage: 120V
    Dual Nozzle(s): Yes
    Smart Seat:  Yes
    Slow closing lid: Yes
    Weight: 14 pounds
    Adjustable heated seat: Yes
    Warranty: 3-year limited warranty
    Energy Save Mode: Yes
    Eco-friendly: Yes
    Dimensions: 19.2 x 15.43 x 5.62 inches
    Price: BioBidet USPA 6800 ToiletCheck Today’s Price

    With the heated seat, you will not have to worry about freezing cold water shoot or the winter season. Choose a temperature that you’re okay with using the soft-to-touch remote control. The remote ease things for you as you don’t need to touch the toilet after you’re done with your business. Simply select either a posterior or feminine wash. Also, it has an auto wash and a kid’s wash. All of these features make this a perfect toilet for your family.

    A unique feature of this bidet seat is the intensive impulse pulsation. It offers optimum cleansing. Besides, it has dual nozzles that not only make this toilet versatile but as well as easy to clean. The two nozzles are removable. And with the built-in deodorizer, your toilet will smell fresh after every use.


    • Dual nozzle for ease of cleaning your nether area
    • It comes with a tank-style warm water
    • It has an air deodorizer to keep the toilet smelling fresh
    • Convenient to use with the remote control
    • Adjustable seat heat
    • Suitable for compact toilets as it is round
    • No more slamming with the slow-closing lid
    • Eco-friendly energy saver mode
    • 3-year warranty


    • It doesn’t feature a control panel
    • It lacks nightlight

    BioBidet Bliss BB-2000 Elongated White Smart Toilet Seat

    The BioBidet Bliss BB-2000 elongated white bidet smart toilet seat is ideal for people who want comfort and luxury in their bathroom. Equipped with an elongated style seat, this unit offers comfort to a broad range of users. Additionally, it has many features that make it stand out from the rest. Such features include the motor-driven nozzle, hydro flush, and patented vortex water stream. In our Bio Bidet reviews, it is the most expensive and the smartest bidet toilet seat.

    Technical Specifications of Bliss BB200

    Features Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000
    Size: Elongated
    Color: White
    Material: ABS, Stainless Steel Nozzles
    Water Consumption: 1 GPM
    Capacity: 400 lbs
    Coverage: 15 Amperage
    Stainless Nozzle: Yes
    Voltage: 120V
    With exclusive Hydro-Flush Technology: Yes
    Batteries:  2 AA batteries are required. (included)
    Remote control operation: Yes
    Warranty:  Three Year Limited
    Deodorizer: Yes
    Air dryer: Yes
    Slow closing lid: Yes
    Weight: 15.27 pounds
    Dimensions: 21 x 15.6 x 9 inches
    Price: Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 ToiletCheck Today’s Price

    The Motor-driven nozzle is reliable, accurate, and consistent in movement. The hydro flush gets rid of all impurities from the nozzle to keep it clean and ready for work. On the other hand, the patented vortex water stream delivers a signature vortex wash, posterior, and feminine wash. Apart from that, it has a touch screen side panel for ease of use or remote control for convenient use. And with the hybrid heating technology, you will always be supplied with warm water during use.

    Other notable features include eco-friendly mode, adjustable heated seat, adjustable warm air, bubble infused aerated wash, power save, and air deodorizer.


    • It is of an elongated design for added comfort
    • A warm air dryer ensures unlimited warm water on demand so that you don’t use tissue paper
    • Nightlight makes identifying the toilet in the dark simple
    • The seat warmer provides comfort in cold conditions
    • Easy to operate with the wireless control
    • The eco-friendly model requires less toilet paper and saves power
    • Hybrid heating system for added comfort
    • Keeps the nozzles clean with the hydro-flush
    • Adjustable warm air dries you under after every use
    • Touchscreen panel for convenient use
    • Powerful deodorizer keeps toilet smelling fresh


    • Some users have complained that the toilet seat doesn’t get very warm
    • It is expensive compared to a normal toilet seat

    BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 Elongated White Bidet Seats

    The BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 is another luxurious seat but at a slightly lower price than the BB-2000. However, it also comes packed with lots of features that will make your toilet experience to be never the same. The unit is easy to operate by using the wireless remote control. Also, it boasts of a soft-closing seat that doesn’t slam and can be heated in cold conditions.

    Technical Specifications of Bliss BB100

    Features Bio Bidet Bliss BB1000
    Size: Elongated
    Color: White
    Material: Plastic
    Water Consumption: 1 GPM
    Capacity: 400 lbs
    Coverage: Amperage
    3-in-1 Stainless Nozzle: Yes
    Voltage: 120V
    Temperature Range: 75-104 °F
    Wattage:  660 watts
    Batteries: 2 AA batteries are required.
    Warranty:  Three Year Limited
    Quick-release for easy clean: Yes
    Adjustable hot air dry: Yes
    Wireless remote control: Yes
    Weight: 1 pound
    Dimensions: 2 AA batteries are required.
    Price: Bio Bidet Bliss BB1000 ToiletCheck Today’s Price

    On top of that, installing the toilet seat is simple. This elegant and stylish seat offers different wash settings that make it worth buying. However, what we liked most about this BioBidet 1000 was its 3-in-1 nozzle. The nozzle delivers a soft wash, massage wash, and wide cleaning. It all depends on your preference.

    Furthermore, the nozzle stays clean as it has a self-cleaning function. And with the air deodorizer, your toilet will remain smelling fresh after every use. Turn on the eco-mode if you want to save power and tissue paper.

    Overall, this is a fantastic and reliable toilet seat that will bring luxury and comfort to your contemporary bathroom.


    • Easy to use with the wireless control
    • 3-in-1 nozzle offers a thorough cleaning
    • Self-cleaning nozzles ensure that the toilet is kept clean
    • Simple to install
    •  Vortex Enema function
    • Air deodorizer keeps the toilet smelling fresh
    • The heated seat provides comfort in cold conditions
    • Eco-friendly mode saves power
    • Adjustable air dryer gets rid of the use of tissue
    • No more slamming with the soft-closing seat
    • These electric bidet seats offer a 3-year warranty


    • It doesn’t feature a nightlight
    • No side panel for controlling the bidet seat

    BioBidet Slim One Smart White Elongated Seat

    For those on a budget, the BioBidet Slim One smart toilet in the elongated design should be a good choice. This seat may feature a sleek and slim design, but it is very comfortable.

    All the features of BioBidet One Smart Slim Elongated

    Features Bio Bidet Slim One Smart
    Size: Elongated
    Color: White
    Material: ABS
    Power Source: Corded-Electric
    Capacity: 400 lbs
    Water Consumption: 0.32 gallons
    Stainless Nozzle: Yes
    Voltage: 120V
    Night Light: Yes
    Batteries:  4 AA batteries are required.
    Dual Message Cleaning: Yes
    Intelligent Body Sensor: Yes
    Posterior & Anterior Cleaning: Yes
    Turbo Wash: Yes
    Child Wash: Yes
    Weight: 15 pounds
    Dimensions: 22 x 19 x 6 inches
    Price: Bio Bidet Slim One Smart ToiletCheck Today’s Price

    Similar to many BioBidet toilets, this bidet model features a 3-in-1 nozzle that is suitable for the whole family. Females will get a feminine wash, men a posterior wash, and there is also a kid’s wash. Apart from that, it delivers a dual massage, which is ideal for people looking for comfort.

    This smart toilet cannot operate without sensing the body of the user seated on top. So, it is very effective in performance. Besides, you will use the side control panel to select a water temperature or pressure that is best for your needs.

    With the nightlight, you won’t have to be distracted from your sleep with bright lights as it allows you to identify the toilet with a lot of ease. Generally, this is one of the best BioBidet toilet seats for the money.


    • Side control panel for ease of use
    • Ideal for family with the feminine, posterior, and child wash
    • Intelligent body sensor with wide extension cord
    • Nightlight makes detecting toilets in the dark simple
    • Dual massage cleaning for added comfort
    • It comes with a heated seat for added comfort
    • Easy to set up


    • It doesn’t come with an air dryer function
    • Poor installation instructions

    BioBidet A7 Aura Affordable Bidet Seats

    The BioBidet A7 Aura elongated bidet seat is another exceptionally affordable seat on this list. Nevertheless, it is one of the comfortable BioBidet seats on the market. Fitted with an elongated toilet bowl design, this seat serves many people and offers excellent comfort. It comes with an LED control that makes controlling this electric toilet to be simple. On top of that, it has a nightlight that prevents the user from glare from light. Instead, they can easily detect the toilet in the dark by identifying where the blue nightlight is.

    Technical Specifications of Bio Bidet A7 Aura Adjustable Heated Seat

    Features Bio Bidet A7 Aura
    Size: Elongated
    Color: White
    Material: Plastic
    Certification: Certified frustration-free
    Stainless Nozzle: Yes
    Heated Seat: Streamlined comfort, adjustable
    wide clean and pulsating message technology: Yes
    Led lit side control panel: Yes
    Energy Saving Mode: Yes
    Weight: 1 pound
    Dimensions: 19.02 x 15.98 x 4.02 inches
    Price: Bio Bidet Bliss BB1000 ToiletCheck Today’s Price

    Additionally, the BioBidet Aura 7 toilet seat is easy to install. Fitted with the stainless steel nozzle, this is a unit that will last as the nozzle is the main cleansing feature. It will also give you different cleaning options, which include posterior, feminine, oscillating, and pulsating wash.

    During cold mornings and in winter, you can turn on the heated seat settings so that you’re comfortable using the toilet. And with the air dryer, you will not require toilet paper as cleansing, and then drying is more hygienic than using tissue paper.


    • It has an elongated design for added comfort
    • Convenient LED side panel
    • Sturdy and reliable stainless steel nozzle
    • Simple to install
    • Eco-friendly mode saves power and toilet paper
    • The heated seat offers comfort in cold conditions
    • Air drying function helps in the cleaning of your under


    • The spray is not very powerful
    • It lacks an air deodorizer

    Bio Bidet’s Slim Zero-Non Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilet

    The BioBidet Slim Zero-non electric bidet seat is another fantastic affordable toilet seat on our list. It may not be feature-packed like most high-end BioBidet toilet seats, but it is wonderful for maintaining high levels of hygiene. Thanks to the various outstanding functions that it comes with. One of the most remarkable attributes of this unit is that it doesn’t use electricity. Instead, it runs on batteries. In this Bio Bidet reviews article, it is the cheapest bidet toilet seat that you can buy.

    Technical Specifications of Bio Bidet Zero – Elongated Bidet Seat

    Features Bio Bidet Slim Zero
    Size: Elongated
    Color: White
    Material: Chrome plated
    Strong Lid: Yes
    Dual Nozzle: Yes
    Non-Electric: Yes
    Two-stage battery-powered nightlight: Yes
    Batteries:  2 AA batteries are required. (included)
    Weight: 4.85 pounds
    Dimensions: 19.68 x 14.3 x 2.25 inches
    Price: Bio Bidet Slim Zero ToiletCheck Today’s Price

    The seat comes with a dual nozzle, which makes it suitable for use by the entire family. Thanks to the powerful posterior wash and soft feminine wash. So, the whole family with kids included will have an easy time using the seat. A unique feature of this bidet is the two nightlights that the user has to choose. So, you can personalize the toilet to have a nightlight color that you love.

    Moreover, it has a slow-closing seat that prevents users from hurting their fingers and banging the toilet. Additionally, this helps kids to have a sound sleep if a person visits the toilet at night. At such an amazing price, this is a wonderful purchase for homeowners on a budget.


    • Dual nozzle for all family members
    • Sleek and sturdy design for durability
    • A slow-closing seat prevents slamming
    • Easy to install
    • It is battery-powered


    • Like other non electric bidet seats, It doesn’t have an air deodorizer

    About BioBidet

    BioBidet is one of the most popular bidet toilet seat brands on the market. They have a wide range of bidet toilet seats on offer. Their bidets are stylish, sturdy, and with exceptional features. They offer affordable bidets, mid-range bidets, and high-end bidets. When you decide to install a BioBidet seat, you will forget about tissue paper as they utilize a stream of hot and cold water to wash your nether area.

    Finding the best BioBidet toilet seat is not an easy feat. But after highlighting some of the popular Bio Bidet seats on the market, you can now go ahead and pick a seat that meets both your needs and demands. BioBidet brand designs high-quality and affordable bidets for everyone. It is just a matter of taste and preference.

    If you want to land the best BioBidet toilet, consider its design, ease of use, functionality, and durability. Note that not all bidet seats come with a heated seat or blow dryer. Also, you will have to choose the right toilet design for your toilet. It can either be elongated or round bowl.

    Overall, BioBidet toilet seats offer exceptional features at a fantastic price. However, the final selection depends on you. I hope you have got a clear idea after reading ourBio Bidet reviews.


    Question: Why choose a BioBidet seat?
    Answer: BioBidet toilets are convenient and provide lots of benefits across users of different ages. The BioBidet toilet seats are made of some of the best materials and features on the market. However, they are affordable and readily available. Additionally, these seats make you feel clean and fresh after every wash. When you install one of the BioBidet seats in your bathroom, you will forget about toilet paper shortage as they are very hygienic with their cleansing function.

    Question: Do BioBidets come with a remote control?
    Answer: Yes, the Bio Bidet makes the control panel very easy. But not all of them. This is among the features that make some BioBidets toilet seats to be unfavorable. This is because many high-end brands, such as Kohler Bidets and Toto bidets, come with remote control. As a result, they are not very hygienic as you still have to touch most of their toilet seats during operation. On top of that, their toilet seats are not automatic, unlike most Kohler and Toto bidets.

    Question: Does BioBidet clean themselves after cleansing your nether area?
    Answer: Yes, they do. However, their cleaning system is not as effective as that in Kohler or Toto. The Kohler bidet seat comes with a UV light that helps to keep the wand free of contamination. On the other hand, Toto has the eWater+ sanitization system that also cleans the nozzle and sanitizes it after every use. This is a feature that you won’t find in any of the BioBidet toilets. So, if you’re looking for a toilet seat with better hygiene standards, then you should consider going for a Kohler bidet or Toto bidet.

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