Accidentally dropped retainer in the toilet: Can I disinfect and re-use It?

Sometimes you may face some situations that you have not imagined at all. Dropping the retainers into a toilet is a kind of circumstance. Some people may start vomiting after thinking about using the dropped retainer in a commode. But believe it or not, every problem has an intelligent solution. What is the best way to use your retainer if it drops into the toilet? Now prepare to take the easiest washing methods and use them again. You can also disinfect the retainer after getting the cleaning methods from this article. Thus the harmful germs can remove from your retainer and make you tension free. 

The Process of Rescuing Retainer from The Commode

Using the toilet can not be enjoyable after losing anything in the place. When it happens, you may be worried about the thing every time. So, the essential work is to quickly rescue the dropped retainer from the toilet. There are several processes to rescue the dropped retainers from the toilet. You may follow one of them as your possibility.

  • Use a plunger

Using a plunger is the easiest way to rescue the retainer from the toilet. A plunger is a piece of equipment that helps pluck any item that falls into the commode. The people primarily use a plunger to wash the commode and clear the jam. But, it can also be used for rescuing the retainer or other things which have fallen into the toilet., Metal flanges are the most effective types of equipment to solve the work. 

  • Use a magnet on a stick.

When you have no plunger in your house, you should attach a magnet with a stick. Then you will use it to rescue the retainer from the commode. The magnet will attract the metal retainer easily and bring it fast. So, making this equipment touch the retainer is also an excellent way to rescue it. how to use magnetic stick on toilet

How to Clean and Disinfect The Dropped Retainers?

When you mistakenly drop your retainers, you need to replace them. But, you can also use the dropped retainer by rescuing it from the toilet and washing it. It is unbelievable to some people that washing a retainer, which has fallen into a commode, is possible. But, the effective methods of cleaning the retainer are the complaints of the retainer users. 

Here I am presenting some ways of cleaning the retainer that has fallen into the toilet. 

  • Boiling The Retainer

Everyone knows boiling is a process that is useful to remove any unseen germs from any item. Significantly, the foods are cooked to extract the unhygienic bacteria and make them healthy. Likewise, the boiled retainers can be safe and free from germs. Boiling removes the germs from the toilet and makes the retainer neat and clean. Moreover, keeping the retainer in boiled water is good because it increases the glassiness of the retainer. So, boil it when you drop it into the toilet. 

  • Clean The Retainer with Toothpaste

Are you astonished after knowing you can clean the retainer with toothpaste? Yes, you can. Toothpaste is a material for cleaning your tooth, and a retainer is a piece of equipment inside your mouth. A retainer stays clean when you brush your tooth. The retainer sticks with your tooth directly connected with your toothbrush and remains hygienic.How to Clean Retainers When the retainer falls into your toilet, it becomes full of bacteria and other harmful things. So, you have to clean it immediately after rescuing it with a plunger. Toothpaste use is the most straightforward process as toothpaste is available around us in our home. So, you will brush the retainer with toothpaste and clean it straightforwardly.

  • Use Hydrogen Peroxide

cleaning Retainers with Hydrogen PeroxideDo you know how essential cleaning material hydrogen peroxide is? It cleans any metal material quickly and disinfects it efficiently. So, using hydrogen peroxide can be an admirable decision for cleaning the retainer that was dropped in the toilet. 

There are some cautions about using the material. Hydrogen peroxide is not suitable for our skin. It can be harmful when you directly use it on your skin. So, you have to use a face mask and gloves before cleaning the metal retainers with hydrogen peroxide. 

There are also hydrogen peroxide solutions available in the market. Take a piece of a reliable company and pour a little amount into the bowl. Now smear the hydrogen peroxide on the retainer and wait for a few minutes. Clean the retainer with fresh water. 

  • Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda is an essential cleaning item for a lot of items. It may be necessary for washing your toilet items and other important things. Similarly, it can cleanse your retainer quickly. When you mix baking soda with vinegar, it can be an effective solution to clean anything. 

First, rescue the retainer from the toilet. Use about three spoonfuls of baking soda and some vinegar. Now melt the mixture and make a solution. After getting the solution complete, you will sink the retainer into the mix. After several minutes, you have to take the retainer and wash it with water efficiently. You can easily understand how clear the retainer is now. 

  • Clean The Retainer with Denture Cleaning Tablet

If you find any process to clean and disinfect your retainer after rescuing it from the toilet, you may use the denture cleaning tablets to make it clean and hygienic. The denture cleaning tablets are made to clean the dental items and remove the bacteria and other delicate but harmful items. So, using the denture cleaning tablets can be one of the best solutions for cleaning the retainer. While using the thing, you must follow the instructions of the packet. 

  • Clean With Dishwasher

When you read the materials in a dishwasher, you may find some ingredients to disinfect your pots and pans. It is also helping to clean the retainer after rescuing it from the toilet. 

Mix some dishwasher with measured boiled water and stir it. Now sink your retainer in the mixture. You must keep it for several minutes. Then, pick the retainer up from the water and use it again.


A retainer is necessary for some people who want to get their teeth in perfect shape. But unfortunately, when it drops into the toilet, it becomes a reason for worry. This article showed you some practical ways of cleaning and disinfecting your retainer. Moreover, you can take some extra care after your retainer. May your retainer be kept in a suitable weather place to keep the metal items stain-free. Removing the retainer from your home at night will be another decision to care for the product. Finally, the dirty retainers can be usable after cleaning them in the best way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can happen if you use a dirty retainer?

A retainer stays in your mouth. The mouth is the first place to enter food into the stomach. When the retainer is dirty, the foods will also be affected by dirt. As a result, you may get several diseases. So, it is essential to keep the retainer clean every time. 

A dirty retainer is not suitable for use in the mouth. Significantly, if the retainer falls into the toilet and anyone uses it, he can start spewing. Cleaning the retainer will keep you safe from bacteria and other harmful elements. 

  • Does a retainer have the ability to hold bacteria?

Most of the time, a retainer stays in the mouth. Every day, we eat several foods, and the food’s waste stays in our bodies. It causes increasing bacteria in our body. A retainer is the nearest item to our teeth that has a profound connection with the foods. So, the bacteria from the food can attach to the retainer and tooth every day. 

  • Should I wear my retainer at night?

Everyone has to use a retainer according to the prescription of an orthodontist. When you use a retainer to format your tooth’s shape, you have to wear it only during the day. But you can put off the retainer at night. There is no need to wear the thing for shaping your teeth all day and night.

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  1. Please check whether your retainer can be boiled before doing so because if they are plastic they will soften and become misshapen and you will have to replace them!!

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