How Do You Clean a Toilet Seat to Make It Look New Again?

A toilet is an important place, and you can not ignore it. It is the most important place when nature calls you. Do you think toilet cleaning is a difficult household chore? It is not at all. Like the other cleaning process, toilet cleaning is easy now. Some efficient and straightforward ways are effective and fruitful to keep your toilet clean. Human wastes, including urine and stools, make your toilet bowl dirty every day. But the toilet seat also can be contaminated.

There are about a hundred bacteria on a toilet seat and a million bacteria on a kitchen sponge. But, the toilet seat can be more contaminated because of fecal bacteria, influenza, and other germs from human waste. So, you may find it a dirty place. But, when you learn about the cleaning process of the toilet seat, you can make it a place of beauty. The toilet seat is the most used item in the bathroom. So, you have to keep it clean and hygienic. In this article, you will learn about the dynamic cleaning process of a toilet and the procedures.

Different Methods of Cleaning A Toilet Seat

The toilet cleaning process is not limited. You can use many different ingredients to clean the toilet. So, somehow if you can not manage one, you can look for the others. Here I am presenting some of the ingredients to clean your toilet easily.

  • Cleaning toilet seat with bleach

Do you want to utilize the best way to clean the toilet seat? Bleach will be the perfect solution and suitable material for working with warm water. It does not hamper the glazy outlook of your toilet seat. Instead, when you use bleach on your toilet seat, it will remain glazy and present a more attractive view.Cleaning With Bleach

Process of Bleaching:

Take a spray bottle. Make a bleach solution and pour it into the bottle. You have to mix it with warm water. Otherwise, you can not work with it. Then, spray it throughout the toilet seat and wipe it slowly with a sponge. After the process, you will find your toilet cleaner and glazier.

  • Using Vinegar

Are you finding a good solution for cleaning your toilet seat? Vinegar can be one of them. It will be one of your companions as a beneficial product for stains.

What is the procedure?

 clean toilet seat with vinegarFirst, you have to collect a bottle of distilled vinegar. Now clean the toilet seat efficiently. You have to use paper towels to wipe the toilet seat after using vinegar. Using vinegar with the towels is the most efficient way without mixing the solution with any other material. After using vinegar, you will wipe the whole toilet seat. It will make you pleased to see how clean the toilet seat is.

  • Baking Soda

Using baking soda is very effective for cleaning every toilet piece of equipment. Baking soda is not only the equipment suitable for cleaning toilet seats but also toilet bowls and lids. The baking soda paste can be a perfect solution for cleaning your toilet seat without stains. But, it has a bit of limitation. Baking soda can not clean bacteria. So, if you want to clean the toilet seat and remove the bacteria, you may use disinfecting and wipe the toilet seat with the toilet seat with baking soda

How to Use Baking Soda?

First, mix one-quarter cup of baking soda with warm water. The mixture will be an effective solution to remove the dirt and scratches from your toilet seat. Now you have to stir the mix until you get a paste and pour the paste into the toilet seat. You should put the cleaner on the toilet seat for about 15-20 minutes and wait. After using the baking soda solution, scrub the toilet seat by using it with sufficient elbow grease. The process is worthy of removing the stains from the toilet seat and bowl. Then utilize the disinfecting to make the toilet seat hygienic. At last, you will pour clean water on the toilet seat and make it clear and hygienic.

  • Coca-Cola

What can you do if anything is not available in your house to clean the toilet seat and remove the stain? An available drink in your refrigerator can be used in this process. Using coca-cola is not surprising for cleaning a toilet seat. You coca-cola is a kind of acidic drink. Phosphoric acid is an essential item to remove the stains of the toilet, and it is the main ingredient of coca-cola. Every bottle of coca-cola contains 0.017% of phosphoric acid. So, the acidic character of the drink can remove the stain on your toilet.Cleaning Toilet Seat With Coka Cola

Process of Using Coca-Cola:

There is no need to mix coca-cola with any solution; pour the drink onto the toilet seat. Then clean it with a paper towel or sponge. You can also clean the toilet bowl with coca-cola by pouring a bottle. You must remember that coca-cola is not an antibacterial item. So, you have to run a sufficient amount of antibacterial things to clean the toilet surface entirely.

Simple Steps for Cleaning A Toilet Seat Properly

Collecting the materials for cleaning the toilet is insufficient; you must have the proper knowledge about the toilet cleaning steps. Here I present the steps from first to last for cleaning the toilet seat efficiently.

Step 01: Prepare The Cleaner and Pour it on The Seat

First, you have to prepare the solution for cleaning the toilet. Suppose you want to use baking soda. So, you have to mix the soda with sufficient hot water and prepare the solution. But, when you want to use coca-cola for cleaning the toilet surface without cleaning bacteria, you can only pour the solution without mixing it with anything. In this circumstance, you can use a disinfect and make the toilet seat germ-free.How to Clean a Toilet Properly

  • Step 02: Wipe The Toilet Seat

When you use the solution, it starts working to clean the toilet seat. Then, you can wipe the seat. You have to wash it carefully as no speck of dirt remains. Use distilled vinegar for a stain-free wiping. Using a spray is the best way for easy wiping. First, pour the vinegar into the spray bottle. Then spray it on the toilet seat. At last, wipe the toilet seat with a clean and soft cloth or sponge.wipe the toilet seat sign

  • Step 03: Scrub The Toilet Seat Exterior

Pouring the solution and washing it is not enough to clean the toilet seat. You have to wipe with a smooth cloth and solution. But, there is another work, and that is scrubbing the toilet seat. It takes your extra attention because scrubbing makes the toilet seats and bowls free from urine stains and other unwanted germs.


Cleanliness is a desired habit for everyone. The fancy people always try to have a neat and clean place everywhere. So, they also want to have clean and clear toilet seats. You have found several cleaning items for use after a toilet seat. You can use any of them and get the material shiny and pleasant. So, do not be late; when your toilet becomes dirty, you have to take steps to clean it efficiently. The clean toilet bowls and toilet seats can make the time beautiful when you spend in your toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Cleaner For The Toilet Seat?

There are several toilet cleaners and toilet seat cleaners. It is hard to say which is the best cleaner. But, it is the best way to choose one of the cleaners, including bleaching, baking soda, and coca-cola, according to your necessity. Suppose you need to clean the toilet and get a shiny outlook. But, you will use the antibacterial thing. You can use coca-cola as a toilet seat cleaner. But, with the antibacterial cleaners available like baking soda or vinegar, you do not need to mix extra items with these materials.

Can I Remove The Yellow Stains from My Toilet Seat?

The yellow stains of the toilet seat can be a reason for losing your toilet’s beauty. Immediately you have to take a step to remove the paint to keep the shininess of your toilet seat. You have to use a good toilet cleaner for household toilet cleaning. Good quality toilet brush is necessary for removing the stains. The yellow color stains can be removed fast when you use them as it was impossible with the general washings.

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