Who is responsible for clogging the toilet: tenants or landlords?

I know that no home is complete without a bathroom. Do you add an extra toilet to increase your flat resale value by almost 20%? Adding a toilet can get you some extra credit. However, if you are unable to purchase a home, renting is the best option for you. Renting a house is also dealing with the landlord. So when you face any problem, you get confused. Who will solve this for you? Is it your responsibility or the landlords? Toilet clogging is one of the most common problems faced by any tenant. So let’s see who gets the responsibility of solving the problem of clogging the toilet.

Why does the toilet get clogged?

A flushing toilet is where people use to put their daily human waste into it. So this is a must part of any house or hotel. And clogging the bathroom is like a nightmare for every user. You can quickly block a toilet. This is designed for human waste; if you throw in other hard things like hair, meditation, cat liters, etc., block the toilet flush valve. This causes clogging, and yes, you are in trouble if you are not living in your own house. Sometimes it makes a mess to clean up with the help of a plumber. So before putting anything, then human waste, whether it will clog the toilet or not.

Who takes responsibility for toilet clogging?

Buying a house, though, many people prefer to rent a home. But a few things get you confused when you go to be a tenant. So when you clog a toilet accident, you may ask yourself, who will take this liability? It’s a very long debating-type question.so I divide this into a two-part solution. I hope it will help you to find the answer.

For tenants: What should you do to keep the toilet clog-free?

If you are a tenant, you have some duty alongside some privilege. And you need to fulfill those properly. Otherwise, you won’t get the benefit. Clogging a toilet is a universal problem, I think. And this happens most often in every family. I know following some simple steps can quickly solve this problem or prevent it before it happens.

Know the exact reason

Before talking about making tenants advantageous, you must point out the problem and the reason for clogging the toilet. Because many people just threw their hard waste or pet liters into the toilet bowl, it just blocked the trap valve and resulted in a clogged toilet. So you need to know who is the reason behind this blocked toilet. If you, then it’s your responsibility to repair this.how to fix a toilet that keeps clogging up

Monitor children’s activities near the toilet

If you have children, then always keep your eyes on them. These kids are the villains behind the toilets blocking most of the time. They just throw excess tissue into it or throw away their toys unconsciously; when you flush it, this traps into the valve and creates a disaster. So try to teach your child not to put this thing into the toilet bowl and use as much tissue as you need.

Keep the toilet clean and hygienic.

Cleaning your washroom is also an essential part of tenants. If you don’t wash your toilet regularly, it increases the chance of blocking. A dirty bathroom is also not healthy because many germs remain there. If you don’t clean your washroom and stop it, you need to clean it by yourself, and if it needs a plumber, you should pay for it.Keep the toilet clean and hygienic

These are your duties as a tenant. You may think, where is your privilege? Yes, you get some significant benefit from the landlord. Suppose you get a clogged washroom in the house from the beginning. And All responsibilities go to the landlord’s shoulders. They need to clean and repair it by themselves or by a plumber. And the bill of the plumber is also on the landlord’s side. 

What are the landlord’s responsibilities for keeping the toilet running without a clog?

When you are a landlord, you first need to make a file about all of your property. You have to document everything in the apartment, like photos or videos. You need it if any abusive or notorious tenants get rent without your knowledge. But before giving rent, always get through about the past of your tenants for safety.

Check the waterline.

Now talk about some responsibilities you need to follow when renting your house. The first one is to check the water quality supply in the washroom. If It came with dirt and a reason for clogging their bathroom or flush tank, then it’s your responsibility to clean it or pay for it. That’s why I always suggest you check your part in your apartment before renting it.

Don’t delay! Call a plumber

If any tenants are accidentally caught by a clogged toilet and informed about this, you need to take action as fast as possible. If you intentionally ignore it, they make it worse. The responsibility needs to abide by you. and if it needs a plumber to fix it, you also have to pay for it.when to call a plumber for a clogged toilet

It’s your responsibility to tell them about the toilet’s hygiene and check if they keep it clean or not. Because sometimes your tenants make a big clog into the washroom which is hard or unable to repair. For this reason, you have the right to charge them, and they need to pay for it also.

What should you do if the toilet gets clogged in an emergency?

Sometimes tenants face sudden clogs in the washroom, and if there is only one washroom in their apartment, it depends on the tenants. Either inform your landlord about this; otherwise, you need to call a plumber and repair it immediately.

Sometimes if one toilet is clogged in one apartment, others are also blocked. That means it’s a mainline clog. It is just a massive problem for all families living in those buildings. And this is a call for landlords or tenants, just like I told you before.

So I think everyone knows what makes this mess. If they stay out of these things through their washroom, it solves all problems. A clean bathroom is also mandatory for every family. It ensures a healthy family.


A washroom is the prominent spot of every house, and it’s your own or rental. It would help if you used this every morning, so think about the importance of this corner. But for renting the house, you need to check if everything is alright there or not. And it’s also the responsibility of a landlord to check everything before renting the home. Talk about every detail between the landlord and tenants to clarify future confusion and any problems.

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