Toto Cefiontect vs. Sanagloss: Is There Any Comparison?

“Sanagloss” and “CeFiONtect glaze” are the same in terms. There is no difference between them. Different brands use the name “Cefiontect” on their product manuals, but the term “SanaGloss” is only used by Toto because the brand patents it.

Do you want to get a brand-new toilet to decorate your bathroom nicely? If so, then Toto is one of the best companions. It is the largest toilet brand in the world. This famous company manufactures wide different varieties of toiletry items. To meet all the requirements, they have various toilet models for different customers as well. Cefiontect and Sanagloss are two multiple models of the renowned brand. Both terms are the same, but slight differences are present between them. Their technicality differentiates one from the other.

Cefiontect is more complicated to pronounce than Sanagloss to the general public. So, Sanagloss is an excellent alternative to Cefiontect for the public to pronounce and recall. Also, Sanagloss is close to the shiny glaze of the toilet set.

What does Cefiontect mean?

Toto Cefiontect is one kind of conventional ceramic toilet set. It is smooth to the eyes, but it has some gaps where waste, mold, and bacteria can hide easily. Toto Cefiontect is a durable coating. You can use it for many years with its glossy and beautiful outlook. The manufacturers used some layers of glass fired onto the glaze to increase its sustainability. Cefiontect is a unique brand of Toto that prevents it from being porous. There is an ion barrier in Cefiontect. It helps to keep everything cleaner and longer-lasting. As a result, you should not clean it rapidly to mix more chemicals into the environment. Also, you have to clean it rapidly. As a result, you have to expend less water.

What is Sanagloss?

Sanagloss is a section of the renowned toilet company Toto. Sanagloss toilet users can maintain perfect cleanliness by using it. Toto Sanagloss helps us clear the toilet surface with an outstanding flushing system. The Toto Sanagloss is just like Cefiontect, but a miniature in functions and easy to recall the name. Toto Sanagloss has become popular among people with the glaze and Cefiontect finish. Its ionized barrier makes the surface super smooth, and the catalyzed ion barrier reduces the growth of bacteria, mold, and stains.

Do all Toto toilets have Sanagloss?

Almost every model of Toto comes with Sanagloss except models like the Toto Drake II Two-Piece toilet and the Toto Aquia Wall Hung Dual Flush Toilet. We can also say that the cheaper models are without Sanagloss for maintaining the budget of the general public.

Toto Cefiontect Vs. Sanagloss: What are the differences?

Toto Cefiontect and Sanagloss are the same in quality. Some slight differences are present between the two terms. The technicalities of the two items differ from one another. Cefiontect is superior in terms of technicality. But, Cefiontect was replaced with Sanagloss because of the ease of pronunciation. The miniature of the functions and ease of accent are the main characteristics of replacing the word form “Cefiontect” with “Sanagloss.”

People use Toto Cefiontect and Sanagloss interchangeably, depending on the situation. The terms vary with the people, also. For example, when the plumbers, marketers, and buyers say “Sanagloss” instead of “Cefiontect,” on the other hand, the brick-and-mortar retail stores use “Cefiontect” on the level instead of using “Sanagloss.”

What toilet should I buy? With or without Sanagloss?

The decision is yours if you want to buy a Toto toilet with or without Sanagloss. If you are going to collect a toilet set within a meager budget, you can buy the toilet set without Sanagloss. On the other hand, if you have enough budget and want to buy a toilet set that you can clean easily, you may go for Sanagloss. Sanagloss can fulfill your demand for cleaning the toilet surface efficiently. But you have to pay more for the feature. I recommend buying Toto Sanagloss as it is long-lasting and easy to clean.

Toilets with Sanagloss finish:

  1. TOTO UltraMax Eco ADA Compliant Toilet

Piece: 1-Piece
Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
Material: Vitreous China
Certification: WaterSense
Flush Type: Tornado Flush system
Seat: Integrated toilet seats

2. TOTO Ultramax One-piece Toilet

Water Usage: 1.6 GPF
Pieces: One-Piece
Material: Vitreous China

3. TOTO Integrated G500 Bidet Toilets

Water Consumption: 0.9/1.28 GPF
Pieces: One-piece
Certification: ADA Compliant & WaterSense
Shape: Skirted Design
Extra Features: Air Deodorizer & Heated Seat
Flush: Double Cyclone

toto sanagloss toilet seat

The reason for purchasing a Toilet set with Sanagloss

There are many reasons for buying a Sanagloss. You may buy without Sanagloss, but you will be deprived of some benefits. So, I am going to discuss the advantages of Toto Sanagloss.

Worth of Money

Seemingly the Toto Sanagloss may be costlier to you, but you can recover your money after using the fantastic toilet set. The admirable sustainability of Toto Sanagloss helps us use the toilet set for a long time. Your money won’t be destroyed; the extreme cleaning process and flushing system of Toto Sanagloss help you to save water. 

Ease of Cleaning

Everyone wants to use the thing that can be easy to clean. It saves our time and money. You can use the most available products to clean your Toto toilets. A mild detergent, a gel-based bowl cleaner, a soft cotton cloth, and a soft-bristled brush are enough to clean the toilet surface and keep it shiny. In short, you can only use a regular scrub to keep your toilet bowl clean and glazy.easy to clean toilet

Reservation of water

Some unwanted wastes cling to the toilet surface strongly. Sometimes it is challenging to remove the dirt from the toilet. The Toto Cefiontect has an extraordinary water conservation and flushing system that helps you quickly remove grime by flushing throughout. A single flush will remove all of the garbage from your toilet bowl. You can even remove the most difficult stains with subtle scrub by pouring a little detergent into it.

Elegant outlook

The Toto Sanagloss is preferable for many people for its aesthetic outlook with its shiny appearance. The beautiful appearance of the toilet items is eligible for chime in your bathroom. Do you like to install a modern bathroom in your home? No problem, the Sanagloss is with you. The perfect white sets can increase the beauty of your washroom. 

Time Worthy Flushing

The extraordinary flushing system of Toto saves you time and money. The speedy flushing system saves valuable time, and the system also saves money by cleaning the bowl surface entirely. The double-cyclone flushing system of Toto helps to fulfill both needs. What are the different Toto flushing systems?


The Toto Cefiontect and the Sanagloss will give you the perfect combination of value and attractive features. Because the majority of Toto toilets include Sanagloss, they are worthy of use in terms of saving time and water. Though the price is slightly higher, they are more comfortable in the long run. You can buy a Toto toilet without Sanagloss to save some money. But it would be better to indirectly reserve the money by expending low water for flushing using Sanagloss. As a result, you can get pleasure from using the Sanagloss.

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