In-depth comparison between gravity vs pressure assisted toilets

Do you know about the different types of toilet flushing methods? Don’t worry; you are in the perfect place. Your awareness is necessary for buying a new and ideal toilet. Gravity toilets and pressure-assisted toilets are two different kinds. Choosing a toilet between them is not so easy. It is not enough to think about the price; you have to think about the flushing system, hygiene, and many other things related to a toilet as well. So what is the actual difference between gravity and pressure-assisted toilets? To collect the information, read this comparison article to the end. Here you will know which one is cheap, durable, easy to use, and helpful in saving water.

Comparison Chart

Gravity Toilets

Pressure-Assisted Toilets

Water Consumption:LessMore
Bacteria forming:CommonRarely
Remain Hygiene:YesYes
Leakage Issue:CommonRare
Clogging issue:CommonRare

What is a Gravity Flush Toilet?

If you want to find out the differences, you first have to know the definitions. According to their names, the gravity flush toilet flushing functions are related to gravity. First, push the handle to open the valve. Use the handle to open the valve within the tank; the water will fall by the work of gravity. The water flow creates an effect that fills the commode with water. The forceful falling of water cleans your toilet by flushing it quickly. There is an extra pipe to fill the empty tank with water. The simplicity of the gravity toilet set makes it suitable for any house. Gravity toilets are familiar to people for their ease of does a toilet flush system work

Advantages of Gravity Toilets

  • Gravity toilets provide you with a cheaper rate. You can easily afford the cost of this kind of toilet. 
  • The spare parts for the gravity toilets are available around you. If any part is damaged, you can find a replacement quickly. The available spare parts are one kind of attraction for buying because the maximum number of people want to replace the damaged parts without changing the entire set. 
  • The repairing process of the gravity-assisted toilet is straightforward. As you can find all spare parts, you can also replace them quickly.
  • Clogging the gravity toilet is not hard. You can clog the surface if any dust falls into the commode.

Disadvantages of Gravity Flush Toilet

  • The cleaning process of the gravity-assisted toilet does not satisfy everyone. It can not create a large flow of water to wash the surface efficiently. As a result, some leftovers remain and should be removed again. 

Some of the best gravity flush toilets are:

What is a Pressure-Assisted Toilet?

Pressure-assisted toilets are comparatively new to the market. It is a toilet system with a flushing mechanism that uses a pressurized tank to pour a sufficient amount of water into the bowl. The appliance of the toilet system is to throw the water with a strong force and flush the toilet. You can use the high-level power of water to push the triggers, and the airflow of the commode will stress the water for cleaning the toilet surface.pressure assisted toilet

Advantages of Pressure-Assisted Toilet

  • If you are looking for a sustainable toilet set, pressure-assisted toilets are comparatively stronger than gravity toilets. 
  • The toilet does not create any dampness because of reducing condensation and vapor by the two-tank system, and it keeps the commode surface dry. 
  • The extraordinary flushing system prevents clogging from pressure-assisted toilets. So, in the bathroom, you can find less dust here than in the other commodes. Moreover, you do not have to flush your commode twice after one use. 
  • A Flushing system of pressure-assisted toilets is appropriate for removing all human waste. If there is a massive amount of human waste, pressure-assisted can remove these at a time. 
  • You can find a pile of water in the toilet bowl, which is helpful for cleaning the bowl surface by using less detergent.


Disadvantages of Pressure-Assisted Toilet

  • The pressure-assisted toilets are new in the market and so pricier. 
  • Lack of parts availability is one of the significant problems in fixing the toilet set if it breaks. 
  • Do you like noisy environments? The flushing system of pressure-assisted toilets creates such a sound that other people can wake up quickly. 

Difference Between the Pressure-Assisted Toilet and Gravity Toilet

The world is full of diversity. The choices of a variety of people are not the same. So they collect the different things as their necessity. There are some differences between the pressure-assisted system and the gravity toilet system.

Difference in Price

The gravity toilet is comparatively lower in price. The gravity-assisted toilet’s build and design are similar to other pricier toilet systems. It also includes ceramic materials. But why is the price lower than others? The operational process of the toilet system gets less equipment than other toilets to reach the tank. 

On the other hand, the pressure-assisted toilet is pricier because of its highly functional system. It is not from gold, but its extensive price is for the complex pressure cavity cylinder. But pressure-assisted toilets also include ceramic-like gravity toilets. You may replace the sewerage delivery pipes of the toilet tank. If you think water pressure increases after a few months, you can exchange them for better service. 

We can conclude that the functional difference between the two kinds of toilets differentiates the prices.  

Gravity Toilet is Easy to Maintain

Gravity toilets have been famous for many years among all classes of people. So a large number of people are familiar with the toilet system. The maintenance cost of a gravity toilet is less expensive than the pressure-assisted toilet. How a Standard Gravity Flush Toilet Works

The pressure-assisted toilet parts are less likely to break down. Lower maintenance is an essential feature of the toilet. It is easy for you to use the pressure-assisted toilet set for years without huge pain for maintenance. But, you have to remember that it is not less costly to repair as the gravity toilet. The maintenance cost is high but not so frequent. 

Everything has some opposing sides in the world. Do you want a less repairable toilet set? It is better to use pressure-assisted. However, you have to pay more money to repair it, but not frequently. 

Repairing and Finding Parts

The gravity flush toilet’s excellent quality and parts availability are convenient to repair if you need it. The simple design and equipment made the bathroom set long-lasting toilet equipment. But the set’s durability can also be hampered by the oscillation of the temperature. Therefore, sometimes you have to replace the parts of the gravity flush toilet set. Don’t worry; the toilet set is familiar, and its components are available. So, if you feel any problem with the equipment, collect the replaced items from your nearby shops. Another essential characteristic of the gravity toilet is you can repair it inside your home. toilet flapper replacementThe pressure-assisted toilet is a recent product. So you may not be familiar with the parts of it. You have to suffer from collecting the pieces if any part is damaged. If your living place is near the showroom and suitable for assembling the elements, you can get it. You can also order them online. There is another problem with repairing the pressure-assisted toilets. The top of the pipes is connected. So it is tough to identify the leakage of the lines. 

Who cleans better?

The pressure-assisted toilets are more effective in the flushing waste entirely by making water flow. The pressure starts to push the dirt and cleans the toilet surface thoroughly. When you wash the pressure-assisted, you will find no more dust in the toilet. When it throws a massive amount of water, it becomes helpful to you for eliminating the leftovers and keeping your toilet surface clean and clear. 

But the flushing feature of the gravity-assisted toilet is a bit lower than the pressure-assisted one. Gravity toilet does not throw a massive amount of water speedily; as a result, some dirt remains on the surface. 

Compare Water Usage

The flushing system of the gravity toilet is comparatively weak. So, it uses less water to remove the leftovers. A smaller amount of water can not clear them most efficiently, but it decreases the misuse of water.

The pressure-assisted toilet is rich in features with a unique flushing system. Therefore, the expense of water is higher than with gravity toilets. Pressure-assisted utilizes a considerable amount of water to clean all the garbage at a time throughout the day. If you are frugal about water and do not want to waste it, we can decide that the gravity toilet is better.

Final Remarks

Every item can be good as a personal choice for everyone. Do you want to buy something for your daily use? After verifying, you have to decide carefully whether the product is better for you. It is true that the best one will depend on your preference. You may think the pressure-assisted toilet is more expensive, but you must also believe it can decrease your cost after repairing it frequently. However, the decision must be long-lasting for your best experience. On the other hand, the gravity toilet will save water as a low-flow toilet. It is likely to decrease the waste of water.

Winner in terms of…

Cost Efficiency: Gravity Flush Toilet
Flushing Power: Pressure-Assist Toilet
Replacement Parts: Gravity Toilet

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