4 Simple Steps for Cleaning a Portable Toilet

4 Simple Steps for Cleaning a Portable ToiletWhen it comes to using a portable toilet, it is the biggest aspect of maintaining hygiene. A foul odor is the most common impression of a portable toilet. The chemical fluid in portable toilets is one of the biggest ways to keep the toilet fresh. In this article, we will share some important maintenance and hygiene tricks for this type of toilet. These cleaning methods of portable toilets will be handy.

Portable toilet working mechanism

A portable toilet may simplify the absurdity of a normal toilet. This unit is the core ambiguity for the incessant holding tank and the toilet seat. The key pressure system has a core formulation, making the whole system a furry of magnitude. The degradation of waste is made possible by applying some simple steps. The portable toilets can be moved while you are camping. It can support you in places where it is impossible to install a normal, conventional toilet.

Human waste is the most natural thing that can come at so much annoyance to the main system of plumbing. The degradation of the waste sometimes creates a lot of bad smells that are so hard to resist. The degradation process is complete with the biomass present in the main channel.

The bio-toilets have a resemblance to Portable toilets. There is a Portable toilet flushing system that is also manageable. The hidden water tank inside the toilets is so casual. Toilet chemicals from the holding tank need to be checked. This tank holds waste and liquids. The draining system and water supply must be in a synergetic position.

Easiest Way to Clean a Portable Toilet 

Equipment required for the cleaning service:

  • Toilet Deodoriser 
  • Odor removing spray
  • Waste suction
  • Toilet chemical replacement fluid
  • Odor removing fluid
  • High-pressure wash
  • vacuum machine
  • PPE Equipment 
  • paper and hand sanitizer
  • Anti-Bacterial spray with great fragrance

Step 1- Use the Pump to Remove the Waste

The first chore that should be done is to empty your toilet’s waste. Pumping waste from the toilet is the most conventional thing. Turn on the faucet inside the toilet and then open the valve. This valve is situated on the side of the toilet. After that pump, the water is out and then checks the tank’s level. The water level in the tank shrouds with no correct performance.Use the Pump to Remove the Waste

Getting fresh water before you advance to the cleaning process is also crucial. Replace the water in the tank and have an intrusion in the main orchard. The pumping units are used in the system so that it can include Sanitizing.

Install a hose so that it can assemble the intrusion of the debris. Prevent debris from being inserted inside the clogging hose. If the waste level slashes, check the cleaners to remove debris.

Step 2: Clean the toilet

Clean the toilet

Using bleach and vinegar to remove odors from the portable toilet is a diverse technique. Clean the toilet by using some bleach. On the other hand, let it sit for some time. Then start washing the toilet. You can also use hot water and detergent. Use Drano or green gobbler to clean your toilet. Scrub the toilet bowl using a scrubber. Use a brush and a drag to clean everything. Avoid using a toothbrush or small juncture. Leave it to dry After you clean it.

Step 3- Sanitizing the Interior

Sanitizing the Interior

The vacuuming and cleaning are done with safe, chemically indecent deodorizing products. Use a sanitizing agent to end the interior dullness. The interior of the toilet must be in a position where a small amount of white vinegar is enough to sanitize the system.

You must wipe it with a rubber or paper towel. Add some disinfectant spray to the interior. It can also prevent the spread of bacteria and kill all small pesticides. Thus, you can keep the toilet clean and sanitized. All the cleaners must refill the holding tank. The blue products are stronger than the normal ones. The deodorizing liquid format is more effective than the other cleaners. It accelerates cleaning practices.

Step 4: Use chemical cleaners

Use chemical cleaners

The fragrance enhancers are so popular in the case of disc-shaped toilet paper holders. It releases fresh scents. The toilet cleaner keeps the odor away. The urinal deodorizer has a totem unit. It will help hide the foul smell as well as prevent germs. Cleaners should supply essential consumables which have a decent maintenance process. The portable unit also has hand sanitizer, soap, and a garbage bin within the unit.

Our Recommended 3 Portable Toilets

Stansport portable toilets

Stansport portable toilets

It has a slightly larger and more comfortable toilet seat. There is a higher weight capacity. The bucket system is so diverse that it can increase almost anything. It weighs 200-250 pounds, which is heavier than normal.

This budget-friendly portable toilet is easier to carry, and the storage area facility has so much potential that the unused waste bags have the right toilet paper combo. This portable toilet has a large capacity to collect waste. The waste bucket is also big.

Playberg portable travel toilets

Playberg portable travel toilets

This portable toilet has a normal-sized toilet seat. There is a nice combination of comfort and eco-friendliness. It comes with a removable waste bucket system that is something to be admired. The two-part toilet seat has a liaison of the lid system. The waste bucket has more room than the other ones. It has Normal size toilet seat. It comes with a Built-in toilet paper holder.

Camco portable travel toilets

Camco portable travel toilets

The Camco portable travel toilet is a great extension of the system’s inclusion of the main diver. But it was a little bit more expensive. There are several bucket options for this one. The capacity of the Camco portable toilet is between 2.6 to 5.3 gallons. It exerts a manual pumping flush action.

The waste tank and the freshwater water tank are both spacious. It also comprises the bells and whistles system. The electric flush pump must be the greatest edition of any system. The built-in toilet paper holder is made of durable and long-lasting materials. Premium Camco portable toilets have to be in the main course of expansion. The three-way manual flush action makes the bowl stay cleaner.


A portable toilet is a great option for a quick defecating system. A bathroom is like a matter of great space. This one saves a lot of space as well as it uses almost no water. That is the fact making it a bad thing. The cleaning process is not that complex. It just needs to make a decent chug of spooning.

A dirty portable toilet is also a source of extreme health hazards. Cleaning it regularly can keep you free from any disease. A clean and sanitized portable toilet is like an asset to the homeowner. Using a paper towel to clean the portable toilet is much more appreciated. We hope you will benefit from this article on systematically clearing all portable toilet waste.

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