Why do toilet seats crack? Fix a cracked toilet seat

Fix a cracked toilet seatThe toilet seats are generally durable elements of the toilet that could be of wide varieties, like plastic or wooden. But whatever the material is is prone to rip apart for several reasons. On the other hand, the seats can endure a great load over the years without any issues. Though there are ample chances of the breakdown, and if you don’t notice the river seat, it will be a disaster for the toilet bowl and the entire compendiums. A loose hinge might make the seat vulnerable, or the seat may be ripped apart from its actual position. Often these simple issues cause devastating cracking and damaging problems.

You can find tons of causes for having a torn-out seat. Dampness can play havoc with the seat, and there is always a chance of sudden fracture. There could be some more causes like manufacturing defects or production faults. There may be in-built cracks and damage on the seat. Sometimes a crack is disguised, and after a few months of use, the crack comes into the daylight. In this article, we try to show how often toilet seats get dismantled and what the ways are to fix them. Finally, we will reveal some tremendous methods to prevent the toilet seat from cracking.

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A Toilet Seat Lifespan

A toilet seat is a very much prone element that is very much vulnerable to the heavyweight, and as you impose a lot of weight on the seat, it cracks unnecessarily. There must be a chronological disorder against this Crackdown. There is no fixed date and time when the seat will collapse, but it yields some severe symptoms of the coming collapse of the toilet seat. Let us have some identical issues on this topic.

Is the Crackdown on Toilet Seats common?

Toilet seats have no guarantee of the most long-lasting tenure because it depends on the materials used in the toilet seat. And there is a matter of great concern that the seat is breakable.

Some renowned brands have the world’s best Toilet seats and are made of the most durable materials of all time. However, they can not guarantee a lifetime durable seat because no 0ne can ever say that the seat will make a hundred-year tenure.

When your Toilet seat becomes old, it loses its roughness. It becomes brittle, and if you put a moderate weight on tej seat, it tends to crack in the worst manner. Sometimes dampness makes the seat so worn out that it automatically gets cracked and breaks down even at a lower weight and load.

How Long Should A Toilet Seat Last?

A Toilet Seat is the most sensible thing in the bathroom, and it can take a crackdown in a very unconventional manner. The durability and toughness of the Toilet Seat depend on the material used in the seat manufacturing.

Popular brands like Toto, Kohler, American Standard, and Gerber manufacture the world’s most durable and long-lasting products. If you buy any of these toilet seats, you will be assured in a constructive way as these usually give you service for more than five years. Some seats even last for ten years on average, depending on the method used and the materials used to make the seat.

Reasons why a toilet seat breaks:

In the previous parts, we saw the basic overview of the toilet seats, and now it is time to apprehend the causes and how the seat breaks down. There are thousands of causes behind this breakdown. Let us check some of those.Reasons why a toilet seat breaks

Why Did My Toilet Seat Get Riven?

The Toilet Seat has been bifurcated due to some unknown issue. Does this scenario look common? Then you must have been suffering from an indigenous satire. 

If you put too much pressure on the toilet seat, then there is a common chance of the seat getting ripped and destroyed. The irreversible method of dismantling a Toilet Seat is much more common in the statement that most often, it gets damaged by the immense pressure if somebody stands on the seat or puts something bulky on the seat. 

A porcelain toilet seat could break down due to overuse or if you apply some corrosive elements on the bowls of the toilet. A wooden seat might be destroyed if too much dampness dismantles the seat. Too much moisture can cause harm to any type of toilet seat. So keep your toilet seat neat, clean, and dry to make it a long-lasting product.   

Why Did the Toilet Cracked?

There are many reasons for breaking and cracking a toilet seat. The main culprit behind this is putting too much pressure on the toilet seat. 

Certain types of materials cause a lot of damage to your seat, such as lightweight plastic or bad-quality wood prone to break even at very low pressure. The manufacturing defects or weight limits must be checked carefully because this specification makes you understand what you need to buy for your toilet. Always try to purchase the most robust and stringent seats that may last long. 

Always read the user manual guide for further knowledge because you can find many useful things there, like cleaning and caring methods of the seat, proper installation, and Maintenance process. These are very much crucial in avoiding the cracking and breaking of the seat. 

How much load is capable of breaking the toilet seat?

Every product should have a particular amount of load that it can endure. The toilet seats are very much vulnerable to overloads. It can break down at times due to overload. Renowned brands make the best seats ever as they can endure a larger weight capacity, so consumers prefer to buy those items for sheer dependability. 

The optimum load capacity of the toilet seats ranges between 200 to 500 pounds. But the seats that are being produced with top-grade materials are really very much durable, and they are very hard to break. It’s always a better choice to investigate each and every cause of dismantling the seat and take necessary steps against these causes.  

Must all the Toilet Seats Possess A Weight Limit?

Weight Limit is one of the most crucial elements that must be considered in the product specification. Buyers earn a proper knowledge of which product they should buy to meet their requirements.

After long research, we acknowledged that almost all the seats in the market have a definitive Weight Limit. If this limit crosses, then the item shall experience devastating damage. Most of the seats in the market have a Weight Limit of between 300 to 500 pounds. But you need to search for the most exceptional item available in the market. 

We suggest you go for the toilet seats with a Weight capacity of more than 1000 pounds. That will give you the immense advantage of inputting more weight and load without any tension. You can find the Weight Limit in the toilet’s user manual. Check the manual cautiously and then decide to buy a seat that should last longer than ever. If you have more weight in the family, then we always recommend you buy a seat that can bear the weight of more than 1000 pounds.

Prevent Toilet Seat from Cracking

Toilet seats are very much prone to exalt a severe crackdown, and such acts of cracking are most common in toilet seats. When the seat became aged, it then started to show some irregularities. This seat becomes inconstant and wears out at some period of its life cycle. Here we will discuss some brilliant methods of preventing this acute cracking of the toilet seats.     

How Can You Prevent A Toilet Seat From Cracking?

It is said that the toilet seat often, on average, lasts for five or even more years. The seat is usually made of wood, plastic, and any breakable glass items also. There are some fantastic ways of preventing these imminent cracks, just as always avoiding putting excessive weight on the seat or never standing on the seat. Always protect the toilet seat from too much dampness, as it makes it weak and it becomes prone to cracking. Try to purchase those seats that are made from A-class materials. 

If you want to repair a cracked toilet seat, you can choose any methods that suit the seat best. You can find some specialized glue or tape manufactured to repair broken toilet seats. The point plays a pivotal role in the type of material used to make the toilet seat. But the most convenient way to fix this issue is to replace the cracked toilet seat so that it can avoid any possible hazards, and it is very simple to replace the broken heart with a new one.

Repair a Cracked Toilet Seat

Repairing a cracked toilet is one of the most cumbersome jobs as nothing is certain, and someday it will be cracked or bumped. It is a proven truth that the Cracked Toilet Seat can be the cause of a toilet’s downfall. Here I am denoting some precious methods and approaches that can be fruitful in repairing a Cracked Toilet Seat.

Apply duct tape to cure the crack:

A potential method that is capable of making the Cracked Toilet Seat great again is rigid tape. There are other tremendous choices to fix a toilet seat, and gray or black duct tape can be the most conclusive method of all time. We recommend duct tape as they have the biggest power of sticking its extent to the surface of the plastic seat. It gives more support and durability to the inner surface of the seat.duct tape to cure the crack

Put adhesive glue on the broken part:

Gluing the broken toilet Seat is another most effective cure of all time. So many adhesives are available in the market, and you can pick the most effective one. The best way of gluing a toilet seat is to strip off 1/8-inch plywood. Always apply glue to the underside of the seat very close to the crack. There is another fantastic way, and that is gluing an identical piece of plywood. You can glue at the opposite side of the seat that directly connects with the crack, and thus you can prevent the seat from wobbling. Gluing the broken toilet Seat

Repair the clamp system:

You can select a proper clamp to bind the fissure that happened in the middle of the seat, and then you can clamp the crack closed, leaving the glue sets into action. This procedure depends on the shape of the toilet. Then you can mix the epoxy, spreading it in the cracked area. You need to position a clamp on the middle portion of the seat. This method works best if the broken area has an oval-shaped front. Let the epoxy settle down overnight for a more robust result.

Tight and fix the screws:

Finally, tighten the clamp and fix the screws of the seat that attaches it to the toilet bowl. These measures can be solely effective in making the seat all-time great.

How Do You Repair Broken Wooden Toilet Seat?

The fantastic Wooden Toilet Seat is one of the colossal additions to the arena of seats. Over the years, many consumers have felt the taste of wooden Toilet Seats because they look aesthetic and are efficient, especially during the winter season. Wooden seats remain warm and steady even in the coldest month of the year.

But what should you do if the wooden Toilet Seat gets shattered or develops a crack? Here we are bringing some of the greatest ways of repairing the wooden Toilet Seat. Let’s check what we have got.


There are so many tricky ways that you can apply to repair the Wooden Toilet Seat. If the Wooden Toilet Seat is too shattered, then it is best to have a replacement seat and reinstall a new one. First of all, remove the old and shattered wooden seat. For this, you must have the hinges and bolts unsewn. Use a plier or wrench to unscrew the bolts that attach the seat to the toilet bowl. shattered wooden seat

Then thread on the bolt shanks that have been marked as the threaded parts of the hinges. Then slide the plastic washers over the bolts onto the threaded portion of the hinges. Hera ate some of the biggest aspects of the hinge, and that is it can take the other parts overlapping with hinges and bolts.


The most conventional parts of the wooden seat are the plastic washers, threaded hinges, the robust threaded bolt-shanks last but not least, the plastic nuts. These parts need to be assembled in a proper way. You need to invest and implement the bolt shanks through the bolt rims and then undertake the toilet’s mainframe to hand-tighten plastic nuts. The bolt shanks are the primal parts that hold the wooden seat with the bowl. 


In this step, apply the adjustable wrench to tighten the nut anti-clockwise. But be careful not to tighten the nut too much. That makes the nut Crackdown. The hand-tightened nuts are so vulnerable to loosening their actual strength. Then tighten the nut a bit quarter and continuously turn it with a wrench. We have a suggestion to always buy an antibacterial coating that will be resistant to bacteria and fungus. The soft close hinges play a pivotal role in building up a noise-free seat that will be decent if you have a child in your home. That’s how you can repair a damaged Wooden Toilet Seat.

How to repair a cracked plastic toilet seat?

The Plastic Toilet Seat is the most common and most conventional type of Toilet Seat. It is the most used Toilet Seat in the world. And it is also true that Plastic Toilet Seats are the most vulnerable type of item that can break down even by the simplest margin. 

The most anticipated way of fixing the Toilet plastic Seat is using glue or tape at the cracked areas and then letting it settle overnight. The next day you will find the most stringent form of the Plastic Seat of the Toilet.

Even if you can use the flexible hinge and bolt, that will also be a better option. If the seat gets too shattered and choked away, then replacing it is the best choice. The replacement of the Plastic Toilet Seat should be accurate and compatible with the toilet model and color. The process of replacing the Plastic Toilet Seat is just the same as the wooden Toilet Seat. You can use the pliers and screwdriver to change the Plastic Toilet Seat. 

When did I need to replace a broken toilet seat?

There is no fixed timetable of when and after how much time you need to Replace the cracked Toilet Seat. You see some irregular symptoms and then decide by yourself that the seat needs a replacement or a repair. 

The first and foremost sign of changing the seat is having some crackdowns, or if the seat becomes discolored, you must replace the seat. Sometimes it wears out rapidly, and in some cases, it works out slowly. It totally depends on the use and material applied in the making of the seat. In some cases, furnished toilet seats are more valuable than traditional seats as they are less prone to crack down. The amount of moisture can be too industrious for the seats as dampness is the biggest enemy for the seats. 

Dampness causes it to retain massive amounts of bacteria throughout the seat. It tends to discolor the seat without any reason. Then you need to replace the seat. Extreme rotting makes the toilet dull and inefficient. If it becomes pink or black in color, then it will need a change as soon as possible. But you must change the seat if the hardware seems damaged or worn out. 

A cracked toilet seat can be proven a deadlock. The cracked toilet seat can even injure some of your family members. The cracked portion can cause the toll of damaging the lower portion of the body. Replacing a seat depends on more hidden factors that are harmful to the users. The hardware, hinges, and nuts must be harmonious with each other so that the system works properly. 

Replacing or Repairing: Which One is the Best?

Let me tell you frankly, if you are on a low budget, then fixing the seat is the best available option for you right now. Because some advanced types of seats can really cost you a heavy toll, the inception of a new and smooth toilet seat can always be enjoyable, but this is not always possible due to the tight budget. In this case, repairing the toilet seat can do the work from now on.

But if budget is not the problem, we suggest you replace the toilet seat without further ado, because using the toilet seat for a  long time can make it dull and insipid. The lifeblood it has at the initial stage of purchasing it can return most welcomingly. Remember that toilet seats owned by renowned brands are always of decent quality, so keep this in mind while replacing your toilet seat.

What should you do to fix a cracked toilet seat?

In the previous section, we came to know about the most enthusiastic causes of a cracked toilets. So now it is time to look forward to some solutions to these broken seats. Here we will discuss a full proof set of methods of how to fix a cracked toilet.

Fantastic Methods of Fixing a Cracked Toilet Seat?

There are so many proven methods of fixing the broken Toilet Seat. But not all of the methods are that effective. So here we are, bringing some of the very best ways to repair the seats. 

This repair mainly depends on the type of ingredients that the seat has acquired during the manufacturing procedure. Using a low-grade material set can tear apart the whole system. You need to investigate the possible reasons behind this trauma properly. 

If the seat is made of plastic or solid wood, it decays differently from each other. To fix the plastic seat, you can apply the most solid gums and adhesives to fix the issue. You can apply the two-part epoxy glue. Wait for some more time to join them deeply. Then it will be able to be used again.

If the seat is made of wood, it seems a crack will inject Polyurethane. You can use the standard black and gray duct tape, which will be best for the wooden seat. A particleboard toilet has the same repairing process. After tightening the clamp, make the glue dry. Thus it can hold everything well.

The repairing process will be different if your cracked toilet seat is made of other materials. Applying the adhesive can be the best option if you have a glass or enamel board cracked seat.

What Are the Tools Needed to Repair a Cracked Toilet Seat?

Without some verified equipment, initiating the Toilet Seat’s crack is impossible. Here is a complete list of requirements that you will need to fix a Cracked Toilet Seat.

The Pliers or the adjustable wrench are used to remove the nuts of the toilet, and they can also secure the hinge securing the seat to the toilet. Some other fine tools, like the Flathead screwdriver, are used in tightening the nut heads that are covered with plastic caps.

The Spray lubricant and the soap solution are very much capable of making the fixed metal screws loose, and you can also rotate the hinge and sockets with the help of this possible lubricant. 

Tape Measure is a must ingredient for measuring the essential readings of your toilet seat measurements. If the nuts and bolts seem too tight, you need to wet them with a lubricant before unscrewing them. The soap solution contains such chemicals that can make the tight screw into a loose state. 

Some other tools that you will need are given here, 

  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Protective gloves
  • New toilet seat
  • toilet seat tightening kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers 
  • Ratchet wrench 
  • Adjustable wrench 
  • Hacksaw double blade

How Do You Replace A Toilet Seat?

Replacing the Toilet Seat is a simple and naïve process that you can perform even without the help of a professional. At very open the bolt caps and remove the seat bolt. You can apply the adjustable wrench to hold the nut of the seat bolt. Make sure the alignment of the bolt holes is in the perfect place. Push and surmount the nuts from the underside of the bolts. Place the seat in the right place and then tighten the nuts. Apply the adjustable wrench to tighten the nuts. Do not over-tight otherwise, and it may be damaged. 

Will Gorilla Glue be Effective On A Broken Toilet Seat?

Gorilla Super Glue is not ideal for fixing a toilet seat because it does not guarantee to be waterproof. That will lead to wear out in no time. You can use the seat-compatible adhesive for a much better result.

Can You Tape A Cracked Toilet Seat?

Yes, you can use black and red duct tape to recover the cracked portion of the toilet seat. Finally, Insert the screw and nut while it is selective with the bowl’s top, and then rotate it clockwise. Do the same procedure for the other adjustments. This tape must be tightly applied to the middle part of the crack so that it can be durable for the rest of its lifetime. 

Can You Replace the Toilet Seat Hinges?

The hinge is the toilet part that connects it to the toilet bowl. The toilet seat might be damaged due to worn-out hinges. The hinges can be of steel or metal; the replacement of the hinges can be done with the help of an adjustable plier and reagent screwdriver. 

Related to a cracked toilet seat:

Let’s stretch our discussion to some more extent that includes market research about some of the brilliant seats available in the market.

What is the Most long-lasting Type Of Toilet Seat on the Market?

There are tons of materials applied in manufacturing durable toilet seats. Some opine that plastic is the best material, while some love wooden toilet seats. You can also count on the porcelain toilet seats and stainless steel toilets as they are very much more durable than the other items. Whatever type you choose, always try to buy the branded seats that will give you a long warranty. 

Best Toilet Seats that you can trust in

Plastic seats are the most used seats worldwide. They are so cheap and durable at the same time. Then comes the wooden seats. They will give you a decent backup in the time of clouds and the summer. It also adds an element of pleasure to the bathroom. 

The resin seats are used for aesthetic purposes. The stainless steel toilet seats are durable, but they can absorb too much heat and cold. So you cannot use them in the rough weather. 

Again there are synthetic seats that give you a horizon of options and designs for your home where you can choose the best online from your toilet. 

Ending Notes:

Toilet seat cracking is a common issue worldwide. These cracks come from long-term use, which needs to be addressed immediately to avoid future dead jams. There are tons of ways to stop toilet seat cracks which have been discussed in this article in a well-decorated manner.

A cracked toilet seat feels uncomfortable and hazardous in some aspects. Therefore, fixing or replacing should be the best option before it is too late. Apply the procedures enlisted in this article and share your thoughts with us on whether it was helpful or not.

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