What is the Kohler Class 5 flushing system?

What is Kohler Class 5 flushing technologyKohler has always been one of the pioneers in the modern toilet industry. It is no great wonder that it has been producing some of the greatest toilet models of all time. Over the years, it has invented tremendous technologies, and class 5 technology is considered one of the best of all of them. Let us take you on the closest journey to the impactful class 5 technology. 

What is Kohler Class 5 flushing technology?

Kohler class five toilets are some of the progressive toilets of this generation. The class 5 technology consists of a blend of stupendous Flushing performance and water savings technology. It has a diverse style with smooth tornado Flushing technology which delivers a solid, powerful punch for dethroning the adamant clogs. Kohler’s Class Five method never compromises with the flushing performance. 

The uplifting term class five technology mainly denotes the jovial toilet flushing mechanism. Mainly Kohler is the inventor of this amazing technology. Kohler class five toilets are adorned with a massive flush valve diameter, which is almost 3.25 inches in width. It is truly amazing with respect to the conventional toilet flushing mechanism. The toilet bowl gets a one-way flush that inserts tremendous swirling action. All the bad solid waste is cleaned in only one single flush. The bowl sucks out all the clogs from top to bottom. It cleans the bowl decently. 

Kohler class five toilets are adorned with a colossal aqua piston flushing system that is well known for the thrust that it creates. Kohler and the American Standard and Toto toilets use this technology. The combination of Kohler aqua piston flush and the large diameter makes the class five technology untouchable.  

Prominent features of a Kohler class 5 toilet

The Class Five flushing system is designed for extraordinary amendments. The flushing performance is beyond the reach of any renowned toilet. Let’s have a close look into the astounding features of Kohler class 5 toilets,Prominent features of a Kohler class 5 toilet


The mix of high-quality technology and extreme water pressure is something to look at. All the Kohler class 5 toilets exert top-notch performance with an unbelievable bowl cleaning capacity. The upgraded performance of class 5 does not miss a chance to amaze the users. 

Extra wide flush valve

The improvised and well-organized amenities of the class 5 toilets are simply out of this world. These technically are giving you a 3.25 inches diameter of flush valves. It is more massive than any of the conventional flush systems. The main attribute is this big-diameter flush technology. The installation of Kohler’s class 5 technology is so easy and simple. The standard flush system comes with sheer compatibility. The larger diameter valve is simply out of this planet. It is thousands of times better than conventional flushing systems. 

Powerful fed jet

All the waste gets washed away by just one single flush. The flushing capacity of class 5 is something to laud. It is simply worth every penny, as the fast water jet implementation makes all the skid marks and clogs disappear. 

The flush valve allows an intense release of water. It has been directly linked with the fed jet. The flow of water always maximizes the output. Ingenium converts the normal flow of water into a rigorous swirling and quieter flush.   

Self-clean system

Kohler’s class 5 flushing system is able to self-clean the bowl. It has that much capacity to maintain the water flow feature. A wide flush valve works like an asset. The class 5 flushing technology has less chance of leakage and cleaning up the extreme blockage. 

Light waste removal tests are easy in these toilets. Kohler Class Five has the superb ability to make the bowl thoroughly clean. There is no place for the residue. The extreme water pressure jet removes all the waste marks.  

The 3.25 inches diameter of the gargantuan flushing valve is better than 3 inches of conventional flushing valve toilets. The toilet bowl design features an intense additional rim jet. This means an additional powerful push to the waste. 

Water Efficient

Another lingering feature of the Kohler Class five toilets is the Eco water consumption. They only use 3 to 4 liters of water in each flush. They always maintain Green Building certification standards. Water Efficient

The high-speed water flow is the trump card. The larger flush valve creates extra pressure for bulk flushing. In all aspects, it will prevent clogging anyhow. 

Final Recommendation

If you are keen to buy a bigger diameter flush valve, then no toilets are better than the Kohler class 5 toilets. The conventional flush valves are not this big. A larger diameter is the main essence of these products. The flush sound is another criterion of being acquainted with the Kohler class 5 toilets. The more diverse and massive flush valve is the main sign of this kind of toilet. The flushing performance is beyond your imagination. Here is a progressive list of Kohler class 5 toilets for your convenience. 

  • Kohler K-3589-0 Cimarron
  • Kohler Comfort Height Elongated toilet. 

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