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Does your bathroom smell like poop? Here is what you can do

Who does not poop? It is a bitter truth that you have no way to neglect the pressure. But how to remove the poop smell from the toilet? You must apply an effective way to remove the poop smell from your bathroom. There are some steps to solve the problem. If you follow these, you can easily make your toilet smell better.

Possible Causes:

  • Dry P-trap
  • Sewer Line Issues
  • Clogged Toilet or Drain
  • Hidden Animal Waste
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Buildup of Residue
  • Broken or Damaged Wax Ring
  • Improperly Sealed or Broken Vent Pipes

What is the best way to get rid of the poop smell in a bathroom quickly?

Are you feeling disgusting in your bathroom because of the bad odor? When more than one person uses the bathroom consecutively, we must try to remove the intolerable poop smell fast. Here I am presenting some ways to remove the bad smell from your bathroom. The following process is also effective for commercial toilet owners.

  • Spray A Suitable Air Freshener

There are many kinds of air fresheners on the market. They are suitable for keeping your house, offices, and bathrooms aromatic. Pick an air freshener from the market and spray it throughout your toilet. Various types and flavors of air fresheners are available to use. You can collect one as per your appetite. Spray Air Fresheners for Toilet

  • Use a Candle

Keep a candle and light it. The fragrance of the open flames from the candle is mindblowing and suitable to tolerate. It can remove the disgusting odor of your toilet. Moreover, a candle is a beautiful item that recalls the mind-blowing memory of candlelight dinner.  candles in bathroom ideas

There is strong caution about using the candle in the bathroom. You should keep it away from the shower and towel hangers. Any unconsciousness can occur in an accident, like a fire in the bathroom. 

  • Buy an Air Purifier 

Worst experience with bathroom fragrance? Do not worry; here is another easy solution for you. There are various kinds of air purifiers available on the market. The product efficiently removes dirt, bacteria, virus, and allergies. When it scrubs the bacteria and viruses of the poop, the air can automatically be purified and better. Thus it significantly removes the foul smell from the toilet. air purifier for bathroom smells

Using an air purifier is safe from any risk. It gives you more than you want. The poop smell will be removed when you use it, and a beautiful bouquet will come from the cleaner. So, you can feel an attractive feeling in your bathroom. 

  • Use Toilet Bombs

A toilet bomb cleans your toilet and removes the bad odor. Make the bomb with baking soda, water, cornstarch, citric acid, and oils, then apply it to your bathroom. You will also collect a spray bottle, a bowl, and a whisk. Mix the baking soda, citric acid, and the other ingredients by a particular measurement. Now, keep the mixture in a mold. After freezing, you will get the bombs ready. You need to throw a bomb into the toilet and wait for a while. A toilet bomb is one of the best ways to remove the poop’s odor by using a baking soda combination. Toilet cleaning bombs

  • Open The Ventilator

The toilet ventilator includes a small window that can be opened and closed. You can keep the window open when you feel your toilet’s intolerable smell. It will remove the bathroom’s inner air, including a foul odor. Using a ventilator is an available process for every bathroom user that does not take any expense. But you must stop using a ventilator if you use an air-conditioner in your bathroom. Ventilation in Bathroom

No one can deny the importance of cleaning the toilet to keep its good smell. You have to clean your toilet pan with a suitable toilet cleaner at least once every week. Use a toilet brush and scrub the surface efficiently. It removes the rust on the toilet pan and the foul odor from the room. Choosing an effective toilet cleaner can quickly clean the toilet and remove the bad smell.  ways of keeping the toilet clean

  • Turn The Exhaust Fan On

When your bathroom is air-conditioned, you have to use only the air fresheners. But, if there is no air conditioner, you can attach a fan to the ventilator window. When you get the poop’s odor, immediately, you will turn on the fan. The blowing wind from the ceiling fan will work to remove the foul smell of the bathroom and kick it out through the ventilator.Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Final Thoughts

Flushing toilets use gallons of water to clean the surface. But, the foul smells cannot always be removed using water only. The odor is always terrible. Everyone tries to find the best way to remove it. In this article, You have some practical ways to apply. When you are tense about any foul smell from your toilet, you should carefully find out why it happens, and then you have to take action against it.


How is poop’s smell harmful to us?

Naturally, it may be a confusing matter for anyone. But, when you think deeply, you can realize that poop’s smell hampers our comfort in several ways. Firstly, we can not stay in the bathroom if it smells terrible. Secondly, the poops are filled with different kinds of germs. So, they affect our health and complicate our breathing when we spend our time in the bathroom.

Why do my clothes smell like poop?

Wearing fresh clothes is a must to get comfort anytime. Any intolerable smell from your clothes can destroy your enjoyable time. If your clothes smell like poop is a result of you filling poop on your fabric carelessly. Moreover, he can evacuate anytime when you have a baby on your lap. It is also a result of smelling your cloth like poop.

How can I remove the smell of poop from diapers?

Diapers are useful For children and people with physical disorders. One-time diapers are made to use and thrown into a dustbin after use. But, expensive diapers for using a long tong time should be cleaned efficiently. You can use detergent or soap and then wash it with water. Thus you can remove the poop smell from diapers.

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