Do Composting Toilets Stink? What To Do If It Smells Bad?

Composting toilets have mostly been the “Hotcake.” in the toilet industry, and it has caught the eyesight of customers for their incredible attributes. The insisting matter employs the unanimous trajectories of seasoned and slothful impediments. But the attributes that Composting toilets build in the systemic case mainly involve a large number of incitements and incentives. We all have discussed the proper implementation and installation in our previous article, so in this one, we need to talk about detailed insights about the convergence of a composting toilet. If we have known all the insights and competitiveness in this argument, then all the things must be elaborated in a justified manner.

Possible Causes:

  • Incomplete Decomposition
  • Excess Moisture
  • Inadequate Mixing
  • Improper Seal
  • Overloading
  • Imbalance of Carbon to Nitrogen
  • Inadequate Ventilation
  • Presence of Harmful Anaerobic Bacteria
  • Use of Harsh Cleaning Chemicals
  • Lack of Regular Maintenance
  • Blocked Vent Pipe
  • Low Bulking Agent Use
  • Toilet Design Flaws
  • Low Microbial Activity
  • Presence of Mold

Do Composting Toilets Smell Bad?

We need to be very vigilant about the pros and cons of Composting toilets. With such potentialities, this also has some major downfalls that have made life hell for many of the users. You need to see the other side of the grass also. Some Composting toilets also have some disadvantages, and the peak one is about the bad smell and foul odor coming from the toilets as these toilets don’t use the main element, which is water. It is a waterless mechanism, and all the things are done here with the help of core electricity. So let us turn the spotlight on the evil sides of the Composting toilets specialty. Let us disclose if the Composting toilets really smell that bad. 


About composting toilet system

A composting toilet is a decent type of dry toilet That has been outlasting the main compendiums by large. The users have unanimously used it in a well-defined manner. The sample management has initiated the aerobic processing system to be so much more excruciating through composting materials. This digests all the human waste in minutes. The use of water is not necessary for this system. The waterless sewage-treatment technology has been at its peak juncture for so many years. The composting toilet makes all the human excreta into usable compost materials.

No water is needed…

Composting toilets need a great use of electricity and almost no water. The function effectively makes the terrestrial components into a hardcore alternative digesting technique. The need for less water is like a blessing for the area with less water reserve. The excellent flushing toilets can be so much alluring that all the measures must be on the same page.  

Moreover, the turning of the waste spinning in a circular movement makes the digestion process so simple. This overall process makes the entire compendium effortless, and waste breaks down faster. This Composting toilet maintains a decent balance between heat and organic material as well as moisture and oxygen. It is all about reforming and recreating the ideal atmosphere for the growth of aerobic bacteria. The fertilizing soil must be in possession of having a great balance between the elements. You need to add some additional material if the digestion makes the process lethargic. This perfect balance makes decompositions odor-free and flamboyant.     

What are the reasons for a composting toilet being stinky?

There are so many reasons that Composting toilets have been one of the most innovative and colossal techniques for decomposing matters in a systematic manner. 

Reason-1: Urine Canister

The separation of urine and solid waste was done in two toilet compartments. Rather the composting toilet mostly gives emphasis on the urine separator. There is a canister and urine digester in the container at the other portion of the toilet. The urine is kept in a particular chamber for a long time. In between 2-7 days, the compost is ready. From time to time, it is so necessary to clean the urine canister. The cleaning of the urine canister must be done in a hot manner. The measurement of a urine-diverting toilet makes nothing naturally smell the odor. There is fresh excrement of the chemical materials, including hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs. The putrefactive bacteria must have been dried solids as well as feces excrement. So this dry solid makes a bad smell. Urine Canister

Reason 2: Waste container leakage

Disposing of waste as a form of cost sometimes smells bad inside and outside of the home. The compost collection, removal, and dumping must be done excellently so that it cannot waver such a foul smell. The frailty of the composting toilet is the waste and the last product. The longer it smells, the longer it gets insulated. There are proper challenges in the adjustment case, as no one ever felt. Composting toilets need solid containers for the agitation of the overall system. There is a compostable bag that makes the whole thing a pluck. The solid waste container may leak, which is also a prime cause of the foul odor. An agitator is always there to simply tie and bemused to the nearest waste bin. 

Reason-3: Toilet Agitator

The composting toilet agitators must not have been in the same solids container with a humongous amount of transferred compostable bag. It is a reason that emanates a bad odor in the air. There are a few rigid testimonials that maintain the bloggers and users. Every angle in the insights looks compelling. A composting toilet that has an agitator is all about having a measured approach. All the pros and cons of composting toilets are related to the foul smell of the toilet. The reason for a foul smell is if the lid of the toilet is revealed. 

Reason-4: Air Vent

All the reasons are more or less dominant in the case of the stinky and odor toilets. The customers might face the worst situation through all the incites in a composting toilet. Though everything is fine about the toilet, it can still smell bad. All the pros and cons of composting toilets must be renowned with a proper cause. 

If you have installed the composting toilet incorrectly, it is pertinent that it may emanate a foul odor. All the homes have a large tank in the basement at the garden, and the condition is that all the compost is being dumped in this section. The parts that are not turned into compost are also dumped in this tank. This also works as the collection chamber of the urine and the black matter. Composting toilets have an exhaust air and vent on the roof that passes the bad odor outside the home. If the vent gets destroyed, then the whole bathroom is filled with this foul odor. The constant rotation of the bad odor in the home may be so shameful if the guest comes to visit. If the small fan is not working well, then it happens the same. 

What To Do If the Composting Toilet Smells Bad

Experienced campaigners know how stinky a composting toilet can be. If you apply the same principles as conventional toilets, it will fail in the case of a composting toilet. It is a special type of self-contained compost system. You can also call in a plumber to inspect the vent system. They will check for any other issues that are excruciating the bad odor. You will find a  noticeable odor emanating from the toilet bowl or vent. Here we are sharing some of the best professional tricks to resist the bad odor of a Composting Toilet. 

Ensure correct moisture level

A compost toilet must be the intrigue and incitement in the topmost preference. You must maintain the moisture level inside the composting toilet. Otherwise, the waste won’t break down successfully. Suppose the pile is too mushy. In case the pile is synchronized with the insolent, that protects and absorbs all the moisture in a well-qualified manner. If the compost lacks oxygen, then the bacteria cannot be decamped in a decent manner. 

The decomposition process will be much faster if the oxygen is in good proportion. It has been so simplified that all the odor has been performed through the system. The decomposition of the urine-diverting toilet creates a decent amount of impediments. If the composting chamber gets into the diversion system, then it makes the process more justified with the liquid waste. The composting evaporation of a liquid waste system might call into the waste treatment plant. Plante elements like nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium feel agony if the outdoor composters remain unchanged.         

Introduce more sawdust and pine shavings 

If the composting toilet has a bad urination system, then just introduce some additional sawdust to the cover. Implement them in the bottom as well as a few inches to the upper portion. Pine shavings are less expensive than all other wood shavings. The sawdust in a composting toilet deludes all the bad smell. The sawdust sticks to the waste and makes the odor go to the south. 

Use the lid

Remember to always put the lid of the toilet in a closed mode. Some insects will breed in the compost. The compost toilets have beetles, flies, and other insects roaming around the system. If the toilet seat lid is open, then it is a chance that flies may invade your home. Insects aggravating around the compost toilets is a bad sign for the homeowner. So make sure that you leave the lid down. This means the flies won’t invade and interfere with the microbiological chores. Then the chance of unpleasant odors gets slowed down. Odor gets Beefed up if the lid is open. 

Call on a professional

The chaos with the venting system and circulating fan may condense the imbalance in waste management. It will also create several blockages of bad odor if the fussy composting toilet is detected. The Foul-smelling compost may add toilet enzymes. The safe disposal of existing waste is essential as the internal compartment takes the load. 

Finally, call a local plumber if you need help with the odor issue of the composting toilet. He will check everything and give a fair solution to the composting system.  

Final Insights

A composting toilet is a marvelous system that does not use water much. But the issue that is prominent for this toilet is the incessant growth of foul odor. The foul odor issue has always been a concern; thus, one should be eliminated. Composting toilets usually don’t stink if they give the highest preference over anything.

Ensure that your composting toilet’s moisture level is in decent condition. Toilet assistance is so crucial as it is the most outstanding issue that has ever taken place. If you want to improve the actual performance of the composting toilet, then give preference to the formation. The background of the odor has been one of the most iconic causes ever. The composting toilet needs proper care and maintenance. In this article, we have illustrated all the facts about a smelly composting toilet. Now you can delve into the matter and make the disposal of the feces more smooth. 

We are really lucky to have a hard-working, multi-skilled plumber on our team. Collin D. Gallegos, a professional plumber who has worked with us since 2012, is an expert in vent, septic, and drainage systems. He is a Certified Master Plumber and has worked on various commercial plumbing projects. He usually helps our readers resolve plumbing and pipe-related issues with a proper DIY troubleshooting and repair guide.

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