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1 Piece VS 2 Piece Toilets [One & Two Piece Features Comparison]

One-piece and two-piece toilets share many things in common. These two types of toilets serve the same purpose and flush in the same way, depending on the flushing mechanism in place. Additionally, they are installed using relatively the same methods, and they both utilize almost the same amount of water(1.28 or 1.6 GPF). If we compare 1 Piece VS 2 Piece Toilets, then Which is better?

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Despite sharing many things in common, the one-piece and two-piece toilet have a lot of differences. So, before acquiring a toilet of your choice, it is vital that you differentiate between these two and choose a toilet that best fits your needs.
As you will find out later in this article, we rank the one-piece toilet to be better than the two-piece toilet. Find out more as you read on…

Comparison Chart: 1 piece vs 2 piece toilets


One Piece Toilet

Two Piece Toilet

Size: Smaller Bigger
Cleaning: Easier Hard
Performance: No Difference No Difference
Installation: No need technical knowledge Need technical knowledge
Replacement: Hard Easier
Replacement Cost: High Low
Durability: Yes Not Enough
Maintenance: Easy Not Easy
Toilet Cost: High Low
Leaking Issues: Less More
Maintenance Cost: High Low
Compactness: Fit in small area Need Large area
Buyer %%: a lot increasing


1 Piece VS 2 Piece Toilets

Similarities and differences of One-piece vs Two-piece toilets


A one-piece toilet is smaller than a two-piece toilet. The tank is usually connected and sits lower on the bowl than a two-piece toilet. Because of their smaller size, one-piece toilets can be easily installed in bathrooms with less square footage that does not have as much space as the normal bathrooms. Two-piece toilets are of moderate height and suitable for adults and taller people. In comparison, one-piece toilets are a bit lower and ideal for kids and disabled people.

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Ease of cleaning

Cleaning some toilets can be challenging because of their design. One-piece toilets are the easiest to clean because they don’t have the nooks and crannies that two-piece toilets come with. These areas are hard to clean and can be breeding areas for molds, germs, and other disgusting particles. So, when cleaning, you need to pay attention to these areas so that you can eliminate all the dirt that is hiding. But with a one-piece toilet, you don’t have to worry about this as there is no hiding place for germs or other particles.

Ease of installation

If you plan on installing the toilet by yourself, you need to know the rough-in and follow installation instructions to the latter. Due to their design, one-piece toilets are somehow challenging to install when compared to two-piece toilets. Two-piece toilets can be installed with much ease as they come with two separate parts. But with one-piece toilets, you will need extra help or hands as the toilet usually is heavy and difficult to handle on your own. No matter the type of toilet that you want to install, follow the installation instructions keenly.

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One of the important factors that you should consider when purchasing a toilet is how durable it is. Most brands on the market offer durable toilets that last more than 10 years. When it comes to durability, one-piece toilets are more durable as they feature one solid piece of ceramic. So, fewer of the flushing elements and pipes are exposed, which protects them from harsh elements such as excess moisture. This is not the case with two-piece toilets with lots of parts.


As we have discussed above, one-piece toilets come with fewer parts, which makes maintaining them to be easier. You don’t need to scrub through the crannies and nooks. Also, there are few leakages that are usually experienced in two-piece toilets.


One-piece toilets are the latest in the market. Also, these toilets are the most advanced and easier to maintain. Due to this, one-piece toilets are slightly costlier than two-piece toilets. But they are gaining popularity and they will soon overtake two-piece toilets because of their ease of use. Most people prefer two-piece toilets because they are cheaper. Overall, one-piece toilets are cheaper in the long run as their maintenance cost is lower.

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Last but not least, two-piece toilets are the easiest to ship. This is because they are shipped in two separate parts, while one-piece toilets come as a whole. This is also very dangerous in case the toilet cracks. Most toilet users have complained at least once or twice about receiving the wrong toilet parts in the case of two-piece toilets. That’s why a one-piece toilet still stands high when it comes to shipping. The only risk is receiving a toilet that is damaged.

Advantages of One-piece toilets

  • Easy to clean
  • Normally has a standard height
  • Compact design
  • Extremely durable
  • More comfortable with more sitting space

Disadvantages of 1 piece toilets

  • Expensive
  • Very difficult to ship as it is bulky
  • Difficult to install due to its weight
  • Has fewer rough-in alternatives

Advantages of two piece toilets

  • Easy to install
  • Offered at a favorable price
  • Mix and match tank and bowl designs available
  • Easy to ship
  • A lot of options for height, rough-in, and style

Disadvantages of 2 piece toilets

  • Easy to break
  • Difficult to clean
  • Less compact and usually taller

So, Which toilet is good to buy? 1 Piece or 2 Piece?

Most of the toilet users may still prefer two-piece toilets over one-piece toilets because they are very familiar with them. But this doesn’t mean that two-piece toilets are any better. According to us, we rank one-piece toilets higher than two-piece toilets because of their ease of use, cleaning, and maintenance. They may be slightly expensive than two-piece toilets but still offer the best features. Above all, they can fit in tight bathrooms and will save on space. But with time, people will get used to one-piece toilets and find them to perform better than two-piece toilets.


Question: What are one-piece and two-piece toilets?
Answer: Toilets usually come in two types; one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets. One-piece toilets provide an integrated tank and bowl, getting rid of the crevice between the tank and bowl that gets dirty after some time. At the same time, a two-piece toilet comes with a separate tank and bowl. These are the most common toilets on the market.

Question: What features should I consider when buying a toilet?
Answer: Not all toilets are the same. For this reason, you have to know the features that you desire in a toilet so that you can pick the best. Some have elongated bowls, while others have round bowls. Round bowls are great for small bathrooms, while elongated bowls offer more comfort. The height is also important as a good toilet should be ADA compliant. This means that it should have a height of around 17 to 19-inches. In addition, you should look at the toilet rough-in. Most standard toilets have a rough-in of 12-inches but some old models have a rough-in of 10-inches or 14-inches.

Question: How can I upgrade my toilet?
Answer: Many people may find this question to be awkward but it is possible for you to upgrade your toilet. The first and most common way that people upgrade their toilets is by adding a toilet seat. This can be a normal toilet seat or a soft-closing seat that doesn’t bang. Another way of upgrading your toilet is by changing your chrome plated trip lever. There are various designs and colors to choose from. Simply select a trip lever that matches your faucet, towel bars, or drawer pulls. This will make your bathroom look lovelier.

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  1. Thanks, I got a lot of good information, need to buy a replacement tomorrow. I will be going for a 1 piece. Unless I find a water closet, which was in this house from 1920 to 1940’s.

  2. I’m grateful for your advice about getting a toilet. My sister is now renovating their dining and kitchen rooms, while the bathrooms are next in line. She’s been asking if there is a possibility of replacing their toilets for each bathroom.

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