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Comfort Height VS Standard Toilet: Which Type of toilet is Worth to Buy?

Identifying a toilet is not an easy thing as you need to know what features to look for in order to land the best flushing toilet for your needs. Some of the most notable features to consider are toilet size, 1.28 or 1.6 GPF, bowl design(Elongated or Round), toilet design, one piece or two piece, Dual Flush or Single Flush, and toilet height. In this Comfort Height VS Standard Toilet review, we’re going to discuss toilet height and help you choose the right height for your home. When you search for toilet heights, you will come across terms such as comfort height, standard height, ADA height, universal height, and regular height.

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With this Comfort Height VS Standard Toilet post, you will be able to identify the right toilet height for your home. Not all toilet heights are great for every person as they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Even though there are so many toilet height names, they can be categorized into two as comfort and standard height toilets. Other names are just marketing names for from different manufacturers.

Comparison Table: Comfort Height VS Standard Toilet


Comfort Height

Standard Height

Toilet Height Without Seat:16-18 inches14-15 inches
Toilet Height With Seat:17-19 inches15-16 inches
Known As:Universal Height(Toto), Right Height(American Standard), ADA Compliant Height, Chair heightRegular Height
More Comfortable For:All People Including Tall adults, elderly and disabledShort people, Children
Constipation Problems:GoodBetter
Pricing:Less ExpensiveSlightly Expensive


Comfort Height VS Standard Toilet

If you want to know which toilet height to choose, then continue reading our detailed article.

Comfort Height Toilet Details

Comfort height toilets are the latest height to be introduced after the standard height toilet. These toilets are becoming more popular by the day because they are more appealing to the taller younger generation and an aging population.

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Comfort height toilet measures around 17 to 19 inches from the floor to the seat top. These types of toilets are normally around 2 to 3 inches higher than the standard height toilet. Some may look at 2 to 3 inches as less but it is a significant range that adds some ease. As a matter of fact, it makes visiting the toilet to be more comfortable as there is less straining sitting on or standing up.

Many people get confused when they here different toilet height names such as comfortable height, ADA height, right height or universal height. These names are for marketing reasons and different brands use their own terms to describe their comfort height toilet. For instance, Toto uses “Universal Height”, American Standard uses, “Right Height”, and Kohler refers to it as “Comfort Height”.

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American with disabilities requires that all public restrooms to install toilets with ADA height, which is the comfort height.



  • It is not suitable for children and shorter adults
  • It may increase the likelihood of constipation
  • The feet can dangle leading to loss of circulation

Standard Height Toilet Details

Since the invention o flushing toilets in the 19th century, standard height toilets used to be the normal height for toilets. These toilets are also referred to as “Regular height” toilets. Usually, these toilets are around 14 or 15 inches from the floor to the top of the toilet bowl. These are more ideal for kids and shorter people.

One of the greatest advantages of standard height toilets they allow every user regardless of tall or short rest their foot on the floor as they go about their business. Therefore, your legs won’t go asleep as you sit on the toilet. In addition, shorter toilets allow your hips to be positioned at a height that is lower your knees. This is a more natural position and helps for a more efficient cleansing of your bowels. So, people with constipation issues will have an easy time on the toilet.


  • It is of a more natural position
  • Standard height toilet avoids constipation
  • It is ideal for kids and shorter individuals


  • It is not suitable for tall and older people
  • This type of toilet can be quite challenging to stand up from
  • It can cost slightly more than the comfortable height toilet

Which is Better? Comfort Height Or Standard Toilet?

The toilet height that you choose between the comfort and standard height toilets depends on your needs. If you are short or want a toilet for your children, a standard height toilet will be the best choice for you. But if you are tall or have disabled or elderly people in the house, then a comfort height or AD height toilet will be the best.

However, you should note that comfortable toilets are easier standing up when compared to standard toilets. Also, comfort height toilets are normally cheaper when compared to standard height toilets of the same brand and model. So, the choice is yours but make the right choice for both your kids and people in the house.


Question: How much does it cost to install a comfort height or standard height toilet?
Answer: There is no specific cost as it all depends on whether you are acquiring the services of a plumber or you’re installing the toilet by yourself. If you’re a serious DIYer, this will be easy as most toilets come with a standard rough-in that is easy to install. But some toilets such as smart toilets need an electrician or a professional plumber to perfectly install it and this may end up being costly.

Question: What does Toilet bowl height and toilet seat height mean?
Answer: Toilet bowl height is the height from the floor to the top of the bowl, while toilet seat height is the height from the floor to the toilet seat.

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  1. My husband is disabled we are looking to purchase an ADA elongated and either 17 to 19 inch height. We have a small standard bathroom he’s not a heavy person about 250 pounds and 5”9” tall. He’s able to walk in his walker to the bath room w/assistance. I’d prefer the 19 hight. What would you suggest would be the best to purchase? Thank you Eachel Gehring

  2. I am looking for a 20 inch from floor to toilet seat, for my 6 ft 4 in husband. I would also like a round bowl comfort toilet. Hope I am doing this right. Can you give me some recommendations?

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