How to Use Baking Soda in the Toilet Before Going on a Vacation?

Vacation is a must to get rid of daily tiredness. But before leaving your house, you need to do some maintenance. So that you can get the exact home after a long vacation, for this preparation, the toilet is one of them. It would help if you cleaned the bathroom properly. You are right if you heard about using baking soda before any long vacation in the toilet. You can easily maintain your washroom using these kitchen ingredients. Read this article very carefully if you want to know the details about this method and how to prepare your toilet before a long trip. I think you get all the answers here.

Is it safe to use baking soda in the toilet?

I know about the cleaning power of baking soda. And yes, in the toilet, you will use this cleaning agent to clean your toilet before going on an extended vacation. When you make a list of household preparations before going on any long trip, cleaning the toilet is one. And baking soda helps you out from this issue.

Vacation tips: How to use baking soda in the toilet?

To clean your washroom with baking soda, you first need to flush the toilet several times. After that, add a cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl and then again wash it. By doing this, you reach the baking soda into the drainage system. After going, their soda starts, and it’s working. And yes, you don’t need any other thing for this method. Only baking soda is enough to clean the whole system. The baking soda clears all the dirt present onto the pipe and drainage wall. Germs can quickly spread out through the sewer system when you will not use the toilet for an extended period. It’s not only unhygienic for the health but also creates a foul odor there. Baking soda removes this harmful germ from those places easily.

Why use baking soda?

First Reason: You may think you can do this with another cleaning chemical, then why do you need to use this baking soda instead of that? First, baking soda is a very natural cleaner. When you use the chemical in the tunnel, it kills all the bacteria in it, and some bacteria are not harmful. Those are helpful in the other way. Those bacteria help to compost the waste we throw into the toilet. And the chemical of the toilet cleaner is not very good for our ecosystem. You not only kill the good bacteria with it but also harm the environment. The readymade cleaning agent is also harmful to humans. cleaning bathroom with baking soda

Second Reason: Another thing when you use the chemical, you need to flush down those immediately. Otherwise, that solution can easily damage your drainage system and react with the air, but baking soda doesn’t do this to you. That’s why a cup of baking soda is a very safe and eco-friendly option to keep your toilet clean for a long time.

Tips for the toilet before going on any vacation:

Cleaning is not only preparing for the bathroom before going on a long trip. You need to follow another step; if you want a clean toilet after a long break, then you must follow the step given below:

  • Clean the whole toilet:

You can use bleach to clean the entire bathroom. Before pouring the bleach into the water, dilute this with water, and the ratio is 1 part bleach with 10-part water. Then directly pour it into the toilet and wait for 10 minutes. Then flush the toilet minimum of three times. So that all bleach can go out from the bathroom. But don’t put bleach into the tank. This chlorine bleach is an excellent natural disinfectant; it not only kills the harmful germs and removes the foul odor from the toilet.How do you properly clean a toilet

  • Turn off the water supply:

This is not a critical step for you when you go on the duration of the tour. It didn’t take much time to shut down the water supply from the main supply. Because you don’t know what happens when you are not at home, if anything happens, your house can be flooded or cause any dangerous accident. So always do this before any trip.water shut off valve

  • Empty the tank:

After shutting down the water supply, empty the water storage tank of the toilet. You can also clean this tank and then flush it well with vinegar, baking soda, or bleach. After returning from the vacation, turn on the main water supply, open the storage tank, and refill the tank with water. Why Is My Toilet Tank Empty

  • Close all lids:

Molds and bacteria are a common problem for the toilet, and these germs are floating into the air. So, when you do not use the bathroom for a long time, close the lid so that the toilet can’t go with air contact. If you want an extra clean toilet just like you leave, cover with Saran wrap very tightly and then go. After vacation, you can get the bathroom you left behind. But before going on any trip, don’t put any chemicals into it.Close toilet lids

If you follow all these steps, you don’t need to worry about the toilet when you are on vacation. This step is not so hard to work on and saves you from after work when you get back from an amazing but tiring trip. Using baking soda is a very environment-friendly option. And leaving baking soda in the drainage system is not a thing of tension. 

End of the discussion

Cleaning and maintaining a home are complicated if you are not doing it regularly. If you fulfill every house chore before any vacation, you can get a nice and tidy home after it. If you use baking soda in the toilet before your long or short trip, you will not end up with a foul odor and an unhygienic toilet. So always try to stick all the before maintenance in the home to enjoy your vacation without thinking about anything comfortably. And you also take a break from the house after finishing your vacation. After any tour, it needs some rest to settle down at home, and if you take care of it before the vacation, you can easily take an after vacation rest.

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