I accidentally dropped a penny in the toilet: What to do now?

A flushing toilet comes with the characteristics of fulfilling one of the essential tasks in our daily life. It is the perfect place for extracting human waste. But when you mistakenly flush your money, coins, or other necessary things, it will be a big issue in your life. When they mistakenly lose the cash, they become disappointed and feel unhappy. However, some people collect rare coins, which are very expensive. Also, there are some misconceptions among people about flushing a penny down the toilet. In this article, we will show you if there is any way of rescuing the penny that you threw into your toilet.

What happens when you accidentally drop a penny or coin down the toilet?

The toilet is a necessary element in every building. Everyone has to go to the bathroom several times every day. But, some people have ideas about toilet clogging and other toilet problems. Especially those who know the reasons and the consequences of clogging and who have an idea about plumbing costs can abstain from the works that are most likely to make the jam. But, without knowing about blocking, general bathroom users can make some mistakes. Dropping pennies is one of their significant faults. 

  • The toilet may be clogged

If you drop pennies into your toilet, it will be reliable for clogging the toilet and causing a terrible jam in it. The flushing system of the commode is sensitive. It can not be problem-free if any inorganic materials go into it. The flushing system can not work with the coins to flush them by breaking them into small pieces. As a strong material, the pennies can cause significant harm to the toilet flush.

  • The Flush Pipe May Break

Toilet flushing gives you the opportunity to flush human waste and water. They are easily breakable. But, the pennies are not organic items. They are also complicated and able to break the flushing pipe of the toilet. So, your toilet set must be affected by flushing the pennies.

What to do if you accidentally drop a penny or coin down the toilet?

The coin is an inorganic thing that is impossible to flush. So, your toilet must be problematic after rinsing it. The toilet flushing system can be critical after the penny is thrown into it. You must repair the toilet when you mistakenly wash the coin and have nothing to do. 

At first, you can try to remove the coin yourself from the toilet. Every toilet user has to keep a plunger to wash the toilet occasionally. You may use your plunger and try to bring the coin out of the commode. It will be easier if the penny stays on the upper stage of the toilet pipe. You can not rescue the coin with the plunger when the penny goes deeper through the line. plungers for toilets

Every problem can be easier if one can solve it. But, the necessary instruments should be near the hand. Using the plunger, screwdrivers, ranges, and other hardware items, you can solve several problems with your toilet. 

  • Hire a Plumber

An expert is better than many general ones. A plumber can solve almost all of the problems of a toilet that other persons can not. So, you must hire a renowned plumber to rescue the penny from the toilet set. You may think that it is too much, but the problem of throwing a coin can be so severe for a toilet that sometimes it can hamper your toilet and destroy the flushing system. 

Myth: What does it mean when you find a penny in the toilet?

There is a misbelief among the people that a penny in the toilet is a sign of good luck. There is another concept among the people. They believe that if they keep a penny on the toilet tank, it will save them from the misuse of water. According to their belief, the work will save their water from waste. What happens if you drop a penny in the sink

The misconception is that people are incredibly reliable in dropping the penny into the toilet. The mistakes of the people and their babies are also relevant to the throwing of pennies into the commode.

There is another myth among people about throwing pennies into the toilet. Their belief is the zinc of the coins can save them from the shorting out of electric current while operating the toilet flush. But,  this concept also has no rationality.  

Now, most of the reasons for throwing pennies are mistakes. The people in this generation do not throw pennies willingly for believing any myth. They or their children throw the pennies mistakenly as it is their bad luck. 

Final Thoughts

After considering all the thoughts, the most appropriate compliment is that dropping a penny/coin in the toilet is not admirable. But, causing a mistake is not guilt for anyone. So, the highest caution should be present in every sense for abstaining from the habit. Incredibly, everyone has to be careful as he does not throw anything into the commode. It will be the best caution to have a durable toilet set for a long time. You can also manage the identity of some plumbers as you find them necessary. Hampering the flushing pipes and causing clogging of the toilet are the sensitive issues for dropping a penny in a commode. So, everyone must try to abstain from the bad habit of throwing a penny in the commode with his best effort. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What should I do if I flush a rare coin down the toilet?

First, you have to try to find the coin by using a plunger. Search the currency steadily. If the penny stays on the upper side of the toilet, you can find it quickly. But, when the penny goes more profound, you need to hire an efficient and experienced plumber who can find the penny out and satisfy you. 

  • Does the flushing penny create any problems with the toilet?

Penny is a strong material that is unable to flush. It can cause some problems, including clogging the toilet. Sometimes a penny in the commode can cause a significant issue that is unable to be solved without the help of an expert plumber. So, flushing a penny in the commode is not admirable work at all.

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