Kohler Persuade Curv Toilet Review in 2024 (Use 30% Less Water)

Is it your first time shopping for a toilet? Or Have you been using another toilet brand and want to try out the Kohler brand toilet? Are you looking for a high-efficient and comfortable toilet? Then, Kohler Persuade Toilet will be an excellent choice for you.
There are so many toilets on offer, and choosing the best is vital. We understand this, and that’s why we’ve come up with this review to help people like you land the best flushing toilets instead of investing in toilet models that they will regret having invested in. Read this Kohler Persuade toilet review to know more about this toilet.

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The Kohler 3723-0 Persuade toilet is a high-efficiency toilet with exceptional features. It is easy to install and very comfortable. The two-piece toilet has an elongated bowl design, dual flush technology, a skirted trapway design, and a seat height of 16.5”.

Technical Specifications of the Kohler Persuade Toilet

Water Consumption:1.6 GPF
Material:Vitreous china
Flush Type:Dual. Lift up for full flush, push down for light
MAP Testing Score:>= 1000 (Highly Recommended)
Patented ReadyLock installation system:Yes
Dual flush technology:Yes
Gallons per year:Saves up to 16,500 gallons
Size:20 – 21 inches
Weight:3.2 ounces
Dimensions:38.5 x 31 x 23.2 inches
Warranty:One-year limited warranty
Price:Kohler Persuade Toilet ReviewCheck Today’s Price

If you’ve been looking for a toilet to complement your modern bathroom design, then this is the toilet for you. Kohler is a reliable brand, and they offer some of the best toilets on the market. Read our detailed review to make an informed decision about whether this toilet is good for you or not. But you will definitely love it.

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Kohler Persuade Toilet Review in 2024

Made of Vitreous china material, the Kohler Persuade two-piece toilet will last for a long period of time. Actually, many previous users of Kohler toilets say that they last for more than 10 years, with some having the same toilets for over 20 years. The toilet has a sleek design, which will change the look of your bathroom.

Moreover, the toilet has a skirted Trapway, which is easy to install by setting up the floor flange and attaching the toilet without the need for drilling holes. The toilet will still be stable even without drilling holes, so there is nothing to worry about, such as a wobbly toilet. Before you install the toilet, you will have to purchase the toilet seat and wax ring kit, as they are not included in the purchase.

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Comfortable Height

Just like many Kohler toilets, the Persuade two-piece toilet is very comfortable. It is of a standard height as it measures 16.5” without a toilet seat. This makes it ADA-compliant and comfortable as well. Additionally, it has an elongated bowl design, which provides more sitting space, unlike the round bowl toilet.

Dual Flush Mechanism

Using the toilet is fun and easy. This is because it features a dual flush mechanism, which not only saves water but allows the user to pick either a partial flush or a full flush. A partial flush is for clearing liquids, while a partial flush is for clearing solids. This is performed by simply pressing the right button on top of the tank. Apart from that, the Kohler Persuade toilet has a powerful flushing system with a MaP rating of 1000g. This means that it clears contents in one flush and leaves nothing behind.

Water-Saving toilet

With the Kohler Persuade 3723 – 0 toilet, you will be able to save at least 16,500 gallons of water per year. Thanks to the dual-flush technology that only uses 1.6 GPF for a full flush and 1 GPF for a partial flush. This makes the toilet EPA WaterSense certified, and as a result, some users may get rebates in their states. But also reduces the water bill and saves the environment from water misuse.

Easy Cleaning

This high-efficient toilet is also very easy to clean. The powerful flush leaves nothing behind and makes cleaning to be easy. In addition, it has a skirted Trapway design that gets rid of the crevices and nooks that have to be scrubbed when cleaning the toilet. Therefore, your cleaning time is also reduced as you don’t have to scrub the trapway.
Kohler Persuade Curv Comfort Height Elongated ToiletCheck Price

Looking at its wonderful features, it is right to say that the Kohler Persuade two-piece toilet can be a great addition to any contemporary bathroom. This toilet might be slightly on the high-end when compared to similar toilet models from other brands, but it is worth the price. The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty, and thus you can be sure to get parts replaced if the product comes with a defect or broken part.

Summary: Why buy Kohler Persuade Curv Toilet?

  • Sleek and lovely toilet design
  • Durable construction as it is made of vitreous china material, which is long-lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean as it features a skirted design
  • The toilet clears heavy loads efficiently as it has a MaP rating of 1000g
  • Saves water as it uses less than 1.6 GPF
  • Powerful and effective flushing system with the dual flush technology
  • Offers comfort with the elongated bowl design
  • ADA compliant as it is of comfort height but not trip lever
  • One-year limited warranty


  • This toilet is somehow expensive
  • The Kohler Persuade is not fully AD compliant as it has the trip lever located on the top in the form of buttons.
  • The toilet seat is not included, and thus you will have to purchase it separately.

Kohler Persuade toilet installation:

The Kohler Persuade toilets are skirted-type toilets. Now you think what the skirted toilet is? When the toilet has concealed trapway system, then it is called a skirted toilet. Don’t you find these toilet installations harder than the normal ones because of this design? It just likes as easy as installing a new standard toilet. It would help if you were careful with some silly things before DIY this, like:

  • If you are up to renovating your old toilet, then remove the old toilet very carefully. Make sure a putty knife is used to remove the wax from the toilet base, and the toilet flange should leave behind.
  • After that, you need to apply the rubber seal freshly. The wax ring can tightly attach to the toilet’s trapway, and it also secures the T-bolts of the ground.
  • Then they need to be put over the trapway. So that the mounting brackets are secure with a pivot mount on either side of your toilet, don’t try to over-tighten the screw. Otherwise, you can break them.
  • After the pivot mounts line up with the holes, ideally in the toilet, it turns to lower the toilet gently. To slip the bolts through the right mounting brackets, secure them by inserting the screw bushings and coveting the bolts with a cap.
  • It’s time to attach the water supply line to the toilet. You can notice the shutoff valve in the back of your toilet. It would be best if you connected the valve with the water lien. It turns on the water supply to fill the water tank and checks the water line and tank area to see if there’s any water leakage.
  • The final step to installing your toilet is setting up the toilet seat. And this is very easy if your bathroom comes with a seat. If it doesn’t, you can customize it to your preference. When you fulfill this stage, your toilet is ready to use.

Compare with other toilets:

When you get confused among many brands, I will help you with the top two popular toilet brands compared with the Kholer Persaud:

Kholer Persuade vs. American Standard Champion 4

These two toilets are well known for their additional features. Begin with the American Champion, this is a one-piece toilet for which GPF is 1.6 gallons. This porcelain-made toilet is a siphon jet flush type. And it is also ADA certified. On the other hand, the Kohler comes with a two-piece water tank and bowl separately. That’s why it is easier to carry and install than the American standard. Both use the same amount of water. But the build-in material of this Kholer is Vitreous China, and the flush system is dual with WaterSense certification. If you look at the price, I must say the Kholer is more expensive than the American standard, and also it gives only a one-year warranty. But you can get a 10 years warranty from the American Standard Champion. 

Kholer Persuade vs. Toto Drake ⅱ

Toto Drake is now one of the famous toilets like Kohler. This two-piece toilet is mainly significant for water-saving purposes. It uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. On the other hand, the Kohler uses 1.6 gallons; that’s why the drake is eco-friendly. Kohler has a WaterSense-certified toilet, but this is not ADA-approved. The Toto is an ADA-approved toilet. So I think this is enough to find the proper bathroom for your washroom.


The Kohler K-3723-0 Persuade curve toilet is a perfect addition to any bathroom. Not only does this toilet beautify the bathroom with its sleek and lovely design, but it also performs at a high level. It has a MaP rating of 1000g, which means that it clears waste very efficiently. Additionally, the toilet has a dual flush mechanism, which will enable you to save water in the long run.

A few things that the manufacturer could’ve done better are to include a toilet seat and offer a better warranty. Overall, this is an outstanding toilet that is easy to install, clean, and use. Thanks to its comfortable height and two-piece design. I hope you’ve found this Kohler persuade toilet review to be helpful.


Question: How does a dual flush toilet work?
Answer: A dual flush toilet utilizes a unique flush valve that attains two different flushing functions – one for liquid or partial flush and another for solid or full flush. Instead of the side trip lever flush, the toilet comes with a top-mounted button, which is a flush actuator. Normally, the button is made up of two separate valves – one for partial flush and another for full flush. This flush mechanism helps in saving water.

Question: Does Kohler offer a warranty?
Answer: Yes, it does. For instance, the Kohler Persuade toilet comes with a one-year warranty. Even though Kohler toilets are durable and highly trusted, the manufacturer should improve on most of its warranties.

Question: Is Kohler Persuade toilet worth money?
Answer: If you want a comfortable toilet with a great design and water-saving quality, then the Kohler is the best option. The material, look, quality, etc., make it worthy of every penny in this budget.

Question: What is the advantage of a skirted toilet design over the traditional type?
Answer: A skirted toilet has its trapway hidden. This type of toilet not only looks beautiful over its traditional type but is also easy to clean. This is because there are no crevices where dirt and other debris can hide and making cleaning difficult.

Still, have a question after reading this Kohler Persuade toilet review? Comment below.

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  1. I am smelling sewer smell I believe maybe do to the toilet. I want to pull it and check if I see the problem. What I need before I do this is some grease that came with the toilet. Can you tell me how I can acquire some of this grease. I just replaced my second toilet with the same one.

    • I can recommend to check the wax seal for any fumes/smell of sewage. The grease that I normally recommend for plumbing is Silicone lubricant.

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