How do you clean a porta potty toilet yourself? (Portable restroom)

You have to arrange some programs every year. Programs, festivals, and celebrations cannot be enjoyable without the presence of people. Every person needs to use the toilet every day. Do you know about the simplest way of managing the toilet system for a crowd? Yes, that is a porta potty. But, getting the porta potty dirty after the festival is an unpleasant situation. It is just like coming off of considerable destruction after enjoying pleasure. Now, we will discuss the best way to clean a porta-potty without any trouble. This article will help the porta-potty toilets’ service provider keep their bathrooms clean.

Cleaning Equipment and Materials for Portable restroom:

  1. Surface Cleaner
  2. White Vinegar
  3. Baking Soda
  4. Toilet Cleaner or Acid
  5. Soap And Water
  6. Vacuum Pump
  7. Toilet Brushes
  8. Anti Bacterial Spray
  9. Odor Removal
  10. Hand Gloves and Mask

Which Parts of A Porta-Potty Toilet Should I Clean?

If you use a portable toilet for your program, you must know its cleaning process. First, you should determine the bathroom parts that you should clean efficiently using soap and water, vinegar and baking soda, or toilet cleaner.

Generally, there are four parts to a portable toilet. When you start cleaning, you will spray disinfection on both parts of the toilet. 

A comfortable toilet seat is essential for having a comfortable toilet set. It is also a cleaning part of a porta-potty toilet as the following user will use it. toilet seat cleaner

  •  Toilet Sink

The toilet sink of the portable toilet is the essential part. All the garbage falls on the sink and goes through the sewage line to the temporary holding tank. 

  • Walls and Floor

Use soap and water to wash the walls and floor of the toilet. While cleaning the walls, start from the upside and go beneath to remove all the dirt carefully. 

  • The ceiling of The Toilet

It is also an important place to clean. Although many people think it is unnecessary to clean, you can select the place as a cleaning area. 

  • Cleaning the Toilet Door

You have to clean both the outside and inside handles of the toilet. The following person hiring the porta-potty may get hygiene and be free from germs while using the portable toilet.Cleaning Toilet Door

The Best Way of Cleaning A Porta Potty Toilet

As an essential element, the porta-potty helps us extract our waste during any festival. When there is a gathering of people in your arrangement, you have to put pressure on yourself to manage the toilet for everyone. But, you can make several pieces of a porta-potty a little expensive for the people in the program.

Cleaning a porta-potty toilet may seem complicated to you. But, you can be a winner when you follow the correct path. First, collect the essential items mentioned below to prepare for cleaning a porta-potty. Here are the simple steps you must follow:

Step-1: Get an effective Disinfectant and spray it

First, you will buy a disinfectant to spray on the toilet. First, spray on the outside door handle and open the porta-potty door. Spray both the outside and inside of the bathroom, especially the surroundings of the commode. The disinfection process will ensure that you are free from any harmful germs for your health. effective Disinfectant and spray it

When disinfecting is completed, you will close the toilet door. Wait for one minute, keep the bathroom at rest, and prepare it for the next step. 

Step-2: Take Aside The Garbage

The first step in cleaning the porta-potty toilet is to remove the garbage from the toilet surface. When several people use the bathroom in a day, it becomes filled with plenty of human waste. After removing the debris from the toilet, it makes the toilet clear. 

Step-3: Use A Vacuum Pump

Sometimes hand gloves can not be the perfect thing to remove debris from the toilet. It does not suit some of the waste materials of the porta-potty. Moreover, hands can not reach every corner inside the waste storage tank. What can be the solution? Can you empty a porta potty into a toilet

You can use a vacuum pump to solve the problem. The sucking-up process of the pump will absorb the poops and other garbage inside the porta-potty. This process keeps you trouble-free as the pump’s automation is an effective alternative to your hands. 

Step-4: Pour Some Vinegar and Baking Soda

Every toilet user must have strong knowledge about using vinegar and baking soda. The mixture of the two ingredients helps remove the germs from the toilet. After cleaning the garbage from the porta-potty using hand gloves and a vacuum pump, you need to disinfect it. Vinegar and baking soda allow you to remove all the germs from the toilet.  baking soda and vinegar cleaning

Take them in a perfect measurement before mixing. Now pour the mixture into the toilet and scrub the surface with a toilet brush. As a one-time toilet, the porta-potty does not take too much cleaning. But, when its work is finished, you should clean and remove it to clear the space. 

Step-5: Scrub The Walls with Soapy Water

Take a bucket of water and mix some detergent or soap with it. After mixing, take a toilet brush, clean the toilet’s sidewalls, and flour with the water when the soapy water is ready. This process makes your bathroom hygienic and removes germs. Clean the walls and floor with clean water so that no soap foam remains on the wall. detergent for cleaning toilet

Pour the remaining soapy water into the toilet bowl as it is like killing two birds in one fell swoop. The remaining soapy water in the bucket is ready to remove the germs, as it includes soap. So, when you pour it into the pan, it will be able to clear the toilet garbage. 

Step-6: Rinse The Toilet With Water

The plumber’s truck includes all of the necessary things to their vehicle for cleaning your toilet. It consists of a long water-flowing pipe to wash the bathroom quickly. Take the tube out and turn on the water flow. Now use the line and water on the wall, commode, and toilet outside. After the process, you will get a clean bathroom without any germ or soap slud. How to clean a toilet bowl

Who Will Clean the Porta Potty Toilets?

Generally, people hire porta-potty toilets during their programs and festivals. So, the bathroom maintenance and cleaning responsibility are to the service providers. The people who hire the toilets should pay sufficient money and get the services.    

The modern generation provides you with several things that gradually make our life easier. You may get both advantages and disadvantages by using the toilets. But, the Porta-Potty toilet’s problem is related to the complex cleaning process. 

You must – 

  1. Call an efficient plumber,
  2. Clean the portable toilet by him, 
  3. Rinse it expertly, 
  4. Remove the garbage from the toilet
  5. Ensure a clean toilet

Finally, you can hand over the toilet set to the owner. After reviewing them, you can easily decide to bring a portable toilet to your program.

Final Thought 

So, no more destruction; a portable toilet is a ready material for you to use for various programs easily. This toilet is like a friend for the users to evacuate safely anywhere. Everyone can take a bearable commode in his backpack when he is on a journey alone or with a few people. But, it isn’t pleasant to do the same work at a place where there are many people to enjoy a program. So, you have to use a porta-potty toilet and learn how to clean it if you are a service provider.


  • Is The Difficult Cleaning Process Can Stay Me Far from Using Porta-Potty? 

The bitter truth is that cleaning a porta-potty is hard. But don’t think that it is the only reason to keep you away from using it. Instead, you can call an efficient plumber who is available beside you. Portable toilets are the best solution to handle the toilet utilization of many people in a program.

  • Do Porta-Potty Toilets Smell Bad?

It does not happen regularly. When the weather is too hot during the summer (especially the warmer times of the year), the portable toilets stink. The hot temperature is suitable for growing more bacteria in the toilet and reliable for the bad smell. 

  • Do I Need Self-Protection Equipment While Cleaning?

Do not forget to be careful about hygiene. Get ready by wearing a face mask, hand gloves, and other protective equipment. These types of equipment will keep you safe from the porta-potty’s intolerable odor and the germs inside it.

We are really lucky to have a hard-working, multi-skilled plumber on our team. Collin D. Gallegos, a professional plumber who has worked with us since 2012, is an expert in vent, septic, and drainage systems. He is a Certified Master Plumber and has worked on various commercial plumbing projects. He usually helps our readers resolve plumbing and pipe-related issues with a proper DIY troubleshooting and repair guide.

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