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Best Comfort Height Toilet Reviews 2022 [Chair Height Toilets list]

Is the toilet in your bathroom making sitting down or standing up problematic? Do you feel pain around your back and joints every time you use the toilet? The answer to these queries may be simple; maybe you’ve got the wrong toilet height in your bathroom.  Thus, I have listed here the most popular seven best comfort height toilets that will feel more comfortable. Sidenote: Comfort height toilets are also known as Chair height toilets.

Many homeowners tend to focus more on other features of the toilet, forgetting about the toilet height. As a matter of fact, toilet height should be one of the first features that you look at before deciding on the toilet. If the toilet is uncomfortable to use but has all the other features that you desire, it doesn’t make good sense at all. Instead, you should start by picking the right height for the people in your home and then look at additional features such as water usage, bowl type, flushing mechanism, ease of use, etc.

Best Comfort Height Toilet

What is a Comfort height toilet?

Before we take a look at some of the best comfort toilets of 2022, let’s define what a comfort height toilet is. A comfort height toilet is a nay toilet that meets the ADA comfort height needs. These toilets are normally taller than standard height toilets and are really ideal for elderly and disabled people who find sitting down or standing up from the toilet to be quite difficult. Additionally, these toilets are also suitable for tall and handicapped individuals. The accurate standard seat height would be between 17-19 inches.

Most of the comfort toilets are also referred to as right height toilets, measure between 17 and 19-inches, and are usually 2 to 3 inches taller than standard height toilets. All the ideal comfort height toilets should meet the above criteria. So I hope this buying guide will help you choose the right brand that can fulfill your requirements.

Top 3 Comfort Height Toilets Comparison Chart

ImagesTop 3 Comfort Height ToiletsTechnical Details
(Editor's Choice)Check PriceTOTO CST454CEFG#11 Drake II Two-Piece Elongated Universal Height Toilet with CEFIONTECT, Colonial White
Read Review
  • CEFIONTECT glaze finish prevents particles from adhering

  • Water-efficient Universal height toilet saves 20% more water over 1.6 GPF toilets

  • Medium Price

  • (Budget-Friendly)Check PriceAmerican Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 Round Front Toilet with 12-In Rough-In, White
    Read Review
  • Oversized 3 inches flush valve offers no clog issue

  • Slow-close seat and cover included with easy lift off feature

  • Affordable Price

  • (Modern One-Piece Toilet)Check PriceWOODBRIDGE T-0019, Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet with Soft Closing Seat, Comfort Height, Water Sense, High-Efficiency, Rectangle Button, Cotton White
    Read Review
  • Has excellent customer review and ratings

  • Smooth and easy to keep clean

  • Pre-installed soft closing toilet seat with Stainless steel durable seat hinge

  • Medium Price
  • (Tall or Elderly Choice)
    Convenient Height ToiletCheck Price
    20 Inch Extra-Tall Bowl Toilet, Convenient Height bowl taller than ADA Comfort Height.
    Read Review
  • High elevation gravity flush

  • Highly durable flush actuato

  • ‎Solid metal handle and new generation dual flush system

  • In this comfort height toilet review article, we’ve conducted thorough research and managed to bring you some of the top comfort height toilets on the market. Comfort height toilets can be used by almost every person apart from shorter people. Therefore, if you’re an elderly, tall, disabled, or handicapped individual in your home, you’ll find one of these toilets to be ideal for you.

    What are the ADA requirements for comfort height toilets?

    First and foremost, the ADA Compliant toilets should be between 17 and 19 inches from the floor to the seat top. Note that the seat should not be springy or adjustable. Secondly, if the toilet is going to be utilized by kids, it should measure 11 to 17 inches from the floor. And if the toilet is meant for handicapped individuals, then it should have 48-inches of space between the walls on both sides. In addition, there should be an 18-inch space between the toilet and one of the bathroom walls. At the front of the toilet, there should be at least 66-inches of space.

    Comfort height Vs. standard height toilet: Know the differences

    People normally confuse between comfortable height toilets and standard toilets. This is because both of these toilets offer comfort but to different kinds of people. Comfortable toilets are ADA compliant and are as well as referred to as right height or chair height toilets. They are usually around 17 to 19 inches from the floor, while standard height toilets are around 15 to 16 inches from the floor. The elderly, disabled, and handicapped individuals find comfort height toilets to be comfortable, while shorter people and kids prefer standard height toilets. Also, comfort height toilets are typically less costly than standard height toilets.

    Who needs a Comfort height toilet?

    One of the biggest advantages of installing a Comfort height toilet in your bathroom is that almost anyone can use it. This toilet can accommodate almost any person, from the elderly to the handicapped, disabled, and tall people. So, it is ideal for home and public use as it doesn’t limit the number of people who can use it, like with a standard toilet that can only accommodate short people and kids.

    Most Popular 7 Best Comfort Height Toilet Reviews 2022

    Without much ado! Let’s look at the top seven comfort height toilets on the market.

    Convenient Height 20-inch Extra Tall Dual Flush Toilets

    If you’re taller and want a toilet that is slightly higher than the comfort of chair height toilets, then you will love the Convenient Height toilet. Measuring 20-inches and 21-inches with a toilet seat included, this is a wonderful toilet to have in your bathroom. It easily clears the waste as it has a large Trapway that maximizes the flush power. By using only 1.28 GPF for a full flush and 0.9 GPF for a partial flush, you will be able to save a lot of water.

    Similar to many latest toilets on the market, the Convenient Height 2-piece toilet is made with an elongated bowl design that gives the user more sitting space. Easily install this toilet and have a great time sitting down or standing up from it without any inconvenience unless you’re short.

    Quick Overview:

    • It has an elongated bowl design for added comfort
    • It is sleekly constructed to match your bathroom easily
    • Convenient height taller toilets are easy to install
    • Efficient toilet as it is WaterSense certified
    • This is one of the best comfort height toilets available on the market for seniors.
    • A tall toilet seat is included with every purchase
    • It features a slow close seat to prevent the toilet from slamming
    • Accidents are minimized as the Comfort toilet is high from the floor
    • It is not suitable for shorter people
    Technical Specifications of the Convenient Height 20-inch Toilet:
    FeaturesConvenient Height
    Water Consumption:1.28 GPF/0.9 GPF (For liquid flush)
    Pieces:Two-Piece Toilet
    Bowl Shape:Elongated
    Capacity Description:High
    Flush Type:Dual flush technology. Lift up for full flush, push down for light
    Rough-In:12 inches
    Handle/Lever Placement:Front left for convenient and easy access
    Included Components:Toilet Bowl, Toilet Tank, integrated Seat, Flushing Mechanisms
    Certification:Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters; California Energy Commission (CEC)
    Warranty:3-year limited warranty on chinaware and 1-year warranty on mechanical parts inside the water tank
    Price:Convenient Height Toilet ReviewsCheck Today’s Price

    Toto Drake II Universal Height Toilet

    Toto Drake II is one of the most popular toilet models on the market. This toilet can also accommodate different kinds of people due to its universal height. The toilet is beautifully designed and can easily blend with any bathroom design. With its universal height, sitting or standing up from the toilet won’t be a problem at all.

    With a two-piece design, this toilet is very easy to install but cleaning it is quite challenging. The elongated bowl height makes it even more comfortable, while the Cefiontect glaze prevents the build-up of mold, mildew, and dirt. After every use, the toilet performs outstandingly as it only uses 1.28 GPF with a powerful tornado flush to clear away the contents. This also helps you to save on your water bill.

    Short Review:

    • It flushes all the waste easily and quickly with the powerful Toto’s Tornado flush system. So one flush is enough to drain down 1000 grams of solid waste.
    • The toilet manufacturers offer SanaGloss ceramic glaze that keeps the toilet cleaner for as long as it prevents the build-up of debris and dirt.
    • It is aesthetically pleasing and can match any modern toilet with its colonial white finish.
    • More than 800 grams of solid waste can be drained in a single flush.
    • It is of a universal height, which is suitable for different types of users with elders, tall, and disabled people included.
    • This chair-height toilet is easy to install since it comes with the tank and bowl in separate boxes.
    • It is very comfortable to use because of its elongated bowl design that provides more sitting space.
    • The toilet meets ADA guidelines as it has the chrome trip lever located on the left-hand side of the toilet, and it is of a universal height.
    • The SoftClose seat is sold separately. Thus, it is an added cost
    • It is quite difficult to plunge
    • The toilet is somehow noisy, which may be a nuisance to some individuals
    • Users have reported that this toilet clogs more easily when compared to the Original Toto Drake toilet

    Technical Specifications of the Toto Drake II Toilet:

    FeaturesToto CST454CEFG#11 Drake II
    Type:Two-Piece Elongated
    Flush Type:Tornado Power Flush system
    Technology:Double Cyclone
    Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
    Material:Vitreous China
    Certification:Water Pressure Assisted ADA certificate
    Meet Standard Requirements:EPA WaterSense, California’s CEC and CALGreen
    ADA seat height (Universal Height):Yes
    Water-Saving:Saves 20% water over 1.6GPF toilets
    Trapway Diameter:2.125 in.
    MaP Testing Rating:>= 800 (Highly Recommended)
    Color:Colonial White
    Maintenance Cost:Less
    Price:Check Today’s Price

    American Standard Cadet 3 Right Height Toilet

    Toilet the American Standard Cadet 3 is excellently designed to match any bathroom décor. The toilet has a comfortable height, which is great for different people. Using just 1.28 GPF, the Cadet 3 toilet also features an extra-wide flush valve that makes flushing the toilet very powerful and easy. In addition, it has a large siphon Trapway that won’t clog for a great performance.

    Like many other traditional toilets, the American Standard Cadet 3 toilet can be fitted in small bathrooms. Its comfort height makes it easy for different types of people, such as the elderly and handicapped, to have an easy time. When it comes to cleaning, it is very easy as the EverClean surface prohibits the growth of mold, bacteria, and mildew.

    Our Experience:

    • This American Standard toilet uses just 1.28 gallons per flush; thus, it saves a lot of water.
    • It has a powerful flushing system that clears solid waste in a single flush.
    • Comfort height toilets are the best alternative to extra tall toilets. It has a round bowl, which is ideal for disabled, handicapped, and elderly people.
    • The EverClean surface makes the toilet resistant to bacteria, mold, and dirt.
    • The elegant design beautifies your bathroom.
    • There is no issue with toilet clogging as it has a large siphon Trapway
    • It is somehow hard to install as it is a one-piece toilet
    • Many users have complained that the seat is of poor quality as it damages quickly

    Technical Specifications of the American Standard 2988.101.020 Cadet 3 toilet:

    Features2988.101.020 Cadet 3
    Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
    MAP Testing Score:>= 1000 (Highly Recommended)
    Material:Vitreous china
    Certification:Eco-Friendly WaterSense
    Flush Technology:Water-Saving toilet with Siphon jet flush
    Special Features:Comfort Height
    Warranty:Limited 5-Year
    Price:Check Today’s Price

    Kohler K-3754-0 Kelston Comfort Height Toilet

    You have already gone through our top three best comfort height toilet reviews. The Kohler K-3754-0 Kelston two-piece toilet is a stylishly designed toilet that will bring comfort to your bathroom. It is of a comfortable height as it measures 17.5-inches to the top of the seat. This means different people can use it without any problem. This Kohler toilet also has an elongated toilet bowl design, which provides more comfort. If you are looking for the most powerful comfort height toilet, then buy this.

    With the class five® flushing technology, expect this toilet to provide a powerful flush. The toilet saves a lot of water as it only uses 1.6 GPF. The only challenge of using the Kelston comfort height toilet is that you will have to buy toilet seats and supply lines separately.

    My Opinion:

    • It is aesthetically pleasing with its wide and unique canister flush valve
    • Kelston Comfort Height Toilet has an AquaPiston flushing system, which is powerful and effective in performance.
    • It is an ADA-approved toilet.
    • The toilet has a trip lever based on the left-hand side of the toilet.
    • It is water efficient as it uses 1.6 GPF
    • The toilet installation process is easy
    • It is very comfortable with the comfort height and elongated bowl design
    • One-year limited warranty
    • The seat and supply line are purchased separately
    • The toilet tank lid is not stable

    Technical Specifications of the Kohler K-3754-0 Kelston:

    FeaturesKohler K-3754-0
    Water Consumption:1.6 GPF
    Pieces:Two-Piece Toilets
    Color, Finish:White
    Flush Type:Gravity Flush
    Certification:Not Applicable
    Handle/Lever Placement:Left
    Flush Technology:AquaPiston Flush Technology
    Warranty:One-year limited warranty
    Price:Check Today’s Price

    Toto Drake Universal ADA Toilet

    Toto CST744SL#01 Drake is an excellent toilet design that will complement most bathroom designs. The toilet also uses the G-Max flushing system, which utilizes just 1.6 GPF. The toilet has an ADA height, which means that the disabled, handicapped, and elderly will have an easy time using it.

    The Drake toilet is among the best-selling Toto toilets, and it is very easy to install. In addition, it has a SoftClose seat that avoids slamming and making noise. Additionally, installing the toilet is very easy as it comes with a 12-inch rough-in. With the vitreous china material, expect this toilet to last for a long time.

    Quick Overview:

    • The toilet saves water as it uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush
    • The toilet is very easy to clean
    • It is simple to install as it’s a two-piece toilet
    • The toilet is comfortable to use as it has a Comfort height and elongated bowl design
    • The G-Max flushing mechanism is strong and reliable
    • It has a Soft Close seat that prevents the slamming
    • The toilet seat design is somehow difficult to fix
    • Several users have complained that the toilet leaks after a few uses

    Technical Specifications of the TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake Toilet:

    FeaturesCST744SL#01 Drake
    Water Consumption:1.6 GPF
    Pieces:Two-Piece Toilet
    Material:Vitreous China
    Certification:Not Applicable
    Flush Type:Gravity Flush Toilet
    Warranty:Limited 1-year warranty
    Price:Check Today’s Price

    WoodBridge T-0019 One-piece Chair Height Toilet

    The Woodbridge is a high-efficiency toilet as it uses 1.28 GPF on average. The toilet uses 1.0 gallons per flush for a partial flush and 1.6 GPF for a full flush. It also features a fully glazed flush system that brings a very powerful and quiet flush that clears all the waste in the bowl without clogs and leaks.

    Moreover, the WoodBridge T-0019 one-piece toilet is elegantly constructed with a skirted design that easily matches most bathrooms. Also, it is of a Comfort height, which provides comfort to people of different ages and disabilities. The elongated bowl design adds more sitting space which makes it even more comfortable. If you want comfort in your bathroom, this is the best chair-height toilet to acquire.

    Our View:

    • It provides a quiet and powerful flush
    • It is a luxurious toilet that can match any bathroom style
    • Woodbridge Comfort Height Toilet has a soft-closing seat that won’t slam when you close it
    • The skirted design makes cleaning to be easy
    • The dual flush system saves water flow
    • The chair height is ideal for people with disabilities
    • It is Water Sense certified
    • The toilet comes with a 5-year limited warranty
    • It is somehow difficult to install as its heavy
    • The dual flush button is not durable

    Technical Specifications of the Woodbridge T 0019 toilet:

    FeaturesWoodbridge T 0019
    Water Consumption:1.28 GPF water usage
    Pieces:One Piece
    Color:Cotton White
    Elongated Shape:Yes
    Included Components:Integrated seat, wax ring, water fitting
    Flush Type:Dual Flush
    Warranty:5-years limited warranty
    Price:Check Today’s Price

    Kohler Cimarron 1.6 GPF Toilets

    The toilet Kohler Cimarron is another outstanding comfort height toilet. This is not only a stylish and powerful toilet, but it also provides comfort to all types of users. The two-piece toilet is easy to install but doesn’t come with a toilet seat. So, you will have to buy it separately, along with a supply line.

    The Cimarron toilet features the powerful AquaPiston flushing system that clears contents in just one flush.  It uses only 1.6 GPF, which helps you to save water and reduce your water bill. Furthermore, it has an elongated bowl design that provides more sitting space for added comfort. The biggest shortcoming of this toilet is that it comes without a toilet seat.

    Short Review:

    • It saves a lot of water
    • It features an elegant toilet design that matches different bathroom styles.
    • The toilet has a Comfort height that is ideal for different users
    • It is very simple to install
    • It has a powerful AquaPiston flushing technology
    • The toilet comes with a DryLock system that prevents leakage
    • ADA compliant toilet
    • Some users have reported clogging issues
    • The toilet seat has to be bought separately
    • The bowl design makes using the plunger quite challenging when the toilet clogs.

    Technical Specifications of the Kohler K-3589-0 Cimarron Aquapiston Technology Toilet:

    FeaturesKohler cimarron
    Water Consumption:1.6 GPF
    Flush Technology:Gravity Flush Toilets
    Flush Type:AquaPiston Technology
    Flush Rating(MAP Test):>=1000 (Highly Recommended)
    Handle/Lever Placement:Left
    Warranty:One-year limited warranty
    Price:Check Today’s Price


    When you go out shopping for a new toilet, you shouldn’t overlook its height anymore. Always ensure that you get the right type of toilet for your home and consider all people who will be using it. If you’ve got an elderly person, a disabled person, or even a handicapped one, you should ensure that they get the right comfort as they take a long call.

    Unlike other toilet heights, comfort or right height toilets can be used by almost every individual in the house besides being used by the disabled and handicapped people. So, if you’ve been experiencing pain in the joints or sitting down or standing up from your toilet has been a problem, it’s high time you get a Comfort height toilet for ease of use. After going through our list of the best comfort height toilet, hope you’ve found a toilet that meets your needs and demands.

    Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.

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