How to Unclog Toilet When Nothing Works? 7 Easy Ways!

How to Unclog Toilet when Nothing Works?Most toilet clogs happen when you least expect them. This can be very frustrating as a toilet is one of the must-visit places in the home. If you just arrived home and discovered that your toilet has clogged after helping yourself, you should try to unclog the running toilet.

The sight of water trying to overflow can be frustrating, and it’s even worse when the toilet blocks when you’re at your friend’s house. Nevertheless, it would be great if you never panicked, as the tools you need to unblock the toilet are always within reach. With the tips that we’re about to give you, unblocking your toilet should be quick and fast. So, How to unclog a toilet when nothing works?

Unclogging MethodsClog TypesEffectivity
Using a plunger:Hard or soft waste90%
Plumbing snake/auger:Solid or  soft clog95%
Vinegar & baking soda mixture: Not for plastic or hard waste80%
Hot water & soap mixture:Only for soft waste70%
Wire hanger:Hard object85%
Wet/dry vacuum:Both solid & soft waste90%
Enzyme product:Soft clog remover75%
Caustic Soda:Soft clog80%
Using Hands:Any clog95%

7 Easy Ways to Unclog Toilet When Nothing Works

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A plumber usually charges $80-$200 to unclog a toilet, depending on the severity of the clog. The best part about unclogging your toilet when nothing works is that the tools you need are in your home, and you don’t have to call a plumber to fix it. Just follow our simple steps and get rid of the clogging problem.

Use a plunger

How to Unclog Toilet when Nothing Works?

A plunger is one of the most practicable tools for unclogging a toilet. Most bathrooms have plungers in them, and it should be the first thing you lay your hands on when it comes to unclogging your toilet. The best plunger to use is one with a flange. But the heavy-duty plunger is the best choice if you have a slightly larger toilet.

Unclogging the toilet using a plunger is very easy. You will have to start by putting on gloves to protect your hands from dirt, grime, and splashing dirty water. Next, hold the plunger by the handle and put the rubber part into the toilet bowl.

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After putting the plunger in the hole, you will have to push it slightly until you feel an airtight vacuum. Don’t stop pushing down the plunger. However, you should proceed slowly and add more force. Repeat this several times until to get a tighter vacuum and pull it out quickly. Doing this will help loosen the clog and push all the waste blocking the toilet down the drain.

Flush the toilet and observe if the clog has disappeared. If the toilet is okay, the job is complete. But if it still clogs, try the next step.

Use a plumbing snake

How to Unclog Toilet when Nothing Works?

If the plunger fails to work, you should try out a plumbing snake. Like a plunger, a plumbing snake is also readily available in most bathrooms. But if you don’t have one, you should consider getting one. A plumbing snake is also referred to as a “Closet Auger.” This is a flexible wire used to unclog a blocked toilet.

A plumbing snake is used due to its flexibility. It can easily maneuver through the waste and into the drain hole. The device comes with a rubber coating to assist in protecting the porcelain from scratches and damage when in use.

Before you start using the closet auger, make sure you have put on gloves. Afterward, put the side of the auger with a rubber coating into the toilet bowl. Push the tool down and further into the drain until you notice some resistance. Continue pushing as you twist the handle clockwise to enable the device to move the obstruction into the drain. Keep pushing until there is no resistance in the toilet drain.

If you no longer feel the resistance, you can now flush the toilet and see whether the issue has been sorted out. But if there is still some resistance, you may have to try out the next step.

Use a mixture of vinegar & baking soda

How to Unclog Toilet when Nothing Works?

If you don’t want to get messy, a mixture of vinegar and baking soda can also be an excellent option to unclog the toilet. Unlike the plunger and auger, baking soda and vinegar are readily available in the kitchen. But you can purchase them at a local store if you don’t have them.

The mixture of baking soda and vinegar works effectively when combining two cups of water, two cups of white vinegar, and one cup of baking soda. Start by mixing baking soda and water before adding vinegar. Wait for several minutes before adding the combination to the toilet bowl.

The mixture is potent as it undergoes a reaction that helps to break down materials inside the toilet bowl. As a result, it will allow the water and waste to push through the drain and unblock the toilet. Flush the toilet and see if the running toilet problem is solved. If not, move on to the next step.   

Utilize dish soap and hot water

How to Unclog Toilet when Nothing Works?

If you don’t have a plunger or plumbing snake in your bathroom, you can use dish soap and slightly hot water to unclog a toilet. These two substances work effectively together. Heat 1 gallon of water. Add dish soap to the toilet bowl as you wait for the water to heat up. Then, pour the warm water into the bowl and give it some time before flushing.

The hot water and dish soap mixture will break up the clog and allow waste and water to go down the drain. Flush the toilet and see if it’s back to normal. If the problem still exists, then you should try the next method.

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Use a wire hanger

How to Unclog Toilet when Nothing Works?

A wire coat hanger can also help you unclog your toilet. Please remove one of your wire hangers in the closet and straighten it up. Afterward, cover the wire at one end with a cloth to prevent it from scratching or damaging the toilet. Secure the fabric with tape. Next, push the wire hanger down the drain as you twist it. Twisting the wire hanger as you push it will clear the clog in the bowl. If you encounter any resistance, continue pushing gently until the water drains.

Again, flush the toilet and see if the problem is rectified. If not, proceed to the next method.

Try wet/dry vacuum

How to Unclog Toilet when Nothing Works?

Use a wet or dry vacuum if the above methods do not unclog the toilet. This method may be quite unpopular, but it’s very efficient in performance. It sucks out the clog, meaning you will have to dispose of the blockage.

Solid waste or big poop can cause a toilet clog. You should wear rubber gloves before sucking out the substances causing the clog. Afterward, you will have to put the vacuum around the hose into the toilet and push it down to the drain. Besides, you will have to push the vacuum several inches into the drain hole to create suction. Turn on the vacuum, and it will suck out the clog obstacle.

Finally, flush the toilet and see if the water flows naturally. If the issue is still there, try using an enzyme product.

Try an enzyme product

Enzyme waste removal product is popular with plumbers. This is because they usually use it in septic systems to decompose waste. You can also acquire this product from most grocery stores and unblock your toilet. Try to use a no-clog toilet to avoid this irritating circumstance. 

However, it’s worth noting that enzyme waste removal products only work for waste and not things like toys or other solid objects. Unlike corrosive substances, enzyme waste removal product won’t corrode your pipes, and it’s healthy, too,

Put the right amount of enzyme waste product in your toilet bowl and see how it breaks down waste and unclogs a toilet. Once again, flush the toilet and see how it behaves. If the problem is solved, you can relax and continue your business. But if the problem is still there, call a professional plumber to help you out.

What if those DIY unclogging toilet methods fail?

Caustic Soda: If nothing works, use powerful chemicals. Ensure safety first by wearing protective rubber gloves and eyeglasses before using this harsh chemical. Now mix 3 cups of Caustic Soda with ¾ gallon of cold water. Pour it into the toilet bowl and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Then take a bucket of hot water and flush it forcefully.

Using Hands: If those unclogging methods fail, it’s time to use the nastiest method. Just wear a rubber glove and put your hand into the toilet drain pipe. When you find the object, break or remove the obstruction, now flush several times.


Clogged toilets can be a nightmare and an embarrassment at the same time. But with these tips, you can go ahead and fix your toilet quickly and with little hustle. You can contact a professional plumber as a last resort, as most of the available options are very useful. Make sure to follow the right procedures if you want them to work.

Using too much toilet paper can make a toilet clog. So try to use soft toilet paper that can dissolve with toilet water quickly in the drain pipe. Take your time and unclog the toilet using the most straightforward way possible from our list above. I still have questions after reading those toilet unclogging methods when nothing Works. Comment below.

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