Toto VS Kohler Toilets: Which is Better to Buy?

Which toilet is better, Toto or Kohler? This debate has begun in the last century or so. Some will say Toto is better, and others will say that isn’t true. As a plumber, I will differentiate some features between these two toilet brands. But If you want a decision-making answer, then I suggest buying a Toto toilet. In this Toto VS Kohler toilets review, we compare and contrast the Kohler VS Toto brand. And will find out which one of these two brands fits your needs and demands.
Are Toto toilets better than Kohler’s? Our Recommendation In short
If you have a tight budget, then go with the Kohler toilet brand.
If you can afford extra 70-100 bucks for some additional features, then buy Toto toilets.

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Features Comparison: Toto VS Kohler Toilets 2024

Note: This Kohler and Toto brand comparison is based on my personal experience and according to user feedback. I have no statistical data to prove it. You can comment below, If you have the opposite experience.


TOTO Toilet Brand

KOHLER Toilet Brand

Flushing Mechanisms:
  • G-max flushing system
  • Cyclone Flush
  • Double Cyclone Flush
  • Tornado Flushing Technology
  • E-max flushing system
  • Touchless flush
  • Single flush mechanism
  • Dual flush system
Flush Sound:Less NoiseLittle bit higher
Refilling Noise:QuietA bit of noise
Pricing:HighAffordable toilet
Loose flush:LessHigh
Leak Issues:LesserHigher
Company Focus:Only Toiletsbathroom & kitchen appliances
Plumber Recommendation:HigherLesser
Homeowners Advice:Great Long-term InvestmentGood Budget Investment
My Recommendation:(My 2024’s Choice)Toto VS Kohler ToiletsCheck PriceKohler VS Toto ToiletsCheck Price

If you are looking for a durable, efficient, and comfortable no-clog toilet, then you should consider buying from brands like Toto and Kohler. These two brands are some of the most famous and are known for their high-quality toilets. Actually, many plumbers and homeowners recommend buying from these two brands. But what is the best brand? Is it Toto or Kohler? Here is our recommendation-

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Comparison Between Toto & Kohler’s Two Best-Selling Toilets

A home is incomplete without a toilet. So, whether you’re looking to install a toilet in your newly built house or want to replace it with a dysfunctional one, you need to make the right choice. With so many toilets on offer, consumers are usually confused about which one to pick. A toilet is something that should last for many years, and it should have little maintenance. Not all brands that you see out there are worth buying, as some are poorly made, and you will only regret them after buying them.



KOHLER Santa Rosa

Material:Vitreous China MaterialChina
Water Consumption:1.28 GPF per flush1.28 GPF per flush
Bowl Shape:Elongated toilet bowlElongated bowl design
Dimensions:28.8 x 16.5 x 29.4 inches31 x 20.8 x 29 inches
Color:Cotton WhiteWhite
Size:12 Inches12 Inches
Item Weight:94 pounds102 pounds
Batteries Required:NoNo
Toilet Seat Include:NoYes
More:Details ReviewDetails Review
Price:My Choice
Difference between Toto and Kohler toiletCheck Price
Difference between Kohler and Toto toiletCheck Price

Compare Flushing System

A right flush system is essential when choosing the best toilet brands. A good toilet should have a very efficient flushing system that clears the waste or the contents of the bowl in just one flush. Toto has a powerful g max powerful flushing system that clears any dust or waste in one flush. Also, Kohler is known to have a flushing mechanism that not only doesn’t waste your time but as well as saves water. Just one flush, and everything will be cleared.

Besides having an efficient flush system, many homeowners dislike toilets that make noise. Imagine everyone is asleep at night, and your activities in the bathroom awaken them because of the noise made after flushing. This isn’t very pleasant! The good news is that there is no need to worry anymore, as both Kohler’s and Toto’s toilets have a very silent flushing mechanism when compared to other traditional toilet brands. Therefore, you will not create unnecessary noise after using the toilet. But Toto is said to be more silent than Kohler. Also, both brands offer several flushing systems for different users.

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When buying a toilet, there are so many things to consider. Maintenance is one of them. Also, you should look at the availability of spare parts, just in case a part breaks and needs replacement. Kohler is an American brand, and thus very easy to get spare parts. On the other hand, Toto is a Japanese toilet brand that has distributors in many parts of America. So getting spare parts won’t be a big problem.

Plumbers and home users say that maintaining Toto toilets is very easy as they usually don’t have leakages or loose flushes. So, you can be guaranteed that your toilet will last for a very long while without having to call a plumber to fix it. Kohler is also easy to maintain but not as easy as Toto. This means Toto is slightly more durable than Kohler.

Price Comparison

So Toto toilet vs. Kohler toilet: Which one is cost-effective? Many homeowners and businesses prefer buying a toilet that will last for a very long time. A toilet is something that you should shop for once and think of changing after ten years or so. That is if need be. Toto standard toilet models are known to be expensive, but they are the best. So, if you want to spend a little more to have the best and most popular toilet brand, then Toto is an ideal choice. Kohler is slightly cheaper, but it as well offers quality toilets that last long. So, if you’re looking at price, then you should go for Kohler. But if you want the best toilet, I suggest you get one from Toto.

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Both Toto and Kohler toilet is excellently designed to provide comfort to the user. You will have elongated and round bowl designs to select from. Furthermore, the toilets from these brands meet ADA requirements, and you will get to save a lot of water yearly. But if you are looking for the most versatile toilets, Toto has lots of them.


Who wants a toilet that is problematic when it comes to cleaning? Kohler and Toto both toilets are very easy to clean. You will only need to use a small portion of the cleaning chemical and less scrubbing. This is not the case with other toilet brands. However, Toto and Kohler’s two-piece toilet designs are tough to clean. This is something that you should know as you get to choose between a one-piece and two-piece toilet.

Final Toilet Decision

After looking at the Kohler vs. Toto toilets brands, it is clear that Toto is a better Japanese brand; but Kohler is still a quality and reliable brand as well. If you are ready to spend to get the best of the best, then you should go with Toto. But if you want a quality toilet and you’re on a budget, then I would recommend the Kohler brand. Toto is superior because it has the best flushing systems and needs less maintenance, and it is very silent compared to most Kohler toilets. Overall, both toilets are amazing as they are very easy to clean and comfortable, and they meet ADA requirements. I hope this Toto vs. Kohler toilets reviews article was helpful to you.

Hi, this is Robert Crossan, the owner of this website, has 17 years of experience in the installation, maintenance, and repair of toilets and plumbing systems. After completing the Level 2 Basic Plumbing course in 2005, I started working in both domestic and commercial buildings as a professional plumber. So I can figure out the core difference between different toilet models and brands. It also helped me monitor their work performance and setbacks.


  1. Thanks for this comparison it is very useful for all types of consumer can you please make comparison b/w TOTO AND GROHE with their glazing qualities
    Thanks you

  2. Thank you so much for a superb comparison. Excellent article.
    You helped me make my choice.

    Would you still say 2-piece Toto Drake 2 is still better than 1-piece Kohler in terms of powerful flushing?

    1-piece Toto Drake 2 isn’t sold here.


    • It is very difficult to compare the powerfulness of a flush. Because each toilet brand uses different technology and bowl design also impact on their performance. Also, A Powerful flush lot depends on GPF. Typically, 1.6 GPF flush more powerful than 1.28 GPF toilets.
      As I said in my post, Toto always gives me a better experience than Kohler(If I compare the overall brand, not only two toilets).

      And for one-piece & two-piece comparison check this post

  3. Ok I was told to buy a Toto and I have only had it a few years…the flusher is not working. No problem easy fix, right?

    Wrong the discontinued the part I need. My suggestion is go with something more standard…like KOHLER or American standard…

    We spent $500 and now we have to replace the whole thing.


  4. As a senior design/sales consultant at a supplier. I can tell that this article is biased and is not reflecting the truth. Don’t get me wrong I am not a Kohler rep.
    I sell both Kohler and Toto toilets and both use high end material but when it comes to flushing Kohler is way better than Toto. I know it because I attended toilet comparison event and I am dealing with the end users everyday. They come to our store with their broken lids, toilet seats, flappers… etc
    So they mostly complain about their toto and duravit toilets and its components. Also Kohler customer service is way better than any other company in the market.
    So I suggest if you would like to promote a brand, do it directly not by a biased article.
    It is not ethical

    • You are not a Kohler representative! Okay.
      But, Kohler’s customer service is better than Toto? I don’t believe that. It is not only based on my personal experience and my customer’s experience. Search on Google; you will find lots of people complaining that Kohler’s support isn’t helpful.

      • I have interacted with kohler customer service at least a dozen times and they are AMAZING- the best I have ever experienced. They are smart, knowledgeable, always fixed my problem and sent new parts to for free without caring where or when i bought the item or asking for a receipt of proof. They even sent me a brand new $200 faucet for freewhen the part that had failed was going to take 10 days to manufacture. And that free faucet is also covered by a lifetime warranty.
        In contrast, when I called Toto it took forever to navigate their system and talk to a human, like half an hour, then they put me in line to talk to tech support and it took almost another half hour, and then that person sounded completely stoned and could not understand a simple question after I repeated it four times, so I asked to talk to someone else and they mad em wait for another half hour, and then the guy was not exactly eager to be helpul. It was insane. The worst. i will not buy a Toto toilet just because I never want to have to deal with them again.

    • Dear Emre, do you know by any chance who has the best dryer if it comes to smart toilets. We are looking at a Kohler EIR and where able to even try a Kohler VEIL in the restroom of the Kohler showroom. We thought that the dryer on the Veil was a little weak. Does Toto have stronger dryer? Could it be that the dryer experience between EIR and VEIL is different because of the difference in bowl design? Also one word regarding TOTO they state premier showroom on their website: we went to two different Toto Premier Gallery showrooms yesterday both only had one “old” TOTO smart toilet standing around. How is it possible that TOTO expects people to pay 5k+toilets and does not give showpieces on consignment to the dealer. That can only mean they hired the wrong people for sales or they have so much business that they don’t care. In any case you might want to take this into consideration if you think about support service etc…..oh and also call their “Premier Gallery” and check before driving there for nothing.

    • I agree. Toto flushing often requires a second flush to clear the back of the bowl. Requires daily cleaning under the rim. I am removing it today and replacing with Kohler.

  5. Got 2 TOTO toilets. Problem: Can not get rid of a dark ring in the toilet. It’s clean but it does not look clean. How does one get rid of it?

    • Are you certain it is a dark line and not a shadow caused by the bowl shape and lighting in your bathroom?

      If it is, in fact, a dark line please try the following cleaning procedure:

      Please use CLR along with a blue non-scratch pad(the all blue pad you would use to wash your dishes).

      It should say non-scratch right on the packaging.

      You will add the CLR to the bowl and let it soak for 15 to 20 mins then use the blue pad to scrub away the build-up.

  6. Consumer reports lists ten Kohler toilets before it lists a single Toto toilet. So I don’t know, but something to think about.

  7. Just for awareness:

    I have had 4 Toto Aquia IV (2-piece design) toilets at my rental property since 2007, and I have never had any issues with them. Not once have I had to have maintenance done on them.

    In my new house, the previous owner had 6 Kohler toilets (4 of them the one-piece design) and I’m not sure how long he’s had them but every single one of them leaks. And I mean badly, either where they run continuously, some where the internal tank mechanism has deteriorated over time, and others that simply can’t fill the tank to a point where I had to turn the water supply off and not use them.

    Needless to say, I just ordered 6 Toto Aquia IV toilets and having them installed, as I’m writing this. Don’t get me wrong: I love the aesthetics of Kohler bathroom fixtures, from sinks, faucets, tubs, etc. But when it comes to toilets, IMO, no one beats Toto.

    PS: I subscribe to consumer reports, and generally let them guide my decision making, not when it comes to toilets it seems.

    PS2: I just looked up the person who claimed to not be affiliated with Kohler and that person is on linkedin, listed as a design consultant working for Kohler. So much for being unethical. Hopefully he’s not speaking or acting on his company’s behalf.

  8. Do NOT get a Toto toilet if you have young kids! We chose the Toto toilets in our new multi-million dollar home and deeply regret it!
    There are many great features BUT the main issue is that even with a step-stool it’s hard for our young children to flush the top of the lid flush buttons. Also, poop and pee daily get “stuck” along the narrow inside part of the bowl because the bowl design is made with the size of adults in mind not children. Naturally my young kids do not sit as far back on the seat as adults, so their poop literally either won’t flush down because it lands above the drop off point (I have no other way to describe it!). Often their wadded toilet paper also just sits above the narrow drop down part and does not flush away. This is not designed like a standard toilet with a wide bowl before the drop down part. It narrows too soon and poop and toilet paper get stuck and/or smeared at the highest part. TOTO designers if you are reading this, please take into consideration these design flaws! It is frustrating and gross to use the toilet brush daily to push poop down into the drop off and then on the smeared poop. We NEVER had this issue with our previous home and regular toilets!

    • Yes!!! This is exactly my experience with the Toto toilet. Daily cleaning to push the remnants down. Is there any way of getting more water into the bowl? I feel like that could help

  9. At this point anything but Toto. Two “ upgraded” units installed in my condo 5 yrs ago.One ridiculous plumbing bill (I was taken) .That toilet and the second now have cost 75.00 each for new parts. Apparently the old flapper is discontinued.
    You an now hear these toilets flushing all the way to China ,or in the living room where your guests are
    sitting, and probably two floors up in the middle of the night. The handle now is stiff and tight.
    Not a Toto fan.

  10. I have a Toto toilet and it was very expensive. It worked great until the third year. After that it started to make a howling noise after being flushed. It also started running water constantly. It still flushed well but the noise was unbearable. We tried changing the flapper but that was impossible without breaking other parts. I tried calling customer service and they were not helpful at all! Yesterday, I went out and bought a reliable Kohler and its being installed today. Thank of for Kohler:)

  11. I have a question regarding 2 different flushing systems.
    The Toto Ultramax 2 with the double cyclone flushing system and the Kohler pressure assist in the Highline series.
    My house was built in 1988 and I have one bathroom that the line would clog up from low flow toilets until I bought a Kohler with the Flushmate power assist tank.
    In your opinion is the double cyclone system as good as the power assist system?
    Thank you.

  12. As a journeyman service plumber that works the North Shore in the Chicago area for the past 20+ years I have a lengthy experience with all brands of toilets. When Toto first hit the American market in the 90’s it was a game changer, it’s flushing power was incomparable. While everyone else was still using 2″ flappers Toto came in with a 3″ flapper, this meant that the same 1.6 gpf, as in all toilets, discharged faster causing more force. With the added flushing force the water in the bowl heaves then just drops forcing the waste through the toilet trap instead of centrifugal force to move the waste through. Kohler and the other competitors where slow to follow, now they all have their own versions.
    Now to the nitty-gritty, flushing power, both Kohler and Toto are the best equally. Quietness, they are both quiet and if there is a difference, which I haven’t noticed, it would be minimal. As far as cleaning, again they are equal. Now to what really matters, repairs. Repairs on Toto toilets are horrible compared to Kohler. I work more on Totos than Kohlers.and the North Shore is pretty evenly divided between the two manufacturers. Toto’s fill valves are the most commonly replaced item, for the amount of money you spend on Toto toilets you would think they would use a quality fill valve. Toto’s flappers do not tolerate the chlorine or chlormide in the potable water as well as the Kohler Class 5 flush piston gaskets do. Ease of repairs, with some Toto 2-piece toilets you have to remove the tank to replace the fill valve. Some one piece have the back of the tank concave which makes replacing the flapper difficult to replace with the tighter space in the tank. Most of Toto’s flapper flush valves.have been discontinued and they have converted to a piston style flush valve similar to Kohler. The availability of parts, Kohler dominates the wholesalers, very few plumbing wholesalers are Toto distributors. Lastly pricing, yes the average cost of the most popular models of Toto toilets are more than Kohler”s most popular but when you get into the more ornate, modern or smart toilet styles they price about the same.
    Conclusion, as a service plumber, I prefer to repair Kohler toilets over Toto. If you have no interest in repairing your toilet yourself then it pretty much comes down to your style preference.

  13. I am about to buy Kohler Corbelle K-4144-0 Toilet and K-4143-0 Toilet Tank. After reading the Articles on Comparisons between Toto and Kholer I am very confused .Some say Toto , others say Kholer

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