Problems with the American Standard Cadet Pro Toilet (Reviewed)

American Standard is one of those toilet brands that have provided excellent products for a long, and they are still doing the same. In this American Standard Cadet Pro Reviews, we’re going to look at the American Standard Cadet Pro 2-piece toilet.
What I like most about the American Standard toilets is that they are of high quality but are offered at a slightly lower price than Kohler and Toto.

The American Standard Cadet Pro with an elongated bowl is beautifully designed and offers excellent performance. Just like the American Standard Cadet-3 toilet, it is easy to install, and it has a powerful flushing mechanism. With a MaP rating of 1000, you can rely on it to clear bulk loads very effectively.

The Everclean surface, cadet flushing system, and PowerWash rim ensure the toilet is clean at all times. So, cleaning is greatly minimized. The toilet is also comfortable with an elongated bowl and standard bowl height. Read on to find out more about this linen-colored toilet from American Standard.

American Standard Cadet Pro- Specs & Reviews

Technical Specifications

Key Features

American Standard Cadet Pro Toilet

Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
Bowl Height:Standard
Certification:EPA Approved
Material:Vitreous China
Bowl Shape:Standard height elongated toilet
Flushing Technology:Gravity Fed
Flushing Type:Single Flush
Free Parts:Bolts, Seat, Concealed Trapway
Gallons Per Flush:1.28
Capacity Description:High
MaP Performance Rating:1000
Not Included:Water Supply Line, Seat, and Wax Ring
Warranty:Limited 5-Year warranty
Price:American Standard Cadet Pro ReviewsCheck Today’s Price

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Material- Vitreous china construction

Since the American Standard Cadet Pro is made of vitreous china material, you can depend on this great toilet to serve the user for many years to come. Vitreous china is a strong material and very durable as long as it is properly maintained. In addition, the toilet has a nice design and finish that easily complements modern bathrooms.

Certification- EPA WaterSense

This water-efficient toilet is good for the environment and may help the user get a lower water bill. The toilet utilizes only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This means that the user will be able to save at least 16500 gallons of water annually. In some municipalities, one may get a rebate.

Bowl design- Elongated chair height

When it comes to comfort, you have nothing to worry about. The Cadet Pro 2-piece toilet features an elongated bowl design that provides more sitting space when compared to round bowl toilets. But it can still be installed in spaces for round bowl toilets. Moreover, the toilet has a chair height, allowing people of different ages to sit down or stand up comfortably.

Flushing System- PowerWash Cadet Flush

The cadet flushing system works in conjunction with the PowerWash rim to ensure that all the contents in the bowl are clearly easily and in a single flush. In addition, they ensure that the bowl is left clean while using 20% less water.

Design- Two-Piece

Being a two-piece toilet with a 12-inch rough-in, the American Standard Cadet Pro is easy to install. You can start by installing the toilet bowl and, later, the toilet tank. The 12” rough-in is the standard side of most toilets; thus, you shouldn’t have difficulties installing it. Note that you will have to purchase a toilet seat separately.

Bowl Surface Finish- EverClean

There is no need to constantly clean the toilet as it has an EverClean surface that keeps it cleaner for longer than your previous toilet. Things like dirt, odor-causing bacteria, debris, and stains are kept away from the bowl.

Warranty- Limited 5 Years

Most toilets on the market offer only a one-year warranty. So, a limited 5-year warranty from American Standard is great, considering that they offer high-quality and well-performing toilets.

Check Today’s Price

Why buy American Standard Cadet Pro Toilet?

  • Durable construction for longevity
  • EverClean surface leaves the surface of the toilet cleaner for a longer
  • Easy to install and fit perfectly in a small bathroom or large bathroom
  • Reduces the usage of toilet paper and saves water up to 20%
  • Outstanding design and finish that easily blends with modern toilets
  • Powerful flush with the cadet flushing system and PowerWash Rim
  • EPA WaterSense Certified
  • The elongated bowl design offers comfort during use
  • Chair height for comfort to users of different ages
  • Limited 5-year warranty

Negative Reviews:

  • The toilet doesn’t come with a seat, and thus you will have to purchase it before installing the toilet.
  • The seat is also poorly made, as it slips sideways when a person sits on it.

Fix Common American Standard Cadet Pro Toilet Problems

  • Why is my American Standard Cadet Pro toilet not flushing?

Reasons: closed water supply valve, clogged supply line, loose flush valve

Solution: Shut off the water connection to the toilet tank and clean the cap, gasket, and washers. Readjust the chain and inspect the other flushing parts.

  • American Standard Cadet Pro toilet flushing slowly

Reasons: Supply pressure too low or bowl water level is too high, Closed valve, clogged trapway

Solution: Inspect the refill tube to see if it is OK or damaged. Use the right supply valve and ensure its pressure remains at a minimum of 20 psi. Remove clogs from trapways, drainpipes, or vents.

  • Why is my American Standard Cadet Pro toilet leaky?

Reason: Loose nuts or bolts, poor water connection

Solution: Check the connection between the toilet and the floor. If the bots or nuts corrode, replace them and reattach the toilet properly. Don’t use any sealant while fixing the water supply connection. Check the floor flange and seal to see if they need to be replaced.

  • American Standard Cadet Pro toilet keeps running

Reasons: Chain too tight, Flapper seal damaged, Clogged water line

Solution: Loosen the flush valve chain if it is too tight. Replace the flapper seal and remove clogs from the water supply line.

  • Why is my American Standard Cadet Pro toilet wobbly?

Reason: damaged wax ring, floor not level, loose nuts

Solution: If the bathroom floor is not level, use a toilet shim. Retighten the loose nuts and replace the old wax ring.

Let’s compare it with other toilet models:

The American Standard Cadet Pro toilets are comfortable and include many features. But, there are some differences between the Cadet Pro and the other toilet.

American Standard Cadet Pro vs. Cadet 3

The American Standard Classic Cadet 3 toilets present a variety of sizes. The different sizes and variations are suitable for fitting the toilet in every bathroom. Their flushing performance is admirable. The cadet pro has the same flushing performance. The metal trip levers, metal shank fill valves, and a powerful water-saving flush are the additional features of the cadet pro. The cadet pro uses only 1.28 GPF for its powerful flushing.

Although Cadet 3 gives the possibility of using less water for every flush, if you tell me to choose the better one, I will select Cadet Pro. It will fulfill my desire to come in different sizes and dimensions. I can fit the toilet anywhere in my bathroom.

American Standard Cadet Pro vs. Champion Pro

The American Standard Cadet Pro and the Champion Pro both come with a powerful flushing system. The Cadet Pro clears the entire toilet bowl with one flush. So, it is suitable for use in every house. On the other hand, the champion pro deserves to be admired for his better and more forceful flushing. The large cylinder for flushing allows a tremendous amount of water at a time to flush the toilet perfectly. Thus, the Champion Pro works better than the American Standard toilets.

Toto Drake vs. American Standard Cadet Pro

American standard toilets are comfortable. You can use the modern and popular toilet in any bathroom. On the other hand, the Toto Drake is also famous, and Toto is a renowned toilet brand. But, if you have two bathrooms in your house, you can use the American Standard toilet. But, if you want to let the toilet be used for your children, you may use the Toto Drake. It will save you money by saving water that your children cannot understand.


The American Standard Cadet Pro toilet is a high-quality and feature-packed toilet. It has a powerful flushing mechanism that clears waste easily, and the EverClean surface leaves the toilet clean for longer. With a limited 5-year warranty and a low water usage rate of 1.28 GPF, the cadet pro is a nice toilet to add to your coveted bathroom. I have explained everything you should know in our American Standard Cadet Pro reviews.


  • The Specification of the toilet shows that this is a 1.28 GPF, while the product shows 1.6 GPF. So, which is correct?

This is a very good question. Many people have been confused as to whether this is 1.28 gallons per flush or 1.6 gallons per flush toilet. The correct answer is that this is a high-efficiency toilet, as it only uses 1.28 GPF. So, don’t let the 1.6 GPF flush on the product description deceive you.

  • What does a MaP score of 1000 mean?

The MaP (Maximum Performance) score refers to the toilet’s flushing capability. A toilet flushes solid waste, including soybean paste and toilet paper. Actually, the MaP score means how much particular waste a single flush can remove.

The MaP score range is from 250 to 1000. The MaP score of 1000 is the highest ability of flush toilets. The flushing can remove a thousand grams of solid waste with a single flush.

  • Can I get a soft close seat for this Cadet Pro 2-piece toilet?

No, you won’t get it. The manufacturer doesn’t offer a slow-closing seat for the American Standard Cadet Pro toilet. As a result, you will have to choose from the available seats without the slow closing function.

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  1. I just bought the Cadet Pro From Plumbers Supply In O’Fallon Mo and they sold me the soft close seat for this. Will it not fit or what would be the issue?

    • The American Standard Cadet Pro model overall does come with some nice touches to attempt to make it more convenient to install, at the same price point as the Cadet 3. Other things it has are an all-metal trip lever, uses all Fluidmaster guts now, and a brass shank Pro 45.
      As for the quality of the china itself, it was ok. The bowl I got had none of the issues that American Standard is infamous for, the trap opening and exit has some jagged spots, though they don’t seem to affect flush performance.
      The closet bolt system it comes with was slightly more convenient, tightening by hand with the plastic nuts was not as bad as I thought it would be.

      Lots of people complaints about Cadet 3 toilet such as sloppy/lacking bowl wash have been addressed, and tightening the tank bolts down so that the tank touches the bowl no longer feels like you are going to bust the tank while doing so.

      • Thanks for your reply. Is the Cadet Pro basically the same as the Cadet 3 with the brass fittings and a different tank or is the base and design different? What (whose) guts does the Cadet 3 use if not the Fluidmaster? Thanks

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